Shaanxi Province (Provinces) Satellite maps

Updated: June 10, 20062006 exemptions: 10 prefecture-level city; 24 City area, three county-level cities, 80 counties.Xi'an Shixia nine City area, four counties.Municipal People's Government in the Weiyang Qu Bongseong eight-way.Weiyang Qu Beilin Qu Lianhu District in New City Yanta District Baqiao District Yanliang District Lintong District (Lishan streets) Changan Qu (Weiqu streets)Gao Lingxian (Luyuan town) Lantian Xian (Blue Chengguan Town) Huxian (Ganting town) Zhouzhi County (two towns)Shixia three Tongchuan City area, a county.Municipal People's Government in the area, Yao Zhengyang Road.Wang Yao-state area district Yintai (Chengguan Street)Yijun County (Chengguan town)Shixia three Baoji City area, nine counties.Municipal People's Government in Weibin District.Weibin District Chencang District of the Taiwan Area (Guozhen)Qishan County (Fengming town) Fengxiang Xian (Chengguan town) Longxian (Chengguan town) Taibai Xian (mouth Town) Linyou County (Jiu Chenggong town)Fufeng County (Chengguan town) Qian Yangxian (Chengguan town) Meixian County (Shoushan town) Fengxian (double-Puzhen)Shixia three Xianyang City area, 10 counties, hosted a county-level city.Municipal People's Government in Qindu District.Qindu District Weicheng Qu Li Quanxian Yangling District Xingping City (Chengguan town) Jingyang Xian (Jing dry town) Yongshou Xian (A military town) Sanyuan County (Chengguan town) Binxian (Chengguan town)Xun Yixian (Chengguan town) Zhang Wuxian (Zhaoren town) dry county (Chengguan town) Wugong County (Cape Town) Chunhua Xian (Chengguan town)Shixia a Weinan City area, eight counties and two county-level cities hosting.Municipal People's Government in the Dongfeng Jie Lin Weiqu 83.Lin Weiqu Korean cities (Metro streets) Huayin City (Tai Wah Road neighborhood)Pucheng County (Chengguan town) Tongguan County (Chengguan town) Baishui Xian (Chengguan town) Chengcheng County (Chengguan town) Wuhua County (Chengguan town)In Heyang County (Chengguan town)-County (Du towns and villages) in Dali County (Chengguan town)Shixia a Yan'an City area, 12 counties.Municipal People's Government in the Baota Qu.Bao Taqu Ansai County (zhenwudong town) Luochuan County (Feng Qi Zhen)-long county (Wayaobao Township) Huangling County (Bridge Town) Yanchuan County (Yanchuan town)Fuxian (Fu towns) to extend the county (Qili towns and villages) Ganquan County (Chengguan town) in Yichuan country between 1986 (Dan Zhou Zhen) Zhidan county (Security town)Huanglong Xian (Stone advancement) WU Qi County (Wuqi Town)Shixia a Hanzhong City area, 10 counties.Municipal People's Government in the areas of democracy-Taiwan Road.Han Liu Baxian Taiwan Area (Chengguan town) Zhenba County (Chengguan town) Chenggu County (Bowang town) Nanzheng County (Chengguan town) Yangxian (Chengguan town)Ningqiang County (Chinese sources town) Foping County (Yuan Town) Mianxian (Mian Yang Zhen) Xixiang Xian (Chengguan town) Lue Yangxian (Chengguan town)Shixia a city of Yulin area, 11 counties.Municipal People's Government in the Yuyang Qu.Yuyang Qu Qingjian County (W洲镇) Suide counties (of Zhou Zhen) Shenmu Xian (Shenmu town) Jiaxian (Jia Lu town) Fugu County (Fugu town)Zizhou Xian (shuanghuyu town) Jingbian County (zhangjiapan town) Hengshan Xian (Yokoyama town) Mizhi County (Silver Zhou Zhen) Wubao County (Song Chuan Zhen)Ding Bianxian (set-town)Shixia well-being of a city area, nine counties.Municipal People's Government in the Hanbin Qu.Hanbin Qu Ziyang Xian (Chengguan town) Langao County (Chengguan town) Xunyang Xian (Chengguan town) Zhenping County (Chengguan town)-Lee County (Chengguan town)Shiquan County (Chengguan town) Ningshan County (Chengguan town) Baihe Xian (Chengguan town) Han Yinxian (Chengguan town)Shixia a Shangluo City area, six counties.Municipal People's Government in the Shangzhou District.Shangzhou Quzhen County (LO town) Hill County (Chengguan town) Luonan County (Chengguan town) to County (Chengguan town) Danfeng County (Longjuzhaizhen)Zuo Shuixian (dry Yoo-jin)1.2006, April 27, the State Council (the letter [2006] 29): People's Government agreed to Xi'an Xi'an Lianhu District resident from the West Gate Street, moved to Xi'an Weiyang Qu Bongseong eight-way.Referred to Shan, Qin, the provincial capital Xi'an.Area of over 190,000 square kilometres, population 36.05 million (2000).The end of 2004 the resident population of the province 37.052 million, of which the urban population 12219700 people.Shanxi and Shaanxi to the original name of the West.Tang and his subordinates Gyeonggi Province, the Commissioner of Road; Song located in Shaanxi Road, named for the beginning of Shaanxi Province, after separate road Yongxing military to military Lu Yan, Bin-ling, ring-qing, Qin Feng, located in Shaanxi Xihe Rd 5 Road Jinglue Shi; yuan located in Shaanxi Hanzhong, Shaanxi and Xing Xing, the home of Shaanxi Province, Shaanxi Province after the change Buzheng Shi Division;-to Shaanxi Province, the province name has not changed.

Shaanxi Province geographical coordinates (Google maps satellite map Landmark) finishing date: (2006/9/26 17:59:00)
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