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OverviewHuaibei City of Anhui Province in the north, longitude 116 ° 23'-117 ° 23 ', north latitude and 33 ° 16'-34 ° 14'.Sulu is located in the four provinces at the turn of Yu-wan, Xiaoxian the north, south Mengcheng, and Su County adjacent to the East, West Wing, Henan and even Guoyang County.150 km long from north to south.East and West, 50 km wide, a total area of 2802 square kilometres.Total population of 2.04 million (2003).Municipal People's Government in the phase in mountainous areas, Zip code: 235000.Administrative division code: 340600.Code: 0561.Pinyin: Huaibei Shi.Huaibei City, the terrain from northwest to southeast tilt, elevation in between 15 to 40 meters.In the alluvial plain area of 2354.5 square kilometers, accounting for 85 percent of the total area.Since the major rivers in the south to the north gate followed by a River, Long Dai River, the new Minister Xiao River, South River Formation, the Huihe, solutions and beifei he River, the Huaihe River Hongze Lake is a water system.Urban Habitat in the north temperate, the northern continental climate and humid climate between the monsoon climate, the average temperature of 14.8 ℃.Frost-free period, an average of 203 days, the average annual rainfall 830 mm.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Administrative divisionAs at December 31, 2005, three Shixia in Huaibei City area, a county.Huaibei City area of 2802 square kilometres, population 2.04 million (2003).Mountain area of 83 square kilometres, population 330,000.ZIP code 235000.Mrs set area of 230 square kilometres, population 330,000.ZIP code 235047.Ranariddh mountain area of 58 square kilometres, population 170,000.ZIP code 235025.Suixi County area of 2431 square kilometres, population 1.21 million.ZIP code 235100.Suixi County People's Government in the town.* Here Quhuadiming information as at December 2005; area and population data in accordance with "the People's Republic of administrative divisions booklet (2005)", the population at the end of 2003.2006, some counties in the region, the size of this site there is no new population data *-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------HistoryXia and Shang Dynasties period, the habitat of Xuzhou City.BC 21st century, help flood control Yu to become active and tribal leaders of the DMC's grandson, Shangtang 11 Shizu of the soil for the further eastward expansion, and Shangqiu of movement by now, then, is the Hill of Hill, the city is the City of .Cutting Shang Tang Jie, eliminate summer construction company, which is still in Xuzhou City district.Wuwangfazhou more weeks to enfeoffment诸侯to Zhou Wang Kai-generation micro-brother Yin, Li-kuo, Song, Song of the.588 BC to 576 BC in the period, a total of Song to avoid flooding the flaw, from Suiyang States (this Shangqiu) moved to the city of about 90 calendar.During the Warring States Period (286 BC), Qi, Chu, Wei eliminate Song, to the Chu State of.Emperor 33 years (224 BC) of the City and in this town is divided into Linhuan of the county, county, and both belong to Surabaya County, the location of the city for Junzhi.Han Gao Zu four years (203 BC) to Surabaya for the county Peijun, Junzhi are still in the city.Wang Mang TAMPERED Han, easy to make the world counties, and changed my address with the county for the kiosks, Peijun I read at the county.Jianwu 20 years the Eastern Han Dynasty (AD 44) to Peijun for Peiguo, countries are still in the city.Three Kingdoms, a city of Wei, of the county and the county has a Ruyin County, in the Yuzhou.Tai Hong, 2002 Western Jin Dynasty (281), home-Peiguo, Capital of the county.Nandu the Eastern Jin Dynasty royal family, one after another to the county of Zhao, Former Yan, Napster ended March with 410,000 more attribution.Northern and Southern Dynasties, Song of the county has attribution, Northern Wei, Northern Qi Dynasty, a Xuzhou Peijun.Mary Rose 2007 (556), Northern Qi Dynasty for the waste of urban and rural areas of the county, a county Fuli, when the county to the beam to Linhuan County, the Northern Wei Dynasty at the North County to Huan, Northern Qi Dynasty at the complex said Linhuan County.Tang, the Urban Habitat belong to the Xiaoxian in Xuzhou, Suzhou of Fuli County, Linhuan County, Qi County.Phase in the gradual decline of a remote place among Cypriot city of Zi.The first year of the Republic of China (1912), the Urban Habitat at the Su County in Anhui Province and Jiangsu Province, Xiaoxian.November 1948, the Urban Habitat liberation.June 1949, the Urban Habitat belong to the East China Civil Administration Su County north of Anhui and Xiaoxian.February 1953, the City and Suixi County Habitat belong Xiaoxian.May 1958, the establishment of the preparatory office of Huaibei Coal Mine.April 1960, the establishment of Suixi, the city.April 1971, more in Huaibei City.February 1977 and Su County jurisdiction in Suixi County was placed under the jurisdiction of Huaibei City.Shixia of this mountain, Mrs set, strong mountain and Suixi County.(The above extracted from "The Yearbook of Huaibei City")1961 to Xiaoxian Suixi County and parts of the establishment of Suixi, municipal, provincial Territory.1971 Suixi, changed its name to the city of Huaibei City.Su County in 1977 in Suixi County were originally handed over the leadership in Huaibei City.In 2000, according to the fifth national census data: the total population in Huaibei City 1878164; Mrs pool 293,910 people, 299,663 of the mountain people, 147,622 strong mountain people, Suixi County 1136969 people.In late August 2004, some adjustments in Huaibei City township administrative divisions.Merge three Suixi County township, at the same time, one of the new merger of the town was placed under municipal strong mountain; phase of a mountain town to the streets as offices, while the Suixi County was placed under phase three mountain villages.Huaibei City, township to reduce the number from 33 to 27, or 18.2 percent, from the township average population 45,800 to 55,300 people; Suixi County population from 1.212 million to 1.135 million, reduced to 24 townships 20.The end of 2004 and the whole street Shixia 15, 21 towns, seven townships.The end of 2004, a total area of 2,725 square kilometers, the province's total area accounting for 1.95%, of which 2,399 square kilometers Suixi County, the urban area 371 square kilometers (64.2 square kilometers urban built-up areas).The city has 575,179 households with a total population of 2093906 people.1284958 for the city's agricultural population, non-agricultural population of 808,948 people, the proportion of the total population were 61.4% and 38.6%.2004 merge in Huaibei City, a total of three townships, two towns to the streets as offices, township by 2003 the number of 33 dropped to 28.After the adjustment, the city's 20 towns and eight rural, 15 neighborhood offices.Qugou jurisdiction of the mountain town, Ren Wei, the three Dikou, Dongshan, in Shandong, in the south, with Shanxi, Liuqiao seven neighborhood offices.Lie Lie mountain exempted Hill, Song Tuan, the new three Cai town, Linhai child, all the good, and the House, the former Ling four neighborhood offices.Du-exempted high mountain areas, Schomburg, Shitai, paragraph 4 Town Park, East Lebanon, mines set, Schomburg, Yuan Zhuang four neighborhood offices.Suixi, Suixi County jurisdiction, Liuqiao, Xu floor, all the good, old Rao, Linhuan, Qi set, Hancun, Sun Tuan, double Duiji 10 towns, the clock tower, Zhaoji, four shops and five shops, Tiefo , Yue sets, Yang Liu, Chen sets, five Ditch, 10 Nanping Township.(According to data of this paragraph, "Yearbook of Huaibei City")March 8, 2006, announced in Huaibei City zoning adjustment programmes: the city from 21 towns seven rural 15 neighborhood offices adjusted to 17 the town of a rural 14 neighborhood offices.Suixi County original 20 townships, according to adjustment programmes: revocation of the original Chen Jixiang, the whole town formed into the two-reactor; retract the willow Township, the whole institution into the town of Sun Tuan; retract the Louzhen Xu, formed into a whole 100 good town; retract the Yue Jixiang, the whole town formed into Tiefo; retract the Qi Jizhen, of which 19 villages into the town Linhuan; original Qi Jizhen another 11 villages into towns and villages Korea; retract the five Shop Rural, the whole formed into four Puxiang.Tiefo the town of two villages included Liu Qiaozhen.Suixi, and Nanping, 5 Ditch three towns not been adjusted.The original clock tower Suixi County included the establishment of the whole rural mountain town of Qugou; Suixi County of Zhao Jixiang with the merger of the ancient town of Rao, the establishment of the new ancient town Rao, credited strong mountain.Mrs concentration area: the existing four towns four neighborhood offices adjusted to three town two neighborhood offices.Revocation of the high mountain town of East and Lebanon, New Moon, Yuan Zhuang three neighborhood offices.New Moon in the neighborhood offices will be incorporated into the new moon town; Yuan Zhuang streets will be incorporated into the offices of the Yuan Zhen; to the high mountain town of Lebanon and East streets of the regional Office of the new high-mountain neighborhood offices.Ranariddh mountain: In addition to ancient town Rao (from Suixi County) into, the original three towns four neighborhood offices adjusted to two townships, five neighborhood offices.Revocation of Mr. Town, the new town of Cai.Cai town to the new Town and the former Mr. Wu Pass Village, Mr. Village, Village Song, the Tulou village administrative regions set up a new strong Town.Lie to the Town of Hong Zhuang, Yangzhuang, Erlang Miao, Huangqiao four villages and 17 Yangzhuang ore, and other new Yangzhuang neighborhood street offices.After the adjustment, the city's total of 18 townships, which exempted 11 Suixi County township.

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