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The name: the Republic of Albania (The Republic of Albania)National Day: November 28 (1994)Flag: a rectangular, long and wide ratio of 7-5.Dark red flag for the Central decorated with a black double-headed eagle.Albania as the "Eagle of the country", eagles are considered a symbol of national hero Skanderbeg.National Emblem: In order to shield logo.Insert a black double-headed eagle in the dark red shield level, with the implication the national flag.National political figures: President Alfred Moisiu (Alfred Moisiu), 2002年7月sworn into office.Prime Minister 萨利贝里沙, working in September 2005.Physical Geography: an area of 28,700 square kilometers.South-Eastern Europe in the Balkans the West Bank.The north of Serbia and Montenegro (Yugoslavia), Macedonia and connected to the northeast, southeast neighbor Greece, Yi Aoni west by the Adriatic Sea and the Adriatic, at Otranto Strait and the sea from Italy.A coastline of 472 km.Mountains and hills of the country's total area of 3 / 4, to the western coastal plain.Mediterranean-type climate is subtropical.Population: About 3.134 million.Is the main ethnic Albanian (98 percent), Greeks (1.8 percent), ethnic Macedonia (0.1%), the remaining Montenegro, Serbia, Croats and others (0.1 percent).National General Albanian.Muslim (70%), Greek Orthodox (20 percent) and Roman Catholic (10 percent).Capital: Tirana (Tirana)Square in downtown Tirana, a young woman dancing.Albania's "Summer Day" is actually the Spring Festival.It is said that, in accordance with the country's traditional calendar, winter and summer only to two quarters of 2001, the annual March 14 is Quxia to the days of winter, then said "Summer Festival."Now, one year since the Summer, Autumn and Winter, "Summer Festival" will naturally become "Spring Festival".Each year on this day, people gathered in the streets of Tirana, held various activities to celebrate, to meet the arrival of spring.History: Albanians in the Balkans is the oldest residents of Ilya's descendants.After the 9th century AD, were subject to the Byzantine Empire, the Kingdom of Bulgaria, Serbia and the Kingdom of the rule of the Republic of Venice.In 1190 the establishment of an independent feudal system, the State of the Turkish invasion in 1415 was, was nearly 500 years of Turkish rule.To the 18th century, located in the Albanian gradually formed around the two ethnic groups, and formed different from the written language, living in Shikun Henan Department of Tosca were mainly engaged in agriculture, because of geographical and transport conditions are better, so the economy The more developed culture.In the second half of the 19th century, the Albanian national liberation movement gradually rising.November 28, 1912 declared independence.During World War I, the Austro-Hungarian, Italian, French and other countries the military occupation of Afghanistan in 1920 again declared independence.In 1924 the Government set up the bourgeoisie, the establishment of the Republic in 1925, 1928 diverted to the monarchy, a claim for the ancient king until April 1939 invasion of Italy.During World War II, has been Italy, Germany and France occupied (Germany and France invaded in 1943).November 29, 1944, the Argentine people throughout the country under the leadership of the Communist Party of the anti-fascist national liberation war to seize power and the liberation of the country.January 11, 1946, the Albanian People's Republic was proclaimed.1976 revision of the constitution, renamed the Socialist People's Republic of Albania.April 1991 through the amendment to the Constitution, changing the country called the Republic of Albania.Albania's "Shitou Cheng"November 29, 2004, the capital of Tirana, held a grand parade to mark the Albanian national liberation war against fascism and the victory of the 60th anniversary of the liberation of the motherland.Politics: A 1990 constitutional amendment adopted by the People's Assembly, decided to cancel the provisions of the Constitution of Albania Labor Party is the only political leadership of the terms, Argentina is determined political pluralism of the rule of law; Afghan citizens have set up political parties and political organizations the right to .President heads of state, by the parliamentary secret ballot election, each five-year term, renewable term.President Appoints Prime Minister and Minister of the Prime Minister appointed the nomination.Diplomacy: pursue a pragmatic foreign policy.Relations with China: November 23, 1949, Algeria and China established diplomatic relations.September 2004, the Nano's official visit to China, the two countries issued a joint communique.Reproduced:

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