Yongchuan City, Chongqing Municipality (Administrative division) Satellite maps

OverviewYongchuan City in the north shore of the upper reaches of the Yangtze River, Chongqing west, the main city of Chongqing Dongju 63 km and 276 km west from Chengdu.Geographical coordinates, longitude 105 ° 54 ', latitude 29 ° 22'.Total area of 1576 square kilometres.Total population of 1.07 million (2004).Municipal People's Government in the streets of the mountain, Zip code: 402160.Administrative division code: 500183.Code: 023.Pinyin: Yongchuan Shi.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Administrative divisionYongchuan Shixia three streets, the town 19: Hill Road in the street, road victory in the streets, South Street streets, Qingfeng town, the Changan, Jinlong town, the town of Fresh Chen, Linjiang Town, double bamboo town, where 32.4 towns, pine Gai town, Longzhen cents, the town of Ji'an, five towns, the Soviet Union to the town, Baofeng town, double-stone town, the town red furnace, Yong-Jin, three of the town, Town Board, zhutuo town.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------HistoryTang calendar 1922 (776), home county.The early Northern Song Dynasty, Chang is still in Yongchuan County.Song Zhenzong Hampyeong four years (1001), Sichuan-yi, Lee, Tsz, Kuizhou Road, Yongchuan County, Li Zi, road and re-sign in the first year (1118) to Azusa Road, for Tongchuanfulu, Chang Yongchuan County under the state's.Yuan Yuan 20 years (1283), Chang, waste, Yongchuan, Chang yuan, Dazu County, and other state jurisdiction to fusion.Yuan 1933 (1285), a transfer of Chongqing Road.Yuan Mo, Ming Yuzhen intifada (yuan positive for 23 years, 1363) Capital Chongqing (the country, "Summer"), rehabilitation of Dazu County, home jurisdiction Yongchuan County.Hong-2006 (1373), rehabilitation home Yongchuan County, Chongqing is a way.The first year of Emperor Kangxi (1662), in Bishan County, the Yongchuan County.Yongzheng 2006 (1728)-home Bishan County, Yongchuan still专治.Jiaqing, Yongchuan Xianzhu Road East Sichuan, Chongqing in Sichuan Province House.The Revolution of 1911, Yongchuan Xianshu (Chongqing) Shujun government.In the first year (1912) March 12, the merger of the two armed forces establishment of Chengdu-Chongqing, Sichuan Dudu Fu, located in Chongqing Zhenfu House, is in Yongchuan.June, Chongqing Zhenfu House withdrawn, under the Yongchuan County, Sichuan Dudu Fu.In two years, spent House in the Road, Yongchuan Xianzhu East Sichuan Road Civil Administration in Sichuan Province, in three years in June, Dongchuan Road to Civil Administration, later renamed the Dongchuan Road Daoyin Corruption, is the Yongchuan.In dismantling Road 18, Yongchuan County, directly under the Sichuan Provincial Government.In 24 years, the third of Sichuan Province set up the Office of the Inspector of the District Yongchuan County.In the Office moved to Pakistan in 30 counties, is still in Yongchuan County.Jiefang Chu, Yongchuan District Administrative Office of Xianzhu Pakistan.December 20, 1949, the agency moved to Bishan County, was renamed the Office of the Bishan area, the Yongchuan Xianzhu; April 1951, the agency moved to Jiangjin County, was renamed the Office of Jiangjin District, the Yongchuan Xianshu, 1952 9 , The agency moved to Jiangjin Yongchuan County; September 1969, the establishment of the Sichuan Provincial Revolutionary Committee of Jiangjin region; May 1978, to Jiangjin in Civil Administration in Sichuan Province; July 1981 changed its name in Yongchuan Civil Administration in Sichuan Province; 1983 4 , The withdrawal into the Civil Administration in Yongchuan City, Chongqing, transfer Yongchuan County, Chongqing Municipal People's Government.(Taken from above "Yongchuan City Government Site")March 9, 1992, the Ministry of Civil Affairs (awarded to the [1992] 25) approved: revocation of Yongchuan County, the establishment of Yongchuan City.2000, in Yongchuan Shixia Hill Road, Victory Road, South Main Street three neighborhood offices; Taean, Carnation, Chen food, Riverside, double bamboo, Ho 32.4, both Song, zhutuo, Xian-long, five to the Soviet Union , Baofeng, Wing-wing, red stove, double-, three religions, Panchiao, Qingfeng, Cucumber Hill, Jinlong, polyethylene United States, Zhang, Jian, Wang Ping, Wing Lung, Chadian, Lotus, rivers, the Mansudae, Huaqiao, TING Wing 31 towns; up a rural valley..According to the fifth census data: the city's total population of 984,730 people, including the township population (people): Road victory in the streets 98502 Hill Road, 79248 South Main Street street street 36,681 large town of 26,891 Changan 27207 Carnation Jinlong town of 23,820 fresh tea Dianzhen Chen town of 18,914 35,435 Lotus Linjiang Town, the town of 13,160 at the town of 38,112 pairs of the town of 43,506 32.4 38,058 Ho Song both the United States and the town of town of 14,954-13,256 zhutuo town of 41,593 large town 17,275 cents Longzhen 27,366 Zhang Zhen 22,251 five town in Ji'an town of 13,701 to 22,937-the town of 34,104 Wang坪镇24,952 Baofeng Town, the town of 20,265 pairs of stone town of 30,882-17,499 Red Wing furnace Mansudae town of 21,546 the town of 30,740 of the town of 35,477 three-Town Town 26,027 spent 13,477 Qingfeng town of 24,318 Wing Lung town of 15,241 cucumber Town 9941 was up 14,244 rural life forever Valley Rural 13,1502002, Yongchuan Shixia three streets, 31 towns, a township, 93 neighborhood committees and 631 village committees.The end of the household registration total population of 1060300 people, including non-agricultural population of 244,800 people.2003, Yongchuan City township administrative division adjustment (details to be added).», Yongchuan Shixia 19 towns and three streets, 631 village committees, 76, 4602 groups of villagers, 477 residents group.Area of 1572.66 square kilometres.June 8, 2005, the Chongqing Municipal People's Government (Chongqing House [2005] 116)-Yongchuan City agreed to approve both the town changed its name to songgaizhen: "Gai" is usually read as "gai", a name sometimes read "ji", The pronunciation of "KangXi" in a special comment in the 1990 Edition of "Chinese Dictionary", will also "Gai" special note "Gai Reading for both."According to songgaizhen the history of origin and related historical records, to respect history and respect for the wishes of the masses, fully tap songgaizhen long history of cultural resources, promote the development of the town, the Chongqing municipal government agreed to Yongchuan City-both the town changed its name to Pine Gai town, its jurisdiction and the resident unchanged.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Township ProfileVictory Road neighborhood offices located in Yongchuan City, the Midwest, is Yongchuan City, economic, cultural and business centre.Size area of 61.67 square kilometres, of which urban area of 12 square kilometres.Total population of 115,000, of which the urban population 85,000 people.Office of the original jurisdiction five neighborhood committees and 32 administrative villages in agriculture, in November 2003 adjusted for the five neighborhood committees and 11 administrative villages in agriculture.Offices in 80 road victories, Zip code 402160.External links: MapHill Road in the neighborhood offices located in Yongchuan City, Dongcheng District, Chongqing City from the 63 km and is planning the construction of the Yongchuan political, economic, cultural centres and urban location of the new district.Area of 61.57 square kilometers in size.Total population of 103,000 people.All administered the 10 administrative villages, five neighborhood committees.South Street neighborhood offices located in the southern city of the Department of urban and rural areas.The whole area of 35 square km in size, exempted 16 village, 98 groups of villagers, eight neighborhood.Area population of 44,800, of which the urban population 27,809, agricultural population of 16,991 people, the population density of 1,280 / square kilometres.Changan in the eastern part of the Yongchuan, Chongqing City Dongju 50 km, the main west Yongchuan City 10 km.Area of 92.46 square kilometers in size, urban built-up areas of about three square kilometres.Total population of 61,400 people, the urban population of 22,000 people.The town with 14 administrative villages, a neighborhood committee.Zhutuo Yongchuan City is the town's largest town.Gu Chen Han-Dong, Tang Takenori 2003 (AD 620) Mansudae County, home to Xianya location.Area of 128 square kilometers in size, urban built-up areas 2.3 square kilometres.Total population of 82,400 people, including non-agricultural population of 24,000 people.The town exempted 18 administrative villages, two neighborhood committees.Bamboo Town, located in Yongchuan double the southern suburbs of the urban area, because of a Guchang, one of the eight scenic spots "Zhuxi Ye Yu," named after.Area of 67.83 square kilometers in size, population 50,200.Township area of 2.9 square kilometres Chengzhenhualv 34.6 percent.Two-stone town in Yongchuan City, west, east road victory of the Office of the West along with the feet, south of Yinshan Mountain, North even Bayue Hill.Area of 66 square km in size.Total population of 35,000 people.The town exempted nine villages, three neighborhood committees.Red furnace in the town of Yongchuan the west, east Qingfeng town, Yong-west town, north pair of stone town, and the Dazu County, Rongchang Xian junction.Area of 64 square km in size, the total population of 32,000, of which agricultural population 23,000 people.The town exempted five villages, three neighborhood committees.Wing-wing town in the northwest Yongchuan, East and Yongchuan town bordering Hong furnace, the South and the Council of the County of Luzhou in Sichuan, West, North and Rongchang Xian shuanghezhen respectively, helicopter linked to the town from the main Yongchuan City 37 km.Area of 43 square km in size.Total population of 22,000 people.The town exempted four administrative villages, two neighborhood committees.Linjiang Town, located in Yongchuan south-east of the Riverside River, east Wu Jiangjin City, Nan Lin Ho 32.4, even double at the West, North-Chen food, 13.5 kilometers away from the main urban areas.Area of 77.1 square kilometers in size, area of 1.85 square kilometres Town.Total population of 42,500 people, including Town resident population over 10,000 people.The town exempted nine administrative villages, a community's neighborhood committee.Fresh Chen Yongchuan City in the eastern part of town, 10 km away from Yongchuan City, Chongqing 73 km.East Yun Wushan, and Kei Pik Shan County Sanhe town, Jiangjin City, Miss Tan Zhen Lian; Linjiang Town, the south; dual-west town of bamboo, mountain roads in the office, even the North Changan.Area of 84 square km in size.Total population of 51,000 people.The town exempted 15 administrative villages, a neighborhood committee.Three of the town because of the ancient temple for the same pension, "Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism," named after three of the statue.Area of 108 square kilometres in size.Total population of 62,000 people.The town exempted 13 administrative villages, the two community's neighborhood committee.Jinlong town located in Yongchuan City, northeast of Chongqing, and Bishan, Tongliang County, bordering two from the main Yongchuan City 33 km.Area of 91.56 square kilometers in size.Total population of 36,348 people.The town exempted eight administrative villages, a neighborhood committee.Ji'an in the town of latitude 29 ° 12 ', longitude 105 ° 48', north to the town of the Soviet Union, Southeast cents Longzhen link the west-Luzhou County town.Area of 60.01 square kilometers in size, the total population of 28,500 people.The town exempted seven administrative villages, a neighborhood committee.Qingfeng town located in Yongchuan City, southwest suburbs, 3 km from the city.Area of 49 square km in size, the Town area of 0.9 square kilometres.Total population of 26,000 people, town resident population 2,500.The town exempted five Village, a neighborhood committees and 132 groups.Baofeng Town, located in Yongchuan City, southwest, away from the main Yongchuan City 25 km, East, South and adjacent to the town to the Soviet Union, West Wing-even the town, the town red furnace, Luzhou County, north of the town Pilu.Area of 39 square km in size, the town 0.61 square kilometres of land for construction purposes, the town population of 22,400 people, including non-agricultural population of 803 people.The town exempted five administrative villages, a neighborhood committees and 113 groups.Town board in the northern part of the Yongchuan City, 25 km away from Yongchuan City, the area of 70.77 square km and 30 villages and 220 groups of villagers, the two community's neighborhood committee, six residents group, population 39,837 people.To the Soviet Union in the town of Chongqing in southwestern Yongchuan City, east South Main Street offices, and the town of Lu Jian Nan Lin Pilu County town, with the Baofeng town bordering the West, North and Qingfeng town at the junction.Area of 95.6 square kilometers in size, the total population of 5.6 million people.The town exempted 13 Village, a community's neighborhood committee.Yongchuan five towns in the South, from the main Yongchuan City 20 km.Area of 35.5 square kilometers in size, the town area of 1.3 square kilometres.Total population of 25,000 people, including non-agricultural population of 3,799 people.The town exempted seven administrative villages, a neighborhood committee..Aw Longzhen in Yongchuan City, southwest, 26 km from the urban Yongchuan.Town 17 years before Jianyu Qing Guangxu (1891), due in cents Longmiao named.In 2003, Xian Long Zhen, Zhang merger of the formation of a new town cents Longzhen.Town area of 83.2 square kilometers in size, the total population of 5.3 million people, administered 12 administrative villages, a neighborhood committee.Songgaizhen 2005, pine for the restoration of both the town songgaizhen.Yongchuan City in the south, the north shore of the Yangtze River, 40 km away from Yongchuan City, with Jiang and under 143 km to Chongqing, against Jiang and Yibin, Sichuan, to 229 km, across the River and Jiangjin, the pine nuts in the mountains, Gai ( ji) and water-named Gai (ji), twice home county.Area of 34 square km in size.DR 32.4 in Yongchuan City, the southern town, 29 km from the urban Yongchuan, at the junction of East and Jiangjin city, the west-sen, both the south-song, double-bamboo north, Riverside, 5.Area of 81 square km in size, exempted 41 administrative villages, three neighborhood committees, area population of 56,000.

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