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States: the Union of Myanmar (The Union of Myanmar)Independence Day: January 4 (1948)National Day: January 4 (1948)Flag: a horizontal rectangle, the length and width ratio of 9: 5.Flag-red, a dark blue top-left corner of the small rectangular, painted white inside the logo - 14 Wu Jiaoxing around a 14-tooth gear, the gear hollow, with a Gusui.Red symbolizes courage and determination, dark blue symbol of peace and reunification, white symbolizes purity and virtue.14 Wu Jiaoxing on behalf of the Union of Myanmar's 14 provinces, states, gear and Gusui symbol of industry and agriculture.National Emblem: The Centre for a Gusui surrounded by a 14 tooth gear, painted above a map of Myanmar.Gusui both sides have a lion, the lion of the beast known as Burma, said St. lions, the signs are auspicious.Wu Jiaoxing for a top in its Gusui around on both sides and decorated with flowers Myanmar; Shidai at the bottom of the text read by Myanmar, "the Union of Myanmar."National flower: the East Asian orchidsState tree: teakNational political figures: the State Peace and Development Council Chairman Senior General Than Shwe (Than Shwe), 1997年11月representation.Physical Geography: Myanmar territory is 676,581 square kilometers.Indochina Peninsula in the west, in the Tibetan plateau and the Malay Peninsula between.The northwest border with India and Bangladesh, China and adjacent to the northeast, southeast and Laos, Thailand adjacent to the southwest verge of the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea.A coastline of 3,200 km.A tropical monsoon climate.The forest coverage rate of the total area of more than 50 percent.Population: 53 million (2004).A total of 135 people of Myanmar are the main ethnic Burmese, the Karen, Shan, Kachin, Chin, Keye family, Mon and if a family, Myanmar ethnic or about 65 per cent of the total population.More than 80 percent of the population believe in Buddhism.About 8 percent of the population Muslim.Burmese as the official language of the ethnic minorities have their own language, of which Myanmar, Kachin, Karen, Shan and other ethnic and Bangladesh have text.Capital: Rangoon (Yangon), Jiang in the Irrawaddy River to the sea branch of the left bank of Yangon, Myanmar is the political, economic and cultural center.YANGON, natural and beautiful, charming scenery.The world-famous Rangoon Pagoda built in more than 2,500 years ago, as high as 100 metres, the top Xiangzhe 3.5 more than 4,300 precious stones.The tower with 20,516 living gold paste, formed a splendid day and night appearance.YANGON, built in 1852 in Hong Kong, is Myanmar's largest port, is also the world's major rice exporting one of Hong Kong.November 7, 2005, Myanmar government spokesman, Information Minister Brigadier General McGREGOR Hill said that Myanmar government departments from the 6th to move to Myanmar in batches starting from the central city of Pyinmana.McGREGOR Hill confirmed that the first batch has already begun the relocation of the nine departments including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Agriculture, and so on.Other government departments will also be relocated to Pyinmana.Pyinmana in central Myanmar is a county-level cities, 390 kilometers north of Yangon in, from northern Burma's second largest city about 300 kilometers Mandalay, Bago mountain range near relying on the current resident population underestimated 100,000.Pyinmana existing agricultural, forestry and animal husbandry three universities.8-a unique Buddhist temple ZuozhongHistory: Myanmar is a country with an ancient civilization with a long history, formed in 1044 after the reunification of the country, has experienced Bagan, East Hollywood and Gong list three feudal dynasty.Britain in the years 1824-1885 have launched a war three times invaded and occupied the Myanmar Myanmar, the United Kingdom in 1886 will be designated as Myanmar a province of British India.1937 Burma from British India, of direct rule by the British Governor.1942 Japanese troops occupied Burma.1945 uprising of the total, Myanmar retrocession.After the British regained control of Myanmar.October 1947 Britain was forced to announce an independent Burma bill.January 4, 1948 Myanmar to declare independence from the British Commonwealth, the establishment of the Union of Myanmar.January 1974 renamed the Socialist Republic of the Union of Myanmar, on September 23, 1988 called "Union of Myanmar."Myanmar currency>>>Myanmar is the famous "Buddhist country," Buddhism in Myanmar has 2,500 years of history.More than 1,000 years ago, the Myanmar people began writing to the Buddhist scriptures in a Bedouin Luoshu called on the leaves, made by the Beiye.Li Shangyin poem referred to as "Yi Feng lotus seat, and heard the Beiye."In Myanmar over 4,640 million people, more than 80 percent Buddhist.Myanmar's every man must Qiaofa in a certain period of time for the monks.Otherwise, society will be in contempt.Buddhists advocate the construction of Futu, Jianmiao will build towers, everywhere pagoda in Myanmar national forest.Therefore, Myanmar also known as "pagoda of the country."Qianzibaitai, the magnificent pagoda to Myanmar as a tourist destination.Myanmar splashing water Guo Danian Talk on Myanmar pagodaJanuary 4, 2006, Myanmar participated in the honor guard members in the capital Yangon at the Independence Day flag-raising ceremony to mark the 58th anniversary of Burmese independence.Xinhua News Agency reporters Zhang Yun and Fei SheEconomy: Agriculture is the foundation of the national economy of Myanmar, the main crops are rice, wheat, corn, cotton, sugar cane and jute, and so on.Myanmar forest rich in natural resources, the country has 34.12 million hectares forest land, coverage is about 50 percent of the world's largest teak production of the country.Teak texture and resilience, corrosion resistance, which is used steel shipbuilding before the best in the world shipbuilding materials.Myanmar will as of the teak tree, known as the "King of Trees", "Myanmar treasure."Myanmar abounds in jade and precious stones in the world renowned.Foreign Affairs: Burma pursue an independent and active foreign policy, not dependent on any major countries and groups of countries.Advocated the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence on the basis of friendly relations with all countries, with neighbouring countries attached great importance to developing good-neighborly and friendly relations.Relations with China: China, Myanmar and China are friendly neighbors linked by mountains and rivers, the two peoples live in friendship from generation to generation.June 8, 1950 the two countries established diplomatic relations.In the 1950s, the two prime ministers jointly initiated the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence.October 1960, the two governments signed the Sino-Burmese border treaty, the first to successfully solved the historical legacy of the border issue.China and Myanmar have maintained exchange of visits between leaders of the traditional, Premier Zhou Enlai had visited Myanmar nine times, Miss Ne Win visited China 12 times.Sino-Burmese friendship was praised as "Cellular wave" (fraternal) friendship.July 2004, Prime Minister Khin Nyunt on an official visit to China.March 2006, Prime Minister Soe Win to visit China.Reproduced:

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