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Country: Islamic Republic of Iran (The Islamic Republic of Iran)Independence Day: April 1 (1979) (Islamic Republic)National Day: February 11 (1979) (on the victory of the Islamic Revolution)>>National flower: rosesFlag: a rectangular, long and wide a ratio of about 7:4.Top-down by the green, white, red three parallel horizontal bar component.Median white bar, inlaid with red logo of the Iranian national emblem.White and green, red junction, were written in Arabic "God is Great", from top to bottom of the 11, a total of 22.This is to commemorate the victory of the Islamic Revolution - the Year on February 11, 1979, Islamic solar calendar for November 22.The green flag on behalf of agriculture, the symbol of life and hope for a white symbol of the sacred and pure red that Iran is rich in mineral resources.National Emblem: four crescent bend, a sword and a composition of the Koran.Crescent symbol of religion - Islam, the Koran at the top, the symbol of Islam above all else, is the basis for the Republic of the code of conduct; sword with a firm symbol of strength, like the giant blade Ferris, Lizhan "evil and Morocco."Bending Crescent and the four books of the Koran in Arabic "Allah" (God), and the entire logo are round, symbolizing the Earth, said "Allah" Islamic ideology throughout the world.National political figures: Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei (ayatollah sayyed ali khamenei), 1989年6月leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini after the death of his successor; President Mahmoud - Ahmadinejad (Mahmoud Ahmadinejad) , In June 2005 election, the August inauguration.Iran's ancient city of Persepolis pillars groupPhysical Geography: 1.645 million square kilometers.Located in southwest Asia, north of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Turkey and the West and the borders of Iraq, East and neighboring Pakistan and Afghanistan, the Persian Gulf and Gulf of Oman south.Plateau State is, in general altitude between 900-1500 meters.Eerbuzi the northern part of a mountain range, De million Tak Fung 5,670 meters above sea level, the highest for Iraq.West and southwest have Zagros Mountains, east of the basin is dry, a number of desert.The northern part of the Caspian Sea and the southern Persian Gulf, the Gulf of Oman along the coastal plain for the impact.The major rivers flow with cards and Saifei De-lun River.Caspian Sea is the world's largest lagoon, the southern coast of Iran.Iran and the eastern part of mainland China is a subtropical grasslands and desert climate, dry weather, changes in the Han Shu.The western mountain areas are mostly Mediterranean climate.Caspian mild and humid, the average annual rainfall over 1,000 mm.The central highlands, the average precipitation of 100 mm in the following.Isfahan, Iran, the bridge because the old,With the Islamic style, known for its diverse functions.Here are all the bridges across the "North Dalu De River", which in Isfahan in the life of the people plays an important role.Fairbanks map Isfahan, Iran, the more the West Bridge.Isfahan, Iran, the Hao-Zhuhai Bridge night.132 meters long bridge, built in 1550,It is also used for dams.Below are the stone bridge Isfahan folk artists of the pool,Naliang night is also the common people and social establishmentsPopulation: 67476000.It is a multi-ethnic Muslim countries, Persia, Azerbaijan, Kurdish, Arab and Turkmen and other ethnic, Persians account for 66 per cent, 25 per cent of the Azerbaijani people, accounting for 5% of Kurds, Arabs and Turkmen and other minorities Nation.The official language is Farsi, Islam is the religion of the State, 98.8 percent of residents believe in Islam, of which 91 per cent of Shiites, Sunni 7.8%.Capital: Tehran (tehran) located in northern Iran Eerbusi Henggen south of the mountains, has a population of 11 million, of the details click>>History: Iran is an ancient civilization with a history of Siwuqiannian, Shicheng Persian, have documented the history and culture began in 2700 BC, China's Han Shi Cheng rest in peace.BC in 2000 after the Indo-European origin of the Iranians.6 century BC, ancient Persian Empire Achaemenid dynasty had Shengjiyishi.The third generation in the rule of King Darius I (former 521 - before 485), Empire territory east India Amu Darya River and the two sides, west to the middle and lower reaches of the Nile, north to the Black Sea, the Caspian Sea area, south the Persian Gulf.330 BC in ancient Persian Empire was out of Macedonia by Alexander.After a rest in peace, the Sassanid Empire.7-18 century AD Arabs, Turks, Mongolians have invaded.18 end of the century, northeast of the Iraqi Turkmen Kai-plus tribal unity of Iran, established a dynasty and Kai.The early 19th century into Britain, Russia's semi-colonies.1921 overthrow Kai Reza Shah dynasty and, in 1925 the establishment of the Pahlavi dynasty.1941 Reza Shah of Iran was driven out of the coalition, his son Mohammad Reza Pahlavi enthronement.March 21, 1935, changing the country called Iran.1978 outbreak of the mass movement against the king, forcing the Pahlavi King January 16, 1979 in exile abroad.In February, the religious leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini end of 14 living in exile to return to Iran from Paris to take over power, on April 1 announced the establishment of the Islamic Republic of Iran.October 1981 as president Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, ordered Moussaoui as the Prime Minister and Cabinet.Khomeini gradually establish a system of politics and religion of Islam.Iran and Iraq long-term existence of the border, religious and ethnic disputes.In the 1980's deteriorating relations between the two countries.September 1980 outbreak of the Iran-Iraq war.The multi-international mediation in August 1988 announced its acceptance of the ceasefire.June 3, 1989 death of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, the Expert Meeting elected president the following day for the new leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.July 28, the Speaker Rafsanjani was elected president.June 11, 1993, President Rafsanjani re-elected.May 23, 1997, Khatami was elected president, August 4 sworn in, the 2001 re-election.Administrative Division: country is divided into 27 provinces and 195 counties, 500, 1,581 townships.27 provinces: Tehran, the central, selegiline, Ma Chandran, East Azerbaijan, West Azerbaijan, Keermansha Khan, Khuzestan, Fars, Kerman, Khorassan, Isfahan, - Stan - Baluchistan, Kurdistan, Hamadan, Qiaha Ma Hale - Bakhtiari, Luoleisitan, Eelam, Bove Ahmed - Kejiluye, Bushehr, Tsan Zhan, Semu Nan, Yazd, Hormuz Gan, Ardabil, Wen Jia Zi, Qom."Jade desert" - the ancient city of BamOil City - AbadanPolitics: After the Islamic revolution in the first constitution promulgated in December 1979, the implementation of provisions of the Iraqi system of politics and religion, theocratic rule above all else.April 1989 on a partial revision of the Constitution, highlighted the Islamic faith, institutional, religious, republican and the supreme leader's absolute power can not be changed.Iraqi Islamic Council is the supreme legislative body, the implementation of a hospital system.Parliament adopted the law is subject to the Constitution approved by the Guardian Council before they can take effect.Members elected directly by voters, a four-year term.President of the Government implemented the cabinet system.President is the Head of State, Heads of Government also.May authorize the first vice president in charge of day-to-day work of the cabinet, the right to appoint several vice president, in charge of specialized services to help.Iran's political systemIran's electoral systemIran's political partyEconomy: Oil and gas rich in resources.Its proven oil reserves of 1332.5 billion barrels, ranking second in the world.Has proven natural gas reserves of 27.51 trillion cubic meters, accounting for the world's total 15.6 percent, second only to Russia, ranked second in the world.Iran's oil is the economic lifeline of oil revenue in the total foreign exchange income of more than 85 percent, Iran is the second largest in OPEC oil exporter.Forest is second only to Iran's second largest oil natural resources, an area of 12.7 million hectares.Aquatic rich Iran, the world-famous caviar.Iran fruit, dried fruit is rich, pistachios, apples, grapes, dates, etc. sold at home and abroad, of which the Iranian pistachio production in 2001 for 170,000 tons and exports about 93,000 tons, 288 million U.S. dollars foreign exchange earnings , To become the world's largest pistachio exporter.5,000 years of history of Persian carpets world-renowned for its superb technology, beautiful design, color harmony with the dumping of countless Wenrenmoke.Today, the Iranian Persian carpets have become world-renowned traditional staple export products.Other industries are textiles, food, building materials, carpets, paper, electricity, chemical industry, automobile, metallurgy, steel and machinery.Relatively backward agriculture, the low level of mechanization.Iran policewomanCurrency: rial (rial).Military: Armed Forces from the army and the Islamic Revolutionary Guard components.Leaders of the armed forces commander-in-chief.Supreme National Security Council is the highest military leadership and defense policy-making body, by the President, on behalf of two leaders, the head of the judiciary, the Speaker, the army commander-in-chief, Commander-in-Chief Guard, the state plans and budgets and Chairman of the Organization of Foreign Affairs, Interior, Defense and Intelligence Minister Composition.Compulsory military service, the service period of 2002.Iran nuclear issue Iran's Army Day paradeCulture: Iran is one of the famous ancient civilizations.For thousands of years, the industrious, brave Iranian people created glorious and splendid culture.The physician Avicenna in the 11th century AD, by the "doctors Code", the medical development of Asian and European countries have a significant impact.Iranians built the world's first an astronomical observatory, with the invention of the clock today, GM basically similar to the regulation on the disc.Fairbanks poet of the West and more epic "I Kings," Saadi's "Rose Garden" is not only treasures of Persian literature, is also the world's literary treasures.Iran School Information colorful cuisine of IranTehran streetTehran, a news-stand.Iran's existing various publications over 900 kinds, most published in Tehran.The streets of Tehran, a team of primary and secondary school students.Iran's implementation of free primary and secondary education, importance of higher education, by providing loans and other measures to encourage private higher education.Pahlavi stationed at the Royal Palace in Tehran, the Iranian army soldiers.Iran's armed forces by the military and the Islamic Revolutionary Guard composed of compulsory military service, serving a term of two years.A man in the cut-cut barbecue, the production of local flavor snacks Rouga Mo.Iran Independence MonumentPress and Publications: there are over 900 kinds of various publications, most published in Tehran.Major newspapers: "Le Monde", "News", "Islamic Republic", "pious," and "mission" and "peace" and the English version of the "Tehran Times", "Iran News" And "World" international version.IRNA is the only official news agency, said before the 1979 revolution Pars News Agency.National Radio and Television, founded in 1966, 1979 changed its name to the Islamic Republic of Iran audio-visual organizations.Radio Persian, Arabic, English, French, German and Chinese languages, such as 25 kinds of external broadcasting.There are three players to television programs.Diplomacy: pursue an independent, non-aligned foreign policy.Announced that "not inclined to the East, not tilted to the West" against superpower hegemonism.Actively develop with the Islamic and Third World and the Non-Aligned countries, with attention to Western Europe, Japan and other countries exchanges and economic and trade ties.The exception of Israel, and is willing to all States in mutual benefit and mutual respect on the basis of the development of relations.伊朗克尔曼in Bam city, far away is the famous Iran Bam castle, in December 2003,Kerman province magnitude 6.3 earthquake,The castles were also damaged.>>Relations with China: According to China's "historical" records, the era of former Dili II Jihan Wu, Zhang Qian sent his visit to rest in peace Fushi (Persian), rest in peace Wang greeted the 20,000 cavalry, very solemn ritual.The late Eastern Han Dynasty, Wang rest of Prince Edward, the Buddhist monk-An Shigao have to visit and stay in China for many years.China Southern and Northern Dynasties era, Bosi Pai diplomatic envoys to China's Northern Wei Dynasty friendship of 10 recruits asked many times.With the friendly exchanges between the two sides, the Han culture spread to the West Region, Western culture came China, China, Iran and other countries of the "Silk Road" is also full flow, as the economic and cultural exchanges between the two countries opened a new era.China's silk, porcelain, as well as drilling wells, iron-smelting, Zhiqi, such as silk reeling process Yuanyuan into Iran and other countries in West Asia, Iran's products such as beans, alfalfa, grapes, walnuts, pomegranates, were also introduced to China Yuanyuan.To the Tang Dynasty, between the two countries had reached its peak period.Later, the Persian by foreign aggression, Wang went to the Persian Empire Tang visits and requested assistance, Tang Emperor Gaozong closure for his Dudu, Qianjiang send troops to escort him home, but returned minors from Chang'an.His son Nilie Si-seeking policies of the minors, in the TANG Zhong in the Year of the Dragon King, also died back to between Changan.At that time, Ni Liesi led thousands of Persians, some of which are in the Tang dynasty, when the generals, diplomats, astronomers, medical scientists and academics.The war in the Sung Dynasty, the land of the "Silk Road" several times interrupted.At this time, the developed shipbuilding industry began, the compass needles have been used, many Iranians came to China by sea Guangzhou, Quanzhou and other places in Yangzhou and business, and some still reside there.This is called the descendants of the sea. "Ceramic road."According to records, the Chinese method of issuing bank notes conveyed to the Yuan Dynasty in Persia, and later, on the Persian banknotes also retain the image of the Chinese text.At that time, two of the history books compiled by historians also "set history."Persia and other countries of the Western Regions is also prevalent in the Chang'an music and dance.In the Ming Dynasty, the Yongle Emperor and the Prince of Persia Shaha Lu have been exchanging 300 and 500 of the large delegation visits; Zheng He's navigational visit seven countries of Asia and Africa, three of which visited the Persian Gulf Mandrax Lu Jammu Sri Lanka (Ji Jin Hormuz).At the time, along with Zheng He's visit to the charges had written the letter Trip poem about local customs and specialty products.Year 1516, Iran Ali Akbar travel home to write the "China Trip," a book, later to become, the friendly exchanges between the Iraqi precious historical document and an important witness.According to research, over the years, the two plants on the spread and transfer of dozens of.The Ao and the Persian Manichaeism was also popular in China.August 16, 1971, the two countries established diplomatic ties in Iraq.Reproduced:

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