Nantong City, Jiangsu Province (Administrative division) Satellite maps

OverviewNantong City area of 8544 square kilometres.The end of 2004, the total population of 7737900 people.Municipal People's Government in the Chongchuan, Zip code: 226001.Administrative division code: 320600.Code: 0513.Pinyin: Nantong Shi.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Administrative division2005, Shixia two Nantong City area, two counties; hosted four county-level city.Nantong City area of 8544 square kilometres, population 7.74 million (2004).Chongchuan area of 215 square kilometres, population 670,000 people.ZIP code 226001.Gangzha area of 134 square kilometres, population 180,000 people.ZIP code 226001.Haimen area of 1148 square kilometres, population 1.02 million people.ZIP code 226100.Haimen City People's Government in the town.Qidong City area of 1191 square kilometres, population 1.13 million people.ZIP code 226200.Municipal People's Government in Huilong Town.- City area of 1343 square kilometres, population 1.27 million people.ZIP code 226300.Municipal People's Government in the Jinsha town.Rugao area of 1531 square kilometres, population 1.43 million.ZIP code 226500.Municipal People's Government in towns such as.Rudong area of 1872 square kilometres, population 1.08 million people.ZIP code 226400.County People's Government in the excavation Gangzhen.Hai'an County area of 1110 square kilometres, population 960,000 people.ZIP code 226600.Hai'an County People's Government in the town.* Here size, population data in accordance with "the People's Republic of administrative divisions booklet (2006)" *-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------HistoryNantong and (E) District on January 1, 1953, Jiangsu Provincial People's Government to set up, located in Nantong area.Rugao Nantong area jurisdiction, such as East, MSC, Qidong, Chongming, Nantong, Haimen seven counties, the agency in Nantong City.1958, the original jurisdiction of the provinces in Nantong City, was placed under the leadership Tanjug agency.Chongming County, was placed under Shanghai.Section 1 of Nantong City 6 County jurisdiction.1962, Nantong City to provincial cities.Nantong area exempted six counties.1970, Nantong area called Nantong region, the agency in Nantong City.Exempted MSC, Rugao, such as East, Qidong, Haimen and Nantong six counties.Nantong City on January 1, 1953, for the provincial cities of Nantong City.1958, Nantong City area was placed under the leadership of Nantong.1962, Nantong City still be in cities.市管县体制implemented in 1983, Nantong in the MSC, Rugao, such as East, Qidong, Haimen and Nantong 6 County was placed under the leadership of Nantong City.The urban areas located in town, Gangzha into Nantong City.Nantong, a total of six county jurisdiction area.November 1989, approved by the State Council, has withdrawn Qidong, Rugao, Nantong County, located to Qidong, Rugao, Tong Zhou.May 1991, approved by the State Council, Nantong City changed its name to Chongchuan, changed its name to Gangzha suburban areas.Nantong City, 3 urban jurisdiction 3 county area.1993 revocation of Nantong County, the establishment of its original jurisdiction-city region.1994 revocation of Haimen County, with its original jurisdiction to establish regional Haimen.2001 approved by the Provincial People's Government, the Guanyin Town-si, small-town trip at the town, city-seed market in Nantong City Chongchuan area was placed under the jurisdiction of the city-region will be within the scope of Nantong Farm (under the Province Farm Group), The East is Red Farm (under the provincial military districts) included in Nantong City Chongchuan district administrative region.Of which: small-town, at the town line, improved market, the entire breeding stock market into the urban area is zoned formed and enriching the people of Hong Kong commissioned by the Office of jurisdiction, Nantong Farm (provincial) and the East is Red Farm (provincial) assigned to enrich the people of Hong Kong offices of the administrative division Within.Administrative Division adjusted total urban area of 381.6 square km and the total population of 759,800 people, compared with 144.82 before adjustment to increase square km and 127,500 people.

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