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OverviewTangshan City in Hebei Province in the east, longitude 117 ° 31'-119 ° 19 ', north latitude and 38 ° 55'-40 ° 28', the Luanhe River and the East at the sea from Qinhuangdao City, adjacent to the West and Tianjin, the Bohai Sea south, North by the Yanshan at the Great Wall and the border city of Chengde, about 130 km wide things, about 150 km north-south vast.Total area of 13,472 square km and the urban area of 3,874 square kilometres, of which built area of 152 km.Tangshan in Tangshan City in Central, East, North and the junction of Luanxian, Fengnan County, bordering South and West and adjacent Fengrun Xian.Qinhuangdao 125 km east, the Bohai Sea Nanju 40 km and 108 km southwest to Tianjin, Shijiazhuang, the provincial capital to 366 kilometers, 154 kilometers northwest to Beijing.Total population of 7.06 million population, of which the urban population of 2.95 million, 1.57 million population of built-up areas.Municipal People's Government in the Lubei Qu.Zip code: 063006.Administrative division code: 130200.Code: 0315.Pinyin: Tangshan Shi.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Administrative division2005, Tangshan City area Shixia six, six counties and county-level city hosted two.Tangshan City area of 13,206 square kilometres, population 7.09 million (2004).Lu Beiqu area of 113 square kilometres, population 620,000 people.ZIP code 063015.Lunan Qu area of 65 square kilometres, population 240,000 people.ZIP code 063017.Guye area of 263 square kilometres, population 360,000 people.ZIP code 063104.Kaiping area of 253 square kilometres, population 330,000 people.ZIP code 063021.Kaiping District People's Government in the town.Feng Runqu area of 1334 square kilometres, population 890,000 people.ZIP code 064000.District People's Government in the happiness Road.Fengnan area of 1568 square kilometres, population 520,000 people.ZIP code 063300.Fengnan District People's Government in the town.Zunhua City area of 1521 square kilometres, population 690,000 people.ZIP code 064200.Qian'an city area of 1208 square kilometres, population 680,000 people.ZIP code 064400.Qian'an City People's Government in the town.Luanxian area of 999 square kilometres, population 540,000 people.ZIP code 063700.Luanping County People's Government in the Zhou Zhen.Luannan Xian area of 1270 square kilometres, population 570,000 people.ZIP code 063500.Ben County People's Government in the town.Laoting county area of 1308 square kilometres, population 490,000 people.ZIP code 063600.County People's Government in the Lok Tingzhen.Qian Xixian area of 1439 square kilometres, population 360,000 people.ZIP code 064300.County People's Government in-town.Yutian County area of 1165 square kilometres, population 660,000 people.ZIP code 064100.Yutian County People's Government in the town.Tanghai County area of 700 square kilometres, population 140,000 people.ZIP code 063200.Tanghai County People's Government in the town.* Here Quhuadiming information as at December 2005; area and population data in accordance with "the People's Republic of administrative divisions booklet (2006)", the population at the end of 2004.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------HistoryTangshan, a city in central urban areas because of Hill (formerly Tangshan) named.Bamboo is a solitary behalf of the Warring States for Yan, Han is Youzhou, belong to the Qing Dynasty Yongping House Zhili province Zhili and Zunhua state.In the first year (1912) G-hit areas have formed the system, in 1929, renamed Zhili province of Hebei Province, January 28, 1939, a total of pseudo-Jidong anti-self-government in view of Tangshan with economic, political, specifically the special status of Tangshan For the city, the beginning of "the Tangshan city government," after the name "Tangshan City Corruption", Japan announced the surrender, the Kuomintang in Beijing, Wei Zhengquan reception staff, set up the Office of Inspector.April 1946, the CPC Committee of Hebei Province by the Second Session of 132 established in Tangshan city, the same year on May 5, Tangshan city government set up.October 1, 1949, after the founding of People's Republic of China, Tangshan City, at provincial cities, the area 12.March 1955, the first in Tangshan City, the Second People's Congress will be the Tangshan Municipal People's Government in Tangshan City People's Committee.Area has not changed.April 28, 1958, the State Council for approval in Tangshan City Planning Tangshan area leaders.In August 29, the first session of Hebei People's Congress decided at its seventh meeting, the resident from the Office of Tangshan in Changli County, moved to Tangshan City.June 3, 1959, the central decision, Tangshan City for the opening of the 45 cities.June 8th CPC Hebei Provincial Committee, who appointed provincial decision, the agency and Tangshan in Tangshan City to set up a joint committee of Tangshan City People's Committee.April 2, 1960, the State Council formally approved the revocation of the Tangshan area, the area under the jurisdiction of Tangshan and Qinhuangdao City Qian'an, Changli, Laoting, Baodi, Yutian, Jixian, Zunhua classified Tangshan City.Tangshan area after the revocation of actual classified in Tangshan City, also Luanxian, Plumper County (formerly the Urban Area) and Baigezhuang farms.At the same time, to provincial cities of Tangshan City.May 23, 1961, approved by the State Council formed the resumption of the Tangshan area.In June 1, Hebei Province People's Committee of the 14th meeting of Tangshan area through the resumption of the resolution.Since then, the Tangshan, the city separately, to the cities of Tangshan City.January 6, 1968, the establishment of the Revolutionary Committee of Tangshan City, belonging to the Revolutionary Committee of the Tangshan area.March 11, 1978, Tangshan City to provincial cities.October 1982, in Tangshan City, the seventh People's Congress revoked the Revolutionary Committee of Tangshan City, the establishment of the Tangshan Municipal People's Government.March 3, 1983, the State Council approved the revocation of the Tangshan area, the implementation of市管县体制.In May 13, informed the revocation of Tangshan in Hebei Province People's Government in Civil Administration, May 15, the Tangshan area Civil Administration closed.December 15, 1984, the State Council for approval in Tangshan City, for the 13 "larger cities" one.2000, Tangshan City area Shixia five, seven counties and county-level city hosted three.According to the fifth national census data: the city's total population of 7040554 people, including: Lunan Qu 330,195 people, Lu Beiqu 567,476 people, Guye District 383,209 people, 266,378 people in Kaiping District, New Area, 164053, 715835 Fengrun Xian, Kailuan County, 536,151 people, Luan Nanxian 570,535 people, 497,117 people Laoting county, Qian Xixian 353,616 people, Yutian County, 650,408, 138,343 people Tanghai County, Zunhua City, 683,662, 550,872 people Fengnan City, Qian'an city 632,704 people.February 1, 2002, the State Council for approval (of the letter [2002] 7): adjustment of the administrative division of Tangshan City.(1) revoke the county level Fengnan City, the establishment of Fengnan District of Tangshan City, Fengnan City to the original county-level administrative region to Fengnan District of the region.Xu District People's Government in the town.(2) revocation of Fengrun Xian and the District of Tangshan City, the establishment of Tangshan City Fengrun Qu, a former New Area Fengrun Xian and the administrative region for the administrative regions of Fengrun Qu.District People's Government in the happiness Road.Administrative division before adjustment: New Area, 118 square km area, population 170,000, zip code 063030.Feng Runxian area of 1216 square kilometres, population 710,000, Plumper County People's Government in the town, zip code 064000.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------OtherDevelopment Zone in Tangshan City, four and a management area, Caofeidian Industrial Zone.[Management Hangu District of Tangshan City in Fengnan District - and between Tianjin Ning Hexian (a breakout in Ninghe Xian and Hangu interval).July 2003, according to provincial party committee and government decisions, Hangu farms from the transfer of Tangshan City, Hebei Farm jurisdiction, in October 2003 was officially established in Tangshan City, Hangu district management.Exempted the revitalization of the street, Han Fengzhen.[Tangshan City Lutai Economic and Technological Development Zone in Tianjin - Ninghe Xian, the Lutai farm in Hebei Province.Area total area of 133.4 square km and is located in Beijing, Tianjin, Tang hinterland of the Golden Triangle, east of Tangshan City, 55 km, 65 km west of Tianjin and Tanggu port south of 45 km and 180 km Beiju the capital, 205 National Road running through the region.July 2003, the Hebei People's Government Lutai farm in Hebei Province approved the transfer of the jurisdiction of Tangshan City, was formally established in November in Tangshan City, Lutai Economic and Technological Development Zone.Exempted Lutai Economic and Technological Development Zone streets, the town of Haibei.[] High-tech Development Zone in Tangshan City, was established in April 1992, the same year in May and July were the provincial government as a provincial-level high-tech and provincial economic and technological development zones.Lu Beiqu located in the northern part of the planning area of 10 square km and has now completed area of 4.2 square kilometres.[Nanpu Development Zone in Tangshan City - in March 1991, the Tangshan city government formally approved the establishment.In 1995, Hebei Province, the Government approved the Nanpu provincial-level development zones for economic and technological development zones.Located in Fengnan District (former Fengnan County, 94 to the city, 02 to district) south-east, planning control area of 381.41 square kilometres, urban construction area of 20 square kilometres.[Harbour Economic and Technological Development Zone in Tangshan in 1993 - the Hebei provincial government approved the establishment of the Economic and Technological Development Zone.Laoting county in the southeastern coast, planning to define the scope of 147.47 square kilometres, the recent planning area of 44 square km, starting area of 5.3 square kilometres.[Caofeidian of Tangshan City Industrial Zone - Caofeidian Island origin Luannan Xian, in Tanghai County, along the southeast coast, most of the reclamation.»In July, the Hebei Provincial CPC Committee approved the establishment of Caofeidian Industrial Zone Party Committee, the CMC, on October 8 was set up.

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