Fuling District of Chongqing Municipality (Administrative division) Satellite maps

OverviewFuling District total area of 2,946 square kilometres.Total population of 1.12 million (2004).Resident District People's Government Zip code: 408000.Administrative division code: 500102.Code: 023.Pinyin: Fuling Qu.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Administrative divisionFuling District exempted five streets, 18 towns and 22 townships: Dunren streets, Chongyi Street, Lai Chi streets, Jiangbei streets, Jiangdong street, the town of Yum, zhenxizhen, the Qing Town, South powered by the town, Stone Town, Coke , Baitaozhen, MA Wu town, the town of Qingyang, Longtan Zhen, Baozi town, Long Qiaozhen, Lin town, xinmiaozhen, powered by Stone Town, the town of Changan, justice and the town, Li Du Zhen, the town of Korea, the jungles Rural, in the peak rural, rural justice, land Poxiang, Rowan rural, rural-volume, large-rural, rural-Waterloo, Wuling Shan, roof Township, Zili rural, rural hotel, the Heung Yee Wo, with music townships, JuBao five Township, New Village, the home, by Fuk Heung, Huimin Township, the two townships, Shi and townships, rural Long.Southbound zone.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------HistoryFu ancient name for the Wujiang River water, many buried in the tomb of Pakistani named after this.In the late Spring and Autumn is the southern border to Pakistan.Warring States for the mid-Chu, for the latter part of the Qin Bajun.Qin Zhaowang 30 (277 BC) zhizhu County home.Mudi Yonghe three years, the Eastern Jin Dynasty (AD 347) Purchase Fu County (also known as Tsz-gun).Sui Fuling County home.Tang Takenori first year (AD 618) Fu home state.Fu Song home state.Yuan, Ming and Qing Fu, Li also home Chongqing House.Republic of China belong County home Fuling Dongchuan Road, directly under 17 in Sichuan Province.January 1950 home prefecture east Sichuan Fuling area, exempted Fuling, Nanchuan, Fengdu, stone pillars, Wulong, Pengshui and longevity seven counties.September 1952 Youyang area and Qianjiang district, Youyang and Xiushan County into three zones Fuling.1953 Dianjiang County included in Fuling area.Zhang Shouxian classified in 1958 in Chongqing Municipality.1968 Fuling area to Fuling district.1983 revocation of the establishment of Fuling County, Fuling City (county level).1988, led Qianjiang, You Yang, the stone pillars, Xiushan, 5 of Pengshui County, the establishment of Qianjiang district.November 1995, revocation of Fuling, Fuling district and county-level cities, the establishment of Fuling city level, exempted Dianjiang, Wulong, Fengdu, Nanchuan City and three counties 1 zhizhu set up new city, Li Du Area 2.September 1996 in Chongqing, Fuling city was placed under the escrow.1997 was placed under the jurisdiction of Chongqing municipality.June 1998 revocation of Fuling city and district Poncirus City, Lidu two districts, located to Fuling District of Chongqing Municipality, the original jurisdiction zhizhu City, Lidu region.Dianjiang, Nanchuan, Fengdu, Wulong was placed under direct jurisdiction of Chongqing.March 23, 1998, Fuling city streets Poncirus Jiangbei District Office of the resident population migration from the point Yi Huang Qi Village (Chongqing House [1998] 37).2000, Fuling District exempted five streets, 18 towns and 22 townships.According to the fifth census data: the region's total population of 1134080 people, including the township population (people): 49,280 Chongyi Dunren street street 44,645 lychee 97,239 street Jiangbei 44,406 street Jiangdong street town of 39,677 Yum 40,464 zhenxizhen 26,460-22,567 Town Southern town of 35,450 coke-powered town of 22,996 baitaozhen 32,433 MA Wu town of 18,995 Qingyang town of 26,966 Long Tanzhen town of 32,436 Baozi 26,905 Long Qiaozhen 26,934 linshizhen 25,011 xinmiaozhen 31,269-powered town of 22,925 Changan town and the town of 26,982-36,692 Lidu Korean town of 53,413 to 24,013 jungle town of 14,021 in the rural township 22,538-24,227 Renyi rural land Poxiang 10,695 Rowan Rural Township 6827-17,271 volumes large wooden Waterloo Rural Township 3818-15659-12296 Tangxiang 6930 Zili rooftop rural township 11,693 hotel Rural 14,951 Wo Rural 5992 with 16,365 JuBao five Lok Rural Township 8284 that 13,429 new Village home 24,348 by Fuk Heung Rural 21,359 Benefiting the two 16,428-15,862 rural townships and 11,154 southbound Long Rural Development Zone 12,805 virtual streets 18970 xzqh.orgApril 30, 2002, Fuling District changed its name to Wuling Tangxiang Long Shan (Yu House [2002] 50).The end of 2002, Fuling District exempted five neighborhood offices (Dunren, Chong Yi, Jiang, Jiangbei, litchi), 18 towns (Zhen River, Yum, the Cheonggyecheon, South Tootoo, BAI Tao, Jiao Shek, the Lidu, the town Security, justice and, of South Korea, MA Wu, Longtan, Qingyang, Miao, Shek powered, Lin City, Baozi, Longqiao), 22 townships (Renyi, in the peak of the jungle, mountain Waterloo, Wuling Mountain, Vol hole, Romania Cloud, hotels, Shilong, Huimin, the family, with music, the two, Zeng-fu, and Shi, San Tsuen, JuBao five, Tai Wo, Zili, rooftops, big trees, land slope), 63 neighborhood committees, 356 The village committee.The end of 2002 the total population 1114600 household registration, including non-agricultural population of 276,100 people.October 21, 2003, Fuling District Rural jungle Pine Wan Village, five groups classified zhenxizhen jurisdiction.After the adjustment, the rural area of the jungle 75.813 square km and the total population of 13,928 people; zhenxizhen area of 52.128 square km and the total population of 26,551 people (Chongqing House [2003] 233).

Fuling District of Chongqing Municipality geographical coordinates (Google maps satellite map Landmark) finishing date: (2006/9/26 17:59:00)
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