Taizhou City in Zhejiang Province (Administrative division) Satellite maps

OverviewTaizhou geographical coordinates for latitude 28 ° 01'-29 ° 20 ', longitude 120 ° 17'-121 ° 56'.Total area of 9,413 square kilometres.Total population of 5.57 million (2004).Municipal People's Government in the Jiaojiang District 428 Avenue of the city, Zip code: 318000.Administrative division code: 331000.Code: 0576.Pinyin: Taizhou Shi.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------* List of township administrative divisions streets information as at December 31, 2005; area, the population according to "Jane List (2006)", the population at the end of 2004.Taizhou area of 9,413 square kilometres, population 5.57 million people.Exempted three City area, four counties and two county-level cities hosting.Jiaojiang area of 276 square kilometres, population 480,000 people.Zip code 318000.District People's Government in Haimen Road 404, the street youth.Huangyan area of 988 square kilometres, population 570,000 people.Zip code 318020.Dongcheng District People's Government in the streets Qianjie County on the 22nd.Lu Qiaoqu area of 274 square kilometres, population 420,000 people.Zip code 318050.Northbound District People's Government in the streets of the village of leaching.Linhai City area of 2171 square kilometres, population 1.11 million people.Zip code 317000.Municipal People's Government in the city streets Eastern Avenue.Wenling city area of 836 square kilometres, population 1.15 million people.Zip code 317500.Taiping Municipal People's Government in the streets of the City Road 58.Three county area of 1072 square kilometres, population 410,000 people.Zip code 317100.County People's Government in the way the people of the town of Hoi Yu No. 59.The roof area of 1426 square kilometres County, population 560,000 people.Zip code 317200.Chicheng County People's Government in the streets of Zhongshan Road 314.Xianju County area of 1992 square kilometres, population 470,000 people.Zip code 317300.County People's Government in the back lanes of the street should be good on the 1st.Yuhuan County area of 378 square kilometres, population 400,000 people.Zip code 317600.County People's Government in the East Gangzhen-road on the 6th.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------HistoryPre-Qin Dynasty at the Oujiang to.Han Wudi the first year of closure yuan (110 BC), and the Huiji Yinxian County, home to Pu Township.Western Han Dynasty, Pu back home county, roughly equivalent to future generations jurisdiction throughout Taiwan, Wen, the three House, the county built for the beginning of Taizhou.Three Pacific 2002 (257), home Linhai County, Li Yangzhou, exempted the chapter, the waterfront, before-ping, Yongning, Song Yang, Luo Yang (later changed Anyang), LUO Jiang-seven counties, and exempted from throughout North Fujian, Taizhou is to build the beginning of the county.Ning is the first year of the Eastern Jin Dynasty (323), Linhai County Chapter of jurisdiction, the waterfront, before Fung, Ninghai County 4, Taizhou jurisdiction throughout future generations largely formed.Tang Takenori five years (622) Purchase Taizhou, Taizhou in name only since then.Yuan Yuan for 14 years (1277), Taizhou Road.Hong-the first year (1368), Zhu Yuanzhang changed direction for Taiwan's capital of Taizhou, Zhejiang Province Li Xingsheng.2003-Xuantong Period (1911) August, the Revolution of 1911 in September, the recovery of Taizhou, the House military and political establishment, Li provincial military government.October 10, 1949, renamed the Taizhou area, in Linhai County, the jurisdiction of Linhai, Huangyan, rooftops, Xianju, Wenling, three, seven counties and Linhai 315600 Chengguan, Haimen two immediate area.October 1978 renamed the Taizhou region.August 22, 1994, the State Council for approval to withdraw located in Taizhou City.Jiaojiang established, Huangyan, Luqiao District, Taizhou in the original jurisdiction of the Yuhuan, 3, rooftops, 4 Xianju County, hosted Wenling City, Linhai City.Municipal People's Government in the newly established Jiaojiang District.Jiaojiang the original jurisdiction of Jiaojiang District of Haimen City, Baiyun, Jia zhi three neighborhood offices, Dongshan, Hung, and the top three, under Chen, before, the chapter, the Chen seven towns and rural Huang reef, the people Youth in Government Road.Huangyan District Huangyan City, the original jurisdiction of the Chengguan, Nanjing River, Toutuo, Northern, coke pit, Jiangkou, the new ago, the hospital eight bridges on the town and Zheng, Toyama, head of Lantau, on Yang, Ping Tin, Mau yu, Takahashi , Sand port eight Township, Chengguan District People's Government in the county town of Qian Jie.Lu Qiaoqu jurisdiction of the city's road and bridge Huangyan, threatened Lantau, Jiang Feng, Newbridge, Hengjie, under the beam, Jinqing, canopies Street eight towns and Lo-yang, Huanglang two townships, and the District People's Government in the road Chi Kiu Road Town sell.In 2000, according to the fifth national census data: the total population of Taizhou people.Of which: 5153715 Jiaojiang District of Taizhou 462,846 people, 564,120 people Huangyan District, Lu Qiaoqu 464,997 people, 460,091 Yuhuan County, three in 315,405 people, 407,270 people rooftop County, Xianju County, 367,585 people, the people of Wenling City 1162783 , Linhai City, 948,618 people.In 2002, the administrative division tables (based on "Practical Handbook of Zhejiang Province Quhuadiming" rendering, Quhuadiming information as of September 2002)Total area of square kilometresBuilt-up areas square kilometresTotal population of 000Non-agricultural population of 000Street -Town -Rural -Community -A residential areaThe village ofResidentZipJiaojiang DistrictAugustSix(Haimen streets) Youth Road 404,Huangyan DistrictAugustFiveSix1.3County on the 22nd QianjieLu QiaoquSixFourNorthbound streets of the village leachingLinhai CityFourAugustEast AvenueWenling CityFiveNovemberCity Road, No. 583 CountyFourAugustYou people of the town of Hoi Road 59,TiantaiAugustFiveChengguan Town, Zhongshan Road 314Xianju CountyAugustChengguan Town of rear lanes on the 1stYuhuan CountySixThreeNovemberChu Gangzhen Lower East Side Road on the 6th(Total)Jiaojiang District, City Road 428According to this table, "Zhejiang Quhuadiming practical manual" rendering, Quhuadiming information as of September 2002.As at December 31, 2005, the city's total of 38 streets and 65 towns and 28 townships.

Taizhou City in Zhejiang Province geographical coordinates (Google maps satellite map Landmark) finishing date: (2006/9/26 17:59:00)
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