Taizhou city in Jiangsu Province (Administrative division) Satellite maps

OverviewTaizhou city in Jiangsu Province, central, north shore of the Yangtze River.North latitude and 32 ° 01'57 "-33 ° 10'59", longitude 119 ° 38'24 "-120 ° 32'20".Southern verge of the Yangtze River, adjacent to the north and Yancheng, Nantong west east of Yangzhou.Area of 5,793 square kilometres, of which the urban area of 428 square kilometres.The end of 2004, the total population of 5027700 people.Municipal People's Government in Hailing Qu, Zip code: 225300.Administrative division code: 321200.Code: 0523.Pinyin: Taizhou Shi.In addition to the city's Jingjiang a separate hill, the other two major river systems are Jianghuai alluvial plain.A middle ground, two low toward the south along the Yangtze River region in general really 2-5 meters high, the central region really high sand in the general 5-7 meters high, really high in the north Lixiahe in 1.5-5 m.Of the total land area of 82.74 percent, 17.26 percent of the water area.North is a humid subtropical climate zone.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Administrative division2005, Taizhou City area Shixia 2 (Hailing, high-Hong Kong), hosted four county-level cities (Jingjiang, Taixing, Jiangyan, Xinghua).Taizhou City area of 5,794 square kilometres, population 5.01 million (2004).Hailing Qu area of 210 square kilometres, population 430,000 people.ZIP code 225300.District People's Government in the House the way forward on the 26th.High port area 224 square kilometres, population 190,000 people.ZIP code 225321.Port District People's Government in the streets.Jingjiang area of 665 square kilometres, population 660,000 people.ZIP code 214500.Municipal People's Government in the Yasukuni towns.Taixing area of 1256 square km and the population of 1.28 million people.ZIP code 225400.Taixing Municipal People's Government in the town.Jiangyan city area of 1046 square kilometres, population 900,000 people.ZIP code 225500.Jiangyan City People's Government in the town.Xinghua City area of 2393 square kilometres, population 1.55 million people.ZIP code 225700.Municipal People's Government in the Soyang town.* Here size, population data in accordance with "the People's Republic of administrative divisions booklet (2006)."-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------HistoryZHOU Qin era, said today that the Taizhou Haiyang.Han Wudi Yuanshou six years (117 BC) Lingxian sea front, the Eastern Jin Dynasty set up the Lingjun.Southern Tang Jianzhou, inhabitants hope "国泰民安," because the name "Taizhou," followed so far.Song Xi-ning five years (1072), Taizhou is Huainan Road.Early Yuan Dynasty Tomb territorial waters Rugao County, Li Yangzhou Road.Hong force early in the Lingxian into Taizhou, from Rugao County, a Yangzhou House.Qing Emperor Yongzheng 2003 (1725), at the Tongzhou Rugao, Taizhou, Sui Wei casual.In the first year (1912), to repeal the county, Taizhou renamed Thai County.Five Dynasties located in Taixing, Xinghua County, the home Jingjiang County.In 38 (1949) January 21, the liberation of Taizhou City, is zoned urban settings Taizhou City, rural settings in Thailand.In April 21, the establishment of North Jiangsu Civil Administration, Administrative Office in Taizhou, administered Taizhou, Yangzhou, Yancheng, Huaiyin, Nantong five Administrative Region, 41 counties (cities).Taizhou SAR exempted Taizhou City, Taixing county, Jingjiang City, Thailand County, Hai'an County, Rugao County, eastern Taiwan county, Taipei County and other counties (cities).January 1950, Yangzhou and Taizhou Administrative Region SAR into Taizhou SAR, and the authorities in Taizhou, administered the city of Taizhou, Yangzhou City, Thailand County, Taixing county, Jingjiang County, Jiangdu County, Xinghua County, Gaoyou County, Baoying County , Yizheng County, Liuhe County (January 1, 1953 from Wanbei Chu county zoned into the Jiangpu County), county (city), directly under the North Jiangsu Yangzhou City after the SAR.February 1953 the agency changed its name to North Jiangsu Taizhou, Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province Civil Administration.May 1950 to October, from January 1959 to May 1962, Taizhou City, and several county is zoned and Thailand.July 19, 1996, approved by the State Council, the revocation of county-level city of Taizhou, the establishment of prefecture-level city of Taizhou, Yangzhou City will host the Taixing, Jiangyan, Jingjiang, Xinghua four county-level city of Taizhou City, was placed under the escrow; Taizhou City to the original county-level administrative regions set up Hailing Qu.1997, approved by the Provincial People's Government, Jiangyan city of Temple Lane, Bao Xu, Tang Wan, the White Horse, the wild-five towns and the port of Taizhou City, Diao shop, Wing On Chau, Tin River, the five township-village Hailing Qu was placed under the jurisdiction.1997, approved by the State Council, the new high-Hong Kong, the Government in the port town; Hailing Qu drawn from the jurisdiction of the port, Diao shop, Hsu Chuang, Tin River, Wing On Chau, the White Horse, the wild-seven townships.The end of 2001, Taizhou City, four administrative divisions located in Area 2, a total of 91 towns and eight rural, six neighborhood offices.Xinghua, Jingjiang, Taixing, in Jiangyan City 4 administered 82 towns, six townships, and 251 neighborhood committees and 1,451 village committees.Hailing Qu, high-administered nine local town, two townships, and six neighborhood offices, neighborhood committees, 87, 127 village committees.Area of 5790 square km and the population 5.031 million people.The whole city area of 5790 square kilometres, population 5031000, exempted 91 towns and eight rural, six streets and 338 neighborhood committees, 1,578 village committees.Of which the urban area of 428 square kilometres, population 605,700, exempted nine towns and two townships, six streets, 87 neighborhood committees and 127 village committees.(Powered Note: Statistics Year here is unknown, may be 2001 before and after)Hailing Qu (including the development zone) area of 204 square kilometres, population 411,500, exempted four towns and two townships, six streets, 74 neighborhood committees and 70 village committees: Jiulong Zhen, Tang Wan Town , The Thai Dong-jin, the rural eastern suburbs, western suburbs of the rural, Temple Xiangzhen (zone).High port area 224 square kilometres, population 194,200, exempted five towns and 13 neighborhood committees and 57 village committees: Port Town, Diao Puzhen, Wing On洲镇, Whitehorse, Ye Zhen Xu.Xinghua City area of 2393 square kilometres, population 1552700, exempted 29 towns, five townships, and 76 neighborhood committees and 614 village committees: the town-kiln, a Mr Chan, the company town, the营镇The new stack town, the old Xu Xiang, the Fengzhen, under Weizhen, Hainan town, fishing town, the town Zou, sand Gou Zhen, Zhou Fen-rural, rural-cylinder LAB, in the advancement of Lee in the town of the western suburbs Town, the town of Chengdong, Xibao Township, temporary towns, and Lin Hu Xiang, stack Tianzhen, bamboo Wang Zhen, Shen-Lun town, big pile town, Diduo town, Tao Town, Cheung Wing town, the town of Maoshan, Zhou Town, Chen advancement, Dainan Formation town, Zhang Guozhen, Zhaoyang town.Jingjiang area of 665 square kilometres, population 664,600, exempted 12 towns and 55 neighborhood committees and 194 village committees: Jing towns, New Town, Dongxing Town, eight Weizhen, ramps Town, to the West Town quarter of the town, Gushan town, the town red, Shengci town, Ma Qiaozhen, unite the town.Taixing area of 1253 square kilometres, population 1288200, exempted 23 towns, a township, 59 neighborhood committees and 343 village committees: Coral town, the town of Nansha, Huang Qiaozhen, the boundaries of the town, the ancient town , Wang pile town yuan at the town, Guangling Town, Qu Xia Zhen, Zhang Qiaozhen, River Town, Liu, Mr Thomas Chan, Xinjie Zhen, Yao Wang Chen, seven Xu Zhen, Hua Jiang town, the town of Health, a shipping town , Madian Town, the root of homesickness, announced advancement, Hu Town, Taixing Town, River lost the town.Jiangyan city area of 1051 square kilometres, population 919,900, exempted 18 towns and 61 neighborhood committees and 300 village committees: Jiangyan Town, Qintong town, Jiangduo town, Gu high-town, big town, Zhang's Bazaar town, the capital town, Liang Xu Zhen, Mr Chan Su, Qiaotou town, Silt town, the town of rice, Lou Town, Shengao town, the town of Xingtai, Yu pile town, Gangzhen, Gang Yang Zhen.The provincial government approval, from January 2006, the city of Taizhou Hailing, high port city of the two townships and neighborhoods, the implementation of zoning adjustment, a total of six suburban township merge, the newly formed seven neighborhood offices.Specific programmes are: (1) Hailing Qu: Chengdong the eastern suburbs and rural offices of the streets, setting up new offices Chengdong streets; Story will be the western suburbs and rural offices of the streets, the establishment of a new neighborhood offices Story ; Revocation Tangwan Town, in its original jurisdiction to establish the Office of the streets of Phoenix Road; withdraw Thai Dong-jin, in its original area set up Jingtai Road neighborhood offices.(2) High-Hong Kong: revocation of Port Town, in its original area at the establishment of the Office of the streets; revocation Diao Puzhen, in its original area set up shop Diao street offices and Hsu Chuang neighborhood offices.

Taizhou city in Jiangsu Province geographical coordinates (Google maps satellite map Landmark) finishing date: (2006/9/26 17:59:00)
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