Ganzhou City of Jiangxi Province (Administrative division) Satellite maps

OverviewGanzhou in southern Jiangxi Province, the Ganjiang River upstream, or Gannan.113 East Drive゜54'-116゜38 'E, 24゜29'-27゜09'.Sanming City, east of Fujian Province and Longyan City, south Guangdong Province, Meizhou City, Heyuan and Shaoguan City, Xikao Chenzhou City in Hunan Province, north province Ji'an, the two cities of Fuzhou.Area of 39,380 square kilometres.The end of 2004, the total population of 8.126 million people, including non-agricultural population of 1.649 million people.Municipal People's Government in Zhanggong Qu.Zip code: 360700.Administrative division code: 341000.Code: 0797.Pinyin: Ganzhou Shi.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Administrative divisionAs at December 31, 2005, Ganzhou City, an area jurisdiction, 15 counties and county-level city hosted two, seven streets, 138 towns, 144 townships, and a nationality townships.Ganzhou City area of 39,380 square kilometres, population 8.18 million (2002).Zhang Gongqu area of 479 square kilometres, population 500,000.ZIP code 341000.District People's Government in the Yangming Road.7 town streets jurisdiction 5.Ruijin City area of 2448 square kilometres, population 590,000.ZIP code 342500.Municipal People's Government in as the Town.7 exempted rural town 10.Nankang Shi area of 1845 square kilometres, population 780,000.ZIP code 341400.Chengdu Municipal People's Government in Jiang's streets.8 jurisdiction 2 streets rural town of 12 (including a nationality townships).Jiangxi county area of 2,993 square km and a population of 550,000.ZIP code 341100.County People's Government in the town of Merlin.9 exempted rural town 10.Xin Fengxian area of 2878 square kilometres, population 660,000.ZIP code 341600.Jiading County People's Government in the town.3 rural town 13 exemptions.Yu County, the area of 1368 square kilometres, population 280,000.ZIP code 341500.Nanan County People's Government in the town.8 exempted rural town 3.Shang Youxian area of 1544 square kilometres, population 280,000.ZIP code 341200.County People's Government in the Dongshan Zhen.5 exempted the rural town of September.Chongyi county area of 2197 square kilometres, population 200,000.ZIP code 341300.County People's Government in the horizontal Township.6 exempted rural town 10.An area of the county from 2375 square km and population 340,000.ZIP code 342100.County People's Government in the Yan Town.8 exempted rural town 10.Long County area of 1641 square kilometres, population 300,000.ZIP code 341700.County People's Government in the Long Nanzhen.8 exempted rural town 5.Dingnan County area of 1316 square kilometres, population 200,000.ZIP code 341900.County People's Government in the town calendar.7 exempted the town.County-wide area of 1521 square kilometres, population 180,000.ZIP code 341800.County People's Government in Chengxiang Zhen.3 rural town of jurisdiction 6.Nanjing County area of 4,053 square kilometres, population 710,000.ZIP code 342800.County People's Government in-Town.12 exempted rural town 12.Yu Duxian area of 2893 square kilometres, population 880,000.ZIP code 342300.County People's Government in tribute Town.9 exempted rural town 14.Xingguo County area of 3214 square kilometres, population 710,000.ZIP code 342400.County People's Government in the Lian Town.7 exempted rural town 18.Huichang County area of 2722 square kilometres, population 430,000.ZIP code 342600.County People's Government in the civil and military坝镇.6 exempted rural town 13.Xunwu County area of 2311 square kilometres, population 290,000.ZIP code 342210.Changning County People's Government in the town.8 rural town of jurisdiction 7.Dan Chengxian area of 1582 square kilometres, population 300,000.ZIP code 342700.County People's Government in the Qin Town.5 exempted rural town 5.* Here Quhuadiming information as at December 2005; area and population data in accordance with "the People's Republic of administrative divisions booklet (2004)", the population at the end of 2002.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------HistoryGanzhou in name only since the Song Shaoxing for 23 years (1153) to Qianzhou for Ganzhou.Li said there are two: one for the county, Jiangxi rule named after the other that chapter, Jiang Kun 2 confluence of the state of governance it.Ganzhou in the Spring and Autumn, has for Chu, Wu, and the more.Qin at the Jiujiang County, when the first of the Han Yu Zhang County (Jiangxi, both Yu, South Mao County), after a Lu-ling County.Analysis of the three countries at Soochow Lu-ling Lu-ling County home south of Du Wei, Yu Zhi of all, a Yangzhou.2003 to the Western Jin Dynasty Tai Hong Nam Hong County, Jiangxi shift rule (this Zhanggong Qu), a Jiangzhou.Opened nine years to the Sui Dynasty Emperor Qian Zhou, the great cause of early rehabilitation for the Nankang County.Tang Chi Qian Zhou, Zhenguan the beginning of the Jiangnan Road, Kaiyuan Jiang's 21 years of Nancy Road.Leung is the Five Dynasties Yum Army, the Five Dynasties and renamed the Southern Tang Chiu Shun-jun.Song said Qian Zhou rehabilitation; Chunhua first year (990) Analysis of the Nam Hong Qian Zhou, the Yu, on the other three counties still home Nanan Army.Song Emperor Gaozong of Shaoxing for 23 years to Ganzhou, the Jiangnan Road West.Yuan for the Nanan, Ganzhou Road, the Executive Secretariat of Jiangxi.Hong-Gan to the first year of the state, Secretary of Jiangxi Chengxuan Buzheng Shi.- Traffic on the system, created in Nanjing are Zhili.At home in southern Jiangxi Road, into southern Jiangxi, Nanjing are the two zones.In 18 to 23 (1929-34) Ganzhou large tracts of land become the central revolutionary base, and in August 1934 in Ruijin set up the Chinese Soviet Republic of the Provisional Central Government.August 1949 Ganzhou counties have liberation, the District Administrative Office, located Gan Xinan, exempted Ganzhou, Ruijin 2 zones, and Ganzhou City of Jiangxi, the Yu, the far South Qian, Chong Yi, Lung South, the South, Nam Hong, on the Utah, the letter Fung, Kwong-cheong, both Yu, Shicheng, Huichang, Ruijin, Nanjing are, and rejuvenating the country, Wu found 18 counties.1950 revocation of Ganzhou area, which city and county Zhili Gan Xinan Administrative Office; Ruijin zones have changed its name to Nanjing area.June 17, 1951 revocation of the Southwest District Administrative Office, the restoration of Ganzhou area, this Ganzhou cities and belong to Ganzhou area, all-zones.August 29, 1952, Nanjing zones are incorporated into the Ganzhou area, Guangchang Xian classified Fuzhou area.1954 renamed Gannan Administrative Region, to be Guangchang Xian.1957 Yu are, look for Wu, Qian South, the Yu county were renamed in all, Xunwu, South Jeolla, while the county.1964-South Jiangxi Administrative Region of Ganzhou area.Renamed in 1970 in Ganzhou.July 1983 Guangchang Xian classified Fuzhou region.1994 dismantling County, located in Ruijin City.1995 dismantling County, located in Nankang.December 1998 the State Council for approval in Ganzhou City, to withdraw to the original Zhang Gongqu to Ganzhou City, the jurisdiction of the same.July 1, 1999, Ganzhou City official level was set up.End of 2003, the total population of 8.069 million people, including non-agricultural population of 1.574 million people.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------OtherGanzhou City, Jiangxi Province is the gold zone in May 2000 will be "Ganzhou high-tech industry development zones", "Huang Jinling Economic and Technological Development Zone," the two provincial-level development zones established on the basis of the merger.Regional area of 119 square km and exempted the three townships and a population of nearly 100,000, is located in Ganzhou City in New City, Ganzhou is the political, economic and social structure of an important part.CPC Committee of gold and gold Development Zone Development Zone Management Committee is now county-level agencies, with county-level Party committees and government functions.

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