New Nanchang County in Jiangxi Province (Administrative Division -2) Satellite maps

OverviewLocation area - located in Xinjian County of Jiangxi Province in central north, north-west of Nanchang, Jiangxi's lower reaches of the West Bank, the geographical coordinates of longitude 115 ° 31 'points to 116 ° 25', N 28 ° 21'10 "to 290 ° 10 ' 50 "long and narrow County, southeast to the northwest about 22 km southwest to northeast about 112 km.Area of 2337.84 square kilometres.[National] population by the end of 2003, the total population of 665,000 people.[County] terrain climate terrain west, northeast low.The highest (Xiao Tan-feng) 799 meters above sea level, the lowest (South Rockies Binhu) 13 meters above sea level.The county an average elevation of 50 meters.For the Xishan Mountain West, South and the North East San Mianhuan water, southwest of hills, plains-and the Northeast Plain for Binhu dyke areas.Normal type of landscape throughout the county to alluvial plain, Binhu mainly plain of the county's total area of 33.86 percent, 39.76 percent of the water surface, accounting for 26.38 percent hills.New humid climate mild, is a subtropical North, four distinct seasons, abundant rainfall, the Spring and Autumn short, long summer.The average annual temperature 17.1-17.8 ℃, the average 1,518 mm of precipitation.[PC] resident County People's Government in the long Leng town, across the River and Nanchang.Zip code: 330100.Administrative division code: 360122.Code: 0791.Pinyin: Xinjian Xian.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Administrative division[2004] List administrative divisions exempted 10 towns and nine townships, and 323 village committees, 38 neighborhood committees: Song Xishan town of Stone Town, Dan Gangzhen Buxiang Health and the town of flow meters thick Tianxiang Huxiang town of Mong Leng of the town of River town of Le Xia town qiaoshe Town Tangxiang Jinqiao Xiang Iron Town, as he Xiang Xu Xiang Changyi the Southern Rockies Rural Township>> more detailed long Leng town jurisdiction: Phoenix Mountain neighborhood, the neighborhood committees Huaguo Shan Square neighborhood, Beilin neighborhood committees, self-Road neighborhood, culture and education Road neighborhood, Lixin Road neighborhood, construction, road neighborhood, East Lake Avenue neighborhood, country neighborhood, Changan Juwei , Zhe Hushan neighborhood committees and village at the step, long Leng Village, the village forward, experimental farms.Wang towns jurisdiction: Wang Shing Street Neighborhood Committee, Juan River Street neighborhood committees, provincial Village, the village bridge, triple the village, four of the Village, Tsing Nishimura, Castle Peak Village, the well-being of the village, the village of copper source, the text of the entire village.Health metres town of jurisdiction: shengmijie a neighborhood committee, the Health metres Street, the neighborhood committees, neighborhood committees shengmijie 3, Juan Xicun, Baocun, railway village, mountain village map, the East Village, Zhu Village, , Green Village, Tsing Lan Village, Yu Xia Village, phase in the Village, Xicun perturbation, in the sense of the village, Southern Star Village, County village, the village of victory, had the Village, South Village, Long Village, the Health metres Village, Doumen Village, Anfeng Village, the rich villages, fishing villages.Western Hills town of jurisdiction: the Western Hills Street neighborhood, Maogang Village, Xicun Guo, Shi Leng Village, MKT, the British Village, group of village, a village, the village grass, red Kiu Tsuen, the Western Hills Village, Long Kiu Tsuen, CHEONG Chu village, Ju village, the statement Ka City village, Song Village, Tsz village, the Village.Dan Gangzhen jurisdiction: Shek Kong Street neighborhood, Shek Kong Village, Liu Village, to defend the village, Tin North Village, the Village, the new Fangcun, Jincheng Village, Xia Ka small Village, Kam South, referred to Tan Village, the five-star Village, Xu village, the village, South Village, Shek Ken Village, Luo Village, on Luocun, Zhu Fangcun, small village, Kan Village, high-Village, Fung Kong Tsuen, Dongan village.Pine Lake exemptions: Songhu Street Neighborhood Committee, Juan Fangcun, the West Village, the Peace Village, Tingcun cents, the North Village, Wong Ka Rail Village, two-woon Village, Xicun Bay, the village of assistance, Lanxi Village, Pine Village Southern Wan Village, Qian Chau Village, bamboo Chau Village, 32.4 three villages.Qiaoshe town of jurisdiction: qiaoshe Street neighborhood, Qili Kong Street neighborhood, qiaoshe village, around the village, in the Village, Yong-Jian village, Yongqiang Village, built village, the village building, snow-fang village, and often Fengcun , A chain Village, All-China Youth Federation Village, Man Village, Fung Kiu Tsuen, and consolidate the village, the village-Fen, Tong Tau Tsuen, Zhu Fangcun, Maple Village, Pterocarya stenoptera Village, Huang Tang Village, South Fangcun, the Bashang Village, Qili Kong Forest Farm .Le jurisdiction of the Town: Music of the Street neighborhood, the music of the Village, Wong Tun Tsuen, Jiang Qiaocun, the new village, the village of Tang Xu, Guo Taiwan Village, Tin Yuen Estate, in the village, Guazhou village, the village , The disc Village, New Village, Liantang Village, Old House Village.Xia River town of jurisdiction: the new River Street neighborhood committees and village of Nanping, Wushi village, the village Wanfu, southbound Village, shops Village, Tsuen cents, Qiao Lingcun, Peach Blossom Village, the village homes Gan, Hu Zhaocun and stone Jucun , Ginkgo Village, Xi Xia Village, Red Sea Village, Shanghai Ka.Like Town jurisdiction: Xiangshan Street neighborhood, as village, the village long march, the dawn of the village, West Lake Village, Wells Village, Bridge Village, Xicun Chá, Daxi Village, Yongfeng Village, Longqing village, Lam Tsuen River, the village head Wang, small Fangcun , A village in the new village, Han Kok Village, Li Village, Mr Kwok Ka Village, East Lake Village, Village North Dang.Stone Buxiang jurisdiction: Shibu Street neighborhood, Shek Bucun, the back of the village, the village of Tian Long, Kong Pui Tsuen, stay Tamura, issued in the Village, Longgang Village, Juan Yuen Estate, the new Pancun, Xia Yuen Estate, West Village, Ukrainian Village, Chuk Yuen Estate, Mountain Village, Ocean Village, Village screen, Lu Tamura, the Xin Village, Hong-Lin Forest Farm.Flow Huxiang jurisdiction:-Lake Street neighborhood, Yi Tu Street neighborhood, Liantang Village, Xicun-sook, the village stream, Luo Qiaocun, on the village, Ding Fangcun, Tang Bucun, Shang Fang Village, the portal Village, Valley Xicun, Lu Lin village, cars village, Hung Kai Village, Cedar Village, a new village, South Village, Pak Kong Village, 10 minutes Fangcun, Zhang Yi Village, Tai Village, Hing San Tsuen, below the village, just Ducun, Cheng Fangcun, North Town Village, Krasnaya Zvezda, Red Village.Thick Tianxiang jurisdiction: the revitalization of the neighborhood committees Street, Hau Tamura, Simon Village, Meihua Cun, Gucheng Village,'s Lam Tsuen, under Fangcun, Tong Village, Zhan Yangcun, as Tancun, gates on the village, the village landscape, wood Bucun, Lions Village, a new village, Dongzhou village, three Chau Village, Tung Uk, the Dragon King Miaocun.Xu Xiang of jurisdiction: water holes Street neighborhood, like Village, the Village, Xiaoqi Village, the former village after village, the Village, Fung Lok village, the village along the Yangtze River, River Village, Ma Zhou village, even before the village , The Xingcun, both Chau Village, 10000 Village, Village Road Division I, East Coast village, the village pond, under Baocun, Xiasha Village, Tsuen Wan on, floating Chau Village, Tai Xucun, continents Village, Tsuen Fung-yun Huang Tancun.Jinqiao Xiang jurisdiction: Golden Bridge Street neighborhood, Jinqiao Cun, on Yong village, Hua village, the Qing-Chi Village, Jinshan Village, Grand View Village, Tong Ha Village, Luo Village, the East Village, the Village, small Kiu Tsuen , The three villages, the Tiger Village, Fung Jucun, Rosa village.Rail he Xiang exemptions: Rail Pei Ho Street neighborhood, the East Village, red, Chicheng village, the village in Dongyang, Manglietia Village, Fang-zhou breakout, Xinfeng breakout, ramps East breakout.Datang Pingxiang jurisdiction: Tai Tong Street neighborhood, the concept Aguilar Street neighborhood, the village, Victory Village, the Village, Hong Qicun, our village, Guangming Village, Chang-sheng Village, a new training village, the new rich village, The new village, the Joint Village, glorious village, the village Xianzhong, the concept Nishimura, Shaxi Village, Guanqian Village, Yong-war village, the village of Chitou.Changyi rural jurisdiction: Yaotou Street neighborhood, Chang Liang Street neighborhood committees and village Ng Yu, Chang South, the unity of the village, Yau Tong Village, kiln Kawamura, kiln Nishimura, high Zhoucun, Leung Mun Village, Ping Mun Village, Cao Village, Changbei Village, Hekou on the breakout, Caohu breakout.Southern Rockies rural jurisdiction: Xiangyang Street neighborhood, Xiangyang Village, Hongwei Village, Chaoyang Village, Rockies Hongshi plant.Lake Kenzhi Chang Heng jurisdiction: the total market, the Beishan tail breakout, the official breakout, the military port breakout, Luo Bin breakout, the Dongjiang breakout, the constant wave breakout.Xinfeng Ken Zhichang jurisdiction: Fenglian Village, organs and units.Hung Hom Kok Island Management (Hong Gutan New Area) exemptions: I Ridge Village, Huang Pei Village, Xicun Run, cloud village, Lingbei Village, long barrels village, fishing village, Sungai village.Jiangxi Songhai Economic and Technological Development Zone jurisdiction: the White Horse Temple breakout, the Dongping breakout, Jiangxia breakout, Nanshan breakout, xoinqizhou breakout, Songhai breakout, Zhang Ping Battalion, Ciru Battalion, Han Ping Battalion .-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------History»The jurisdiction: long-Town, Dan Gangzhen Leng town Qili Gangzhen qiaoshe town of Health and the town of Mong meters towns Xishan town as the river town of Xia Town rural northern town of Le Chang Liangxiang Changyi Datang Pingxiang rural township of thick Tianxiang Juan Aguilar Xixiang Jinqiao Xiang Xu Xiang flow of rural-Huxiang Southern Rockies Rail Buxiang he Xiang Yi Tu Rural

New Nanchang County in Jiangxi Province geographical coordinates (Google maps satellite map Landmark) finishing date: (2006/11/12 8:20:00)
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