Yixian Formation of Nanchang in Jiangxi Province (Administrative Division -2) Satellite maps

OverviewLocation: An area of Yixian in the northern part of Jiangxi Province, northwest of Nanchang City, Liao middle and lower reaches of the river.Geographical coordinates of longitude 115 ° 27'-115 ° 45 ', north latitude and 28 ° 26'-29 ° 01' between.Wanli District of Nanchang County east and the new county; South, West and the high security area of Yichun, Fengxin, Jing'an Zhu Xian adjacent; North and Jiujiang City of Yongxiu County border.A total area of 685.913 square km / area of 656 square kilometres.[National] population by the end of 2003, the total population of 249,000 people.[Terrain] climate[PC] resident Longjin County People's Government in the town, 61 km from Nanchang.Zip code: 330500.Administrative division code: 360123.Code: 0791.Pinyin: Anyi Xian.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Administrative division[2004] List administrative divisions exempted seven towns (Longjin Dinghu port Huangzhou long-nose Dongyang 000 ports), three townships (Le Qiao Xinmin are long), 115 villages and 11 neighborhood committees.Longjin town of jurisdiction: East Gate neighborhood, Simon neighborhood committees, neighborhood committees Zhuang Beijing, Wenfeng neighborhood committees, neighborhood committees peace, Sunningdale neighborhood, Fengshan Village, Yang Village, Village North, Lake Village, Taiwan Village, Yu Ka forward village, the village pier.000 Buzhen jurisdiction: Street neighborhood, the new Street neighborhood committees and village on the Island, Ping Yuen Village, 000 Village, the Village, a village peach, peach Second Village, Tai Long Village, the Flower Village, the former Kishimura, unity Village, the south tower Village, Village Green, Guo on the village, Wang Ka, Bucun Romanian village.Shibi Town jurisdiction: Shibi neighborhood committees and village-nose, Zou village, the ancient village, fruit Tamura, the Joint Village, the portal Village, on the transit village, the Beijing-Taiwan Village, Tang Ka to the Fangcun, the East Village, Pan Village, Chigang Village, Yan Fangcun, Chishi Village, Dangshan Village.Dinghu town of jurisdiction: victory in the neighborhood committees, southbound neighborhood committees and village of West Road, Dinghu Village, South furnace, the board Xicun, Cao Mun Village, the former Xicun, Garden Village, manholes Village, Lake Xicun, Lianhua Cun, Tian port Village, Nakasu Village, pressing Village, Cedar Village, wearing Fangcun.Long Buzhen jurisdiction: long Bucun, Luo Tamura, village-based justice, Cloud Village, the village road, the car Tamura, Jiang Village, Old Village, on Kiu Tsuen, under Kiu Tsuen.Dongyang town of jurisdiction: Dongyang Village, Village North, Xu Bucun, Tangkou Village, Shi Niu Village, war Village, Wong Village, Min Bucun, cloud Xicun, Xinhua Village, Mayuan village.Huangzhou town jurisdiction: Huangzhou Village, Mau Diancun, Chun Xicun, the new Fukumura, Tong Ha Village, South Village fruit.Joe Le township jurisdiction: Ma Xicun, the former Chak Village, Qiao Village, Village clubs, Shek Village.Rural long are exempted: the village are long, I Village, Pak Sha Tsuen, Fung Kong Tsuen, Cao village, the new base village to observe the Village, Xicun 6, the day Village, the Village of Beijing.Xinmin Township jurisdiction: Xinmin Village, Xicun Ukraine, Qiao Village, Pak Tin Village, Shang-li Village, Luo Feng Village, Chu Luo Village, the mountain village, a water village, Diaozhong Village, apricot village, Tangbian village.000 state-owned port Ken Zhichang, state-run Qiao Ling Ken Zhichang, Phoenix Mountain Industrial Development Zone.

Yixian Formation of Nanchang in Jiangxi Province geographical coordinates (Google maps satellite map Landmark) finishing date: (2006/11/12 8:21:00)
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