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OverviewLocation: Yichun area in the northeast of Heilongjiang Province, and the sea from the Russian River, 2,495 km long border line.Different sources of data: (1) 32,759 square kilometres, (2) 39,017 square kilometres (booklet), (3) 33,000 square kilometres (Yichun the net).[National] population of 1.32 million (2002).[Terrain] climate[Resident] City People's Government in China: Yichun area.Zip code: 153000.Administrative division code: 230700.Code: 0458.Pinyin: Yichun Shi.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Administrative divisionYichun is Yichun area as the center, from 21 satellite towns composed of city groups, the existing system for Zhengqiheyi, Yichun City People's Government and the Yichun Forestry Authority unity.Xianxia 15 City area, a county-level city, a county, 17 Forestry Bureau, the 14 county level enterprises.Yichun City area of 39,017 square kilometres, population 1.32 million (2003).Yichun area of 100 square kilometers, population 150,000.ZIP code 153000.Nancha area of 3088 square kilometres, population 140,000.ZIP code 153100.Friendly area of 2366 square kilometres, population 70,000.ZIP code 153031.Resistant area of 457 square kilometres, population 50,000.ZIP code 153025.Green Mountains area of 1560 square kilometres, population 50,000.ZIP code 153013.Xinqing area of 1181 square kilometres, population 50,000.ZIP code 153036.U.S. River area of 2259 square kilometres, population 50,000.ZIP code 153021.Jinshantun area of 1850 square kilometres, population 50,000.ZIP code 152026.Five camps in 1040 square km area, population 40,000.ZIP code 153033.Oumar River area of 1254 square kilometres, population 40,000.ZIP code 153011.Tangwang River area of 1263 square kilometres, population 40,000.ZIP code 153037.With Ridge area of 1041 square kilometres, population 40,000.ZIP code 153106.Wu Yi Ling area of 3162 square kilometres, population 30,000.ZIP code 153038.Red Star area of 3,042 square kilometres, population 30,000.ZIP code 153035.Shang Ganling area of 1461 square kilometres, population 20,000.ZIP code 153032.Iron City area of 6620 square kilometres, population 390,000.ZIP code 152500.Municipal People's Government in the iron of the town.Jiayin County area of 7,273 square kilometres, population 80,000.ZIP code 153200.County People's Government in the town of Chaoyang.* The above size, population data in accordance with "the People's Republic of administrative divisions booklet (2005)."-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------HistoryYichun the origin of the name, there are two types of argument: A statement is: Yichun, known from the Jin Dynasty Shangjing will Ningfu Yichun under the jurisdiction of the county.Some research in this Jilin Province, Yichun Guzhi Fu Yuxian Habitat.Yichun City, named this may be relevant.Another argument is: Yichun as "the beginning of the year", with the advent of spring means.In 1950 the establishment of Yichun Forest Industry Authority, the 1952 original Tangyuan County, a region which Nancha Yichun county (in Yichun Street), the Songjiang Sheng.Songjiang Sheng and 1954 after the merger of Heilongjiang Province, from Heilongjiang Province Territory.Yichun City, renamed in 1957.Yichun City in 1958 the agency was placed under the leadership of Songhua River.Revocation of Yichun City in 1964, the establishment of the SAR Yichun.1970 to set up the Yichun Yichun, Heihe in origin Jiayin County (in the town of Chaoyang) and the origin of iron in Suihua County included in Yichun.2 County jurisdiction.1979 revocation of Yichun, restoration of Yichun City, the provincial Crown.Yichun Shixia Jiayin (in the town of Chaoyang), iron of the two counties.December 24, 1983, the Heilongjiang Provincial People's Government approval, Yichun City, Wu Min River District, Dongfeng, Dafeng District changed its name to Omar River, Tangwang River, Jinshantun area.September 13, 1988, the State Council's approval to remove iron of the county, the establishment of the Iron City.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Urban Area ProfileYichun District Overview: [100 square km area, population 150,000.ZIP code 153000.Code 230702.Pinyin: Yichun Qu.[Division] jurisdiction: lumber street, the street Sunningdale, Fu Lin streets, into the streets, red or streets, sun street, Chaoyang streets, Dongsheng streets, Dongsheng township.Nancha District [Overview: 3088 square km area, population 140,000.ZIP code 153100.Code 230703.Pinyin: Nancha Qu.[Division] jurisdiction Dongsheng streets, the streets of the founding of the street, street democracy, the West Water streets, the Indus streets, town-ho-liang, Chen Ming town, rural Spring Festival.Joint streets Nancha District seat of government.Office of the founding of organs located in the middle Street, the area east of Chaoyang Road, the west wall and hydrolysis plant Crossing West, including the South Wing Chui River, North and the Yueya Hu Shan, Nancha-up along the mountain road at the entrance, including Nancha District-hsiang Center Strip, an area of about 22 square kilometres.The number of residents to 10,448, with a population of 30,603 people.Set up seven community's neighborhood committee, namely: Centre Community Neighborhood Committee (East is Red residents appointed jurisdiction, Jian-Lin residents committee, appointed after-residents, residents appointed); Forest City Community Neighborhood Committee (appointed jurisdiction forest residents, City Lin residents committee, appointed Yulin residents, new residents appointed silviculture); Hing-lam community's neighborhood committee (exempted residents Forestry Commission, appointed residents double-lam, Xinmin residents appointed); Tiegong community's neighborhood committee (exempted residents appointed Tielin, Tiegong residents committee, appointed residents advance); founding of the community's neighborhood committee (exempted residents built governance committee, appointed Lite-residents, residents of the founding members, appointed residents built iron); peace community's neighborhood committee (exempted Station residents committee, peace Residents Committee, Chaoyang residents appointed); Yuen Foong community's neighborhood committee (exempted the company appointed residents, residents appointed Yong'an, Yong-lin residents appointed).West Water Street office Nancha District authorities in the West by sea on the 5th.Have five community's neighborhood committee, namely: West Water community's neighborhood committee (exempted residents of the West Water Commission, means the residents committee, Pa East Committee, wooden storage residents appointed); civilized community's neighborhood committee (exempted civilization residents committee, the Ridge residents committee, appointed Linxi residents, Xishan Ju Affairs Commission, the residents of Lin-appointed); riding out the community's neighborhood committee (exempted riding out the residents committee, the new ride out the residents committee, the dam of the residents committee); new community's neighborhood committee ( Exempted appointed the new residents, residents of Victory Committee, appointed on residents, residents of the Democratic committee); building community's neighborhood committee (exempted residents of the building committee, appointed leap residents, residents appointed Crossing).Hao Liang Xiao Hinggan Mountains town in the southern part of town a total area of 910 square kilometres area of 8 square kilometres township, aquatic vegetation rich mineral resources.The town population of 27,000 people.Morning that the town area of 1111.99 square km and the total number 5271, the resident population of 16,001 people.Five neighborhood offices, residents appointed under 11.2,456 residents of the town, population 978 ( »).Morning that the town under eight administrative villages, 1179, the population of 4,085 people.Overview: [friendly area of 2366 square kilometres, population 70,000.ZIP code 153031.Code 230704.Pinyin: Youhao Qu.[Division] jurisdiction: friendly streets, Gemini River streets, Tielin streets, iron-streets, the streets of New Street, 21st streets.Overview: [District resistant resistant areas in northeastern Heilongjiang Province, the southern slope of the middle Xiao Hinggan Mountains, Yichun district is located in the southeast, away from the provincial capital of Harbin City, 370 km and 52 km of urban Yichun.The more developed the mining and non-Zhengqigeyi the area of the administrative system is different from the Yichun City, other areas (for) the significant features of Yichun City is the only Mining Areas, mainly in metallurgy, building materials based.Geographical coordinates of longitude 126 ° 03 'to 126 ° 24', latitude 47 ° 22 'to 47 ° 36'.26.5 km long from north to south and 24 km wide things, a total area of 457 square kilometres, population 52,028 people.ZIP code 153025.Code 230705.Pinyin: Xilin Qu.Han Chinese make up the majority, there are over, back to North Korea, Mongolia, to John Dole, Xibe, Oroqen and other ethnic minorities.The north temperate continental climate, the temperature difference larger, with plenty of rainfall, the annual average temperature in about 1 ℃, the annual precipitation from 500 to 650 mm, more concentrated in the June-September between.[Division] original jurisdiction resistant streets (prosperity, progress,铁西community, Lighthouse Village, East Fengcun), the new street (Gangcheng, Xingrong, Song Sheng, of strong communities, a rich community), 3 km street (three kilometers, China and China community), Bai Lin streets (Bai Lin communities), Moss Green Street (moss green communities) five streets.Xianxia three streets.Resistant streets: exempted prosperity, progress,铁西, three kilometers, Lighthouse Village, East Fengcun.Emerging streets: exempted Gangcheng, Xingrong, Song Sheng, of strong communities, a rich community, China and China community.Moss Green Street: exempted moss green, Bai Lin community.[1980] History of the establishment of resistant District People's Government.[Related] prosperity, progress and common铁西a resistant city.3 km is an independent Ziran Tun.Gang Cheng, Xingrong, Song Sheng, of strong communities, the rich communities, communities of China and China Steel Group living areas of the West.18 is a small Ziran Tun, but here is the original resistant lead-zinc mine in the mining area resident.Moss Green, Bai Lin Zi Rantun each for a small, moss green is the river in Heilongjiang Province Building Materials Co., Ltd. U.S. resident, Bai Lin is resistant industrial zone area resident.(According to peter to provide information)Green Mountains, Green Mountains Forestry Bureau [] Overview of 1560 square kilometres, population 50,000.ZIP code 153013.Code 230706.Pinyin: Cuiluan Qu.[Division] jurisdiction Sunningdale street, the street light, the Western Hills streets, Dongsheng streets.[History: In 17 years (1928), the National Government Waste, the Green Mountains in Tangyuan attached to the Sanjiang County.1945 Northeast After the retrocession of Taiwan, under the Green Mountains Tangyuan County Nancha (V) jurisdiction.April 1948, set up Green Mountains flow operations.June 1949, set up by the Green Mountains Forestry.1950, renamed the Green Mountains Forest Industry Bureau.December 1952, the establishment of Yichun County Fourth District People's Government, the Green Mountains for the Yichun jurisdiction of a county town.July 1953, renamed the Green Mountains Forest Industry Bureau.October 1956, the establishment of the Green Mountains forest area.November 1958, the Green Mountains Forest Industry Bureau and the Forest of the merger, in April called Green Mountains Forestry Bureau, the Green Mountains in October the establishment of the People's Commune.August 17, 1964, the Green Mountains (FDA) implemented Zhengqigeyi system.July 14, 1967, the Green Mountains area to set up the Revolutionary Committee.January 1971, the Green Mountains Forestry Bureau restore the party committees.September 22, 1980, the revocation of the Revolutionary Committee of Green Mountains area and restore Green Mountains District People's Government so far.[Green Mountains FDA: FDA jurisdiction Xiao Hinggan Mountains Forest Area in the southern slope, Yichun forest region west.Geographical coordinates of longitude 128 ° 12'30 ", latitude 47 ° 59` 10 ", the east Oumar River Forestry Bureau, Li Nan Lin iron Forestry Bureau, the FDA Suileng border with the West, North and the friendly FDA Geshan The sea.East and West-40 km, 64 km long from north to south.Total area of 156,081 hectares, the site of the Green Mountains in the town, 17 km from the urban Yichun.[Map] linkXinqing, Xinqing FDA [] Overview of 1181 square kilometres, population 50,000.ZIP code 153036.Code 230707.Pinyin: Xinqing Qu.[Division] jurisdiction: Xinqing streets, Tielin streets, Xing'an streets.[] Xinqing Xinqing Forestry Bureau (Bureau) in the northern part of Yichun, Xiao Hinggan Mountains hinterland.North at Tang Tang Wang Hongling and across the River District, with the Red Star area adjacent to the West, South and River area linking the United States, forestry industry application of the total area of 289,780 hectares.South, the Northeast and the Hegang City, Jiayin County zoning overlap.Administrative division 1048.7 square kilometers, there are six divisions Forest Farm, the two operators, an area of 640,525 hectares.Shi industry in the area in Jiayin County, there are three Forest Farm, a business by area of 118,395 hectares.In Hegang City in four tree farms, an area of 69,663 hectares.The geographic coordinates of 129 degrees east longitude 130 degrees 20 minutes to 23 hours, 55 minutes north latitude and 47 degrees to 48 degrees 40 minutes, a cold temperate continental monsoon climate.In the overall average temperature of 0.6 degrees Celsius.[History: The area is Tanglong early 1939, after the forest department to the Tangyuan Territory.After new China was founded, 1950 to early 1956 under the General Administration of the Northeast Forest Industry Authority Yichun forest industry.April 1956 planning to set up Xinqing Forest Industry Bureau, 1957 completed and put into production.Xinqing the establishment of the People's Commune in 1958, is the social unity.May 1962, the establishment of Xinqing, the Regional Council is divided into.1964 Xinqing, Xinqing Zhengqigeyi FDA for the county-level units, the FDA is Xinqing two large state-owned forestry enterprises.The region population 51,700, exempted 16 neighborhood offices, located 13 Forest Farm, by three operators.U.S. District [River] Overview of 2259 square kilometres, population 50,000.ZIP code 153021.Code 230708.Pinyin: Meixi Qu.[Division] exempted the United States and River streets.Jinshantun district [area] Overview 1850 square kilometres, population 50,000.ZIP code 152026.Code 230709.Pinyin: Jinshantun Qu.[Division] jurisdiction struggle streets, Golden Hill Street, unity streets.District government in Fa Yuen Street on the 1st.Five camps [Overview: 1040 square km area, population 40,000.ZIP code 153033.Code 230710.Pinyin: Wuying Qu.[Division] exempted five business streets, Forest streets, five-star town.Oumar River area [] Overview of 1254 square kilometres, population 40,000.ZIP code 153011.Code 230711.Pinyin: Wumahe Qu.[Division] jurisdiction Oumar River streets.Tangwang River area [] Overview of 1263 square kilometres, population 40,000.ZIP code 153037.Code 230712.Pinyin: Tangwanghe Qu.[Division] jurisdiction Henan streets.Ling District [with] Overview of 1041 square kilometres, population 40,000.ZIP code 153106.Code 230713.Pinyin: Dailing Qu.[Division] jurisdiction with Ridge street, Tai Hing township.Wu Yi Ling District] [Overview of 3162 square kilometres, population 20,000.ZIP code 153038.Code 230714.Pinyin: Wuyiling Qu.[Division] jurisdiction Wu Yi Ling streets.Red Star: Overview of the District [3042 square kilometres, population 30,000.ZIP code 153035.Code 230715.Pinyin: Hongxing Qu.[Division] exempted star streets.Shanggan Ling District Overview: [1461 square km area, population 20,000.ZIP code 153032.Code 230716.Pinyin: Shangganling Qu.[Division] jurisdiction Hongshan streets.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------FDA briefingGreen Mountains Forestry Bureau, the Xinqing, such as belonging to the District Forestry Bureau (Bureau) Zhengqigeyi system see above "Introduction City area."Rail of the Forestry Bureau in Heilongjiang Province [Overview: Xiao Hinggan Mountains in the southwest slope, under the Yichun forestry Authority, the overall operating a total area of 204,234 hectares.The site of the iron in the town of Iron City.Rail of the Bureau of Forestry Development in 1939, 1947 URA.The overall total population of 7.4 million people.[Forestry Bureau in Heilongjiang Province Shuang-feng - Overview of Heilongjiang Province in the central part of south Xiao Hinggan Mountains, was founded in 1953.The site of the iron double Fengzhen City, 196 kilometers from Harbin city, business area of 132,000 hectares.The overall total population of 30,000 people, 15,000 employees, has 11 forest farms, which operate.Zip code: 152511.Langxiang Forestry Bureau in Heilongjiang Province [Overview: Xiao Hinggan Mountains in the south, is located in the city of Heilongjiang Province Rail Long township.Shi industry of the total area of 260,000 hectares, the forest cover rate of 90 percent.Langxiang Forestry Bureau was founded in 1948, the total population of 64,000 people.Zip code: 153011.Momoyama Forestry Bureau in Heilongjiang Province [Overview: Xiao Hinggan Mountains in the south western slope, the application of the total area of 170,000 hectares and a population of nearly 50,000, Yichun forest HKMA is the large state-owned industrial enterprises.The site is located in the city of iron Momoyama town, 18 km from the Momoyama, Zip code: 152514.Ridge Forestry Experiment with the [Overview:Nancha FDA [profile] in the southeast of Yichun, population 140,816, the SAR area of 3088.41 square kilometres, of which forestry industry Shi area 286,426 hectares.Lin jurisdiction places, Log Yard: Nancha by, prescribed by the morning, the willow, by the Taiping, by rock, by the struggle, by the Song Qing, Yang Cheng, which, by Haolianghe, Wei Ling by the four joint venture tree farms, pine silage Wood market, Stone River Forest Farm, Nancha Log Yard, Liang River Forest Farm, three Chahe Forest Farm, the Log Yard morning.By Chen Ming Senlin business was founded in 1956.Tang Wang River in the middle and lower reaches of the east coast, South Nancha 30 Qianmi Chu.East and the junction of Tangyuan, South Granville Ridge and the adjacent West-River Forest Farm at the border, the North and linked by Yang Cheng.Shi industry of the total area of 24,445 hectares, a total population of 724 people.In the morning by the construction site of the town.Willow by the operators at the site of the Northeast 6 Qian Michu.370 existing residents, the total population of 1,022 people.Oxfam trade area of 19,170 hectares, 46 Linban.Jinshantun by the district and the adjacent phase, the area contains Shih 11 villages (Tuen Mun).Pacific forest management by the FDA in the seat of South Nancha 4 Qian Michu.1952 formation, said peace operations.Nancha FDA in 1958 renamed the Fifth Forest Farm.1960 to Yichun Authority Taipinggou Experimental Forest Farm.March 1964 by the name of peace forest management.The following year, which will set up a Sunningdale, the dawn of the two forest village.1966 renamed the business Hongwei, 1985-Pacific said the forest management.1985, by the peaceful application of forest management industry area of 15,497 hectares for the whole of all 230 workers, 634 young people.1985 operating by the end of riding out the merger with Pacific operations.June 1997, the streamlining of institutions compression, a section of the forest, the forest Sec, wood processing, the mechanical team, youth centres, complete withdrawal.Nursery of retaining only.Song Qing Xiao Hinggan Mountains in operation by the south, Sui-kai line Songqing points from the FDA Nancha 23 Qianmi Chu southwest of the site.Founded in 1953, was originally called the Kiso, 1985 changed its name to Song Qing.Total population of 4382, the total number 1,321.By the industry-wide application area of 14,957 hectares.Cheng Yang forest management by the Forestry Bureau under the Nancha, 30 km southeast of the Nancha Tangwang River, Chu Rabbi River at the entrance, was founded in May 1958.Shi existing area of 37,362 hectares industry, the entire population of about 1350 people.Haolianghe forest management in the northeast of Heilongjiang Province, Xiao Hinggan Mountains south deer, Tangwang River.East and Southern and border Tangyuan County, Yilan County and West-Chahe three bordering Forest Farm.North Ridge and Granville operation by the border.Geographical coordinates: longitude 29 degrees 50 'north latitude and 47 degrees.Area total area of 31,900 hectares.Divided into 71 Linban.Since the jurisdiction of seven business areas: 1, Willow River District, 2, Hebei District: (Ji-Xing, Yong-lin), 3, Evergreen Miaoling, 4, Northern District of, 5, after the mountain town-ho-liang, 6, Haolianghe area (referring to Haolianghe Valley on both sides), 7, Section 2 (the original cuigang Forest Farm).Forest Farm in four joint ventures Nancha East, 25 Qian Michu, the East of the border in Tangyuan, the Forestry Bureau of Dafeng in neighbouring North, South, West and the adjacent phase by Yang Cheng.Founded in April 1979, before the market because of built here only four full-Habitat Orion, it named four joint venture.Shi industry of the total area of 22,170 hectares, 63 Linban, tree farms total number 204 (excluding venture Village), the total population of 734.Log Yard Song Qing Xiao Hinggan Mountains in the south, from the Forestry Bureau of the Nancha 23 Qianmi Chu southwest of the site location.River Forest Farm of stone Xiao Hinggan Mountains in the south, in Nancha District, the seat of government from Nancha District 40 in northwest Qian Michu, the East and the struggle by the business sector who, with the Southern Song Qing connected by operators, and with the West Ridge area adjacent to the north and Uzbekistan Ma River, the U.S. District bordering the river, the land area of 21,255 hectares.Overview: [Jinshantun FDA Xing'anling in the south, Yichun City in Heilongjiang Province, the application of the total area of 184,949 hectares, 176,064 hectares of forestry land area.Founded in 1952.U.S. FDA [profile] River in the northeast of Heilongjiang Province.Xiao Hinggan Mountains in the south.Oxfam trade area of 225 l square km and a woodland area of 156,504 hectares.Population 47,000.Oumar Forestry Bureau [Overview: Xiao Hinggan Mountains in the south central district office from China Yichun City District 3 km.Oxfam trade area around San Mianhuan Yichun City Centre, Wan Tsui have formed a pattern of beads.The region with a population size of 37,000 people, Oxfam industry of the total area of 122,000 hectares.Overview: FDA [Shanggan Ling Xiao Hinggan Mountains in the hinterland, Tangwang River middle reaches.Shi industry of the total area of 140,000 hectares, population 25,000 people.Harbin 378 km from the provincial towns, the site of Shang Ganling District Red Town, Zip code 153032.Overview: [friendly FDA in northeastern Heilongjiang Province Xiao Hinggan Mountains abdomen, the total population of 67,000 people, Oxfam industry total area of 280,000 ha area, the site of friendly areas House Road, Zip code: 153031.Overview FDA [5] Camp Red Star (IGAD) in Yichun City, north-east, Xiao Hinggan Mountains in the north, across the South and North Slope.Shi industry 26.6526 million hectares of area, population 27,000.Wu Yi Ling FDA [profile] in the northeast of Heilongjiang Province, Xiao Hinggan Mountains north, the National Rail TANG Lin Line Terminal.Zip code: 153038.

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