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The name: the Republic of Cameroon (The Republic of Cameroun, La République du Cameroun)Independence Day: January 1 (1960)National Day: May 20 (1972)Flag: a rectangular, long and wide ratio of 3:2.From left to right from the green, red, yellow parallel three equal vertical rectangle formed part of the middle of a red and yellow Wu Jiaoxing.Green symbolizes the southern equatorial rain forests of tropical plants, also symbolizes the happiness of the people hope for the future; yellow symbol of the northern grassland and mineral resources, but also bring happiness to the people's symbol of the sun shining red symbolizes the reunification of the force.Wu Jiaoxing symbol of national unity.National Emblem: In order to shield logo.Face shield from a three-colored flag.Cameroon representative of the middle red cone-shaped volcano, which is a national symbol of which the blue logo for the Cameroon national land contours; blue logo before a sword and a balance, the symbol of political equality and solidarity.Shield is the top-left corner of a yellow Wu Jiaoxing, the symbol of Cameroon for a unified country.Logo behind the shield of the two cross-beam rods, which is used during the French Revolution bourgeois one of the signs, is a symbol of authority.Shoudai shield logo on the top of the French said "the Republic of Cameroon", the bottom of the Shoudai reads "peaceful, hard-working, the motherland."National political figures: President Paul Biya (Paul Biya), 1982年11月6日took office, 1984,1988,1992,1997, 2004 re-election; Prime Minister Bide Mu Songge (Peter Mafany Musonge), 1996年9月Representation.Physical Geography: 475,650 square km area, including land area of 466,050 square kilometers, the sea area of 9,600 square kilometers.Located in the central and western Africa, the Gulf of Guinea Bin southwest, west Nigeria, the northeast sector of Chad, East and Central African Republic, Congo, as neighbors, and South and Gabon, Equatorial Guinea contiguous.A coastline of 354 km.In most areas of the plateau and plain only 12% of land.To the southwest coastal plains, north-south vertical length; southeast of Cameroon low altitude, there are large tracts of marsh and wetlands; north of Benue River - Lake Chad Plain, an average elevation of 300 to 500 meters in central Plateau Adamawa Plateau is the heart of Central Africa Part of an average elevation of 1,000 meters around the central and western Cameroon volcanic mountains and more of the volcanic cone, the general elevation 2,000 meters.Cameroon's offshore volcano 4,070 meters above sea level, is the country, the peak of the West African region.SANA is the first large rivers, in addition to Union River, Logone, the Benue river, and so on.The western coastal and southern areas of a typical equatorial rain forest climate, hot and humid all year round, north of the transition to savannah climate.Cameroon fire in Shanxi Lu 10000 mm of precipitation, maximum rainfall in the world is one of the regions.Population: 16.4 million (2004).About more than 200 tribes, there are rich people Sacirbey, the Bamileke people, Equatorial Bantu (including family-Betty and family), the Pygmy communities, the Northwest Bantu (including Douala family).And Accordingly, the national total of more than 200 national language, no text.French and English as the official language.The main national language Fulani language, the language Yaounde, Douala language and Bamileke language, no text.Sacirbey rich people and some western tribal Muslim (about 20 percent of the population); southern and coastal areas Catholic and Protestant Christianity (35%); mainland and remote areas, still believe in fetishism (45%).Capital: Yaounde (Yaounde).Population: 1.6 million (2004).Average annual temperature of 24. 9 ℃.Cameroon is located in the central highlands southwest of the hilly areas, the city green everywhere, the unique scenery.Administrative Division: country is divided into 10 provinces (a North Province, Northern Province, Adamawa Province, Eastern Province, Central Province, Southern Province, Coast Province, Western Province, Southwest Province, Northwest Province), 58 states, 268 , 54 counties.A brief history: Since the 5th century, the territory has a number of tribes and tribal kingdom Union countries.Portuguese invasion in 1472, the 16th century onwards the Netherlands, Britain, France, Germany, and other colonists have been invaded.Kaxi Germany in 1884 forced the King of the coastal areas of Douala sign a "protection treaties."The region to become Germany's "protection" and the 1902 annexation of all of Caledonia.During World War I, British and French troops were occupied by Cameroon.1919, Cameroon is divided into two regions, the eastern region by the French occupation, by the British occupation of the western region.1922, the International Union East, Xikamailong were handed over to Britain, France, "the appointment of rule."1946 United Nations General Assembly decided to East, Xika from Britain, France, "the Trusteeship Council."January 1, 1960, the East Cameroon (France hosted district) to declare independence, the country called the Republic of Cameroon.A Xiqiao as president.February 1961, the British Caledonia hosted the northern and southern areas were the holding of a referendum, June 1 into the northern part of Nigeria, on October 1 and south of the Republic of Cameroon merger to form the Federal Republic of Cameroon.May 1972 abolition of federalism, renamed the United Republic of Cameroon.1984 also changed to the Republic of Cameroon.A Xiqiao November 1982 resignation.President Paul Biya, his successor.January 1984 changing the country called the Republic of Cameroon.November 1, 1995 to join the Commonwealth.Politics: Constitution, the President of the Republic is the Head of State and the armed forces supreme commander, have the right to appointment and removal of the Prime Minister and the Prime Minister to recommend the appointment of other members of the Government, the promulgation of laws and decrees, if necessary, early presidential elections, declare a state of emergency, the Supreme Defense Meeting, Supreme Council of Justice and the Department of International Relations on the occasion of the meeting.President directly elected by voters for a term of seven years, renewable term.President of absence, the President of the Senate to act by the president.Prime Minister Heads of Government, the leadership of the Government, responsible for the implementation of the law, the exercise of the right to make rules, the appointment of the officials.Legislative power by the National Assembly and the Senate bicameral Parliament consisting of the exercise.National Assembly held three regular meetings each year, mainly to discuss and approve the annual state budget, consideration and adoption of the draft law.Members directly elected by universal suffrage for a term of five years.Economy: Cameroon advantageous geographical location and natural conditions and rich resources.Agriculture and animal husbandry as the main pillar of the national economy and industrial base to a certain extent, the middle-income developing countries.Caledonia's main minerals have been identified are: bauxite, iron.In addition, uranium, gold, diamonds, copper, zinc, lead, manganese, white tungsten, molybdenum, nickel, and so on.Oil reserves estimated at 103 million tons and natural gas reserves of about 110 billion cubic meters.Forest area of more than 22 million hectares, the country's total area of about 42 per cent of recoverable material area of about 16.9 million hectares, timber reserves total 4 billion cubic meters.Cameroon cross-equatorial rain forests and savannah two climatic zones, temperature and rainfall conditions are very superior to its rich hydropower resources, accounting for 3 percent of the world, to Cameroon to the agriculture-based economy provides a good natural environment, After independence the "green revolution" to better plan agricultural growth has added new vigor to Cameroon jumped into the African continent "Yumizhixiang."Rapid industrial development, initially formed to agricultural products processing industry based industrial system, the industrial output value of gross domestic product accounted for about 30 percent, the level of industrial forefront of the Habitat Africa.The main industrial sectors are food, beverages, cigarettes, textiles, clothing, paper, building materials, chemicals, Lianlv, electricity, oil exploitation and processing, mining and timber processing.Caledonia has been called the "breadbasket of Central Africa," said the agricultural population accounts for 71 percent of the total population, the country's total cultivated land area of 18%, food self-sufficiency rate of 97 percent, serious food problem in Africa can be said to be a miracle.Agricultural output value of the gross domestic product accounted for about 15 percent.Major food crops are millet, sorghum, maize, rice, potato, banana, the main cash crops are cocoa (fifth in the world), coffee, cotton, peanuts, palm oil, and so on.Cameroon's forest coverage rate to 40 percent with a total area of 21.97 million hectares, of which can be 17.4 million hectares of mining, forestry output value of the gross domestic product of about 7 percent, timber and processed timber export revenues accounted for 20% of the total exports .Cameroon's fisheries and livestock is also very prosperous.Tourism is rich in resources, a "micro-Africa," said.Major tourist spots are Benue, Bouazza and Bubba En Jida, and other natural zoo.Cameroon rich human landscape, followed the ancient tribal customs and culture.Still retain the ancient social structure and traditional way of life of the Bameng Kingdom of the world is full of temptation,Press and Publications: Caledonia has more than 90 newspapers and periodicals.Are: "Cameroon Tribune", July 1, 1974 launch, national official newspaper, the "unity" and "the Republic of Cameroon BO", "Cameroon", "action" and "new forum at the weekend."Caledonia nearly 80 private newspapers, "Mercury News" and "combatants", "China Association for Promoting Democracy League", "RCD News" and "The Sound of Cameroon."Cameroon News Publishing was established in July 1977, formerly Cameroon news agency.Radio Cameroun French, English and six local languages broadcasting.Local radio: Buai A, Douala, Garoua, Bertoua, Bafoussam, Bamenda, N'Gaoundere, such as radio and Yaounde.Cameroon national television in April 1986 to establish, launch network can cover 80 percent of the national territory, in January 1988 into the television production centre.Foreign Affairs: Foreign pursue an independent, non-aligned, flexible and pragmatic all-round foreign policy.Against foreign forces to interfere in the internal affairs of African countries, actively promote African unity and cooperation, and stands for dialogue and mutual tolerance peaceful settlement of international disputes.Emphasis on the promotion of development can we guarantee peace and democracy, security and development only in a peaceful environment can be carried out.Support the establishment of regional economic integration and collective security mechanism, strive to achieve diversification of partners.Relations with China: March 26, 1971, Cameroon established diplomatic relations with China since the high-level visits, enhance the friendship between the two peoples.Reproduced:

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