District Kizilsu, Xinjiang (Administrative division) Satellite maps

Overview Zip code: 845350 code: 63000.Code 0908 (AKQI COUNTY 0997) Pinyin: Kezilesu Ke'erkezi ZizhizhouKizilsu Kirgiz Autonomous Prefecture (state grams) in the northwest border of the motherland, the western Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.Geographical coordinates: longitude 73 ° 26'05 "~ 78 ° 59'02", north latitude and 37 ° 41'28 "~ 41 ° 49'41".North and west respectively, and Kyrgyzstan, the Republic of Tajikistan border, the border line for more than 1,170 km, has metol GA special, Yi Erke Shitan two major ports land crossings.Aksu and the eastern region of Wushi, Keping counties linked to the south and the Kashi region of Kashi City, Bachu and Jiashi, Shache, Yingji Sha, Shufu Xian and adjacent to Taxkorgan Tajik Autonomous County.Something about the state more than 500 km and a width of more than 140 km north-south, a total area of 70,900 square kilometres.Autonomous Region People's Government in Artux Pamierxi of Hospitals.By the end of 2001, the Autonomous Prefecture of a total population of 444,900, of which, Kirgiz people account for about 29% of the total population; Uighurs account for about 64 percent Han Chinese account for about 4 percent other nationalities accounting for about 3 percent.Croatian state in the mountainous, mountain, the total area of more than 90 per cent.The terrain from southeast to northwest up a ladder, the southeastern edge of the Tarim Basin to the ancient oasis of Kashgar and Kashi Plain, the lowest elevation 1,197 meters, the north, north-west of the Pamirs and the Tianshan Mountains south vein, the highest elevation 7,719 meters, 6,522 m relative height difference.Central to the rolling hills, vast territory and an average height over 4,400 meters.Autonomous Prefecture in central edge of the Tarim Basin in northwest, including Artux Aqtau Oasis and Oasis, Desert, across the Gobi, Oasis, grassland embellished the meantime.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Administrative divisionKizilsu Kirgiz Autonomous Prefecture of exemptions a county-level cities, three counties.Grams of 70,916 square km in area, population 470,000 (2004).Artux area of 15,698 square km and population 210,000 people.Zip code 845350.Aqtau county area of 24,555 square km and population 170,000 people.Zip code 845550.County People's Government in the town of Aqtau.AKQI COUNTY area of 11,545 square kilometres, population 40,000 people.Zip code 843500.County People's Government in the Argentine town of qi.Wuqia County area of 19,118 square kilometres, population 50,000 people.Zip code 845450.Wuqia County People's Government in the town.* Here Quhuadiming information as at December 2005; area and population data in accordance with "the People's Republic of administrative divisions booklet (2006)", the population at the end of 2004.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------HistoryQin and Han dynasties, in the main Shule States, China-ching, head of the Wei, donated the drug.BC 60 (Han Xuandishenjue 2002), the Western Regions ruled by the Huns, Shan Wang Xianxian Lvzhongguihan, state throughout the territory formally assigned to the Han Dynasty.Northern Dynasty, based in the Western Regions Xirong XiaoWei House, Shule, Qiuci (Wei is the first Qiuci), Wusun (donated drugs are Wusun), are subject to the jurisdiction XiaoWei.After the reunification of the Sui Dynasty, the Western Regions in reality under the control of Xi Tujue; Xi Tujue to Chen Chen Sui, throughout the territory that is part of Xitu Jue Wang Tingda.Tang will be the sub-15, the Western Regions are Longyou Road.Longyou administered North Court Road, Anxi are two security guards House, throughout the territory of another jurisdiction in Anxi for all House.Guarding House are the highest for the border areas administration, administered Dudu Fu, state, and so on.Dudu Fu located in Shule (governance of the Shule town), become the first state (Zhisuo solitary Rock Hill), Suzhou temperature (Zhisuo big Shicheng), his crossing state (Zhisuo Training Camps to restaurants).A surprising points of this temperature is Suzhou, become the first state; Artux, Aqtau, Wuqia belong to Shule Dudu Fu, crossing his state.Throughout the territory belonged to Geluo Lu, like grinding, and other Department of the Ministry.Northern Song, Liao period, most of the land in a black sweat (that is, Karakol Khan) dynasty, of which a small portion of the Northeast region (Albania of this singular) is the West, Uighur, the Southern small number of areas (this Aqtau) belongs to Tian.Year 1210, Karakol Khan dynasty to the enemy out by the law, states are beginning Habitat Xiliao.1218, Xiliao out to Mongolia by the Mongolian government for breaking things in the implementation of the rule.Year 1275, Li Yuan, Ma Ali, located in the Xingsheng, state jurisdiction in the territory that is in the Xingxing, by breaking the Official matter jurisdiction rule.1281 yuan for the government to have broken things for House, Habitat is a state for all of the House jurisdiction.1346, state and territory after a Chagatai-feudal.Chagatai after Wang Chagatai, the second son of Genghis Khan's descendants.The early years of the Ming dynasty, the jurisdiction of other missing in Pali.Ming Wing-lok 16 years (1418) that changed for the other missing Pali, also of the region.Habitat for the state and also the Minister of the capital, La Ti excluded Duo family of hereditary territory, said the assassination Ti of the duo excluded.Ming Jiajing 12 years (1533), Saeed Khan, Chagatai descendants of the establishment of Yeerqiang Khanate, is its rule throughout the state.Qing Emperor Kangxi 17 years (1678) of the Junggar Mongolia Gaer Dan invasive Tianshannanlu, state Department of habitat in the Junggar rule.Junggar the Qing government put down the rebels, after 24 years of Qianlong (1759) established the Panel Cenzantaichen Premier Hui Jiang, state minister in the territory that is under the management.Qianlong 27 years (1762), the Qing government established in Yili, "President General Yili, etc.", state and territory jurisdiction in the Ili General.Guangxu 10 years (1884) built in Xinjiang province, were exempted in Kashgar in Xinjiang Sheng Road Shule House, and Jiashi County, Aksu, Wushi Office.Republic, in the jurisdiction in Jiashi County, Kashi Prefecture Administrative Region, Shu Fuxian, Yingji Sha County, Li Po and Aksu County Administrative Region of Wushi County.1913 to 1944, has built in Wuqia County, Artux County, AKQI COUNTY.1949, the peaceful liberation of Xinjiang, in AKQI COUNTY jurisdiction in Xinjiang Sheng Aksu area, Artux, Wuqia County jurisdiction, such as Kashi in the area.1954 Kirgiz people to the establishment of autonomy for the nation's Kizilsu Kirgiz Autonomous Prefecture, in a Ko, Victoria, Han, Tajikistan, back, Manchu, Tatar, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Xibe, Uzbek and other ethnic Usual 11.In 2000, according to the fifth national census data: Kizilsu Kirgiz Autonomous Prefecture of the total population of 439,688 people.Of which: Artux 200,345 people, Aqtau County, 163,024 people, AKQI COUNTY 34,317 people, Wuqia County, 42,002 people.The end of 2001, exempted Autonomous Prefecture and Artux Aqtau, Wuqia, Azerbaijan a surprising three counties, a total of five towns and two neighborhood offices, 37 townships (including a Tajik nationality townships).», The Autonomous Region exempted five towns and two neighborhood offices, 32 townships (containing a Tajik Township), 208 administrative villages.

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