Jinghai County of Tianjin (Administrative division) Satellite maps

OverviewJinghai County of Tianjin in the south-west, the East Drive 116 ° 42'-117 ° 12'30 ", north latitude and 38 ° 35'-39 ° 4'45".Northeast, the South East with the West Tsing District of Tianjin Dagang District and the border, north-west and County of Hebei Province at the junction of tyrants, west and southwest with the text of Hebei Province, the phase grounding County, southern Hebei Province, is the Qingxian County and Huanghua .54 km long from north to south county, 40 km wide thing.Total area of 1476 square kilometres.Total population of 520,000 people (2004).Jinghai County People's Government in the town, Zip code: 301600.Administrative division code: 120223.Code: 022.Pinyin: Jinghai Xian.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Administrative divisionJinghai County jurisdiction 16 towns and two townships: Jinghai Town, Tang Guantun Town, independence-town Town Wang, Taiwan's Town, Ziya town, Chen Guantun Town, Wang Zhen, Daegu Town, caigongzhuang Town, Liang Town, Mission Park town, double-Town, the town of Dafeng reactor, along Town, West Zhai Town, Township Wang Liang, Yang Township.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------History», Jinghai County exempted nine towns and 19 townships: Jinghai Town, Fujunmiaoxiang, Tang Guantun Town, with Hu Township, Zhuang Zi and Xu Township, Chengguan Township, North Xiao Louxiang, Ziya town, Mission Park Heung , Wang Zhen, the first beam Township, Wang Liang Township, along Township, Yang Cheng Township, a rural Zhuang Zi, Wang Town, independence-town, rural East beachhead, Caigong Township, the Zhangzhun Xiang, the Fort Rural, two-Tangxiang East, the Township Hao, Dafeng reactor Township, Town Taiwan, Chen Guantun Town, West Township Zhai, Daegu Town.2000, Jinghai County with 14 towns and 14 townships.According to the fifth census data: the county total population of 542,593 people, including the township population (people): Jinghai town of 69,385 Tang Guantun Town, the town of 19,952-13,556 alone 32,176 Taiwan-Town Town 17,185 Ziya town of 25,529 Chen Guantun Wang Zhen 20,525 in the town of 30,016 Daegu Town 17,697 Caigong Town 27,176 beam Town 21502 Mission Park Chengguan Town, 7215 East Rural 21,984 double-stack Tangxiang 15100 Dafeng 17,425 rural North Xiao Louxiang Township 13819-14185-12328 Fujunmiaoxiang Xu Chuang Tzu Township 12345 2 Baoxiang 6233 beachhead along the East Rural Township 19285 large 12864 Zhang Zhunxiang 15,994 West Township 22,629 large Hao Zhai Township Township 7546 even 16,921-20,063 Yang Dazhuangzi Rural Township 119582001, Jinghai County township zoning adjustment: 1, the revocation of the rural Zhuang Zi, Wang Zhen, the establishment of a new merger in Wang Zhen.2, Zhang Zhunxiang the revocation, the Township Hao, Tang Guantun Town, a joint creation of a new Tang Guantun Town.3, revocation of the Baoxiang, Taiwan's Town, a joint creation of a new Taiwan Town.4, North Xiao Louxiang withdrawal, independence-town, the merger of a new single-town.At the same time the original jurisdiction Fujunmiaoxiang Royal Yingcun, Fung Ka Village, Liu Yingcun, Gou home village Yingcun four formed the whole town is zoned for single stream.5, revocation Fujunmiaoxiang formed, the Royal House Village, Li village homes, Fujunmiaocun, Shi Libao village, Putiwacun, Baiyang Shu village six formed the whole village-to-zoned Township.6, even revocation of Hu Township, town mooring Mission, a joint creation of a new college town mooring.7, revocation of Chengguan Township, Zhuang Zi and Xu Township, Jinghai Town, Jinghai merger of the establishment of a new town.At the same time the original Fujunmiaoxiang under the jurisdiction of Wuli West Village, Village North Wuli, Weijia Village, Village home pay, such as the village is zoned for four Jinghai town.8, revocation of the rural East beachhead along the Township formed, the merger set up along the town.9, revocation of the West Township Zhai, the establishment of the West Zhai Town.The end of 2001, exempted 16 Jinghai County town, two townships: Wang Zhen, Tang Guantun, Taiwan's Town, independence-town, the town of Mission Park, Jinghai town, along the Town, West Zhai Town, Chen Guantun Town Wang Town, Ziya town, Daegu Town, Liang Town, double Caigong Town Town, the town of Dafeng reactor, Wang Liang Township, Yang Township.In early 2004, exempted 16 Jinghai County town, two townships: Jinghai Town, town-independence, Taiwan's Town, Wang Town, Liang Town, Ziya town, along the town, double-Town, Chen Guantun Town, Tang Guantun Town, the town of Dafeng reactor, West Zhai Town, Daegu Town, the town of Mission Park, Caigong Town, Wang Zhen, Wang Liang Township, Yang Township.

Jinghai County of Tianjin geographical coordinates (Google maps satellite map Landmark) finishing date: (2006/9/26 17:59:00)
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