Beijing's Tongzhou District (Administrative division) Satellite maps

OverviewTotal area of 912 square kilometres.Total population of 610,000 people (2002).Xinhua District People's Government in the streets.Zip code: 101149.Administrative division code: 110112.Code: 010.Pinyin: Tongzhou Qu.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Administrative divisionPositions in the streets exempted 13 neighborhood committees: East Commissioner of the neighborhood committees, Galaxia neighborhood committees, neighborhood committees on business, Jones cents of the neighborhood committees, Ma home neighborhood, the white general neighborhood, a district in East Habitat Authority, the West camp neighborhood committees and neighborhood committees in the warehouse district, small neighborhood parks, four Office of the neighborhood committees, on the West Park neighborhood, the new Hua Yuan neighborhood.Xinhua exempted eight neighborhood streets: Flyover Bay neighborhood, Sikong neighborhood committees, neighborhood committees Gongyuan, wishful Park neighborhood, the new community, Wing Shun Sirry neighborhood committees, Tung-Hui, a North District neighborhood, Main Street East, the neighborhood committees.Beiyuan street with 14 neighborhood committees: Xinhua West Street neighborhood, Zhongshan Street neighborhood, the rejuvenation of South Lane neighborhood, Beiyuan Bridge neighborhood, after the South Wharf neighborhood committees, neighborhood committees Jinyuan, the new South Street neighborhood, Shuaifu neighborhood, Yudai River Street neighborhood, the West Commissioner of the neighborhood committees, neighborhood committees Wulidian, Longbridge Park neighborhood, the new Beiyuan neighborhood committees, neighborhood committees Western orchard .Yu-qiao streets exempted 10 neighborhood committees: Gebu shop in the North neighborhood, Gebu shop in South Lane neighborhood, jade, northbound, southbound, jade, Canal East Road Neighborhood Committee, Qiao Zhuang North Street neighborhood, pears Garden neighborhood, Dobashi, Yiyuan Silesia, in the community-east.Yongshun areas exempted 24 village committees: Wing Shun Village, Village North Ma, Fan Village, Liu Village, Lee Village, Jiao Wangzhuang Village, sutuo village, small town Lu Village, Long Mong Village, Geng Village, the Royal Field Village , The Deng family Yaocun, Simma Village, bamboo plants Village, New Village, Yang Diancun, Yang Village, Orchard Village, South Guan Cun, on Yingcun, Qiao Village, Shengmiao small village, the former on Pocun, Yue Village, Bali Qiao market, and transport building materials Qiao City !-->。Pear orchard areas exempted 26 village committees: the car Cemetery Village, the Village 3, North Yang Wacun, Jiuke Shu Village, East Zhuncun, West Zhuncun, Li husband Village, Liyuan Village, Liu husband Village, A team of village streets, the streets of the village teams, three teams streets Village, West Village pony, Ban Bidian Village, Sun-market Village, Sun Village, the village brick factory, the Village, a draft of the village, on small village, Wei Jiafen Village, East Village pony, Malaysia Village, the high-rise village, Cao Yuen Estate, the General Cemetery Village.Song Town exempted 47 village committees: Song Village, the Village high, Zhai in the Village, Village North Temple, Xiao Yang of the Village, white Miaocun, the Village, Xindian Village, Lama Village, Tai Hing Village, small Baocun, Tuan Tsuen, Liuhe Village, after Xiagong Village, the former Xiagong Village, the Xing Village, the Village of small, high-Daxinzhuang Village, Choi Yuen Estate, Xiao Deng village, the village of Tang, Shigu Village, the Village of North Liu, do not shake Dynamic Village, Guan Daxinzhuang Village, Zhaocun West, the North Village, South Village, the Village of Hao and Xu Daxinzhuang Village, the Village, the Village of Wu, GE Qucun, Daxinzhuang Walled Village, Zhaili Village, the village kiln, Wang Xin Village, Kong of the village, the Army Village, Ping Baijiatuan Village, small Yingcun, grass Sicun, the Yin Village, Regal Village, Tai Pang village, double Butou village, ditches Village.Zhang Jiawan town exempted 57 village committees: the North-market village, Zhang Daxinzhuang Village, launched Village, the Village Leung, soil Kiu Tsuen, Wong-field Village, South-market Village, Zhang Jiawan Zhencun, Chang Wan Village, Tai Gao Village, on Diancun, Jia of the Village, the East Dingfu Zhuang Village, West Village Dingfu Zhuang, Li Zen: the village, wide-Street, and small Village, Shi yuan Village, in the capital of the village, soju Xiangcun, Melon field Village, Ma Yingcun, where the Village, decorated archway Yingcun, Qishan Village, South Yao Yuen Estate, Daxinzhuang Village, Zaolin Village, Yao Daxinzhuang Village, in the Street, the former Street, and after Street, and Cang Tau Tsuen, Shili Village, South Village fire Fa, the three villages, like Tamura, Fa Tau Tsuen, Lu Daxinzhuang Village, Village of Beijing University, Taibeiguancun, small North Guan Cun, South of the village, Liu Yingcun, high Yingcun, Tuo Village, Yonghe Tuncun West, East Wing Wo Zhuncun, the Village Wang, Chang village, after Tuo village after village of Castle Peak, the former Castle Peak Village, after the South Guan Cun, the former South Guan Cun, North Club Village , The small farming village of Fa.Kuo Xianzhen exempted 61 village committees: Kuo County village, in the Daxinzhuang Village, Village of Guo and Wang Wenlou Village, Wu Yingcun, Indigo Village, the Village Xu, Nanyang Village, the Village Zhai, MA for the village, and the Soviet Union Village, Yulin Village, long Ling Yingcun, Yangdi Village, 3 Huang Village, after the village, Shen Village, small-village-and-a-village, high Village, Huang Fa East Village, West Village, Huang Fa, Ma Village, Ma Tau Village, Shicao village, Mao Village, grass plants Village, Nyan Tin Village, the East Village, Lu, Xi Lu Village, week Yingcun, Huang Pu Cun plant, Beidisicun, Mi-Diancun, Ling Village, MA Village, Cao Village, the Village designate Huang, Zhang Zhuangcun, the East Village Temple, Xiao Zhuncun, Ji of the Village, the Willow village, the military Zhuncun, after a sharp Ping Village, Xu Guantun Village, for the East Village, set the West Village, Parker Village, the former Tsim Sha Tsui Ping Village, Li Daxinzhuang Village, set Sangmu Village, Long Village, Nantun Village, Mu Jiafen village, the military Village, Village-Wye, good home village, Luo Village, the Village after the yuan, the former yuan of Village.Majuqiao town exempted 50 village committees: Ma Street, and Second Street, MA, MA San Street, North Sea Village, the South China Sea Village, Zhuang Ding Zhuncun, Hebei Duancun, Victory Village, north entrance of the village, the GE Village East Diancun, West Diancun, West Street, later, Xin Zhuncun, revealed the village, Ma Village, White Village, Yao Village, the Village Zhang, the ancient Village, Yang Diancun, Zhou Yingcun, small Zhang Wancun , The Xindian Village, Zhang Village, Guocun, firewood for the village, the village of the Book of Changes, the Book of Changes small village, Shi Village, the village before the silver, after the silver Village, Village Ma Fu, Nandi village, the Du Village, Village Mission Piao , After the weir on the village, the former weir on the village, Yao Daxinzhuang Village, the Village of Chen, Southern small Yingcun, Tianyang West Village, East Village, Tian Yang, Xiao Du Village, Liu Lang Village, the Village Simma, Komatsu Fa village, the village of Fa - God Komamura, Baifu village.West Town exempted 57 village committees: the West Village, set in Daxinzhuang Village, the Village Association, the Village Hou, Hu Village, Zhao Village, Wu Daxinzhuang Village, car Tuncun, the former East-Village, Stone-Village, Hou - East Village, Huang Dong-Village, YIN Jia Kawamura, Lin Tuncun, Wang village, mountain village, Shek Village, the Village Cao Liu, dongxinzhuang Village, after the House Walled Village, small grey Diancun, large gray Diancun, The sand for the village, the small village of sand works, the small South Village, Anxin Village, Xiaojiayingzi Lam Tsuen, the former Walled Village House, the bridge village, Mrs Diancun, cattle grazing Zhuncun, on Pocun, Wo Hop Station Village, LU Jia Wan Village, Yang Wacun, Xinji village, East Village Lang, Lang Nishimura, Fangcun Ma, Xiao Xin Village, the Daxinzhuang Village, Sha Gudui Village, Tuan Mong-jun village, Mrs Liu trees Village, Taiping Village, supply Diancun, Confucian scholars Village , Xiaozhun Cun, Zhang Village of all, the various Village, Laozi and Zhuangzi village households, where the Village, the Village Feng, the Tuo village, Wang Village, Geng Wenlou Village, Chan Heng Estate.Taiwan Town, exempted 46 village committees: Taiwan Village, the Village Shop, Zhu Fa Village, Tin House Village, the former Yingcun, kouzicun, Jiang Field Village, Hu Fa Village, Zhou slope Village, Yingcun, Lang, Yufu on Yingcun, Jiang Daxinzhuang Village, the East under Yingcun, Xixiayingcun, North fire Fa Village, Tang Village, North Yao Yuen Estate, Village Soda Plant, a sharp Fa Village, Hing Wulin village, the village kiln, the One Village, the two villages, the stack of the village, Wing Lung Zhuncun, Guangxi Jiafen Village, land of the village, Xu Village, the new Kawamura, high-Ancient Village, Sang yuan village, water South, Dong village, North God Shucun, Ding Village, White Village MA Village, Bangladesh Village, Zheng Village, the East village, Mr Village, West Village peace, stability and Yingcun, Beidi Village, Choi Yaocun, North Yingcun small.LO Dianzhen exempted 37 village committees: Yong village, the village Wing, Wing three villages, the new West Village, Chen Daxinzhuang village, Tang Village, just after the Village, the Village Zhang, Laohuai Village, Village hole, the village sheep , The small village in the South, Nandi Temple Village, Nandi Temple Nishimura, small works Village, West Village with Kennedy Village, the small village, after Yingcun, a Diancun Ma, Lu Village, the village works, Kawamura East, West Kawamura, the former Treasury Street, Naruhito, Naruhito in the Street, the Treasury, the Treasury after Naruhito Street, Chai plant Zhuncun, after Ma Fangcun, the former Ma Fangcun, half Kawamura, Xinglong Village, three Fa Village, small Austin Zhuncun Hu Ka should Sicun, boil NOx Yingcun; temporary ditch Tuncun neighborhood.Lu exempted an urban neighborhood committees and 54 village committees: ternary neighborhood committees, the Village of Hu, Wei Village, the East Village Yang, Huo Zhuncun, the ancient city of the village, the village Tuo Yang, Hao House Village, Xin'an Zhuncun, the Sun Village, after Zhuncun and often Tuncun, called in the village, Fort Xin Village, Tai Taiwan Village, the former North Yingcun, after the North Yingcun, the Yingcun, stay Village, the East Xia Yuen Estate, the village temple East small Yingcun, West Baocun, the East Baocun, seven villages, Li Xin Village, the Village of South Liu, eight of the Village, Kua Diancun, after Yu Village, the former Yu village, Jia after Tuan village, the former East Yingcun, the former Tuan village, Bu-Fa Village, Liu Village, the village of Kom Tong Hall, the small village of Kom Tong Hall, Chadao Village, Ling Miaocun, Vu Tuan village, Li Tuan village, Yanshan Yingcun, rejuvenating the Village, Xiao Village , The Village of soybean, small Douge Zhuang village, Wu Yaocun, summer Diancun, Choi Wenlou Village, the East Village, on the East Village, Xie Wenlou Village, the Village of Culture and Sport, Prince Edward House Village.Hui Township in the domestic jurisdiction 23 village committees: in the home village, south-Kok Estate, North Xindian Village, Tai Geng Fa Village, the Village of East Malaysia, Simma Fangcun, village gods, fruit village, drainage Tau Tsuen, Fu The Village, Man Village, the Village Wang, Cui of the Village, the three South Village, the small village character, Zaolin village, Miss Sicun, Qiu Village, South Liu Village, the East Village, Fa, Fa West Village after village Fu, the former V Village.(* under "administrative divisions of the Beijing Municipal Code" Finishing *)-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------HistoryApril 29, 1997, the State Council approved the revocation of Datong, the establishment of Tongzhou District.Tongzhou District People's Government in the town.2000, Tongzhou District, the total population 673,952, the township (neighborhood) Population: 39,444 in the warehouse streets Xinhua street 19,904 Beiyuan street 43,972 Yu-qiao street town of 32,832 Wing Shun town of 46,336-74,148 pear orchard town of 26,972 Daxinzhuang 35,864 Chang Song Town 35438 Town Guo Xian Zhen Fort Zhunzhen 34,890 cattle town of 27,328, 26,039 Drainage town of 26,678 Majuqiao West Town Town 22,993 of the 24,070-town of Kom Tong Hall 17386 Lang House Town, the town of 18,365 Taiwan's 17,671 large Mrs town of 17,104 looking Dianzhen 22,836 LO Dianzhen 26,713 Chai plant Zhunzhen 13,726 in the domestic Hui Township 23,243 (based on the fifth census data; units:)In 2001, the adjustment of the Tongzhou District, town and township administrative divisions: Xu Daxinzhuang revoke the town, its administrative regions into the Song Town; revocation of the drainage town, its administrative regions into Taiwan Town; revocation Fort Zhunzhen cattle, and its administrative region Zhang Jiawan into the town; revoke the town of Lang House, the administrative regions into the West Town; Du's revocation of the town, its administrative regions into Majuqiao town; seek revocation of Dianzhen, its administrative regions into Kuo Xianzhen; Chai plant Tunzhen withdraw its administrative regions into the Wing-lok Dianzhen; revoke the town of Kom Tong Hall and Hugezhuang, Lu set up a joint town.The end of 2001, Tongzhou District exempted four streets, 10 towns, a township: positions in the streets, Xinhua streets, Beiyuan streets, Yu-qiao streets, the town of Yongshun, Liyuan Town, Song Town, Zhang Jiawan town, Lu Towns, West Town, Taiwan's Town, Majuqiao town, Kuo Xianzhen, LO Dianzhen, in the rural household.In 2002, the Tongzhou District exempted four streets, two, eight towns, a township: positions in the streets, Xinhua streets, Beiyuan streets, Yu-qiao streets; Yongshun, pear orchard area; Song Town, Chang Town, Kuo Xianzhen, Majuqiao town, West Town, Taiwan's Town, LO Dianzhen, Lu town; Hui Township in the household.2005, Tongzhou District exempted four streets (Beiyuan street, the street in the warehouse, Xinhua streets, Yu-qiao streets), two areas (Yongshun, pear orchard areas), 10 towns (Yongshun Town, Song Town, Lu towns, Liyuan Town, Zhang Jiawan town, the Taiwan Town, Majuqiao town, West Town, Kuo Xianzhen, LO Dianzhen), a nationality townships (in the domestic Hui Township).

Beijing's Tongzhou District geographical coordinates (Google maps satellite map Landmark) finishing date: (2006/9/26 17:59:00)
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