District Tacheng Prefecture in Xinjiang (Administrative division) Satellite maps

Overview Zip code: 834700 code: 654200 code: 0901 Pinyin: Tacheng DiquTacheng Prefecture in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, northwest, the Yili Kazak Autonomous Prefecture in central, east longitude geographical coordinates 82 ° 16'-87 ° 21 ', north latitude and 43 ° 25'-47 ° 15', across the northwestern Junggar Basin, Junggar and the western mountain zone , 546 km-long border line, the northwest border with Kazakhstan, Altay region linked to the northeast and east at the Manas River and across the Changji Prefecture, according to the South even Ha Bier GA Hill watershed for the industry; West and the Bor Tala Meng adjacent ancient Autonomous Prefecture.Oil city of Karamay in the region in the central hinterland.Things 394 km wide, 423 km long north-south vertical.Total area of 94,891 square km and the total population of 960,000 people (2004).Kazakhstan is the Han, Uygur, Mongolian, Hui, Kirgiz, Daur, Xibe, Russia and other 29 ethnic and national minorities have more than 1,000 9.Civil Administration in urban areas tower Xinhua Road No. 169, from the Urumqi City highway mileage of 637 km.More complex terrain in the north south high-end, the northern mountains rolling, undulating hills, the southern marshes, the length and breadth of depression.Haziketi mountains north of the city's highest peak, 2,148 meters above sea level.There are 14 large and small rivers, Emin River from east to west across the south, a large area of cross-strait River saline-alkali soil.There are also Kalaguer River, Wu Lasi Taiwan River, Abdullah River, Xibe map River Longitudinal city from north to south, Emin into the river.Administrative divisionTacheng area exempted two county-level cities, four counties and one county: Tower City, Wusu City, Emin County, the county Heights, Torricelli County, Shawan County, Hoboksar Mongolian Autonomous County.Also in the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps agricultural 7, 8, 9, 10 of the 36 divisions owned Farm Farms.Tacheng area of 94,891 square kilometres, population 960,000 (2004).Tower City area of 4007 square kilometres, population 160,000 people.Zip code 834300.Wusu City area of 14,394 square km and population 210,000 people.Zip code 833000.Emin County area of 9147 square kilometres, population 200,000 people.Zip code 834600.Emin County People's Government in the town.Shawan County area of 12,460 square km and population 200,000 people.Zip code 832100.County People's Government in the three Torricelli River town of 19,992 square km area of the county, population 90,000 people.Zip code 834500.Torricelli County People's Government in the town.Yuming county area of 6107 square kilometres, population 50,000 people.Zip code 834800.Halabula County People's Government in the town.Hoboksar Mongolia Autonomous County area of 28,784 square kilometres, population 50,000 people.Zip code 834400.Hoboksar County People's Government in the town.* Here Quhuadiming information as at December 2005; area and population data in accordance with "the People's Republic of administrative divisions booklet (2006)", the population at the end of 2004.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------HistoryHun right at the Western Han Dynasty, Han Xuandi Mannan in 2003 (BC five years) official Guifu the Han dynasty.After the three countries are Xianbei, a Turk and Sui.14-year-Guangxu (1888) before the Office of home Tacheng Zhili.In 2002 (1913) to set up Tacheng Prefecture, has a Tacheng Road, the Fifth Administrative Region.Tacheng area established in 1950, the agency in Tacheng Prefecture.Exempted Tacheng, Yuming, Emin, abundance, Sandy Bay, 6 Wusu County.Emin County in 1951 by the Torricelli out home areas.1952 Torricelli Torricelli set up to the central area of the county.Tacheng area exempted seven counties.September 10, 1954 and the County to set up Hoboksar Mongolia Autonomous Region.1955 Hoboksar Mongolia Autonomous Region to set up Hoboksar Mongolian Autonomous County.Tacheng area exempted six counties, autonomous counties 1.1957 Shawan County resident relocation of three rivers.Tacheng area in 1970 renamed the Tacheng area, Tacheng area in the county.Exempted Tacheng, Wusu, Torricelli, Yuming (in Halabula), Emin, Sandy Bay (in the three-river) and six counties and Hoboksar Mongolian Autonomous County.Shawan County in 1976 will be classified as Shihezi area.Tacheng area exempted five counties and one county.Shihezi in 1978 the original Shawan County included in their respective areas of Tacheng area.6 county jurisdiction, an autonomous county.November 17, 1984, the State Council approved the revocation of Tacheng Prefecture, the establishment of Tower City.July 10, 1996, the State Council approved the dismantling revocation Wusu County, the establishment of Wusu City.A total of eight Tacheng area streets, 27 towns and 39 townships.In 2000, according to the fifth national census data: total population of 892,397 people.Of which: Tower City 149,216 people, 100,359 people Wusu City, Emin County, 178,309, 188,715 Shawan County, Torricelli County, 79,882, 48,147 county Heights, Hoboksar County, 57,775 people.

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