Kaixian County in Chongqing (Administrative division) Satellite maps

OverviewKaixian County of Chongqing Municipality in north-east, north city mouth; east Wuxi, Yunyang; south Wanzhou; West and the Sichuan Province of Xuanhan, Jiang opened the border counties.North latitude and 30 ° 49'30 "-31 ° 41'30", longitude 107 ° 55'48 "-108 ° 54 '. A total area of 3,959 square kilometres. The end of 2003, the county total population of 1.52 million people.Han Feng County People's Government in the streets, Zip code: 405400.Code: 500234.Code: 023.Pinyin: Kai Xian.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Administrative divisionKaixian exempted four streets, 21 towns and 13 townships: Han Feng streets, Fung Lok Street, Town streets, Crane streets, into the town, the town of Changsha, Mr Kwok Ka-town, Linjiang Town, Zhao Jin, Spa Town , Iron Bridge, and in the town, mountain town, the town of South Gate, South Town, River堰镇, and the town-him, Jiulongshan town, the town of Changan, Bamboo Town, the Drainage Town,坝镇thick, high - Town, Dun good town, justice and the town, Baiquan Township, the Commissioner of the rural, one-Heung, Tan hometown, the five-rural, rural Wushan, Baiqiao Xiang, Maliuchang Township, Purple Water Village, Dade rural, rural days, The three rural population, Kinpo Township.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------HistoryLiang Zhou is the ancient domain.Qin, Han and forbearance are Bajun Linqu County.Jian'an the 21 years since the Eastern Han Dynasty (216) Shu-zoned to the main western and forbearance Linqu County home-to-earth rich name.Liu Song Southern and Northern Dynasties (420, -479) and Han Feng in the home by Pakistani channels, a total of three new Pu County, both the Palestinian Dongjun; Xiwei (535) changed after the Han Shu-Feng of Yongning; Northern Zhou days and four years ( 569) away, in Yongning, exempted Kong, Wan Shi (Pakistan Drainage renamed), the new Pu, the West-(new home) four counties.Sui Kaihuang 18 years (599) to Yongning County to Sheng, to open the state to Wanzhou.Tang Takenori first year (618) to Wanzhou to open the state; Germany-the first year (763) to Sheng County (West Zhenguan early flow into the county) for the open County, a jurisdiction, Jiang opened the new Pu, Long Live ( Wan Shi renamed) three counties.Song Qingli four years (1044) into the open in the new Pu Jiang, renamed Long live the water, when a state jurisdiction of the county.Million (1271 -1368), provincial and county into the state.Hong-2006 (1373), descending to the county, since only the name of Kaixian County.Gu Cheng Kai Jiang for Procyon, state, county hence the name.Qing Dynasty, the Republic of China, People's Republic of China in 1997 before the Kaixian County in Sichuan Province are exempted.1997 Chongqing Municipality directly under the Central classified as after the beginning of Kaixian County of Chongqing Municipality jurisdiction.(The above extracted from "a county government website")2000, Kaixian exempted Han Feng, Zhendong, Zhen'an, Fung Lok, Pa thick, white crane, the Tung Wah Group, Spa, Mr Kwok Ka-and-him, the Progressive, River weir, is dam, Dun, and Takahashi, Jiulongshan , And, triple, justice and, Linjiang, Zhuxi, iron bridge, South, mountain river, Changsha, south gate, Zhao, the town drains 28; Daci, morality, Kinpo, white bridge, Tan , And Zitong, Guan Ping, one month, Red Park, the Commissioner of face, Baiquan, Kam bamboo, rock water, purple water, Maliuchang, white days, days, the three mouth, and Taiyuan, ZTE, Wushan, jumping tread, the five-and-long An, Lin Hua, Jianshan, opened at 27 townships.According to the fifth census data: the county total population of 1408116 people, including the township population (people): Han Fengzhen 92,054 Changan Town, the town of 23,916 the town of 27,629 fenglezhen 28,846 thick坝镇31,262 Donghua town of 22,879 the town of 33,955 cranes Spa town of town of 39,950 and 50,104 Mr Kwok Ka-him堰镇19635 River town of 27,343 into the town of 14,554 is big坝镇19,486 Dun good Gaoqiao Zhen 29,047 Jiulongshan town of 27,948 in the town of 25,179 and the town of 25,849-31,834 and the town of Sanhe town of 28,175 Linjiang Town 61,681 at 50,490 Town, 35033 Iron Bridge Town, South town of 39,391 mountain town of 58,825 south gate of 31,765 Changsha town of 41,105 Zhao town of 45,356 rural drainage Town of 28,575 Daci 27,590 Dade 19,245 rural townships Jinfeng Bai Qiaoxiang 26,057-23,972 Kam Sheung Shui 9095 4247 Zhu Xiang Tan Hung Park home 15,490 rural townships 8478-5573 customs Baiquan 9187 one month after the rural township 10646 Commissioner of Pingxiang 6813 Zitong 11,655 rural township 24,940 Maliuchang Purple Water 27,004 day-18,209 rural township 16,875 three days and the rural population 17,735, Taiyuan, the Heung Yee 23,540 ZTE 17,719 Wushan rural township of 11,561-16,615 rural townships 6593 jumped five-tread Rural 15,027 spent Lin Heung Rural 22,777 Jianshan 6764 opened Zhuxiang 12,8432002, the town of Kaixian exempted 28, 27 townships, and 52 neighborhood committees, 1,043 village committees.The end of the household registration total population of 1511100 people, including non-agricultural population of 147,900 people.2003, the town of Kaixian exempted 28, 27 townships and 1,043 villages and 57 neighborhood committees, 13,209 clubs.August 16, 2005, the Chongqing Municipal People's Government (Chongqing House [2005] 166) approved consent Kaixian will be adjusted to 55 township 38 Street (town) Rural:First, remove seven towns and 14 townships: revocation of the Han Fengzhen, fenglezhen, Baihe Town, Tung Wah town, Zhendong town, is坝镇, Sanhe town, the Commissioner Pingxiang, Zitong Township, Park Heung Hung , Kam Zhuxiang, Rock Water, Daci rural, rural white days, Taiyuan Township, ZTE Township, Long An townships, and jump-tread townships, and spent Lin Heung, Jianshan Township, opened Zhu Xiang.Second, the establishment of four neighborhood offices:Han Feng neighborhood offices: the original jurisdiction of the Han Fengzhen their administrative region, the area of 54 square km in size, population 97,739 people.Offices in Tai Nan Street on the 1st.Fengle neighborhood offices: the original jurisdiction of their respective administrative areas fenglezhen, the area of 25 square km in size, population 24,990 people.Ying-sen in the Office of Road No. 204.Town neighborhood offices: Town, the original jurisdiction of the town owned the region, area of 26 square km in size, population 20,893 people.Zhu Zhen Office Village Group 7.Crane neighborhood offices: the original jurisdiction of the town of Crane, the group owned the town administrative region, area of 79 square km in size, population 62,731 people.Offices in group 2 win over the village.Third, expand the 10 towns and townships in three administrative regions into the town: the original jurisdiction into the town, Zitong Township, Commissioner of Pingxiang, Park Heung-owned administrative region, the area of 251 square kilometers in size, population 41,964 people.The town government in pressing Well Street No. 34.堰镇River: River堰镇original jurisdiction, the Water Village-owned administrative region, the area of 154 square kilometers in size, population 31,984 people.Weir River in the town of mouth.Dun good town: Dun good the original jurisdiction of the town, which is坝镇the region, area of 144 square kilometers in size, population 51,897 people.Xinhua Jie in the town government on the 19th.Jiulongshan town: Jiulongshan the original jurisdiction of the town, the day his white rural areas, size of 135 square kilometres, population 46,636 people.Guangfo town government in the village six groups.Linjiang Town: the original jurisdiction of the town of Riverside, Taiyuan Rural their administrative region, size area of 123 square kilometres, population 93,702 people.The main town in Sichuan Street No. 68.And in the town: the original jurisdiction and in the town of Sanhe town owned administrative region, size area of 89 square kilometres, population 59,223 people.Helin Street in the town on the 6th.Yue Town: jurisdiction of the original mountain town, Long An Township, which jump-tread rural administrative region, size area of 186 square kilometres, population 71,736 people.Yue River, the town government in the field.South gate of the town: the original jurisdiction of the town of South Gate, Lin Heung Yee spent their administrative region, size area of 158 square kilometres, population 72,382 people.Street South in the new town government.Changsha town: the original jurisdiction of the town of Changsha, Jianshan Rural their administrative regions, the area of 136 square kilometers in size, population 73,187 people.Government in the mountain town of Hua Jie on the 1st.Zhao town: Zhao original jurisdiction of the town, opened their respective administrative areas Zhuxiang, the area of 152 square kilometers in size, population 63,252 people.Bridge Street in the town of No. 89.Mrs. home: the original jurisdiction of his hometown Tan, Jin Zhu Xiang respective administrative areas, the area of 125 square kilometers in size, population 21,228 people.Po village government in the Chichiawan.Dade Township: jurisdiction of the original Dade rural, rural Daci their administrative region, size area of 118 square kilometres, population 51,155 people.Fuquan neighborhood in the village government.Wushan Township: the original jurisdiction of Wushan Township, ZTE Rural their administrative region, size area of 117 square kilometres, population 32,057 people.Bauhinia neighborhood in the village government.40, to retain 11 towns and 10 regional and rural administrative resident and the town-him: area of 80 square km in size, population 28,707 people.Township Government in the Hong Ping Street 73.Spa town: area of 149 square kilometers in size, population 54,743 people.Hing Street in the village government-chuen, 54.Guojiazhen: area of 79 square km in size, population 44,383 people.Garden bridge in the village government.Gaoqiao Zhen: area of 78 square km in size, population 32,655 people.Township Government in the high trade Street on the 5th.Thick坝镇: area of 49 square km in size, population 32,722 people.Dam in the village of the township government nine.Changan town: area of 55 square km in size, population 29,582 people.Ziwei Street in the village government.Bamboo Town: area of 84 square km in size, population 38,824 people.Township government in the Bamboo Street.Justice and the town: size area of 61 square kilometres, population 34,952 people.Township government in Luxi Street.Rail Bridge: area of 115 square kilometers in size, population 56,969 people.Xiangjiaba temperature in the township government.South town: area of 70 square km in size, population 44,036 people.Township Government in the South Village Group 9.Drainage Town: area of 68 square km in size, population 27,583 people.Township government in the village drains 8 group.Baiquan Township: area of 196 square kilometers in size, population 9,541 people.White Quancun township government in Group 1.Commissioner of Rural: area of 143 square kilometers in size, population 9,008 people.Commissioner of the township government in the village of Group 1.Full Moon Township: area of 149 square kilometers in size, population 11,229 people.Township Government in the shop-ping.Bai Qiaoxiang: area of 84 square km in size, population 29,256 people.Bai Qiaocun township government in Group 1.Purple Water: area of 94 square km in size, population 29,915 people.Purple water in the rural market.Maliuchang Township: area of 94 square km in size, population 27,663 people.Liu Sheng Street in the village government, 44.Kinpo Township: area of 57 square km in size, population 26,479 people.Xinhuacun township government in the three groups.Rural days: area of 67 square km in size, population 17,986 people.Township government and village in five days.The three rural population: area of 79 square km in size, population 19,318 people.Yang Guan Cun township government in the three groups.Rural-5: 36 square kilometres of territory, population 7,200 people.Ring Street in the village government on the 22nd.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Township ProfileJiulongshan administrative divisions of the town in 2005 after adjustment, the new Jiulongshan the original jurisdiction of the town of Jiulongshan town, the day-owned regional rural area of 135 square kilometers, the population of 46,636 people.Exempted 17 administrative villages: Longxing, Dongba, Mody stores, Guangfo, Shuanghe, Albatron, Renhe, Kirin XIII, the day white, lion-, three-, Twins, lying clouds, Chaoyang, Sihetun, the mountains .Jiulongshan Guangfo town government in the village six groups.Jiulongshan new day will include the original white patches of white rural days, Sihetun Township, East BA Xiang and the original old Jiulongshan townships, and together the four rural area and population.Kaixian adjustment of the township named after the village (Below brackets for the village after the merger, making a total of 448. Adjustment time is unknown, may be 2004.)Zhendong 6 (Daegu Hua Guo Zhendong Phoenix home of the fruit)Zhen'an 9 (plantain leaf Bai Hua Liao town of Ernst & Young Xiema-clearance of Hefeng too)Daci 8 (Baozhu Pui-kai Koto mill Suitengumae Dragon King Leung Ping Yeongdong 9)Dade 6 (3 osmanthus trees Fu Jia Liujiaping Renhe is booming)Fengle 5 (Ukraine Huangling Yang Ying-sen light water dripping)Thick Pa 7 (dam Ruby Tsing Lung Ping Daan group of thick Pa)Tung Wah Group 9 (more Qiao Huang Jue high noble group received the best triple-righteousness)Of seven white (white crane days Helin Temple win over Hong-Liang Wen-feng, Baoan)Kinpo 7 (Xinhua Bao Fumin Green Orange Zhongshan interests of Castle Peak)Spa 11 (Jinlong Ssangyong Xia Jin-Ping Tung Ping Ping Liang peace park Shunping County Pa Bai)Mr Kwok Ka-10 (Yang Ling Feng basin Purdue big Xisang Mao Cheng Ping-chee LIN Qi Guan Mission Pack Long)And the six-him (Jiang Hui-Ping and cultural St. Shuanghe Jinshan)White Bridge 9 (gardener in the White Bridge on the bridge Camellia Parker osmanthus-largest city Yuexia Parker)River weir 8 (a trough of River weir Long Tan Jia Zhou Ma Shilong landscaped River)Water-6 (Pastoral three Three Guarantees-water Nijia mouth-chuen)Into the big four (Yunfeng age group and the red flag)Tan 4 (Longxi the water cooler-Huaxian)Red Park 5 (Si-Gap Chestwood safflower Hong Shan Park)Commissioner of seven (Quanxiu artesunate small garden Shuixi Commissioner of flame-Yao)Baiquan 6 (Baili Luo Feng Zhu Baiquan on the ancient bell)One month after six (one-two-Ping Ma Oasis emperor camp Dingxing)Guan Ping 4 (Guan Ping Yang Liu Xinyuan, the Great Wall)Zitong 4 (Zijin the furnace-Walled Ssangyong Bridge)Zhu Jin-4 (Lamma Huaxian family Jin-Zhu)Dam is eight (Zhengyang is dam-floor day-long Taoxi Fushan Shiraiwa Cloud Gate)Dun good nine (Lu Ming-Lung longevity peace Dun good Pearl official Ching Chung Ting-bowl)Takahashi 10 (Xiaoyang Shuangsheng fun Daping Topol-of Zhongshan Mountain Xin'an Yonghe)Maliuchang 11 (Xing Xing Ping Song and Lily Huang Ping homes of four deer farm cave and the Jiuhua)Purple water 9 (Shuangyu spent Ridge, New Dragon Tea Eagle Tianyuan purple dragon Longxi Water)Jiulongshan 8 (Longxing Dongba Mody shop Guangfo Shuanghe Albatron Renhe unicorn)- 9 days (Walled days Baiqing new three-lion Chaoyang City lying clouds Sihetun mountains)Nine days (Yang Ming Lok Shuimo happy days and white T-quiet Tong Shu-Feng Yin)And in the eight (Helin Star Ying Huang ginkgo and security guards in the country's new justice Shengping)Triple 8 (Dangyang-decorated archway in the white water of the Fung Ping Ping Yuan Yong top agricultural)Justice and nine (of speech too Kang Yi and Ren-fish-farmers-double shop Societe Generale Tongzhi)The three mouth 8 (Yang Yong Guan watershed Wing-lok's Topol-M is too small to a music Jinshan)Linjiang 17 (new moon Longqiao Tong'an-Pa Shiquan Yang Hung-mouth white hair Shuibuya Samsung pool Maan since the Qing-Zhu Qixing million of water and happy)Zhuxi 14 (Zhuxi Mission Fung three liters peak of the Spring and Autumn Shi Daping large bowl Baiyun Qing Hai Fu Ping Ji Wan Lingquan the Pinghsi)Taiyuan, 7 (and Cheongyang-show ring for three-day Ford should play)Iron Bridge 15 (Sands Longquan Huanglong million bridge Wang Tong Yue Long sources Zhangjiaping three days of the new South Iron Bridge World billion Yuhe Dr. Chen)South 10 (South of the big three-Tianjin-quite-Shuxiang and Oolong new double-wide)ZTE 6 (Wo new bridge in Shahe Lung Ching Ming points)Wushan 5 (Wushan crown Panlong Gao Yan Huang Po Li)Yue River 8 (River Jiutingdanping Zhang Yue Shen children into La Hu)Long-7 (the triple-big house south-Dragon King Bridge Katsuratsubo Phoenix Mountain)Jump-tread 8 (first Britain and Shahe Pei Yuan-Bo at home at Lei Ping ternary)5-4 (Walled Tian Jia Tong Lin Chong-5)Changsha 18 (Saint-orange watershed Shuanghe Huangshan-Lung emperor back Damian Yi-fu school in Changsha City monuments agriculture Wynn's Temple Tan Chai Hu Silver Lion Bridge)South Gate 15 (in the town of River Town three new Lotus Lotus Pu Chingchuankang Miles double white leader Yang Tianshui, Dongyang City, Walled wise)Lin spent seven (bright flowers Lin Shuang-feng flattened Yingwu Vol Bridge Garonne)Jianshan 4 (Jianshan Lions left yuan saddle)Zhao 15 (Yao Chi Liu Zhao Cai Family fishing Yueqing City Changan cap a bridge of peace tea at the tea ceremony are Zhou Chi Mei Nanshan Pi-home)Gullies 9 (Huaqin-shop-River drains Chaxiang MAOPING Xiang Yang Shuang-feng sword attic)Opened at 5 (a bamboo-set Qingyun Yang Ping-feng)Han Feng 10 (heart-red wooden bridge south yuan Gao Shi Zhongyuan 3 Zhongshan University Linsheng Xing Yong-first)

Kaixian County in Chongqing geographical coordinates (Google maps satellite map Landmark) finishing date: (2006/9/26 17:59:00)
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