Shanghai Luwan District (Administrative division) Satellite maps

OverviewLuwan District in the city centre south, east and adjacent to the Huangpu District, south of Huangpu River to the completion of the new Lupu Bridge and connected to the Pudong New Area, west Xuhui District, the Jingan District, the Jingan District north, Huangpu District.Total area of 8.05 square kilometres (of which the waters of 0.50 square kilometres).Total population of 330,000 people (2003).District People's Government in Chongqing South Road, No. 139, Zip code: 200020.Administrative division code: 310103.Code: 021.Pinyin: Luwan Qu.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Administrative divisionAs at December 31, 2005, the Luwan District exempted four streets, 74 neighborhood committees: Da Puqiao street, Huaihai Road streets, Ruijin Second Road streets, Wuli Bridge streets.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------HistoryLuwan District as early as the habitat of the Southern Song Dynasty, Gao Changli County Huating Township.Shanghai counties included in the Yuan Dynasty.1900, Habitat Area in North Block have been turned into French Concession.After the victory of the Anti-Japanese War in 1945, the KMT government to establish Lu Wan district, after the liberation of this change.1956 into the Songshan District, in 1959 the town incorporated into the temple to some, gradually formed the current scale of the divisions.In 2000, the Luwan District exempted four streets.Total population of 328,918 people, the street population: 74,000 Ruijin Second Road street Huaihai Road street 101,088 Da Puqiao 70,537 street Wuli bridge street 83,293 (based on the fifth census data; units:)As at December 31, 2002, the Luwan District exempted four streets, 82 neighborhood committees.As at December 31, 2003, the Luwan District exempted four streets, 73 neighborhood committees, the population of 328,400 people.As of September 30, 2004, the Luwan District exempted four streets, 74 neighborhood committees.2004 administrative division List: exempted four streets.Wuli Bridge streets in Quxi Road 758, Zip code 200023.Jurisdiction: a bridge, the bridge, the Third, the two, one, an iron, iron, Qunan, Qu, Qu Dong, Qu West, Xietu, playing Pu, Mengzi, Longhua, Li Yuan, mulberry City, Bauhinia, Brennan 19 neighborhood committees.Da Puqiao streets in the Nantang Hamamatsu Road 103, Zip code 200023.Jurisdiction: Datong, Zhaodong, Rui Xu, the new new, Taikang, Jianzhong, Lai 1, Mengxi, Lai Second, ginkgo, the Council, a building, Xu, built three, two-, five-building, Xu 3. Kam-hoi, Nantang, Huilong 20 neighborhood committees.Huaihai Road in the streets of Madang Road 349, Zip code 200021.Jurisdiction: Xinhua, Xing-ping, a two, three-, four-, Zhicheng, Hung Yen, Dahua, Liu He, King-on, bright, rehabilitation, into the West, filial piety and, Ruihua, built two, four built, built six , Built seven, one, six-, Yongyu 22 neighborhood committees.Ruijin Second Road streets in Gaolan Road 22, Zip code 200020.Jurisdiction: Yandang, extension, Julu, Jin Jiang, Nanchang, Maoming, Huai, Changle, Xiangshan, Yongjia, Sinan, Shaanxi built 12 neighborhood committees.

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