Changning District, Shanghai (Administrative division) Satellite maps

OverviewChangning District in the downtown areas of the west, east Jingan District, the West and Southwest neighbors Minhang, Xuhui District to the South East, North and the Putuo District to Wusong Jiang (Suzhou River) for the sector.Total area of 37.19 square kilometres.Total population of 620,000 people (2003).District People's Government in 1320, Yu Yuen Road, Zip code: 200050.Administrative division code: 310105.Code: 021.Pinyin: Changning Qu.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Administrative divisionAs at December 31, 2005, 200052, exempted nine streets, a town of 174 neighborhood committees and village committees 6: Huayang Road, street, street Xinhua Road, Jiangsu Road, streets, Tin Hill Road, streets, Zhou Bridge Street, Hongqiao Street, Xia Village streets, Cheng Bridge streets, Beixinjing streets, the new Jingyang town.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------History2000, 200052, exempted nine streets, one town.Total population of 702,239 people, the streets, the town population: 82,587 street Huayang Road Jiangsu Road street 53,498 street 65,147 Zhou Xinhua Road Bridge streets 53370 day mountain village streets Xianxia 86,530 street Hongqiao Street 67160-86829-24809 Bridge streets Beixinjing streets 52,817 new Jingyang town of 129,492 (according to the fifth census data; units:)The end of 2002, 200052, exempted nine streets, a town of 187 neighborhood committees and village committees 9.The end of 2003, 200052, exempted nine streets, a town of 176 neighborhood committees and village committees 6.Area of 38.3 square km and the household registration population 617,100 people.June 30, 2004, 200052, exempted nine streets, a town of 177 neighborhood committees and village committees 6.September 30, 2004, 200052, exempted nine streets, a town of 176 neighborhood committees and village committees 6.Changning District in 2004 administrative division List: exempted nine streets, one town.Huayang Road Dingxi Lu streets in 1310, Lane 12, Zip code 200050.Jurisdiction: a Huayang Road, Huayang Road II, Huayang Road, three, four Huayang Road, five Huayang Road, Wah Centre, Silk Road, Changning Road 1, 200052, the slip road, Changning Road 2, SO Kok, Pan East, Panxi, pottery house, and Xu house, Yao Kok, Jianning, Pan, Tian Cheng, Lok-20 neighborhood committees.Jiangsu Road in the street Yu Yuen Road 909, Lane 2, Zip code 200050.Jurisdiction: Qishan, Jiangsu, 000 Village, South Wang, the East Hamamatsu, three-yu, Cao Jiayan, West Hamamatsu, Shi Fu, Changxin, Hua Shan, Li Xi, Wang North 13 neighborhood committees.Xinhua Road streets in France and China Town Road 525, Zip code 200052.Jurisdiction: Panyu, cattle bridge, the people, the town of West, Yang household, fragrant flower, Xinhua, Meian, left house, Tin crossing, Tai'an, Chen Jiaxiang, Dong-jin, Hong Zhuang, happiness, peace, 17-house neighborhood.Zhou Changning Road Bridge streets in 1488, Lane 6, Zip code 200051.Jurisdiction: Fan, North, Central 4, 5, friendly, Shen Lang, Monday, Tuesday, the small garden, Dr house, Jinping, the original day, the ancient north, the ancient South, Huacheng Shanghai, Hongqiao Metro, Metro Changning, Zhongshan Apartment, we source 18 neighborhood committees.Tianshan mountain days in the streets of the village on the 14th, Zip code 200051.Jurisdiction: the Tianshan Mountain Village, Tianshan three villages, four Tianshan Mountain Village, Maotai, Xia, the Tianshan Mountains, just days, days with, Shin Kong, the new wind, Yuping, Zunyi, friendship and 3, the building, in purple, extension of the West, spinning freshman 18 Village neighborhood.Xia Village streets in Hong ancient Road 206, Zip code 200335.Jurisdiction: the Tianshan five village, Tianshan WUCUN 3, a Fu, Fu 2, Daikin more, the original two days Village, Rainbow, Rainbow ancient, Hong spinning, Hong Ha, Hong Xu, Hong Xian, Jin Yuan, Xian Yi, 2 cents, Mrs A, water-Xia, the ancient Song, Maotai Xinyuan, Weining, Hong King, Maotai Garden, Anlong 23 neighborhood committees.Hongqiao streets in 1155, Hongqiao Road, Zip code 200051.Jurisdiction: Anton, Ho Kok, Changshun, the new Shun, Changhong, Hong South, Hongqiao, love built, Ili, Hong Chu, Xu Hong, Hong Mei Rd, Ronghua, Hong East, Zhongshan, Hong Ju Wei Xin 16 Will.Cheng Bridge Road Hami streets in 2005, Zip code 200335.Jurisdiction: the village-a bridge, two-way bridge Village, Po North, Airport Village, Wang Si-Man Bridge, South Gong, on seven routes Village neighborhood.Beixinjing streets in Pusong No. 51 North Road, Zip code 200335.Exemptions: One Village One new Jing, a village two new Jing, Jing two new villages, the new Jing three villages, four new village Jing, Jing five new villages, the village six new Jing, Jing seven new village, eight new Jing Village, North Road, Qu , Pusong Road North, a 12 Hami Village neighborhood.Jingyang town in the new Hami Road 431, Zip code 200335.Jurisdiction: Liu a house, the house of Liu, Liu house three or four Liu house, Fuquan Road, Huaiyin Road, a Song-hong, Hong Song 2, Song-hong 3, Song-hong 40, Hong Song 5, Hua-song, Dawn, Whitty Bridge, a village Lvyuan, Lvyuan Village 5, Lvyuan Village 8, Lvyuan Village 11, 12 Lvyuan Village, Hong Village Park 10, North-Hong, Zhang Jing, Hong Hong the first quarter, Cheng Bridge, In Jinghe, Linquan, Shuangliu Road, the new fisheries Road East, Hong Hong the second quarter, the Granville Road, Kowloon-Hong Park Village 31 Juwei; Tianshan Mountains, the new Jing, Suining, double Jing, happy to six villages.)

Changning District, Shanghai geographical coordinates (Google maps satellite map Landmark) finishing date: (2006/9/26 17:59:00)
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