Beijing's Shijingshan District (Administrative division) Satellite maps

OverviewShijingshan District in north latitude and 39 ° 53'-39 ° 59 ', longitude 116 ° 07'-116 ° 14'.Total area of 86 square kilometres.Total population of 340,000 people (2002).Resident District People's Government Zip code: 100043.Administrative division code: 110107.Code: 010.Pinyin: Shijingshan Qu.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Administrative divisionBabaoshan streets exempted 15 communities: - ASTRI, nurseries, Yuquan Road West, Institute of Electronic Technology intelligence community, Rui Da, China Railway Construction Company Limited, East new home communities, Huangzhuang, Lugu Small Residential Village Community , Lugu Small Residential residential community, Four Seasons Park, North District East Wing-lok, LO South East Area community, youth Floor, 3 Park Hill community.Laoshan streets exempted 10 communities: high-energy community, Graduate School of the community, Yuquan Road West, Dr Jiafen, the old community of Shandong in the north, Shandong in the old, old Southern community, Shandong, Shanxi, the old community, 11 No. community, Jingyuan-Valley communities.1.80 streets exempted 16 communities: Beijing Yuen Road, North, 1.80, 1.80, in the community, built of steel in the South, the ancient city of South Lane, 1.80 South Road, the ancient city of South Road, 1.80 Road, Park North, 1.80 North Road, 1.80 Road Special Steel Community, the Southern District Yangzhuang, Yangzhuang Central, 1.80 South Lane, the ancient city subway home communities, Yangzhuang North communities.City streets exempted 22 communities: North District, the ancient city of South East, the ancient city of South West, Central Rail, Road, Tianxiang, 8,000-ping, the ancient city roads, special steel, the ancient city of West Road North, 10 Wan-ping, the ancient city of West Road South, North Xin Ante Steel Community, the North Xin Annan North Fork community, the old city Qian Jie, the old city Backstreet, Xin'an North Main Street, Baimiao community, water Zhuncun community, Nam Tai Huang, the new North Xin'an iron, cement plants, Pang village communities.Apple orchard street exempted 18 communities: West Huangcun, Huang Nanyuan, Military Region compound, the Zhuang, Bada Chu, three spa, West Well, Haitehuayuan third, an apple orchard area, while House, Lang village communities, apple orchard three districts, District 2 apple orchard, apple orchard four districts, the Department of Military Region equipment compound, Haitehuayuan the first, second Haitehuayuan community, the West Village community Huang .Jinding Jie street exempted 15 communities: Kim Dong Court, autumn Court, the Chihuly, Jinchun Court, Zhao Hill, Xifu village communities, casting the village community, I model communities in the East, in the words of model community , The model I South Lane, model I Sirry Central, North mode I Sirry, model I Sirry South, North, I model, I model village communities.Xin'an North Street (the original source community is not listed)Quang Ninh streets exempted four communities: Dongshan, the new legislature Street, Ma Yu, communities Gaojing Road.Tuo streets jurisdiction of Wuli 10 communities: the courtyard of the Joint Logistics Department of Military Region, Stone House, black stone, Xishan Machinery Plant, Gaojing, Longen Temple, East, West Street, Hongwei Road community , The Palace community.Lugu Small Residential streets exempted 22 communities: two-Jin Yuan, Wing-lok North West District, West Wing-lok Southern District, West Plant West, East West plant, built for the community, 5 Fang Yuan, reunited Park, according to Crest Villa North, according to Crest Villa South, North Park Liuhe, Liuhe Park South, the Shijingshan community hospital, the Xinhua News Agency Lugu Small Residential Community, Seven Star Park North, Seven Star Park South, built of iron in the General Hospital of the community, I Amun East, West Yamen mouth, I Amun Southern communities, building new community-lan, re-park communities.(* under "administrative divisions of the Beijing Municipal Code" Finishing *)-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------History», The Shijingshan District exempted eight streets: Babaoshan streets, Laoshan streets, 1.80 streets, city streets, Jinding Jie street, Orchard Street, Quang Ninh streets, Tuo Wuli streets.In 2000, the total population of 489,439 Shijingshan District, the streets Population: 100,731 Babaoshan streets Laoshan streets 37774 1.80 7084 S Street 62,249 apple orchard city streets street 81,852 Jinding Jie street 61,963 Quang Ninh streets Tuo 14,361 street Wuli 30,664 Shougang Qian'an 28,992 mines street (according to the fifth census data; units:)», The Shijingshan District additional Lugu Small Residential streets.In 2002, the Shijingshan District exempted 10 streets: Babaoshan streets, Laoshan streets, 1.80 streets, city streets, street apple orchard, Jinding Jie street, North Xin'an streets, Quang Ninh village streets, Wuli Tuo streets, Lugu Small Residential Streets.In 2005, the Shijingshan District exempted nine streets: Lugu Small Residential streets, the Babaoshan streets, Laoshan streets, 1.80 streets, city streets, street apple orchard, Jinding Jie street, Quang Ninh streets, Tuo Wuli streets.

Beijing's Shijingshan District geographical coordinates (Google maps satellite map Landmark) finishing date: (2006/9/26 17:59:00)
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