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OverviewLoudi City, a total area of 8,107 square kilometres.Total population of 4.03 million (2003).Municipal People's Government in the Louxing District, Zip code: 4170000.Administrative division code: 431300.Code: 0738.Pinyin: Loudi Shi.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Administrative divisionAs at December 31, 2005, a Shixia Loudi City area, two counties and two county-level cities hosting; city a total of 12 streets and 56 towns and 24 townships.Loudi City area of 8107 square kilometres, population 4.03 million (2003).Louxing area of 428 square kilometres, population 410,000.ZIP code 417000.District People's Government in the Evergreen Street.Lengshuijiang City area of 436 square kilometres, population 350,000.ZIP code 417500.Lengshuijiang City People's Government in the streets.Lianyuan City area of 1895 square kilometres, population 1.09 million.ZIP code 417100.Municipal People's Government in Lam Tin Street.Shuang Fengxian area of 1713 square kilometres, population 890,000.ZIP code 417700.Yong Feng County People's Government in the town.Xinhua County area of 3,635 square kilometres, population 1.29 million.ZIP code 417600.County People's Government in the on-town.* Here Quhuadiming information as at December 2005; area and population data in accordance with "the People's Republic of administrative divisions booklet (2005)", the population at the end of 2003.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------HistoryFebruary 1960, the establishment of Loudi City, Lengshuijiang City.1962, Loudi City, and revocation of Lengshuijiang City.October 1969, the restoration of Lengshuijiang City.1977, located in Lianyuan, Lianyuan counties in the region.The origin of Shaoyang in Lengshuijiang City, and Xinhua, the new Shao (brewing in the town), Shaodong (in the two towns), two peaks (in the company town), Lianyuan (in Lam Tin Town) 5 assigned to the border counties Source region.1978, by the Civil Administration in Lianyuan Lianyuan county (Lam Tin Town) moved in Lianyuan County town of Loudi.Exempted 1 city, five counties.(The above extracted from "The History of the People's Republic of political history as a zone of the music")July 1980, resumed in Loudi City, Lianyuan County town of Loudi Shanshan Corporation and Dongfeng, the group's communes and the West-side of the stone, water-yang Battalion, Bai Mu Tong Battalion think of the Corporation designated as the city administrative region .December 11, 1982, the State Council for approval in Lianyuan changed its name to Loudi area.July 1983, Shaodong, the new Shao 2 County was placed under the jurisdiction of Shaoyang City.July 11, 1984, the State Council for approval (of the letter [1984] No. 113) Lianyuan County District of Loudi, tea, Wan Baorui, West Yang, Shanshan, Xiaobi, Shuangjiang, Ishii was placed under eight communes in Loudi City.June 10, 1987, the revocation of Lianyuan County, the establishment of Lianyuan City.January 20, 1999, the State Council for approval (of the letter [1999] 7): (1) the revocation of Loudi City, regional and county level in Loudi, the establishment level in Loudi City, City People's Government in the newly established Louxing District.(2) the establishment of Louxing District of Loudi City, Loudi City, to the original county-level administrative region to Louxing District of the region.District People's Government in the Evergreen Street.(3) Loudi Shixia Loudi in the Shuangfeng Xian, Xinhua County and the newly established Louxing District.The original in Lengshuijiang City, Loudi, Lianyuan City, Hunan Province by the Crown.In 2000, according to the fifth national census data: Loudi City, the total population 3783233; Louxing District 398,577 Shuang Fengxian 840,626 Xinhua County 1207436 Lengshuijiang City, 339,701 Lianyuan City, 996,893 (based on past administrative division; units:)Ming Wanli 16 years (1588), Xinhua County is zoned Rural 3, or 21, which, in the City 1 (car), in rural, 20 (all).35 years of Emperor Kangxi (1696), Xiangxiang County, designated as the original 3 Square, 12 townships, all under 44, 16 are exempted this Shuangfeng Xian, this Loudi City, Xiangxiang to the rural child prodigy, 4 are exempted.Xinhua County into three townships, 26.The first year of Tongzhi (1862), to the rural, are corporations, and village.Xinhua County is zoned Village, 127 Mission 16.Xuantong Period 2002 (1910), Xinhua County is zoned for a car four rural town 11.Xinhua County in the Republic of China 18 (1929) the original series to the township eight autonomous regions and 15 rural towns and an immediate.Xiangxiang County, in Taiwan 19 (1930) to 10, the third this Shuang Fengxian District, six, seven, Loudi City, for the 9th District.In all 25 original, the regiment, the temple to the rural, Bulgaria, A.In 27 rural areas and withdraw this Shuangfeng Xian for a rural town 16, this Xiangxiang County, Loudi City is a town of Loudi, exempted four townships.Xinhua County for 37 townships.Lengshuijiang run Xinhua today, a rural town to five.1950, the abolition of security, a system established following the county, township (town) and village, the group, in 1952, Xinhua County for 21, 545 townships, three towns, located 14 Shuang Fengxian District, 335 townships, two towns; Lianyuan County, a 17, eight townships, and four towns.October 1952, the Shaoyang agency approval, the new draw of 34 rural counties to the Longhui county jurisdiction.June, Yiyang County, the agency approved the Xiangxiang the pines and cypresses, Palit, Ping Shek, Wanli Township was placed under Shuangfeng Xian.May 1953, the Government approved the Hunan Longhui County District 12 rural water tankers assigned Xinhua County.Shaoyang agency agreed to the sector Lingzhen Street South in Shaodong county and township tiger-chuen, lumbar shop in his hometown of the 11, 12 and the two villages is zoned for housing plum-Shuang Fengxian jurisdiction.In May, will the new county Shao 5, 7 of the six rural districts drawn to the Lianyuan County jurisdiction.The same month, the Hunan Provincial Civil Affairs Department approved the new zoning of the 19 counties to 11 rural counties under the jurisdiction Pu-sook.1954, Xinhua County township set aside 11 to Xu Puxian jurisdiction.This year, adjusted to 911 in the townships, and 11 towns.1956 revocation of the District system, adjusted to 162 townships and 13 towns.October 1958, the establishment of political and social unity of the people's commune, under the brigade, the production team.There are 58 to build a people's commune, 903 groups and 6,610 production teams.February 1960, the restoration of the establishment of rural areas, in the three counties and two cities, 30 county area 232 people's communes.September 1970, the Revolutionary Committee of Shaoyang in Shao county approved the new Sun River Bridge Corporation and Tam commune of 22 Battalion was transferred to the jurisdiction of Lianyuan County.1973, the Provincial Revolutionary Committee approved, would Shuangfeng Xian Feng Shui Corporation of the red flag Battalion, Pingshang Battalion of the production team was placed under five Xiangxiang County at the same time, the county will be days of Caroline Hill Gate Corporation Battalion was placed under the jurisdiction Shuangfeng Xian.1976, Xiangxiang County, Ping spent Corporation Anshan, Pa Tong 2 Battalion was placed under the jurisdiction Shuangfeng Xian, and from Shuangfeng Xian Bridge Corporation Quantang by a battalion drawn to the production team spent Corporation Ping Xiangxiang County, the jurisdiction .At this point, in a total of three counties, 1 city, 202 in the people's commune, 10 towns, 3,309 groups and 27,617 production team.September 1977, set up in Lianyuan, Xinhua jurisdiction, the new Shao, Shaodong, bimodal, Lianyuan five counties and Lengshuijiang City, 45 counties, 274 people's communes and 12 towns.July 1980, resumed in Loudi City, Lianyuan County town of Loudi Shanshan Corporation and Dongfeng, the group's communes and the West-side of the stone, water-yang Battalion, Bai Mu Tong Battalion think of the Corporation designated as the city administrative region .Is in the region for five counties, two cities.October 1984, Loudi Prefecture Administrative Office under the CPC Central Committee [1983] 35 of the spirit of the document, the restoration of township and village administrative divisions, the establishment of townships, towns People's Government.In the region there are 29 area counties, 192 townships, 22 towns, seven neighborhood offices.As at December 31, 1989, for the three areas of Loudi City, the two counties.A total of 19 districts, 140 townships, 30 towns, nine neighborhood offices, 3,275 village committees, neighborhood committees, 197, 34,679 groups of villagers, 1,866 residents group.(Source information) (Powered slight changes)

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