Tongnan County of Chongqing Municipality (Administrative division) Satellite maps

OverviewTongnan County, a total area of 1585 square kilometres.Total population of 900,000 people (2004).County People's Government resident Zip code: 402660.Administrative division code: 500223.Code: 023.Pinyin: Tongnan Xian.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Administrative divisionTongnan County exempted two streets, 17 towns and three townships: Zitong streets, Guilin streets, and the town, the dragon-shaped town, the ancient town, Baolong town, the town of Yuxi, rice heart town, groups of the town, Two-Town, flower-town, Bozi town, the town of worship niches, Tang Ba Jin, the new Town, too Changan, small Duzhen, Wofo town, Wugui town, home field, not the rural population, TING Qiaoxiang.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------HistoryJuly 9, 1999, Tongnan County, the county party committee, people's congresses, governments, CPPCC organizations town resident from Zitong is Hing Street on the 27th, 23, 34, 59, moved to the town of Lian Huacun Zitong to the new administrative centre (Yu House [1999] No. 123).2000, exempted 22 Tongnan County town, nine townships: Zitong, double Jiang, Yan Hua, Guilin, Bozi, worshipping shrine, the ancient river, Baolong, leap, Xinhua, Yuxi, the group of meters heart, And, dragon, Tangba, too-on, Yongsheng, the new wins, the small ferry, Wofo, Wugui 22 towns; Tian, Wing On, civilized, safflower, Hing, Long items, lemon son, do not mouth TING Bridge nine townships.According to the fifth census data: total population of 860,016 people, including the township population (people): Zitong town of 118,646 on the town and the town of 24,883-30,323-35,298 Baolong Ancient Town, the town of 27,341 leap in the town of 15,999 the town of 23,928 Yuxi Xinhua Zhen 12,947 The town of 15,849 metres heart of the town of 20,781 pairs group Town Guilin town of 47,814-31,149 the town of 12,782 spent the town of 46,867 Bozi worship shrine town of 43,348 Tangba town of 62,765 new town of 27,034-35,755 Yongsheng too Changan Town, 8086 Duzhen 47,035 small town of 39,944 Wofo Wugui home town of 13,688-14,323-11,576 of the rural township of lemon 13,071 other rural population 11,959 safflower Rural 15,707 Hing township 11,313 civilization 13,623 Yong'an Township 15,137 rural life Qiaoxiang 11,0452002, exempted 22 Tongnan County town, nine townships, and 21 neighborhood committees and 283 village committees.The end of the household registration total population of 904,300 people, including non-agricultural population of 94,600 people.June 16, 2006, the Chongqing Municipal People's Government "on the administrative divisions of Tongnan County approved the adjustment programmes" (Yu House [2006] 126): Tongnan County, agreed that the existing 31 township adjusted to 22 towns and streets .Specific adjustments are as follows:(A) remove five towns, six townships: Zitong town, the town of Guilin, Xinhua Zhen, the leap in the town, Yongsheng town, rural civilization, the dragon of the rural, rural-lemon, saffron Township, Hing township, Yong'an Township .(B) the establishment of an Office of two streets.Zitong jurisdiction of the Office of the Zitong streets of the town of Dongsheng, Shaolou, the Quartet, the Big Buddha four offices and Li Jia Ci, bean sprouts Bay, monuments, towers slope, Solitaire Bridge, the Rock Bay, the bridge seven community's neighborhood committee , The area of 127.873 square kilometers in size.Streets in the cool breeze Hydropower Office (formerly the Zitong town resident).2.Guilin, the original jurisdiction of the Office of the streets the town of Guilin, the Zitong town offices and the Dongfeng Coal Mine, Lotus two community's neighborhood committee, the area of 80.387 square kilometers in size.Neighborhood offices in the Zitong section, Dongfeng town.(C) adjustment of six towns, two administrative regions of the Rural 1.Two-Town jurisdiction of the original two-Town, the original Hing township and village Baiyun nine administrative regions of the village belongs, size area of 119.306 square kilometers.Government Street in the town of dragon (the site).2.Bozi the original jurisdiction of the town Bozi town, the rural civilization, the Yong'an Township respective administrative areas, the area of 134.75 square kilometers in size.Bozi town government in the town of Centre Street (the site).3.The original jurisdiction of the town of dragon dragon town, the original lemon-owned rural administrative regions, size area of 80.63 square kilometers.The town government in the Chadian Zi (the site).4.Ancient Town, the original jurisdiction of Ancient Town, the original leap in the town, which the original saffron rural region, size area of 116.06 square kilometers.The town government in the ancient town Main Street (the site).5.Yuxi the original jurisdiction of the town of Yuxi town, the original Hing Tai Lung Tsuen township and village Cao their administrative region, the area of 54.414 square kilometers in size.Lung Ying-town government in the Street (the site).6.M m original jurisdiction of the town of cardiac heart town, the Xinhua Zhen their administrative regions, area of 51.9 square kilometers in size.The town government in the heart meter field (the site).7.Tian home jurisdiction Harada home, the original Yongsheng town, the original stone dragon of the rural village, Guiyuan Village, the old Miaocun their administrative region, the area of 63.13 square kilometers in size.Ocean Village in the township government.8.I do not original jurisdiction of other rural townships and the original population of the township-village homes to spend, Laojun their village administrative regions, the area of 41.34 square kilometers in size.Township Government in the other powered by mouth (the site).(D) 11 to retain the town, a rural administrative region government and the resident the same: small Duzhen, Tang Ba Jin, Sung shrine town, Wofo town, too Changan, and the town, Baolong town, the new Town, Groups of the town, flower-town, Wugui town, TING Qiaoxiang.

Tongnan County of Chongqing Municipality geographical coordinates (Google maps satellite map Landmark) finishing date: (2006/9/26 17:59:00)
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