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OverviewWulong County, a total area of 2872 square kilometres.Total population of 400,000 people (2004).Xiangkou County People's Government in the town, Zip code: 408500.Code: 500232.Code: 023.Pinyin: Wulong Xian.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Administrative divisionWulong County jurisdiction 11 towns and 15 townships: Xiangkou town, the town stove, Whitehorse, ducks Town, long坝镇, Jiangkou Town, Ping Qiaozhen, croissants town, fairies Town, Tung Tsz town, Tukan Town, Fung Township, Heshun Village Temple Shuibuya Township, Shiqiao Xiang, double he Xiang, Ying Huang Township, Cang Gou Xiang, rehabilitation, rural, rural land, rural white clouds, after Pingxiang, I Heung-ho, Solitaire rural, Zhao Hometown, iron ore Township.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------HistoryNovember 27, 1998, the town will Tukan Zhu Zuicun (2.5 square km and 409) monument Shuibuya Township was placed under the jurisdiction of adjustment after the landmark Shuibuya Township exempted a total of seven villages, covering 21.9 square km and the population 5790 (Yu House [1998] No. 201).December 13, 1999, the rural resident in the mouth by mouth moved to its cotton market village of cotton Dam (Chongqing House [1999] No. 201).December 13, 1999, the monument Shuibuya Hydropower rural resident from the monument moved to Zhu Zuicun the rush moraine (Chongqing House [1999] 203).In 2000, the Wulong County jurisdiction Xiangkou, Tung Tsz, stoves, Jiangkou, croissants, Tukan, the White Horse, long dam, Yajiang, Pingqiao 10 towns; Houping, Yuzi, Solitaire, land, ginkgo, walnut, bubble Ditch, the stone bridge, Jia Cape Mount, I-ho, the text of rehabilitation, Huangcao, in the mouth, Ying Huang, Longdong, car set, the monument Shuibuya, wood root, Shuanghe, Baiyun, iron ore, Dongshan, Zhao, Fung, Temple Shuibuya , Hwasun, Xingshun, Lung Dam, Shi Feng, Star, Yang Guang, Po board, Green Kyrgyzstan, tea, sent on the river in 36 townships.According to the fifth census data: the county total population of 397,697 people, including the township population (people): Xiangkou town of 38,145 stoves 12183 Tongzi town of Jiangkou Town, the town of 12,067 the town of 14,520 croissants town of 10,655-13,527 Tukan坝镇16,011 Whitehorse 22,107 ducks Town 14,556 Ping Qiaozhen 12,581 in 7464 Ying Huang mouth Rural Township 4311 Longdong Township 6251 car-Rural Township 4240-1701 Po Yang Heung-4441 Green Township Kyrgyzstan after the 6195 Pingxiang 3256 Yuzi 3958 Solitaire Heung Rural Township 7511 ginkgo 5,777 rural land 7048 school Cang Gou Xiang Tao Heung 4407 BA Xiang 9843-8914 rural 8655 Shiqiao Xiang Wan Feng Jia 8124 Kok Shan-ho, I Rural 4722-4727, 6279 Huangcao rural township 6,121 day-3060-roots rural township 4,920 pairs he Xiang 6458 landmark Shuibuya 6326-5355 rural hometown Baiyun 7463 iron ore Rural Township 4694 East Shan 2764 tea 4050 Xingshun rural township 4643 Temple Shuibuya Township, 13,453 sent to the rural township 9023 Heshun 10,582 of the 17,768-feng Township Village 6841May 29, 2001, from 1.80 resident Dan Qiaoxiang the village relocated to the village of Chestnut Wan, Sha Tin (Yu House [2001] 91).August 22, 2001, iron ore from the township government is now resident of Walnut Hong-Bao Ping Village Blacksmith group moved to ditch the well-being of the village tea garden at Fort (Yu House [2001] No. 198).April 30, 2002, Hwasun rural resident by the Billiard-powered sand mining area market moved to the seat of the sand powered village (Yu House [2002] 51).April 30, 2002, the revocation of ginkgo rural and Xiangkou town of Jing Chuk Village, Willow Village, Tea Village, Tukan town of Sihetun Village, Heshun Village, a pair of the rural village of fairy village set aside a total of six The establishment of fairy Town.Ginkgo jurisdiction of the original fairy Town township of the regional and Jing bamboo, willow, tea Ping, Sihetun, Hwasun, fairies and other six villages in the area, Shilianghe resident of the town government (Yu House [2002] 52).In 2002, the Wulong County jurisdiction 11 towns and 35 townships, and 21 neighborhood committees and 427 village committees.The end of the household registration total population of 395,700 people, including non-agricultural population of 50,000 people.December 12, 2003, the Chongqing Municipal People's Government (Chongqing House [2003] 266) Wulong County, agreed that approval will be 11 towns, 35 rural adjustment for the 11 towns and 15 townships.First, remove 20 Township: Township of mouth, Kyrgyzstan Green Township, rural Yang Guang, Longdong Township, Po-rural, rural-car, Yuzi Township, Long BA Xiang, Wan Feng Township, Walnut Township, Huangcao Township, Star Rural, Kok Jia Shan, wood rural roots, the monument Shuibuya Township, Eastern Shan, the Tea Garden Township, Xingshun Township, sent on rural, in the Village.Second, the expansion of nine towns and eight rural towns in the region Xiangkou: Government in Furong Road, the original jurisdiction Xiangkou town, Kyrgyzstan Green Township, the rural-Yang Po-rural and rural community's neighborhood committee in the mouth and Peach, Zaozai, joint, wood Ping, Dongshan, water, cotton dam, such as eight-Ling village, Park Heung Village 1,2,3,4,6,7,8, such as the first seven groups of villagers and fairy tea Village Town 1 Group district administrative region, the area of 276.1 square kilometres, population 59,813 people.Stoves town: the Government's stove shop, the original jurisdiction stove town, township and Long BA Xiang Wan Feng Ssangyong, Yunfeng, after the slot, to the light, the five-star, Chong Meng Tong, back to Long, the new fields, such as nine cars Pa Village District administrative region, the area of 179.6 square kilometres, population 31,158 people.Fairy Town: Government in Shilianghe son of the original jurisdiction of Walnut Township and fairies Town Garonne, the temple tree, gingko, unity, double-Ling, patriotic, Venus, Zhu Jing, Yang Liu, Sihetun, Hwasun, fairies, Jiguang, Lung Fort, and other 14 villages, tea Village section 2,3,4,5,6, and other five groups of villagers district administrative region, the area of 177.9 square kilometres, population 14,031 people.Jiangkou Town: Government in the Jiangkou market, the original jurisdiction Jiangkou Town, and text-Huangcao Rural Township shuangshancun 1 and groups of villagers in rural Parker-mouth village No. 5 groups of villagers district administrative region, the area of 129.1 square kilometres, population 19,823 people .Croissants town: the Government's croissants moraine, the original jurisdiction croissants town, the monument Shuibuya Township district administrative regions, covering 93.9 square kilometres, population 18,645 people.坝镇long: the Government's long dam field, the original jurisdiction and East Shan坝镇community's neighborhood committee and a long red light, newborn, Rush, Hongfeng, E Guan, Pak Sha, the yuan, Tai Ling, Ho, Shawo Chien Village, Luo Road, victory, to the town, such as 14 village and township lights Ping Tea Garden, the board moved, tea, health-Ping, and other four villages, the area of 104.4 square kilometres, population 20,951 people.Duck Town: Government in the duck's market, the original jurisdiction duck Town, sent to the rural district of the region, covering 124.7 square kilometres, population 23,043 people.Ping Qiaozhen: Pingqiao in the field, the original jurisdiction Ping Qiaozhen, in the Village district administrative regions, covering 73.4 square kilometres, population 18,947 people.Whitehorse: Government in the six-party Ping, the jurisdiction of Whitehorse, rural car-and long坝镇bright Village, the Tea Garden Township Lutheran Village district administrative region, the area of 221.7 square kilometres, population 26,958 people.Ying Huang Township: Resident bridge, the original jurisdiction Ying Huang Township, Longdong Township district administrative region, the area of 149.3 square kilometres, population 10,471 people.After Pingxiang: After the Government in Pingba, the original jurisdiction after Pingxiang, Yuzi rural district administrative regions, covering 87.3 square km, population 7,214 people.Cang Gou Xiang: Government in Cang-ditch field, the original jurisdiction Cang Gou Xiang and Long BA Xiang May 1 Village district administrative region, the area of 73.6 square kilometres, population 9,881 people.Dan Qiaoxiang: Government in Chestnut Bay, the original jurisdiction and Jia Shi Qiaoxiang Kok Shan Cao, Liu Leng, the sheep, Kok Jia, Wang Yang, and other five village district administrative regions, covering 102.7 square kilometres, population 10,838 people.I Heung-ho: Government in Polygonum Shuibuya, exempted rural and indigenous-ho, I received official Jia Kok Shan, the third, 2.60 village jurisdiction, such as three administrative regions, covering 85.2 square km, population 6,360 people.Rural-text: the Government's carrot Shuibuya, exempted the original Star Rural Township is booming and cultural complex, nanmu, land, high-long, Shaba, such as six Western Hills Village, Village section 2,3,4,5, and other dual-four groups of villagers Area of 109.9 square kilometres, population 8,986 people.Two-he Xiang: Government in the Black Bazi, double the original jurisdiction he Xiang, wood-kan rural district administrative region, the area of 227.8 square kilometres, population 10,740 people.Hwasun Township: Tuo in the sand, the original jurisdiction Heshun Village Xingshun rural district administrative regions, covering 103.2 square kilometres, population 14,426 people.Third, to retain two towns, seven of the regional rural resident and the government remain unchanged: Tung Tsz town, the town Tukan, Solitaire rural, rural land, rural white clouds, iron ore rural, Zhao home, the temple Shuibuya Township, Fung Township .

Wulong County, Chongqing Municipality geographical coordinates (Google maps satellite map Landmark) finishing date: (2006/9/26 17:59:00)
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