Bishan County of Chongqing Municipality (Administrative division) Satellite maps

OverviewBishan County, a total area of 912 square kilometres.Total population of 610,000 people (2004).Choi, City County People's Government in the streets, Zip code: 402760.Code: 500227.Code: 023.Pinyin: Bishan Xian.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Administrative divisionBishan County exempted two streets, 10 towns, a township: Choi, city streets, Qinggang streets, 8 Town, 7 Town, road town, a river town, fuluzhen, Tai Hing town, is Xingzhen, Ding town-Cape Town, Sanhe town, Kin Longxiang.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------HistoryNovember 17, 1997, Pu Yuan resident from the town government moved to the field Pu Yuan Ma Bridge (Chongqing House [1997] 77).In 2000, Bishan County jurisdiction Choi, City, lions, river, Fu-Lu, Tai Hing, Danfeng, Lai, Qing Gang, Ding, Kwong & Poor's, triple, Ma Fang, is flourishing, stone homes, road, Po Yuan, security, and Tong 6, 8 Tong, Tong 7 20 towns; Meijiang, Long, Long Jian, Yun Ping, Wulong, according to Feng-six townships.According to the fifth census data: the county total population of 608,473 people, including the township population (people): Choi, the town of 21,049 cities and towns 92,146 Lions fuluzhen the riverside town of 25,824 the town of 26,136 Danfeng 20,963 Daxing town of 22,111 laifengzhen 38,422 Qinggang Ding town of 29,550-42,935 Cape Town, the town of Sanhe town of 17,358-15,334 Fangzhen Xingzhen 22964-23992 is the town of 17,939 homes the town of 27,530 road Po-yuan town of 15,133 home town of 16,066 Town 12723 6 7 8 Town Town 20221-18001 Longjiang Township's 11,669 rural Longxiang 14399-12521-11661 Pingxiang five Longxiang 13,718 by 13,135 Qinglong Hu Feng-rural town of 4,973 is not approvedMarch 20, 2001, the town changed its name to Green  Qinggang town, its jurisdiction and the town government resident unchanged (Yu House [2001] 43).In 2002, Bishan County, exempted 20 towns and six townships, and 37 neighborhood committees and 453 village committees.The end of the household registration total population of 609,500 people, including non-agricultural population of 133,400 people.December 23, 2003, the Chongqing Municipal People's Government (Chongqing House [2003] No. 283) will agree to Bishan County, 20 towns and six rural adjustment for the two neighborhood offices, 10 towns, a township.First, revocation of 10 towns and five rural: revocation of Choi, towns, Pu Yuan town, the lion town, Qinggang town, laifengzhen, Ma Fang Zhen, the town of stone homes, Danfeng town, home-town, six Town, Longjiang Township, cloud-go, Meijiang Township, according to Feng Township, five Longxiang.Second, the new two streets Choi, the Office of City neighborhood offices: the Office of the Jian Jin Choi, City Road, the original jurisdiction Choi, towns, and the town of Pu Yuan lion town Shuangshi, Fuk Lane bridges two community's neighborhood committee, Shibao, Hualong, Kwun Yam Tong, high-Shek, Qian son, the Tiger-feng, Nihe, Tai Shan, the new nine-such as the village district administrative region, the area of 116.78 square kilometres, population 130,125 people.Qinggang neighborhood offices: the Office of the big characters, the original jurisdiction Qinggang town, and the Lions laifengzhen town of Lotus, the new Yu, a new, on sheep, the dragon, Tong Fong, Zongshu seven villages, and other administrative jurisdiction Regional area of 90.93 square kilometres, population 72,775 people.Third, adjusting eight towns, a Rural Town's eight administrative regions: in a community commodities, exempted the original eight Town, five Longxiang district administrative regions, covering 64.20 square kilometres, population 33,900 people.7 Town: the Government's seven-hing, exempted the seven Town, according to Feng-rural district administrative region, the area of 57.49 square kilometres, population 32,900 people.Road town: the Redstone community, exempted the original road town, home-town, six Town and the riverside village of the town of Fuling, 8, 9 groups of villagers district administrative region, the area of 103.55 square kilometres, population 65,080 people.Tai Hing town: the Government's booming community, exempted the town of Daxing, Danfeng Meijiang town and rural district administrative region, the area of 100.14 square kilometres, population 57,544 people.Xingzhen are: the Government's Wen-hua, the original jurisdiction is Xingzhen, Stone Town district hospital administrative regions, covering 75.02 square kilometres, population 43,312 people.Ding town: Government in Tongluo, exempted the original Ding town, Ma Fang Zhen district administrative region, the area of 85.12 square kilometres, population 65,878 people.- Cape Town: Government-community in general, the original jurisdiction-Cape Town, the rural district-level administrative regions, covering 47.15 square kilometres, population 27,600 people.Riverside town: Government in Wenchang, exempted the riverside town of Wenchang community's neighborhood committee and the crane up, through you, Heart, Shek Kong, GE trees, River Salt Well, Xintang, Liangshui Jing, agro-hing, horn water, the dragon Jiang, 2.60, 4, Po ducks, of Stone, the Yantang, seven holes, Weir mouth, big-lan Shuibuya, the Baptist mouth, rehabilitation, and other 21 villages, the first village in Fuling 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 , And other seven groups of villagers district administrative region, the area of 52.50 square kilometres, population 24,956 people.- Longxiang: Xiao Jia Zui in the community, the original jurisdiction-Longxiang, Longjiang Township district administrative region, the area of 39.81 square kilometres, population 28,403 people.40, to retain the town's two administrative regions and the resident the same: to retain fuluzhen, Sanhe Township of the regional and resident unchanged.

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