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The name: the Republic of Malawi (The Republic of Malawi)Independence Day: July 6 (1964)National Day: July 6 (1964)Flag: a rectangular, long and wide ratio of 3:2.Top-down by the black, red, green, three parallel horizontal rectangular composition, the middle level flag for a Ranran up the sun, 31 light radiation, a black symbol of black, red symbol for freedom and independence of the martyrs fighting Blood, the representative of the country's green land and beautiful scenery of green, the sun logo symbolizes the African people for freedom and hope.National Emblem: The Centre for the shield logo emblem.Face shield divided into three parts: the upper part of the corrugated blue-and symbol of Lake Malawi, Central Lions Club logo that the country in the history of the link with Britain, the Sun logo from the bottom of Nyasaland in 1924 the emblem.Eagle is the top shield emblem, the sun, Yinkui, Corolla logo, on both sides of a lion and leopard, the bottom of the mountain logo symbolizes the country's southern Mulanje Mountain, Shoudai written in English on "solidarity and freedom."Physical Geography: more than 118,000 square kilometers (including over 24,000 square km waters).Southeastern Africa landlocked countries.West TAIWAN BISHAMON Zambia, Tanzania, even the Northeast, eastern and southern Mozambique and adjacent to.Malaysia, Tanzania, between the-Lake Malawi as the third African Great Lakes.Great Rift Valley throughout the longitudinal, in many plateau, 3 / 4 of Homeland 1000-1500 meters above sea level.1400-2400 meters above sea level north of the plateau; southern Mulanje Mountain拔地而起, Sapi Tyva peak as high as 3,000 meters, the highest point; Mulanje Mountain to the west of Xilei Valley, a strip Plain.Xin Feng is located in the southeast zone, a savannah climate.Population: About 11 million (2004).Bantu languages for the vast majority of blacks.Niang Jia main group, Qiwa Yao, and other races and eight tribes.About 8,000 Europeans.12,000 Asians.The official language is English and Qiqi Wa language.Most people believe in primitive religion, 20 percent Catholic and Protestant Christianity.Capital: Lilongwe (Lilongwe), population 471,000 (2003 estimate).A brief history: the 16th century a large number of Bantu people began to enter the area northwest of Lake Malawi and Malawi and adjacent areas to settle.19 In the late 1980s, the United Kingdom and Portugal in this region were keen for.1891 Britain officially announced this region as "the protection of the British Central Africa."1904 by the British Government direct jurisdiction.In 1907 the establishment of the Governor.Called Nyasaland.October 1953 forced the United Kingdom with the Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), Northern Rhodesia (now Zambia) formed a "Central African Federation."August 1961 election, Kamu Zu Hastings Banda of Malawi National Assembly led by the party in the Legislative Committee of the majority of seats.February 1963, a class of self-government as Prime Minister.In December the dissolution of the Federation.July 6, 1964 declaration of independence and changed its name to Malawi.July 6, 1966, the establishment of the Republic of Malawi.Banda as the first president.1971 classes reached for the Republic of Malawi president for life.June 1993, Ma implementation of the multi-party system.Politics: May 1994 through the interim constitution, MA a multi-party system, and to remove President life tenure, protection of multi-party democracy and independent judicial power; President as Head of State, a five-year term.Diplomacy: pursue good-neighborly friendship and non-aligned foreign policy.Active participation in regional and international affairs, advocated a negotiated settlement of international disputes and regional conflicts.Relations with China: Malawi and no diplomatic relations with China.Reproduced:

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