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Country: Arab Republic of Egypt (The Arab Republic of Egypt)Independence Day: February 28 (1922)National Day: July 23 (1952)Flag: a rectangular, long and wide ratio of 3:2.Top-down from red, white, black equivalent of three parallel horizontal rectangular form, white middle part of the national emblem design.Red symbolizes revolution and white symbolizes purity and bright future, a black symbol of the darkness of Egypt over the past years.The national emblem: a golden eagle, said Saladin eagle.Golden Eagle昂首stand upright, stretch wings, the symbol of victory, courage and loyalty, it is the Egyptian people defying the scorching sun storms, freedom of flying at high altitude in disguise.Eagle front of the shield-shaped red, white, black tri-color flag logo, Shi Dai-Block at the bottom reads "the Arab Republic of Egypt."National flower: LotusState stone: olivineNational political figures: President Mohammed Hosni Mubarak (muhammed hosni mubarak), 1981年10 he was elected, in October 1987, October 1993, September 1999 re-election three times, in September 2005, Mu Barak in Egypt for the first time there are more candidates to participate in the presidential election won a landslide victory, the fifth elected president of Egypt.Prime Minister Ahmed Nazif (Ahmed Nazef), 2004年7月office, in December 2005 was appointed prime minister again.Physical Geography: 1001450 square km area.Across Asia, Africa two continents, adjacent to the West and Libya, at the junction of South and the Sudan, Red Sea and the east with the Palestinians, the Israeli border, north Mediterranean.Egypt, most of the territory in the northeast of Africa, only the Sinai Peninsula, east of the Suez Canal in southwest Asia.Egypt, about 2,900 km of coastline, but it is a typical desert country, 96 per cent throughout the desert.The world's longest river Nile from south to north through Egypt 1,350 km, Egypt called the "river of life."The two sides formed a strip of the Nile valley into the sea and the formation of the delta, Egypt is the most fertile areas.Although this region accounts for only 4 per cent of land area, but living in the country 99 percent of the population.Suez Canal highlighted Europe, Asia, non-traffic要冲three continents, communication Red Sea and the Mediterranean, linking the Atlantic and Indian Ocean, is of strategic importance and economic significance.Major lakes suffer a big lake and Timusahe Lake, and the formation of the Aswan High Dam in Africa's largest artificial lake - Lake Nasser (5,000 square kilometers).Throughout the dry weather.And the Nile Delta north of the Mediterranean coastal climate, the January average temperature 12 ℃, 7月26 ℃; annual average precipitation 50-200 mm.Most of the remaining area is a tropical desert climate, hot and dry, desert area temperatures can reach 40 ℃, the average annual rainfall less than 30 mm.April-May of each year often "Pentecostal Wind", an attachment of gravel so that the crops suffer.Population: 73.67 million (2006), the vast majority of them live in the valley and delta.Mainly Arabs.Islam is the religion of the State, is mainly Sunni followers, accounting for 84 percent of the total population.Coptic Christians and other believers account for about 16 percent.The official language is Arabic, English and French GM.Capital: Cairo (Cairo), population 7765000 (December 2004), Arab and African countries is the most populous city.The Cairo population of about 16.65 million (January 2003), average summer temperatures top 34. 2 ℃, the lowest 20. 8 ℃; winter maximum 19. 9 ℃, the lowest 9. 7 ℃.Internet Guide: Small world Cairo>>>Administrative Division: country is divided into 26 provinces, provinces under the county, city, district and village.Beautiful scenery of the Sinai PeninsulaHistory: Egypt has a long history, 3200 BC, there slavery reunification of the country.But in the long long history, Egypt has repeatedly suffered foreign invasion, has been Persians, Greeks and Romans, Arabs, Turks conquered by.End of the 19th century, the British occupation of Egypt, a British "protectorate."July 23, 1952, led by Gamal Abdel Nasser to the "free officers organization" to overthrow the Farouk Dynasty, master of the state power, the end of the foreigners rule of Egypt's history.June 18, 1953, announced the establishment of the Republic of Egypt, in 1971 changed its name to the Arab Republic of Egypt.Nile water dispute the origin ofCanal prepared by ferry to the east coast of the Sinai Peninsula carPolitics: a permanent constitution on September 11, 1971, as adopted by referendum.Egypt is the constitutional provisions "to working people based on the alliance of the forces of democracy and the socialist system of the country." President is head of state and armed forces supreme commander, nominated by the People's Assembly, citizens vote for a six-year term, appointed vice president, Prime Minister and Cabinet minister and the dissolution of the People's Assembly, in the special period to take urgent measures in the People's Assembly (legislature) session, also adopted rule by decree.May 22, 1980 referendum to amend the Constitution to require political system "built on the basis of multi-party system"; "can be repeatedly re-elected president" and adds "the establishment of consultative meetings" provisions.People's Assembly is the highest legislative body.Members elected by universal suffrage for a term of five years.Parliament's main function is: nomination of presidential candidates; presided over the formulation and revision of the constitution, the national policy decisions; approved economic and social development plans and national budgets, final accounts and supervising government work.Consultative Meeting is President Sadat in 1979 proposed the establishment and the inclusion in the Constitution.November 1, 1980, the establishment of consultative meetings.Members of the consultations by the two-thirds of which class, institutions and factions elected, half of which should be the workers and peasants; one-third appointed by the president.Under the Constitution, in consultation with the People's Assembly meeting is living side by side exist without the legislative power and supervise the advisory body.Of a term of six years, half the 2003 election of members, may be re-elected, or re-appointed.Consultative Meeting for the President, Vice-Chairman.September 7, 2005, Egypt held the first time in history have more candidates to participate in the presidential election, about 32 million voters to vote by secret ballot of directly elected president.September 2005, Mubarak in Egypt the first time in history have more candidates to participate in the presidential election won a landslide victory, the fifth elected president of Egypt.Egypt presidential election through a referendum on constitutional amendment Egyptian presidential electionNile River卢克索碧波DangyangEconomy: Egypt are key resources oil, natural gas, phosphates, iron, and so on.Its proven reserves: 37.8 billion barrels of oil (in April 2004), 16 trillion cubic meters of natural gas (December 2004), about 7 billion tons of phosphate, iron ore 60 million tons.2003, Egypt the first time in the Mediterranean deep-sea oil found in the western desert found so far the largest gas fields, and Jordan was opened to the first of the gas pipeline.Aswan Dam is one of the world's seven major dams, the annual generating capacity of more than 10 billion degrees.In addition, manganese, coal, gold, zinc, chromium, silver, aluminum, copper and talc, and so on.Egypt is one of the more developed countries in Africa industry, but relatively weak industrial base, textile and food processing for traditional industries, accounting for more than half of total industrial output value.Over the last decade, clothing and leather products, building materials, cement, fertilizer, pharmaceuticals, ceramics and furniture, such as the development of faster, fertilizer can be self-sufficient.Particularly the rapid development of the oil industry, accounting for 18.63 percent of GDP.Agriculture-based economy, agriculture in the national economy occupies an important position, the agricultural population accounts for about 56% of the total population, agricultural output value of the gross national product accounted for about 18 percent.Nile Valley and Delta is the richest regions of Egypt, rich cotton, wheat, rice, peanuts, sugar cane, dates, fruits and vegetables and other agricultural products, long fiber cotton and citrus well-known world.Government attaches great importance to agricultural development and expansion of cultivated areas.Major agricultural products are cotton, wheat, rice, corn, sugar cane, sorghum, flax, peanuts, fruits, vegetables and so on.But with population growth, and Egypt need to import food, is the world's largest importer of food.Agricultural products are mainly exported cotton, potatoes and rice.Egypt has a long history and splendid culture, a lot of sites with good conditions for developing tourism.Tourism is the main point: the pyramids, the Sphinx, love-Hal mosques, ancient castles, Greek and Roman Museum, Kate Ba Castle, Montazah, Luxor temple, Karnak, the King Valley, Aswan Dam, and so on.Egyptian tourism revenues is one of the main sources of foreign exchange earnings.In addition to financial sources of revenue, the canal revenues, income from tourism, remittances and oil revenues constitute the four pillars of the national economy of Egypt.Currency: Egyptian pound.In Egypt a few camels>>>Monuments spots: Egypt is one of the world-famous four ancient civilizations, known as "the world landmarks and museums," said.In the Nile Valley, the banks of the Mediterranean and the Western Desert and other places have found a large number of relics of ancient Egyptian civilization.The mysterious and hard to the pyramids and the Sphinx Secretary Finks mystery, as it Tianwaifeixian the huge murals and bewildering the hieroglyphs, is a symbol of ancient Egyptian civilization.Located in the outskirts of Cairo, Giza high ground of Khufu, Ha Fula and the three pyramids Kawu La doors since 4500 about the history, the history of the building堪称human miracle.Luxor in more than 700 kilometers south of Cairo, the Nile River, Egypt is the focus of the cultural heritage tourist destination.Egypt historic city of Alexandria in the Nile Delta north-west, enjoy the "Pearl of the Mediterranean," a reputation.Egyptian National MuseumPyramid: the Nile Valley, the banks of the Mediterranean, the western desert found a large number of pyramids, temples and ancient tombs are the remains of ancient Egyptian civilization.Egypt has discovered more than 80 pyramids, so far stands firmly in the Nile River opened in the three Luo Jisa magnificent pyramids and a sphinx about the history of 4700.The largest is Cheops pyramid, 100,000 people spent about 20 hours a Leicheng a piece of land.Sphinx as high as over 20 meters, more than 50 meters long, was a big rock on the Diaocheng.Giza pyramids and Sphinx as a miracle in the history of human construction, but also the people of Egypt outstanding wisdom and hard work of the monument.Suez Canal: a total length of over 160 km of the Suez Canal, through the Isthmus of Suez, connecting the Mediterranean and Red Sea, the communication is in Europe, Asia, Africa three continents major international waterway.This took 10 years to fully build-waterways for international shipping is of strategic importance and economic value.It opened in 1869 after Europe to greatly shorten the Indian Ocean and Western Pacific voyage of the boat.Egypt, the Suez Canal in 1995 to acquire about 19.5 billion U.S. dollars of foreign exchange earnings.Cairo was built in the 12th century AD Saladin CastlePress and Publication: Journal of existing 17, more than 70 kinds of various journals.Major Arabic newspapers: "News", "pyramid", "Republic", "Evening News", "pyramid economists" (magazine), "Ultima Hora" (magazine), "picture" (magazine) , "Lutz, Youssouf" (magazine).Major English newspapers as "Egypt Communique."The major French newspapers: "Egyptian forward" and "Egyptian Daily."Egyptian Middle East News Agency is a national news agency, established in 1956, with Arab, Britain, France for three dispatch.The existing 202 radio stations.State radio in 1928 to create, in Arabic and English to more than 30 kinds of domestic and international broadcasting.Middle East Radio built in 1964, mainly for business services.Alexander radio built in 1960, broadcasting in Arabic.Egyptian television (state) was built in 1960, a total of three channels in Arabic showing.The second channel at a fixed time every day in English, French broadcast news programmes.Military: President of the armed forces supreme commander concurrently.The highest military decision-making body for the National Defense Commission, chaired by the president concurrently.Supreme Commander of the General Staff and commander-in-chief by the army command.Implementation of compulsory servicemen and volunteers a system which combines compulsory military service period of three years.Diplomacy: pursuing an independent, non-aligned policy and advocate mutual respect and noninterference in internal affairs on the basis of the establishment of an international political and economic new order, strengthen North-South dialogue and South-South cooperation.Relations with China: China and Egypt enjoy a traditional friendship between the two countries, more than 2,000 years ago, there will be a friendly exchanges.May 1956, Egypt established diplomatic relations with China, becoming the first to recognize the new China of the Arab, African countries.Since establishing diplomatic relations, Sino-Egyptian friendly relations of cooperation between the two countries have continuously developed.1999, the two countries established for the 21st century the strategic cooperative relations, the development of bilateral relations entered a new stage.In recent years, frequent exchanges of visits by leaders of the two countries, the two sides in the political, economic, technological and cultural cooperation has become increasingly close.January 2004, President Hu Jintao on a state visit to Egypt.June 2006, Premier Wen Jiabao for an official visit to Egypt, the two sides signed the "deepening of Sino-Egyptian strategic cooperative relations on the implementation of the outline."2005, the volume of trade between the two countries over 2.145 billion U.S. dollars, up 36.1 percent.Sino-Egyptian relations - South-South cooperation a model of China's Gansu Province and Egypt Giza Province established friendly inter-provincial relations between China and Egypt signed an agreement to build Egypt and China UniversityReproduced:

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