Changshou District of Chongqing Municipality (Administrative division) Satellite maps

OverviewLongevity of the total area of 1,415 square kilometres.Total population of 870,000 people (2004).Bongseong District People's Government in the streets, Zip code: 401220.Administrative division code: 500115.Code: 023.Pinyin: Changshou Qu.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Administrative divisionChangshou District exempted two streets, the town 16: Bongseong streets, Yanjia streets, Jiangnan Town, adjacent town of closure, but Duzhen, gathered in the town and longevity Town, Ssangyong town, Long town, stone堰镇, cloud Taiwan town, Begonia town, the town of us, new towns, Duzhou town, eight towns, the town of Honghu Lake, Wanshun town.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------History2000, Zhang Shouxian exempted Bongseong, Zhu, the lion Beach, us, Yanjia, Gangnam-gu, o letters, but the ferry, gathered, Ssangyong, Garonne and stone weir, Haeundae, Begonia, sand, Xinshi , To pay what, Duzhou, 8, Honghu, Wanshun, said the town powered by 22, shnatuo, stone back, coke, and central China, the dragon, a Hing, Lo Wai, Lok temperature, justice and Huang Ge, Rooftop of the dam, the three-ping, Lu Chi 14 townships.According to the fifth census data: the county total population of 874,307 people, including the township population (people): 146767 Zhu Feng-town town of 28,628 the town of 46,629 Yanjia Duzhou town of 29,548 Lions Tanzhen town of 17,785 us the town of 13,453 adjacent 38,094 Jiangnan But the town of 18,621 letters Duzhen 20,876 gathered in the town of 19,905 Ssangyong town town of 28,589-20,068-37,096 Haeundae堰镇town of 28,826 Begonia town of 30,252 the town of 19,830 new town gravel 28,375 to pay what the town of 24,184 eight town of 21,713 the town of 16,177 Wanshun town of Honghu 28,473 that powered the rural town of 15,009 powered by 7,657-13,556 coke home in their hometown in Central China Township 19985 dragon 18,200 rural township 18,832-10,051 Taiwan-Wai Lok Wen 16,957 rural townships and villages 8541-7259 Huang Ge Heung Rural 20068 Dam 4482 rooftop Rural 25,897 3 14926 Lo Chi-ping Rural Township 8998November 21, 2001, but Du Zhen Zhang Shouxian resident from the Government but Ducun Shek moved to the next hole at Sanbao village Song Jiamiao (Chongqing House [2001] 288).December 25, 2001, the State Council for approval: revocation of Changshou Xian, the establishment of Changshou District of Chongqing Municipality.2002, Changshou District exempted 22 towns and 14 townships, and 38 neighborhood committees and 569 village committees.The end of the household registration total population of 874,500 people, including non-agricultural population of 164,800 people.September 5, 2003, the Chongqing Municipal People's Government approved (Chongqing House [2003] 200) agreed with the Changshou District will be the original 22 towns and 14 rural adjustment for the two neighborhood offices, 16 towns.After the adjustment, street offices and the town of average size from 39.6 to 79.1 square kilometres square km and the population increased from an average of 24,290 people to 48,581 people.First, remove six towns and 14 townships: Fung towns, Yan Jia town, Zhu Zhen, said powered town, to pay what the town, the town of gravel, three-go, shnatuo Township, stone home, coke home, the dragon Rural, Law Wai Heung, a rural-hing, justice and rural, rural dam, Lo Chi Township, Huang Ge Heung, Lok-rural, rural rooftop, rural central China.Second, a town was renamed: the original Lions Tan Zhen Town, changed its name to longevity.Third, the establishment of two neighborhood offices Bongseong neighborhood offices: the Office of the resident Huang Jue Fort 3, the original jurisdiction Fung urban district administrative region, the area of 72.60 square kilometres, population 148,040 people.Yan Jia neighborhood offices: the Office of the Resident Yanjia market, the original jurisdiction Yanjia town, Zhu town district administrative region, the area of 94.83 square kilometres, population 73,062 people.Fourth, expand the town's 13 administrative regions Jiangnan Town: The resident Qianfo market, the original jurisdiction and the town of Jiangnan shnatuo rural district administrative region, the area of 67.89 square kilometres, population 20,925 people.O closure town: the resident neighbors closure market, the original jurisdiction and the adjacent town of coke letters home district administrative region, the area of 55.85 square kilometres, population 37,086 people.Longevity Town: The resident Shizitan, exempted the Lions Tan Zhen, home-town friendliness and Ssangyong, Owen, horn Tong, Hefeng, Wai son, osmanthus, such as sand-seven villages and gathered in the town of Shibao, Huashan , The boulder, the center, Yu-hua, Shiling, the Mission Dam, red, with Pitt, and other nine village district administrative region, the area of 104.53 square kilometres, population 50,713 people.Gathered in the town: the resident, midfielder, gathered in the town of original jurisdiction, Qingfeng, a sharp-feng, Care, and other four villages and the rural central China, the dragon rural district administrative region, the area of 115.32 square kilometres, population 35,810 people.Ssangyong town: resident Ssangyong market, the original jurisdiction Ssangyong town of Ssangyong, glorious, heaven, fish, the roar of water, lighthouse, Hongyan, the ancestral hall, Anshan, groups, and even Feng, Huang Valley, newborn, peace, Longtan, such as 15 village and township Lo Wai district administrative region, the area of 56.97 square kilometres, population 41,161 people.Long town: a resident-market, the original jurisdiction Long town, a rural-Lok-rural district administrative regions, covering 89.9 square kilometres, population 48,616 people.Begonia town: resident Begonia shop, the original jurisdiction and the town of Begonia Huang Ge Heung Yee Wan Village, district administrative region in the area of 44.35 square kilometres, population 29,657 people.Haeundae town: resident Haeundae market, the original jurisdiction Haeundae towns and rural justice and the oil-ji Temple, Bridge Pa, Hekan, arch bridge, opened five villages, such as HSBC and Huang Ge Heung big slope, Huang Jue, the Taipa, Garden, the Palestinian River, Zhu and Li Ping, Albatron, 1.80, Liuhe, Shihe,-powered, carp, double the LDC 300, such as 15 village district administrative region, the area of 87.29 square kilometres, population 48,490 people.Stone堰镇: the resident stone weir market, the original jurisdiction堰镇stone, sand and justice and the rural town of dry dam, silk Li, the grand, such as justice and four village district administrative regions, covering 107.18 square kilometres, population 59,831 people .The town of us: the resident us field, exempted the town of us, the dam rural, rural district administrative regions of the roof area of 110.9 square kilometres, population 70,351 people.Eight towns: the resident Zitong market, exempted the eight towns, to pay what the town district administrative region, the area of 99.25 square kilometres, population 45,372 people.Duzhou town: resident Duzhou market, the original jurisdiction Duzhou town, the three-rural district administrative region, the area of 65.05 square kilometres, population 44,475 people.Honghu town: the Honghu Lake resident, the jurisdiction of the town of Honghu Lake, said the town and powered by Lo Chi rural district administrative region, the area of 103.65 square kilometres, population 39,593 people.5, to retain the three regional and town resident unchanged: Wanshun town, but Du Zhen, the new towns.

Changshou District of Chongqing Municipality geographical coordinates (Google maps satellite map Landmark) finishing date: (2006/9/26 17:59:00)
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