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Country: Dominican Republic (The Dominican Republic)Independence Day: February 27 (1844)National Day: February 27 (1844)Flag: a rectangular, long and wide ratio of 3:2.White-flag of the Crusaders will face divided into four equal horizontal rectangle, the upper left and lower right corner in blue, red for the top right and bottom left.White cross, decorated with the national emblem design.Red symbol of national founder to fight for freedom, independence and the fire and blood of hard struggle, but also symbolizes the blood Fendou Zhe; blue symbol of freedom of religious belief on behalf of a white cross, the symbol of the struggle and sacrifices.National Emblem: The Centre for the shield logo emblem.Face shield from a national flag colors and patterns.The middle of a Bible, at the top of a yellow cross, Bible and the Cross on behalf of the people of that country's religious belief, most people believe in the Catholic Church.Bible on both sides of the hoisting of flags, showed that people's confidence to defend national sovereignty.Shield emblem on both sides decorated with palm branches and lauryl, on top of the blue Shoudai in Spanish read, "God, the motherland and freedom," and on the bottom of the red Shoudai with the Western saying "the Dominican Republic."Physical Geography: multi-territorial area of 48,000 square kilometers.Located in the eastern Caribbean island of Hispaniola.West Haiti, the south Caribbean Sea, the North Atlantic Bin, East at the same Puerto Rico across the Mona Strait.In the higher ground, mountainous, the Cordillera mountain range at the central, northern and eastern parts of three cross-country.Duarte central peak 3,175 meters above sea level, the highest peak for the West Indies.A north-central tin Waao Valley, a vast arid western desert.The major rivers of North River, particularly about the river.Enrico southwest of the lake for some of the first Great Lakes, Latin America is the land lowest point in the lake more than 40 meters below sea level.Northern and eastern areas of the tropical rain forest climate, southwest of the savannah climate.Population: 8.05 million (1996 estimate).One black and white mixed and mixed Indo-European people or 73 percent, 16 percent of whites, blacks accounted for 11 percent.The official language is Spanish.More than 90 percent of residents believe in the Catholic, Protestant and other Christian Judaism.Capital: Santo Domingo (Santo Domingo)A brief history: more than was originally Indian residence.Become a colony of Spain in 1492.In 1496 the establishment of the Spaniards on the island of Santo Domingo City, the European colonists in America's first permanent settlement.1795 vested in France.1809 reverted to Spain.November 1821 independence from Spain, in February next year in Haiti has been occupied.February 27, 1844 again declared independence, the establishment of the Dominican Republic.1861-1865, re-occupied by Spain.1916-1924, the United States to impose military rule.From 1930 onwards, by the United States to support the Trujillo family rule as long as 30 years, until August 1960 Trujillo was forced to step down.Politics: more than in November 1966 promulgated the Constitution, the provisions of the country for the presidential system, a president and vice president.President Heads of State and Government, control the executive power.President elected directly by voters, a four-year term, shall not be eligible for re-election.National Assembly by the Senate and House of Representatives formed, to the legislative power.30 Senate seats, 120 House seats by direct election for a term of four years.Foreign Affairs: multi advocate of multilateral diplomacy, with the close relationship between the Caribbean countries in the region.Reproduced:

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