Yancheng City in Jiangsu Province (Administrative division) Satellite maps

OverviewYancheng City area of 14,562 square kilometres.The end of 2004, the total population of 7982800 people.Municipal People's Government in the Pavilion Lakes region, Zip code: 224005.Administrative division code: 320900.Code: 0515.Pinyin: Yancheng Shi.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Administrative division2005, exempted two Yancheng City area, five counties and two county-level cities hosting.Yancheng City area of 14,562 square kilometres, population 7.99 million (2004).Pavilion Lakes area of 706 square kilometres, population 810,000 people.ZIP code 224005.District People's Government in the middle.Yandu area of 1023 square kilometres, population 710,000 people.ZIP code 224055.District People's Government in the Pan Mr Wong Chun.Dongtai area of 2194 square kilometres, population 1.16 million people.ZIP code 224200.Municipal People's Government in the eastern town of Taiwan.Dafeng City area of 2374 square kilometres, population 730,000 people.ZIP code 224100.Municipal People's Government in the large and medium-sized town.Sheyang county area of 2795 square kilometres, population 1.04 million people.ZIP code 224300.County People's Government in a German town.Funing Xian area of 1439 square kilometres, population 1.07 million people.ZIP code 224400.Fu County People's Government in the town.Binhai County area of 1880 square kilometres, population 1.09 million people.ZIP code 224500.East County People's Government in the town said.Xiangshui Xian area of 997 square kilometres, population 580,000 people.ZIP code 224600.County People's Government in the ring for Township.Jianhu County area of 1154 square kilometres, population 800,000 people.ZIP code 224700.Lake County People's Government in the building.* Here size, population data in accordance with "the People's Republic of administrative divisions booklet (2006)" *-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------HistoryYancheng in (the) area on April 21, 1949, Yancheng TSA exempted Yancheng, Sheyang (former Funing Formation, the Yancheng Chuanchang River east of Sheyang River south of the component parts of the county People's Government in a German town), Jianyang (former Funing Formation, the Yancheng Chuanchang River Paper Chahe north and west of the region by the composition of Lake County People's Government in the pile town), Funing Formation, Marina (former Funing Formation, Lianshui , Guanyun County, all three parts of the composition of the county People's Government in the East Hom town), Lian East (for the Salt River east of Lianshui parts of the county People's Government in the large-set), Huai'an County, 7.In the Office of Yancheng County.January 11, 1950, the Taizhou area of the East-Taiwan, Taipei County, was placed under 2 Yancheng area.East County, the same year revocation of the border, into the area in Huaiyin Lianshui County.July 11, 1951, Taipei County, changed its name to the County, built County changed its name to Jianhu County.Section 8 of Yancheng County jurisdiction.January 1, 1953, Jiangsu Provincial People's Government to set up, located in Yancheng area.Yancheng TSA exempted Yancheng, East Desk, Huaian, Marina, Sheyang, Funing Formation, Dafeng, 8 Jianhu County, the agency in Yancheng.1954, in Huai'an County, was placed under Huaiyin area.Section 7 of Yancheng County jurisdiction.1966, in the mountains and rivers to the coastal area north of the county located Xiang Shuixian (in the ring for Township).Section 8 of Yancheng County jurisdiction.1970, Yancheng area called Yancheng, the agency in Yancheng County, the jurisdiction of Yancheng, Marina, Funing Formation, Sheyang, Jianhu, horn water, Dafeng, the East County, Taiwan 8.Yancheng City in 1983, the revocation of Yancheng County, located to Yancheng City, the provincial Crown.Yancheng in the ring for water, coastal, Sheyang, Funing Formation, Jianhu, Dafeng, the East Taiwan seven Yancheng County was placed under the leadership.Urban located City, crude salt County area to the suburbs.Yancheng exempted a total of seven county area.December 1987, approved by the State Council to revoke the East County, Taiwan, to set up Dongtai.Exempted a total of Yancheng City 6 county area.1996 the State Council approved on 19 July (the letter [1996] 56): (1) revoke the outskirts of Yancheng, the establishment of salt County.Yandu County exempted the outskirts of the original floor, Wang, Shangzhuang, Qinnan, Longgang, Huang Pan, the Okazaki, step-feng, North Longgang, Yi-feng, Saddle Lake, Wuyou 11 towns and ZTE, Xue Fu, in Okazaki , The longitudinal Lake, North Chiang, Gewu, it warehouses, Kuo Meng, Ma ditch nine townships, which Wuyou town of the administrative regions of the south for three Tun Tsuen (excluding three Tun Tsuen).Yandu County People's Government in the Pan Mr Wong Chun.(2) the original suburbs of Southeast Asia, Qingdun, emerging, the company, Zhangzhuang five towns and three Tun Tsuen Wu You and the town of the north part of Yancheng City was placed under the jurisdiction.August 1, 1996, the State Council's approval to remove large County, with its original jurisdiction to establish regional Dafeng City.In 2003, the city changed its name to the Great Lakes region booths; revoke salt County, the establishment of Yancheng salt area.To crude salt County Huang Pan, the longitudinal Lake, North Longgang, floor, Wang, Xue-fu, Feng Yi, Shangzhuang, Gewu, North Chiang, Qinnan, Longgang, Kuo Meng, the Gang of 13 administrative regions to the town Yandu District administrative region, the District People's Government in the Pan Mr Wong Chun.Pavilion Lakes region, the original jurisdiction of Yancheng City and County of crude salt step-feng, Wu You, the town will be three positions, the District People's Government in the middle.

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