Jinan City, Shandong Province (Administrative division) Satellite maps

OverviewJinan City, a total area of 8,177 square kilometres.Total population of 5.82 million people.Municipal People's Government in the Central City, Zip code: 250001.Administrative division code: 370100.Code: 0531.Pinyin: Jinan Shi.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Administrative divisionAs at December 31, 2005, six months Shixia Jinan City area, three counties, hosted a county-level city.Jinan City area of 8,177 square kilometres, population 5.82 million (2003).Central City area of 280 square kilometres, population 540,000.ZIP code 250002.Under the calendar area of 101 square kilometres, population 580,000.ZIP code 250013.Huaiyin area of 151 square kilometres, population 350,000.ZIP code 250021.Flyover area of 249 square kilometres, population 490,000.ZIP code 250031.City Calendar of 1298 square kilometres, population 860,000.ZIP code 250100.- Long area of 1178 square kilometres, population 530,000.ZIP code 250300.District People's Government in the long Qingzhen.Zhangqiu City area of 1,855 square kilometres, population 990,000.ZIP code 250200.Pingyin County area of 827 square kilometres, population 360,000.ZIP code 250400.Pingyin County People's Government in the town.Ji Yangxian area of 1075 square kilometres, population 530,000.ZIP code 251400.County People's Government Zhujiyangzhen.Shang Hexian area of 1163 square kilometres, population 590,000.ZIP code 251600.County People's Government in the streets to Xu.* Here Quhuadiming information as at December 2005; area and population data in accordance with "the People's Republic of administrative divisions booklet (2005)", the population at the end of 2003.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------HistorySidu is located in ancient because one of the "Water Economy" (According to the trail to the Yellow River by) named after the south.The establishment of county emperor system, today's Jinan area of the North County economy, Li said that under the town.Early Han Dynasty, the establishment of the Jinan-gun, this is "Jinan" the beginning of an emerging.Jinan Junzhi in East Ping Ling (today Zhangqiu county Pingling City).Jin Yongjia (307 to 312) years, Jinan Junzhi from the east go to the calendar Pingling town.Wong Sui Wendi opened three years (583), to the Jinan-gun state, is still Zhisuo calendar City.Song's founding, along Jinan, said Qi.Huizong governance and six years (1116), or the state House, Sui Wei Qi, Jinan House.Jin, Jinan at House of Shandong Road.Early Ming, Shandong has Xingsheng home, only to Jinan, capital of Shandong Province, Shandong Buzheng Shi Division, Douzhihuishi An Chashi Secretary and the Secretary for the resident.Since then, Jinan in Shandong to become the political center.Qing Dynasty, Jinan in Shandong at Xingzhi.After the founding of the Republic of China, to House Road, Jinan is the beginning of Dai-North Road, in 1914 renamed Jinan Road.July 1929, the establishment of Jinan City.The whole city area of 175 square km and located the city 1, 2, 3, outside the city 1, 2, 3, Commercial Ports 1, 2, 3, 4, a total of 10 districts.1938, the Japanese occupation of Jinan, designated as 11, said the city Eastern, Western town, outside the Eastern District, outside the city and Western, Eastern Commercial Ports, Commercial Ports Western, Central Commercial Ports, Dongxiang, Nanxiang, Xixiang District , North rural areas.After Japan's surrender in 1945, at 11, a total area of 177.62 square kilometres.September 1948 liberation exempted 11 districts.March 1949, will be one, two areas into urban areas.April 17, 1951, removed the immediate townships, and the establishment of six rural districts.September 8, 1955, the Jinan City zoning adjustment and change areas were.Will be the first and second the merger, the renamed calendar, due in Lishan (now the Qianfo Shan) under the name the third district called Lok-sang source, the Baotu Spring (Lok-sang the source of water) in the area and Name; Fourth District renamed flyover areas to the Beijing-Shanghai area Zongkua, Jiaoji two railway bridges named for the Fifth District into the city in the area, is located in the urban areas because of the central named for the Sixth District renamed Huai Yam area to area in Huaiyin Street and the ancient village named after the Ash; rural areas to a rural area five were renamed Huang Taiwan, North Park, the area of the shop, mountain medicine, Yufu; six rural withdrawal District.July 16, 1956, removed the source Lok-sang, its administrative regions were included flyovers, calendar of regions and municipalities in the region; revocation North Park, Taiwan's Huang, of the shop, mountain medicine, Yufu, Liang Jinjiazhuang Immediate townships, and Luo Town and County included in the calendar together with the establishment of seven rural townships and 15 Lok-sang Town, attached to the suburbs.December 25, 1957, removed the outskirts of Jinan City building, owned 16 township (town) into the calendar County, to the calendar County is zoned Jinan City.September 15, 1958, Zhangqiu county, Zhang Qingxian classified Jinan City.In October 30th CPC Shandong Provincial Party Committee and Provincial People's Committee for approval, revocation of Tai'an area, Xintai County, Laiwu County, Taian Ningyang County and the city was placed under the Jinan City.September 1959, Pingyin County, Feicheng County was placed under the Jinan City; Xintai County Wennan Suncun people's communes and districts set aside a part of people's communes, the establishment of Xinwen City, Renggui Jinan City jurisdiction; revoke Chang Qingxian , The administrative regions were included in its calendar City, Feicheng and Pingyin County.December 7, 1959, the revocation of Central City, the former Central City, which was placed under the Office of the streets under the calendar; eight neighborhood offices will be transferred Huaiyin District.At the same time, urban areas around the industrial and mining enterprises, institutions, schools and staff quarters, and other family members were assigned to 64 units flyover, Huaiyin District, Eastern New City, the area under the jurisdiction calendar east, west Guodian in enterprises, institutions, schools , And other 67 units.January 22, 1960, was placed under Pingyin County in Heze area.In June 18, the restoration of the city in the region; City, County and the eastern outskirts of the people's commune combined calendar, the establishment of the East suburbs west of calendar County, North Park was placed under the urban people's commune.After the adjustment, Jinan Shixia calendar, in the city, bridges, Huaiyin, eastern suburb five areas, said the people's commune, street renamed branch offices.April 18, 1961, Zhang Qingxian formed restore and rebuild Tai'an area, Xintai, Laiwu, Ningyang, Feicheng, long-ching, Zhangqiu, Tai'an, Xinwen eight counties (cities) in Tai-an area classified as .In May, the revocation of Jinan City East suburbs, and urban areas previously under the jurisdiction of the eastern suburbs, western suburbs, North Park calendar County was placed under the people's commune.November 17, 1978, Zhangqiu county, Zhang Qingxian classified Jinan City.March 1980, according to the Revolutionary Committee of Shandong Province on May 14, 1978 a letter of approval, to reset the outskirts of Jinan City.The extent of its 1965 approval of the State Council will continue the scope of (South Korea warehouses east, west Yufu River, the Yellow River to the north, the south-valley) demarcation.After the adjustment, a total of Jinan City under the jurisdiction calendar, in the city, bridges, Huaiyin, five areas and the outskirts of the city calendar, Zhangqiu, a long-three counties.February 1984, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council issued "on the community is the establishment of separate notice of the township government", approved by the People's Government of Shandong Province, Li County, Zhangqiu county, and suburban Changqing Xian, in principle, to the Corporation, Domain district (suburban office) to the original management area for Fangyu the establishment of the township (town).After the adjustment, a total of 31 county area, six suburban jurisdiction Office, a total of 157 townships and 23 towns.Counties (districts) Division:County calendar for remote wall, Tang Wang, Dong, the ditch, Suncun, Choi Shek, and Shao, Shiliulihe, Zhong Gong, Liu port, 11 West camps, remote wall, Yang Shi Crossing, East Guo large, the Loop, Yawangkou, Tang Wang, Lou, and I Laoseng, Cui Jia, Zhang, mountains, WEN Jia, the ditch, Zhang Ling Qiu, Zhang Jin, Xing Village, Xiwu, Tung Wu, Sun Village, Sidon Chiu, West Lo, white Gudui, Zhuang Branch, Choi Shek, the House Branch, the Dragon, Humen, and Shao, Zhengzhuang, thirsty horse, Dangjiazhuang, Shiliulihe, Chia, is booming, Laopo, Erxian, Quan Luzhou, Sichuan Fairview Park, Qiu Jiabai, YIN Jia-shop, high, Liu port, Tu Quan, Yan Jia River, Li Jia Tang, Wopu, West Camp, the South Camp, Zaolin, Hongling , Longwan, 52 wells in the township, Dong, Zhong Gong two towns.Zhangqiu county set up the Yellow River, Shuizhai, Mateo town, Pingling City, Nanjing Jiabu, xianggongzhuang, Cape sets, Hu Shan, Bucun, the text of ancestors, duozhuang 11, Lu Jia Zhai, University Village, Beifang , High Guanzhai, Bangladesh, Huang, Li Yuan, Zhang Jiacun, Takahashi, mountains and rivers, the home Crossing, the old army, Luohe Cliff, Zhu, Xinzhai, the party, and Mr. Li, Yongsan, Xindian, LI , Nanjing Jiabu, recommended, and Zhang code, Baiyun Hu, Xiang Gong Zhuang, Haozhuang, Li Dawei, a well-off, Hong Tong Ling, the ancestral camp dock, Xiaoguanzhuang, YANG Guan, Yan Man, Xu River depression, Chen Park Chong, Huajialing Yan, Zhang Jiazhuang, Jia Yu Meng, Liu Tian, 1.30 Bay, North Caofan, South Caofan, geese Zhuang, mountain Walled, Xu-sheng, Ternary, Dazhai, Zhang, Wang ditch , Nanming, Yokogawa, Zhaozhuang, the official, duozhuang 54 townships, the water, Zaoyuan, embroidered Hui, Shuizhai, Mateo town, Cape sets, Bucun, 8, the ancestral town.Zhang Qingxian a safe shop, Gushan Hill, Guide, Wufengshan, Zhang Xia, filial piety, Shuangquan, Masan, Germany 9 million, after Wang, Li, Wang, Gushan Hill, the Palace, large-yin , The Zhuang, Li Xiaoguanzhuang, Zhai Zhuang, Xiaozhun, ** the village, Tan Shan, heiyukou, bookmakers Zhuang, Zhifanggou, Yang Qing, Huang Jia Yu, Songzhuang, Hu, Kwong, Maling, double - Chuen, North Fu, Yoon Chong, Ma Dong, Xuan Zhuang, Ji Zhuang, Shi Jinjiazhuang, Wu Jinjiazhuang, stone alley, Jieshou 31 Township, Chengguan, safely store, Guide, Zhang Xia, filial piety, Germany 6 million Town.For the western suburbs of the suburbs, Huashan, the eastern suburbs, North Park, Wu Jiabao, Yao six offices, Daikin, Hongmiao, at home, Zhou Wang, Hua Shan, the former Zhang, the North Chea Sim, Bazi, Woniu Shan, the Chea Sim, cold ditch, beaches, mountains medicine, Wu Jiabao, Zou Jiahua, Liu, Wang West, Bangladesh, cattle-wang, 20 sub Pali township, hongjialou, Wang Sheren, North Park, Lok-sang mouth, Yao , The Seven Sages, seven of the shop town.March 27, 1985, approved by the State Council, was placed under Pingyin County in Jinan City.Pingyin County, located in Pingyin, Luan Bay, Rose, Suncun, Xiaozhi, East Azerbaijan, Jiuxian, Hongfan 8, Dr. Huang 3, hair shop, the City, Zhuang Branch, the summer groove, West Point, son - Lee Ditch, Chen Lao, the former Tai Yu, sub-shop, exhibition depression, Qi set, wet mouth Hill, Baita, Tai Wo, Jiuxian, Kyrgyzstan City, Yin Village, Hongfan pool, stone-, 23 rural Zhuang Yan , Pingyin, Luan Bay, Diao slopes, the village hole, Xiaozhi, the town of East Azerbaijan 6.After the adjustment, Jinan Shixia calendar, in the city, bridges, Huaiyin, five areas and the outskirts of the city calendar, Zhangqiu, long-, four in Pingyin County, a total area of 5,775 square kilometres.September 1985, Shandong Provincial People's Government approval to remove the county area and the outskirts of the Office of jurisdiction, in principle, to (office) Fangyu the establishment of the township (town).The original 180 townships, 29 towns, is zoned for 25 townships and 42 towns.Total area of 5,775 square kilometres.The city established a total of 49 neighborhood offices, 544 neighborhood committees; 25 townships and 42 towns, 2,779 village committees.Under the calendar area of 24 square kilometres.Commissioner for East, the clock tower Temple, Ming Wu Road, Quan Chenglu, Baotu Spring, Ching Kok Temple, in the Division Street, the liberation of Court, East Road, culture, Qianfo Shan, the Jiefang Lu, East Gate, the Village Building 13 neighborhood offices, 146 neighborhood committees.City in the area of 13 square kilometres.Established by the Second Road, the seven Road, Grand View Garden, Guanyi Street, the Communist Youth League Road, fork Street, four in the Village, Tsing Lung Street West, February 7 San Tsuen, Wei Jinjiazhuang, under bridges, Qili Hill, six in the mountains, Yu Han Road 14 neighborhood offices, 171 neighborhood committees.Flyover area of 15 square kilometres.Jin-established system of the city, Liujiazhuang, Northern Tanzania, Chen floor, Wei Road, East Street flyover, Dikou Road, BAUER Street, the official camp Street, groups of Shan, Village North Village workers, 12 workers Nancun Village street work , 121 neighborhood committees.Huaiyin area of 13 square kilometres.Wuli a ditch, the Third Road, West Market, Nan Xin Zhuang, the revitalization Street, Camp Street, the Chinese University of Ash, North Ash, moral Street, Youth Park 10 neighborhood offices, 106 neighborhood committees.Suburban area of 418 square kilometres.Located hongjialou, Yao, North Park, Wang Sheren, of the stores, Seven Sages, Hua Shan, Wu Jiabao eight towns and 369 villages jurisdiction, 297 village committees.County calendar of 1417 square kilometres.Zhong Gong established, Dong, Yao wall, Guodian, Tang Wang, Suncun, the ditch, Liu port, West camps, Shiliulihe, Dangjiazhuang 11 towns, Choi Shek, Fairview Park in Sichuan, three high Rural, exempted 845 villages, 629 village committees.Zhangqiu county area of 1,855 square kilometres.For the water, Shuizhai, Bucun, embroidered Hui, Mateo town, Cape sets, text ancestors, Zaoyuan, Yongsan, duozhuang, xianggongzhuang 11 towns, the Yellow River, high Guanzhai, Baiyun Hu, Nanjing Jiabu, mountain Walled, Yan Jia Yu, Xinzhai, the party, and Xu-sheng, Xiaoguanzhuang, Caofan 11 townships, and exempted 1,030 villages, 872 village committees.Changqing Xian area of 1120 square kilometres.Chengguan established, Guide, 000 Germany, Gushan Hill, filial piety, Zhang Xia, safely store seven towns, Wufengshan, Wu Jinjiazhuang, Shuangquan, Masan four townships, and exempted 743 villages, 610 village committees.Pingyin County area of 900 square kilometres.Located in Pingyin, Xiaozhi, East Azerbaijan, Hole Village, Diao hillside five towns and the City, Jiuxian, sub-shop, roses, Luan Bay, Hongfan pool, Li ditch seven townships, and exempted 421 villages, 371 Cunwei Will.April 11, 1987, the State Council's approval to remove the suburbs and formed County calendar, set up in Jinan City calendar to the original calendar County administrative regions and suburbs of the Hongjiadu Louzhen, Huashan Town, Wang Licheng District Sheren town for the Regional.The original suburb of Northland town was placed under the jurisdiction flyover zone, the Seven Sages town of Central City, was placed under the jurisdiction of the Dianzhen, Wu Jiabao town was placed under the jurisdiction Huaiyin District, Yao Li town was placed under the jurisdiction of the District.After the adjustment, Jinan Shixia calendar, in the city, bridges, Huaiyin, calendar and Zhangqiu City District 5, long-, 3 Pingyin County.Urban area of 1943 square kilometres.November 11, 1988, removed calendar zone ASTRI Road neighborhood offices, its administrative area will be incorporated into the culture Road neighborhood offices; revoked under the calendar Garden Road neighborhood offices, will be incorporated into the construction of its administrative regions Village street Offices set up in Central Shunyu Road neighborhood offices.September 29, 1989, the establishment of Huaiyin District of Jinan City Kuang Shan, of North Road shop, three city streets Zhangzhuang Road offices.December 2, 1989, approved by the State Council, Texas origin in Shenyang, Shanghe County was placed under Jinan City, Qihe County, the original home of Jin, King Township and Sangzidianzhen classified Licheng District of Jinan City.With 22, Shandong Provincial People's Government decision, Shang Hexian Kui Taiwan was placed under the rural areas Leling City, Texas.After the adjustment, the total area of Jinan City, 8227 square km and the urban area of 2119 square kilometres.January 1, 1990, the Shang Hexian Kui Taiwan township was placed under the jurisdiction Leling City; Jinan City Sangzidianzhen the calendar You Fang Zhao Liu and two desert village was placed under the jurisdiction Qihe County JIAO Bin Tunxiang.Sangzi venue of the garden shop, Qihe County, and Li Li City to the East Coast Channel crest center 100 meters to the east sector.March 1, 1992, the revocation of Zhangqiu county, and the establishment of Zhangqiu City (county level), the region remains unchanged, directly under the Shandong Province, Jinan City hosted.February 1994 was identified as sub-provincial cities.January 13, 1996, the CPC Shandong Provincial Party Committee, Shandong Provincial People's Government decision to Pingyin County, the county and township was placed under the old Tai'an City Dongping Xian.In 2000, Jinan City Administrative Region specific adjustment programme: 1. Dangjiazhuang calendar City, Shiliulihe the two towns formed the whole city was placed under the jurisdiction of the District 2. Calendar City Sangzi shops, bridges and towns formed the entire home Jin Flyover area was placed under the jurisdiction.Adjustment of investors, the flyover of the two districts are the size of the area before adjustment for 5.3 times and 4.4 times, respectively, a net increase of population of 104,000 and 78,000.The city calendar, in the city, bridges, Huaiyin four districts from the original 389 square kilometres expanded to 784.6 square kilometres.In 2000, according to the fifth national census data: the total population in Jinan City 5921891 people.Of which: 582,520 in calendar zone in Central 572,141 Huaiyin District 396,846 flyover zone 570,296 Licheng District 878,131 Changqing Xian 506,579 Pingyin County, 344,386 Ji Yangxian 518,879 Shang Hexian 574,789 Zhangqiu City, 977,324 (based on past administrative division; units:)June 26, 2001, the State Council's approval to remove Changqing Xian, the establishment of district-mayor of Jinan.As at December 31, 2001, the city's total area of 8,177 square kilometres.5 exempted County District 1 in 4, 146 township (town office), 479 4 administrative villages (neighborhood).The end of the city's total population of 5.69 million people, including non-agricultural population of 2.222 million people.As at December 31, 2002, the city's total of 54 streets and 65 towns and 27 townships, and 487 community neighborhood committees, 4,658 administrative villages.The city's total area of 8,177 square kilometres.6 exempted County District 3 City 1, 146 township (town office), 5,144 administrative villages (neighborhood).Usual the end of the city's total population of 5.75 million people, including non-agricultural population of 2.858 million people.As at December 31, 2003, the city's total area of 8,177 square kilometres.6 exempted County District 3 City 1, 146 township (town office), 5,144 administrative villages (neighborhood).Usual the end of the city's total population of 5.826 million people, including non-agricultural population of 2.972 million people.

Jinan City, Shandong Province geographical coordinates (Google maps satellite map Landmark) finishing date: (2006/9/26 17:59:00)
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