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Country: Islamic Republic of Pakistan(The Islamic Republic of Pakistan)Independence Day: August 14 (1947)National Day: March 23Flag: a rectangular, long and wide ratio of 3:2.The left is white vertical rectangle, the entire width of the flag of the 1 / 4; right to a dark green rectangular, have a central white and the Yi Wan Wu Jiaoxing white crescent.White symbol of peace, on behalf of domestic Hindu, Buddhist, Christian, Ao of the residents and other minorities; green symbol of prosperity, also on behalf of Islam.Crescent symbol of progress, Wu Jiaoxing symbol of bright crescent and Wu Jiaoxing also symbolizes the faith of Islam.National Emblem: color with the national flag, deep green and white.Wu Jiaoxing and is the top Crescent logo; middle is the shield logo, face shield divided into four parts, decorated with cotton, wheat, tea, jute four crops.Shield emblem on both sides decorated with flowers and green leaves.Shidai the bottom of the green on the text with Urdu (Pakistan Mandarin) said "piety, unity, discipline."National flower: jasmineNational political figures: President Pervez Musharraf (Pervez Musharraf), 2001年6 Hadley, in November 2002 once again became a term of five years; Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz (Shaukat Aziz), 2004年8月Representation.Physical Geography: an area of 796,000 square kilometers.South Asia subcontinent, in the north-west, South Bin Arabian Sea, East, North, West and three were India, China, Afghanistan and Iran are neighbors.A coastline of 980 km.The whole territory is mountainous and hilly three-fifths, to the southern coastal areas of Arid desert, stretching north of the plateau is rolling pastures and fertile soil Feitian.The Himalayas, the Karakorum Mountains and Hindu Kush mountain these three great world famous mountain range in northern Brazil clustering to form a unique landscape.Originated in China in the Palestinian territory into the Indian River, from north to south, Changqu 2,300 km, the last into the Arabian Sea.In addition to the south is a tropical climate, the other is a subtropical climate.Gentle elegant "Shali"Population: 149 million (2004).Pakistan is a multi-ethnic country, which accounted for 63 percent of people of Punjab, Sindhi 18 per cent, 11 per cent of Patan group, the Balochistan family of four percent, and so on.More than 95 percent of residents believe in Islam (the country), the minority Christian, Hindu and Sikh, and so on.Urdu as Mandarin, English as the official language.The main national languages are Punjabi, Sindhi, Pushto language, and so on and Balochistan.Capital: Islamabad (Islamabad) (Translation伊斯兰巴德old) in Pakistan's north-east of Botewaer on the plateau, back on Maerjiala Mountains, east of Laval clear lake, south of the hill is a Green, a pleasant climate, Beautiful scenery.1959, the Government of Pakistan decided to build a new capital here, 1970 was basically completed, and has a population of about 1.04 million (2004).Jidelaer a mountain in northern Pakistan castleAdministrative Division: National is divided into four provinces, 10 Federal Territory tribal areas and the federal capital of Islamabad.The provinces under the TSA, county, township and village associations.The historic city of Lahore, PakistanHistory: "Pakistan" from Persian, meaning "holy land" or "Muslim country."Pakistan has a long history, as early as 5,000 years ago, here on breeds brilliant civilization of the Indus.The world famous Bronze Age of the ancient city of Moheng-Daluo with ancient ruins comparable to the Nile civilization.Historically, Pakistan and India was originally a country, after becoming a British colony.June 1947, India and Pakistan under the "Mountbatten programme" implement the rule.In August 14, Pakistan declared independence.March 23, 1956, the Islamic Republic of Pakistan formally established.India-Pakistan conflict of OriginBahai military vessel formation in 2003October in Shanghai for a friendly visitPolitics: After the founding of Pakistan in 1956, 1962 and 1973 has promulgated three constitutional.1977, Qiyahake implementation of martial law controls, part of the Constitution suspended.1985 adopted a constitutional amendment to Article 8, granted the President to dissolve the National Assembly and the Federal Cabinet, the appointment and removal of judges and heads of the army's power.July 1991 through the first 12 amendments to the Constitution provides the federal government the right to set up the Special Court and the Court of Appeal, to combat crime, rectification of social order.April 1997, the Sharif government in the Parliament adopted the 13th amendment to the Constitution, the President dissolved the National Assembly abolished and the powers of the federal cabinet and the dissolution of Parliament and provincial cabinet, the appointment and removal of provincial governor, armed forces Chief of Staff and Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff and the highest The return of the judges of the Court's exercise of power.Subsequently, aimed at the Palestinian parliament passed a no-Pandang amendment to the Constitution Article 14 "anti-switch method."Musharraf to power in 1999 promulgated a provisional constitution order, announced the suspension of the Constitution.August 2002, Mu promulgated the "legal framework order (LFO)", announced the restoration of 1973 Constitution and the Constitution of the eight times Haq amendment to require the President the right to dissolve the National Assembly, appointed Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff and the three armed forces chief of staff.December 2003, the Palestinian parliament passed constitutional amendments to Article 17, provided the approval of the President by the Supreme Court the power to dissolve parliament, after consultation with the Prime Minister the right to appointment and removal of the three armed forces leaders.A bicameral parliamentary system, by the National Assembly (lower house) and Senate (upper house) of the federal legislature.National Assembly elected by universal suffrage, the Senate seat in each of the principle of equal, the Provincial Council and the National Assembly, the selection of produce.A total of 342 seats in the National Assembly seats, a five-year term.A 100-seat Senate,'s six-year term, the former half of every three years.To the pagoda for the pictorial Rock PaintingsPakistan Gerais Rock Paintings (left) in the mountains of Pakistan to the town Gerais-known for its ancient rock paintings.Starting from the capital, Islamabad, drove along the Indian River about 420 km to the north, you can reach the "Gerais a" rock painting sites.Riverbank on both sides of a block in the dark and smooth rock, the local inhabitants by the simple rock paintings left over from our early human society under the broad outlook of life.As the huge portrait in the rock, the rock paintings Gerais still quietly lying on the shore of the Indian River for the people to watch.It's like an open-air museum, is not the time to and from the people on the Indian River has a long history of civilization.AP: beautiful PakistanFebruary 20, 2004, in Islamabad at a wedding, covered with ornaments and coins of the groom at home to accept the blessing of relatives and friendsEconomy: Pakistan is a developing country, a mainly agricultural economy.Agricultural output value of the GDP of 24 percent.Known as the granary of India and the northern Plains River valley has a huge irrigation systems, rice, wheat, cotton, sugar cane and other crops for food and economic growth provides a good water conditions.Basic food self-sufficiency, rice, cotton exports there.As is located in sub-tropical fruit resources are very rich, known as East Pakistan, "a fruit basket," said.Plain low-lying land rich in bananas, oranges, mango, guava and various melons, in the mountains of high principle rich peach, grapes, persimmons, and so on.Main mineral reserves of natural gas, petroleum, coal, iron, copper, bauxite, a lot of chrome ore, marble and stones.Industry backward, the most important industry is the cotton textile industry, in addition to wool textile, sugar, paper making, tobacco, leather, machinery manufacturing, chemical fertilizers, cement, electricity, gas, oil and other industries.Imports of petroleum and petroleum products, machinery and transport equipment, iron and steel products, fertilizer and electrical products, mainly exports cotton, rice, textiles, leather products and carpets.Pakistan's arts and crafts, skilled, known for a long history of the world.Pakistani handicrafts history can be traced back to prehistoric times.The camel hides and Lupi products, carpets, onyx products, and other people after thousands of years of pondering Carpenter, has been improving.Press and Publications: English-language newspaper "Business News" and "Dawn" and "national"; Urdu newspaper, a "combat" and "Voice of the times" and "Oriental" and so on.Pakistan are the major news agency Yonhap News Agency (state), Pakistan International News Service (private).Radio Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation has, 27 radio stations, with seven kinds of foreign language broadcasting.Pakistani television stations have television companies, major cities have television.November 4, 2003, President Musharraf delivered a speech at Beijing UniversityDiplomacy: pursue an independent and non-aligned foreign policy, with emphasis on the development of Islamic countries and China.Efforts to safeguard regional peace and stability in South Asia, with developing countries in strengthening unity and cooperation, the development of relations with Western countries.Relations with China: China and Pakistan are friendly neighbors of the landscape dependencies, and the two peoples have a long traditional friendship.As early as over 1,000 years ago, China's Jin Dynasty monk of the Tang Dynasty monk Xuanzang in and have to have been to many parts of Pakistan.China and Pakistan on May 21, 1951 established diplomatic relations, frequent exchanges between top leaders of both sides, the two countries in various fields of mutually beneficial and cooperative relations have been developing continuously.November 2003, Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf attended the second session of the Boao Forum for Asia after China's state visit, President Hu Jintao signed with Pakistan on the development direction of bilateral cooperation in the joint declaration.April 2005, Premier Wen Jiabao for an official visit to Pakistan, the two countries signed the Good-Neighborly Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation.In recent years, bilateral economic and trade cooperation between China and Pakistan relations have developed rapidly, in 2004 bilateral trade volume reached 3.06 billion U.S. dollars, the record.February 2006, Musharraf again on a state visit to China, the two countries issued a joint statement.China and Pakistan held their first joint anti-terror military exerciseReproduced:

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