Shanghai Zhabei District (Administrative division) Satellite maps

OverviewZhabei District in northern Shanghai City, south of Suzhou River, and the Huangpu, Jingan two districts across the river, with the Baoshan District, bordering the North, East and for the Hongkou District neighborhood, close to the West and the Putuo District.Total area of 29.26 square kilometres.Total population of 710,000 people (2003).District People's Government in the EC Road 480, Zip code: 200070.Administrative division code: 310108.Code: 021.Pinyin: Zhabei Qu.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Administrative divisionAs at December 31, 2005, the Zhabei District exempted eight streets, a town of 210 neighborhood committees, a village committee: days Head Road West streets, North Point streets, Baoshan Lu streets, Zhijiang Road West streets, the Republican New Road streets, the streets Ning Road, Pengpuxincun streets, the streets of Linfen Road, Peng Town.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------HistoryIn 2000, the Zhabei District exempted eight streets, one town.Total population of 798,620 people, the streets, the town population: 54,117 days Head North Station Road street street 107526 Baoshan Lu streets 102,285 Zhijiang Road West streets 79932 Gonghuxinlu Ning Road in the street 82,069 street 58,234 Pengpuxincun streets 150,886 Linfen Road street 69,323 Pengpu The town of 94,248 (according to the fifth census data; units:)The end of 2002, the Zhabei District exempted eight streets, a town of 206 neighborhood committees and village committees 7.End of 2003, the Zhabei District exempted eight streets, a town of 203 neighborhood committees, a village committee, the population of 707,900 people.June 30, 2004, the Zhabei District exempted eight streets, a town of 204 neighborhood committees, a village committee.September 30, 2004, the Zhabei District exempted eight streets, a town of 207 neighborhood committees, a village committee.Zhabei District in 2004 administrative division List: exempted eight streets, one town.Head Road West streets in the days days Head Road No. 53, Lane 749, Zip code 200070.Jurisdiction: Fan Kuala Lane, three floors, Hengtong, Wah Hong, the new bridge, long Anxi, Shen house, or Hing, the new China, Rong Fu Estate, Hong Kong and pears, Owen Pushan, the San Tsuen, Tai Garden, Anyuan, 17 East Rhine neighborhood.North Point streets in the National Road No. 43, Zip code 200070.Jurisdiction: 657, Lane (days Tong Road), East Germany, the new Tai'an, the old Tai-an, 799, Lane (days Tong Road), Southern Tang, Lung and Kyrgyzstan, Baoqing, Shunqing, Qufu Road, North Tang, Changchun, Cheung Hong, Wenchang, south, Gansu, satellite, plans South, North, are beneficial, Kaifeng, Yi-fu, Lai'an, Nanlin, Mary Rose, Huaan Square, North market, Mongolia Road, tertiary, , Wing Shun, the National Village, Southern Star Road, Changchun Square, 33 neighborhood committees.Baoshan Lu streets in Qingyun Road 600, Zip code 200071.Jurisdiction:-source, Baoshan Lu, Lane 499, Sambo, Confucian scholars, public-hing, Bao Tong, Lufeng, Xiangshan, Xiang-lin, iron, Wang house, Zhijiang Road, Lane 294, Baochang Road, Lane 600, high-fu, Labor Village, Rongchang, Tong Kok San Tsuen, Howard Village, Posts and Telecommunications Village, Nantong San Tsuen, Cunren, BAUER, Hanxing, only Park Village, Tsing Wun Road 435, Lane 25 neighborhood committees.Gonghexinlu streets in Pingxingguan Road 489, Zip code 200072.Jurisdiction: Liu Ying Village first, Liu Ying Village Third, the Luo-ping, on Bridge, the Shanghai North Village, on house, on Bridge, Lane 80, Chungshan North Road, Lane 805, Liu Ying Bridge, Tang Jiaxuan sand, Luochuan , The new extension, Sanyang, Luochuan Road 1100, Lane, Nakdong, Lane 200, Kam Jia Yuan, Shanghai, Wing-lok, and music, Jin Hao, new vision 21 neighborhood committees.Ning Road Gonghexinlu major streets in 2301, Lane 1, Zip code 200072.Jurisdiction: extend San Tsuen, Yan San Tsuen, iron, a big-Village, Tai-ling of the village, doing manual Village, Kwong Road extension, extension Road, Lane 451, P Plus Garden, Pingxingguan Road, Lane 801, the Ning Road, Lane 540, Yan Feng, the Guangdong Sau Road, Tai Ning Road, Lane 505, Xinmei Republican City, the Ning Road 667, Lane 15 neighborhood committees.Pengpuxincun streets in Quwo Road 470, Lane 2, Zip code 200435.Jurisdiction: Pengpuxincun First, Pengpuxincun Third, Pengpuxincun fifth, seventh Pengpuxincun, smooth road, Lane 180, Lingnan Road, Lane 539, Peng, Linfen Road 1244, Lane, Wenxi Road 1110, Lane, Linfen Road 1564, Lane, 2471, Lane Field Road, Gonghuxinlu 4555, Lane, smooth road, Lane 790, Linfen Road, Lane 894, 2401, Lane Field Road, Wenxi Road, Lane 935, three-chuen Road, Lane 424, Bao-ping, the three-chuen Road, Lane 770 , The three-chuen Road, Lane 517, three-chuen Road, Lane 821, three-chuen Road, Lane 601, three-chuen, 1015, Lane Road, Linfen Road, Lane 1515, a total of three Kang village, the village of Kang the first four, a total of four village Kang second, Baode 1316 Lane Road, Quwo Road, Lane 430, Baode Road, Lane 921, 2601, Lane Field Road, Arts and Culture and Sport Court, three home-chuen, 33 neighborhood committees.Linfen Road streets in Baode Road 345, Zip code 200435.Jurisdiction: Lingnan Road, Lane 100, Linfen Road, Lane 299, Lingnan Road, Lane 270, Linfen Road, Lane 375, Linfen Road, Lane 380, Baode Road, Lane 425, Wenxi Road, Lane 251, Fenxi Road, Lane 261, Lane 450 Baode Road , Yangqu Road, Lane 470, Yang Qu Road, Lane 570, Lingnan Road, Lane 700, Fenxi Road, Lane 260, Yang Qu Road, Lane 760, 1011 Field Road, Lane, love built 16 neighborhood committees.Zhijiang Road West streets in Zhijiang Road No. 155, Zip code 200070.Jurisdiction: the reunification, the Chinese new roads, Gonghuoxinlu, Nanshan, Hung Nanshan home, Hotan, the new-house, Zhijiang Road, Lane 123, Gonghexinlu, Lane 710, 802, Lane Gonghexinlu, Zhijiang San Tsuen, Tai Yong, Su Jia Xiang, traffic Park, the recovery Square, ZTE Road 1233, Lane, Sinorama Square, the three-building, Nishi 87, Lane 19 each neighborhood.Peng Town in Lingshi Road 725, Zip code 200436.Jurisdiction: Seahawks, Cheung ago, the field Road, Lane 801, Lvyuan, Yonghe North First, the first-Western, Wanrong East Yue, Hu Tai Road, Lane 1051, Hu Tai Road 1170, Lane, Yu-feng, the second North Yonghe , Hongquan, Wanrong Xinyuan, Hu Tai Road 1188, Lane, Lane Gonghuoxinlu 3650, the second-Western, Central and Western-third, Wanrong Jiayuan, Yonghe North Third, the 2800 Field Road, Lane, Li Yuan, Yang City, Xingfuyicun, well-being of the village, the Longtan, Yuncheng, Wang Jingyuan, the Spirit their homes 28 Juwei; Pengpu village.

Shanghai Zhabei District geographical coordinates (Google maps satellite map Landmark) finishing date: (2006/9/26 17:59:00)
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