Yangquan City in Shanxi Province (Administrative division) Satellite maps

OverviewYangquan City in Shanxi Province in the east of Central, East and Hebei Province, Pingshan Xian, Jing Xingxian junction of West and Taiyuan, an associate of Shouyang County, South and the adjacent Xiyang County, North and the five counties, Dingxiang County border.Things most wide area 82 km, the longest north-south 106 km and a total area of 4,451 square kilometres.By the end of 2003, the city's total population 1289500, 608,700 of which the urban population, rural population of 680,800.Municipal People's Government in the Main Street District, on the 23rd.Zip code: 045000.Administrative division code: 140300.Code: 0353.Pinyin: Yangquan Shi.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Administrative division2005, Shixia three Yangquan City area, two counties.Yangquan City area of 4,451 square kilometres, population 1.26 million (2003).City area of 19 square kilometres, population 210,000.ZIP code 045000.District People's Government in the 300 South Main Street.Mining area of 10 square kilometres, population 220,000.ZIP code 045000.Suburban area of 633 square kilometres, population 220,000.ZIP code 045011.Pingding County area of 1350 square kilometres, population 320,000.ZIP code 045200.County People's Government in the crown Town.Yuxian County area of 2439 square kilometres, population 290,000.ZIP code 045100.Xiushui County People's Government in the town.* Quhuadiming information here until December 2005; area and population data in accordance with "the People's Republic of administrative divisions booklet (2005)," By the end of 2003 the population.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------HistoryLate Qing Dynasty, the town is now a wasteland since 1903 after the opening of Shijiazhuang-Taiyuan railway, coal, iron, sulfur, and other industries followed up, only to the 1936 formation of a more than 30,000 small market towns, is Pingding jurisdiction.1951 into the city, the provincial Crown.Yangquan Mining Areas established in 1949, is Yuci area.Yangquan Mining Areas in 1951 to set up Yangquan City, the provincial Crown.Yangquan City in 1958 the agency was placed under the leadership of Jinzhong.1961 Yangquan City to the provincial Crown.1970 Yangquan City area was placed under the leadership of Jinzhong.1972 Yangquan City to the provincial Crown.(From: "History of the People's Republic of Administrative Region (1949-1979)" History of Music series)January 1969, officially established in urban, suburban, in January 1970 the establishment of the mining area.July 1983, the implementation of市管县体制, Pingding County, Yuxian County, Yangquan City, was placed under.All Shixia City, rural and mining areas and three of Yuxian County, two of Pingding County, 13 of 44 rural towns and 12 neighborhood offices.2000, the fifth census data (unit: people. Prevailing administrative division): 1273126 Yangquan City 164,288 mines 217,592 suburbs 273,437 Pingding County 323,633 Yuxian 294,176

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