Hangzhou Fuyang City of Zhejiang Province (Administrative Division -2) Satellite maps

OverviewFuyang City of Zhejiang Province in the west, the geographical coordinates for longitude 119 ° 25'-120 ° 19.5 ', N 29 ° 44'45 "-30 ° 11'58 .5" (longitude 119 ° 57', latitude 30 ° 03 ') .Hangzhou Xiaoshan District east, south Zhuji City, Tonglu County, west, north and Lin'an City, Yuhang District, the area adjacent to West Lake.Urban Habitat things long 68.67 km, 50.37 km wide north-south.Total area of 1831.2 square kilometres.The end of 2005, the total population of 628,000 people.Municipal People's Government in the Fuchun osmanthus Road West streets on the 25th, Zip code: 311400.Administrative division code: 330183.Code: 0571.Pinyin: Fuyang Shi.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Administrative divisionAs at December 31, 2005, Fuyang Shixia four streets, 15 towns, six townships: Fuchun streets, East Island street, the Riverside streets, Lushan streets; Gaoqiao Zhen, Shouxiang town, Town market, often Changan , 000 towns, Tung Town, Xukou Town, the new board the town, Lu Houzhu town of Hope Town, the largest source of the town, the town of Evergreen, Longmen Zhen, in the town, Yongchang town; Central Shan, the source of Lake Township, Shangguan Township, Shan and fisheries, rural-built, the new Tongxiang.A total of 23 communities, three residential areas, 611 administrative villages.Fuchun streets of 103.95 square kilometres, population 113,800 people.Code 330183001.Osmanthus fragrans office in West Road on the 28th, Zip code 311400.Exempted 19, 33 administrative villages.The Riverside area of 36 square kilometres streets, the population of 24,300 people.Code 330183002.Office building in the village, Zip code 311421.Exempted 22 administrative villages.Tung Chau Street area of 73 square kilometres, population 37,400 people.Code 330183003.Minfeng office in the village, Zip code 311401.Exempted 27 administrative villages.Lushan streets of 66.3 square kilometres, population 20,700 people.Code 330183004.Chiang offices in the village, Zip code 311407.Exempted 17 administrative villages.Town area of 155.14 million square kilometres, population 23,300 people.Code 330183100.The town government in 000 villages City, Zip code 311406.Exempted a residential area, 29 administrative villages.- Town area of 147.63 square kilometres, population 19,600 people.Code 330183101.Chen town government in Lam Tsuen, Zip code 311404.Exempted 25 administrative villages.Newly 179.92 square km area of the town, population 66,900 people.Code 330183102.Republican Street in the town government, 55, Zip code 311404.Exempted 4, 71 administrative villages.Lu Houzhu area of 83.19 square kilometres town, population 16,500 people.Code 330183103.The town government in Da Nang I Village, Zip code 311405.Exempted 26 administrative villages.Xukou Town area of 67.98 square kilometres, population 17,300 people.Code 330183104.Xukou village in the town government, Zip code 311404.Exempted 24 administrative villages.Yongchang area of 49.54 square kilometres town, population 10,800 people.Code 330183105.The town government in Yongchang Village, Zip code 311423.Exempted 11 administrative villages.Major source of the town area of 104.27 square kilometres, population 35,300 people.Code 330183106.The town government in Yongqing Village, Zip code 311413.Exempted a residential area, 34 administrative villages.Hope Town area of 55.94 square kilometres, population 25,500 people.Code 330183107.Kiu Tsuen in the town of Hope, Zip code 311418.Exempted 27 administrative villages.In the Town area of 25.43 square kilometres, population 10,200 people.Code 330183108.Venus in the village of the town government, Zip code 311418.Exempted 13 administrative villages.Evergreen area of 49.31 square kilometres town, population 16,100 people.Code 330183109.The town government in the chapter Village, Zip code 311417.Exempted 15 administrative villages.Field Town area 58.36 square kilometres, population 46,000 people.Code 330183110.The town government-in-mouth Village, Zip code 311411.Exempted a residential area, 50 administrative villages.Chang Changan area of 63.31 square kilometres, population 25,300 people.Code 330183111.Tamura in the town government, Zip code 311409.Exempted 36 administrative villages.Long Menzhen area of 27.17 square kilometres, population 07,000 people.Code 330183112.Longmen Village to the town government, Zip code 311408.Exempted 11 administrative villages.Gao Qiaozhen area of 104.03 square kilometres, population 29,200 people.Code 330183113.The town government in the high-Kiu Tsuen, Zip code 311402.Exempted 37 administrative villages.Shouxiang area of the town of 54.3 square kilometres, population 15,500 people.Code 330183114.G-town government in the road on the 1st, China 311422.Exempted 11 administrative villages.Tongxiang new area of 47 square kilometres, population 13,300 people.Code 330183200.Township government in the temple dock mouth, Zip code 311407.With 14 administrative villages.Shangguan rural area of 27.07 square kilometres, population 08,200 people.Code 330183201.Township government in Harmony Village, Zip code 311415.Exempted nine administrative villages.Yue Shan area of 41.42 square kilometres, population 15,100 people.Code 330183202.Ternary Village in the township government, Zip code 311419.Exempted 12 administrative villages.Central Shan area of 38.47 square kilometres, population 11,500 people.Code 330183204.Township government in Central Village, Zip code 311408.Exempted 19 administrative villages.Lake source rural area 127.75 square kilometres, population 14,500 people.Code 330183205.Rural small chapter in the Village, Zip code 311425.Exempted 27 administrative villages.- Built rural area of 44.73 square kilometres, population 08,900 people.Code 330183206.Chia Beach in the village government, Zip code 311403.Exempted 11 administrative villages.(According to the above by the "Hangzhou names net" data compilation)-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------HistoryFuyang has a long history, Gu Cheng Fu-chun.G 26 years of Qin (221 BC) home counties, with jurisdiction throughout this Tonglu, Jiande and other places.Wu came just three of four years (AD 225), Analysis of Fuchun Jiande County home, Hsin Chong (later changed Suchang), Tonglu County, 3.The following year (226), Metro home (to the new post-Deng) County.Fuyang, the new board to build and only two counties.Xinmang founded the first year (9), renamed-year-old Zhu.Jianwu the first year of the Eastern Han Dynasty (25)-were Fuchun.19 years too yuan Eastern Jin Dynasty (394), to avoid Emperor Jianwen's mother Queen Mother Zheng A Chunhui, changed its name to Fuyang, Fuyang began in the name of this.The beginning of the new board of Metro, the first year of Kaiping Later Liang Dynasty (907) have this name before.Sui, Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing are the property of Hangzhou House (Lin'an House, Hangzhou Road) jurisdiction.In the period, the beginning of the Qiantang Road, in 16 (1927), directly under the provincial Waste Road.In 27 years, to be the first SAR, after several changes to in 37 years, the fourth transfer SAR.May 4, 1949, liberation of Fuyang, Linan is the beginning of the agency, instead of directly under 1952, 1955 classified Jiande agency.December 1958, the Hangzhou has changed.Fuyang history has twice merge.Sui Kaihuang 2009 (589) into the Qiantang (later changed Qiantang) counties, and the great cause of 2003 (607)-Purchase; August 1960 into the Tonglu County, December 1961-home.New Tang history, and five provinces.Wu came just three of seven years (228) into the Tonglu County, Tai Hong Decade of the Western Jin Dynasty (289)-Purchase; Xuanyou into Fuchun, and a 2009 Eastern Jin Dynasty (334)-Purchase; Suikai Huang incorporated into the 2009 Qiantang County, 2003-the great cause of home; Tang Takenori 2007 (624) into the Fuyang County, the first year of Yong Chun (682)-Purchase; October 1958 into the Tonglu County, in December 1961 from Tonglu County, precipitation , Was placed under Fuyang County.January 18, 1994, the revocation of Fuyang County, the establishment of Fuyang City, the region remains unchanged, under the Hangzhou.(Source)2000, Fuyang Shixia 17 towns and eight rural.Total population of 628,633 people, the township population: 2028460000 Fuyang town of 22,674-town Town to board the town of 18,127 new town of 70,057 Lu Houzhu 14,780 Xukou town of 16,325 Yongchang major source of the town of 10,315 the town of Hope Town 24538, 34386 Town 10021 Evergreen market town of 12,903 Town of 21,996 regular Changan 21,391 Long Menzhen 5839 3 Town 33,881 Gaoqiao Zhen 19115 Shouxiang rural town of 16,844 Shangguan 8827 East map and fisheries Shan 13,682 Rural 10,678 Central Shan 10868 Lake Township 6970 deep source of the rural population-new 3648-built 10,115 rural townships 7807 ( According to the fifth census data; units:)August 15, 2001, Zhejiang G letter [2001] 163, approved in Fuyang City, agreed that some adjustment of administrative districts: I withdraw deep townships formed, and the source of Lake Township merger.Source Lake Township exempted 27 village, in the small village of Cap (the site).Revocation of the new rural-formed, incorporated into the Gaoqiao Zhen.Gao Qiaozhen exempted 37 village, in the high-Kiu Tsuen (the site).Revocation of the three Town formed, some of the administrative regions (such as grave-14 Village), the establishment of new Tongxiang.Tongxiang with 14 new villages in the small village of Chau Tong (Powered Note: 14-Village is the grave, snakes Pu, the new restaurant, Qi Jia Bao, the next, small-tong Island, Temple dock mouth, Zhao Shan, Lu Jia Wu , After the hillside, Tang Zhao, Sun, Jia Yu, Dong Zhao).Revocation of the town formed in Fuyang, and the original three the rest of the Town (such as 17 Ka Lu village) to the Fuyang City Territory and the establishment of Fuchun, Tung Chau, Riverside, Lushan four neighborhood offices, as the Fuyang city government dispatched institutions.Fuchun neighborhood offices: the management of the town of Fuyang in the western village of 34, 18 Habitat, the osmanthus Road on the 28th (the original site of the town of Fuyang).Tung Chau Street offices: the management of the eastern town of Fuyang 27 villages, the village in Minfeng.Riverside neighborhood offices: the management of the southern town of Fuyang 22 villages, the construction of the village.Lushan neighborhood offices: the original three Town land management, such as 17 Ka Village, in Chiang Village (site of the original three Town).2001, Fuyang Shixia four streets, 15 towns, seven townships, 31 residential areas, 612 administrative villages.2002, Fuyang Shixia four streets, 15 towns, seven townships, 31 residential areas, 612 administrative villages: Fuchun streets, the Riverside streets, East Island streets, Lushan streets, Gaoqiao Zhen, Shouxiang town, the new Raritan Township, Xukou Town, Lu Houzhu town, Yongchang town of Hope Town, the largest source of the town, the town of Evergreen, in the town, the Town field, often Changan, the Longmen Zhen, 000 municipalities, Tung Town, the rural-built, New Tongxiang, Yue Shan, Sheung Wan Shan, the rural East map, the source of Lake Township, Shangguan Township.2003, Fuyang City Fuchun streets revocation spent dock, small Long neighbourhood, the new Chengdong communities; revocation was Yongsan, north of the city neighbourhood, the new disk Yongsan community; new revocation, the city neighbourhoods, the establishment of pan-mountain communities; revocation City East, south of residential areas, the new Heshan communities; revocation L. Pu, 715 residential areas, the new L. Pu communities; pavilion after the revocation of residential areas, the new pavilion after the community; revocation Hushan neighbourhood, the new Hushan communities; revocation Story residents , The new Story communities; revocation Chunhui neighbourhood, the new Chunhui communities; revoke the Spring and Autumn neighbourhood, the new Spring and Autumn communities; revocation Spring South neighbourhood, the new spring Southern communities; revocation peaceful neighbourhood of the bridge, the new peace bridge communities; revocation Qiuyue neighbourhood , The new Moon Above the community; new Qin Wang, Jiangbin, Lushan, Jinqiao, Pu-feng, Later Zhou Dynasty community.New board revoked the town of New Street, Tang Yun-populated areas, the new board-community.December 10, 2003, Zhejiang G letter [2003] 203, approved and agreed that some of the Fuyang City zoning adjustment: revocation of the rural East map formed, and admission Town.After the adjustment, market Town exempted 50 administrative villages, a residential area, the town government resident unchanged (Field Hau Tsuen).The end of 2003, a total of Fuyang City, townships, towns, streets 26.Rural seven of them (East Rural not formally withdrawn plans), 15 towns, streets 4.The city has 612 administrative villages, 5,076 groups of villagers, 11 and 20 residential community.In 2004, the board revoked the new town of the city, Seongnam, Xianming, East Street, north gate, west, West Street, Factory Road neighbourhood, the new Dongan, the ancient city of the community, benefits to the community, community-board adjustment range.The end of 2004, Fuyang Shixia four streets, 15 towns, six townships and 23, three residential areas, 612 administrative villages.

Hangzhou Fuyang City of Zhejiang Province geographical coordinates (Google maps satellite map Landmark) finishing date: (2006/11/2 22:15:00)
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