Yunyang County, Chongqing Municipality (Administrative division) Satellite maps

OverviewYunyang County, a total area of 3,634 square kilometres.Total population of 1.29 million (2004).County People's Government in the double-mouth Qinglong Town, Zip code: 404500.Code: 500235.Code: 023.Pinyin: Yunyang Xian.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Administrative divisionYunyang County jurisdiction 25 towns and 39 townships, and a nationality townships: the town of Yunyang, yun'anzhen, double-Town, Fengming town, the town of Panshi, Long Kok town, Po坪镇, the Lingzhen, Red Lion Town, South Town, Hong Jin long, double-earth town, Sang坪镇, Jiangkou Town, Sheng advancement, Lu Yang Zhen, agricultural坝镇, high-Yang Zhen, drainage Ma Zhen, the Commissioner of the town, and the town, the town of Huangshi Pakistan Yang Zhen, Shashi town, fish Quanzhen, chamber Village, Mao BA Xiang, Qixia rural, rural pagoda, Shuimo townships, cities, townships, Fung Qiaoxiang, the hospital Township, the township Lang, mud Xixiang, Yiu Lingxiang , Yunfeng Township, Tujia rural water, rural grass votes, Weir Pingxiang, Xinjin rural, rural Pu'an, Longdong Township, the rural-deer, Shihmen Township, Dayang Township, Castle Peak rural, rich home, the new-rural, Tajikistan Rural shelf, the regiment BA Xiang, 1000 Hill Township, Fan Water, the text of Longxiang, after Ye township, Xiangyang Township, built Quanxiang, double Water factors, rural, Lung Tangxiang, Deer townships, rural outlet, Lotus Township, Rural Kowloon, on the BA Xiang.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------HistoryYunyang summer of Liangzhou, Shang and Zhou Yong of the country has a future Palestinian State and the state of Chu; Warring States Period of the late Qin, the only home of Linqu County and forbearance, the county government Jiuxian Ping (now double-Town Jianmin Village).Northern Zhou days and three years (568), Lu Teng County will be relocated to the site from Jiuxian Ping Tangkou (now Yunyang town), county-called security.Song Kai-2006 (973) or county for the Army, Song Mo, An Jun-waste.Yuan Yuan for 15 years (1278), An Jun-Li-yun, 20 years Yuan (1283) to the military for the state, the state of Yunyang (because the site is located in Cloud County, the saltworks Wufengshan the South and the south, South To Yang, Gu Ming Yunyang).Hong-2006 (1373), descending to the county, of Yunyang County, is Kuizhou House.In an early Chuan Jun 20 Jun standoff, in the latter part of the 9th District Commissioner inspectors.December 6, 1949, liberation of Yunyang, Wanxian has an area, Wanxian, Wanxian Shi, Chongqing Municipality.(Taken from above "Yunyang county government website")January 1992, the Ministry of Civil Affairs approved consent Yunyang county moved to its dual-Town Tsing Lung mouth.Yunyang county in the new pair of the north shore of the Yangtze River Town, is from the town of Yunyang, yun'anzhen, three pairs Town relocation of the county town of unity.September 28, 1999, Xianzhi authorities to relocate to the new county office.(More)June 21, 2000, Hong long resident from the town government moved to bridge long shacks Bay (Yu House [2000] 118).2000, Yunyang County jurisdiction Yunyang, the clouds, Jiangkou, Shuangjiang, Fengming, Panshi, Long Kok, Po Ping, the ancient tomb, Red Lion, Nanxi, Chang-hong, double territories, Sang Ping, Yang Lu, Agricultural dam, Gao Yang, drainage horse, Shimonoseki City, Huangshi, Pakistan Yang, Shashi, fish-chuen, Fort Sheng, and 25 towns; cave village, Mao dam, Qixia, pagodas, the hospital Zhuang, the river mud, Yao Ling, cloud Peak, with grass, Xinjin, Longdong, Tung deer, Shihmen, after the leaves, Deer, Kowloon, on the dam, Shuimo, from Lang, in the city, Pu'an, Weir Ping, Yang, Tajikistan shelf, Dayang factors, and Sound, dual water, water-fan, Lotus, Fung bridges, water, Fujia, Castle Peak, storm dam, 1000 Qiu, Wen-long, Sunningdale, Longtang, 40 points Township.According to the fifth census data: the county total population of 1219647 people, including the township population (people): Yunyang town of 46,834 yun'anzhen 13,768 pairs Town 41,822 Fengming town of 17,900 panshizen Kok town of 19,645-28,328-坪镇26,593 Therefore, the town of 31,132 Lingzhen 29,123 Red Lion Town, South town of 30,757-28,273 pairs of Hong town of 28,001 soil Sang坪镇18,477 Jiangkou Town 35746 advancement of 20,388 road Yang Zhen Sheng 31,986 farmers坝镇24,475 high Yangzhen 24,604 Drainage Ma Zhen Guan 17,628 towns 14775 Yellowstone town of 21,357 and 14,661 Palestinian town of 16,977 Shashi town of 20,761 Yang Zhen Quan Zhen 25,667 fish cave Village Qixia 15,446 gross BA Xiang 20,684 rural township 14,646 Shuimo 21,191 pagodas, 15,368 in the rural township 12,073 Fung Qiaoxiang 12,038 homes Rural Township 16283, 10473 Lang mud Xixiang 16,058 Yiu Lingxiang 12,234 Yunfeng 10,939 rural water rural township grass 5937 Biao 22,084 Weir Pingxiang 12,816 Xinjin 14,142 rural townships Pu'an 16,468 Longdong Township 24,496-13,335 deer Rural Shihmen Township, 8311 Castle Peak 14,696 Dayang Township Rural 13,657-11,360 new home Yang Heung Rural shed 18,986 tower BA Xiang 13452 1000 8825 Mission Hill Rural Water 11,032, 13,441-fan after Longxiang 16,617 Rural 19,190 Xiangyang Township of 13,830 built Quanxiang 17,192 pairs of Bailong Rural Water 17,481-16,779 Tangxiang 8236 Deer Rural Township 22,108 points 13,812 Lotus Rural Township 17878, 15104 Kowloon BA Xiang 11,271February 22, 2002, the township government, Lang Lang village resident from outside the two groups moved to the bridge Zhu Lincun three groups (Yu House [2002] 14).February 26, 2002, withdrawal of water Township, Tujia the establishment of rural water (Chongqing House [2002] 15).September 25, 2002, Mao BA Xiang resident from the six groups Gaixiang hair Bacun moved to White Water Village 2 (Yu House [2002] 158).July 30, 2002, the township government Qixia village resident from Honghu 8 groups the Deng family moved to Old House Tongan village 13 Xiaoya Group I (Yu House [2002] 118).2002, Yunyang County jurisdiction 25 towns and 40 townships, and 57 neighborhood committees and 827 village committees.The end of the household registration total population of 1259300 people, including non-agricultural population of 123,500 people.August 5, 2003, the original planning of new drainage Maji Zhen relocation site for the village by the Drainage Mazhen a group of (Old Town, by relying on) to change the soil drainage Mazhen Village three groups yanziwo (Chongqing House [2003] No. 178 ).October 21, 2003, the pagoda by the township government vegetables village resident group moved to the village temple 12 (small names sanxikou) (Yu House [2003] 234).September 24, 2004, Fengming town resident from the Government on the 31st Fengming Street Lianhua Lu moved to the village Fengming 9; Jiangkou Town resident from the Jiangkou Town, Pei Ho Street moved to the village of Jiangkou 10 (Yu House [2004] 236 ).January 11, 2005, the resident farmers坝镇People's Government moved to the neighborhood committees from agricultural dam-Yancun 5 (Yu House [2005] 9).

Yunyang County, Chongqing Municipality geographical coordinates (Google maps satellite map Landmark) finishing date: (2006/9/26 17:59:00)
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