Beijing's Fangshan District (Administrative division) Satellite maps

OverviewTotal area of 2019 square kilometres.Total population of 750,000 people (2002).District People's Government in the township-liang (Liangxiang region) in.Zip code: 102400.Administrative division code: 110111.Code: 010.Pinyin: Fangshan Qu.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Administrative divisionChengguan streets exempted 20, 22 village committees (Mannings Bridge, north of the city, in the North, North Street, Wing On Silesia, South Lane, Nancheng, agriculture, forestry road, along the South in the community, Xindong Commissioner of the community, the Shihe, mining machines, Pipeline Bureau, four chemical plants, Chengdong, Yong-park communities, Yongxing of the community, the landlord-in community, Fuxing their homes, East House, the community, Gu List Village, through the village, East Village Cemetery, the House Daxinzhuang Village, East Village Guardia, the Tin Village, Guatemala City, Village, the Village Ma, Rao Dynasty Village, Ding Wacun, a sheep's head and vice versa, 80 acres in the village, Zhu before the Village, the Village after Zhu, Hong Sicun, Tajikistan Wan Village, the wind Pocun, East Village, Nanjie, South Guan Cun, West Village, North Guan Cun).New Town streets exempted two communities (East Ping Street, the original Street communities).Sunningdale streets exempted five communities (Sunningdale in the community, Xiangyang Kong Shan, a Sunningdale in the breeze, Sunningdale, Phoenix, Li Yuan communities).Dongfeng street exempted eight communities (in the south east, east, east, north, east, sheep ears valley in the north, east wood Ridge, Dongfeng East water, sheep ears in a valley community, sheep ears in the valley communities) And Yanshan Industrial Zone.Wind streets exempted 11 communities (Gao slope, four in the breeze, the wind Wuli, Heng Fa Chuen Silesia, Acer tower, Heng Fa Chuen in the East, six in the wind, the road-yan, Yan Road Five Southern District, the wind Silesia, community-Hui Court).Star City streets exempted seven communities (Star City first, second Star City, Star City third, fourth Star City, Star City Fifth, Sixth Star City, Star City 7 communities).Liangxiang areas exempted 27, 40 village committees (Liangxiang one street, Liangxiang Third Street, Main Street communities Gongchen, Yichun in the community, Plum Zhuang, Xiazhuang, East, West Road, North Guan Road East, palace garden, Changhong, Haotian district, in eastern China on the community, North Park Lu, Su, a village community, the Beijing Electric Power Equipment Factory, Beijing Transmission and Distribution Company, Beijing Electric Power Construction Company The community, Lu Park West, airports, Liangxiang Street, a second community, cultural Road, Luo House Street, Third Street, the second Liangxiang, Gongchen North Main Street communities, and the Soviet Union, the Zhuang, West Road Main Street communities, Commissioner of the Northwest community, Liangxiang Street, Second, Fourth Street, Liangxiang, five Street, Liangxiang, Liangxiang South Guan Cun, Liangxiang East Guan Cun, Liangxiang after Diancun, Liangxiang Diancun Wu, Huang Daxinzhuang Village, fish Village, Zhan Village, the Village, solid Village, Taiping Village, on the South Village, East Village Yan, Su Village, the South Guan Cun, the village of paper, often Village, Xu Village, pears Village, in The Yingcun, the East Village of sheep, Plum Village, South Liu Village, West Village, Danyang, after Danyang Village, East Village, Shi Yang, Zhang Xie Village, Gyaincain, designate Village, the Village Chan Fang, Liu Zhang Village, South Village Zhuangzi , Xingjiawucun, Guan Dao village, small Yingcun, Lu Village, Taiwan and ancient village, Fu Village), Liangxiang Industrial Development Zone.Note: Liangxiang regional precipitation will be part of the regional offices set up two streets - Gong Chen Lu streets and West streets.Zhoukoudian area exempted 5, 24 village committees (Zhoukoudian, changgouyu mine, the company nest, red Machinery Plant, Xin Mine, South Korea following the village, tile Tseng Tsuen, New Street,, Hanji the village, Daxinzhuang Village, Zhoukou Village, Yunfeng Sicun, the village of Zhoukoudian, Louzi Water Village, Shuanma Village, Huang village homes, Longbaoyucun, Huangshan Diancun, Huang Yun Sicun, good in the Village, West Village, Depot Village, Lai Li Shui Village, Ma Si-Village, north of Sicun, hyacinth tent village, Changliushui Village, Yamaguchi Village, Crown Village).Liuli He exempted in four communities, 47 village committees (b Street, window screening plant, Liuli He cement plant communities, the school building materials industry, Street, Second, Third Street, Lee Village, White Village, Yang Tuen households Village, Zhou Village, Fuhsing Village, the Ping Village, Village North Luo, Nan Luo Village, Ancient Village, the ancestral village, North Chapter village, Xing at the village, Zhuang Village, the legislature of the village, Dong Lam Tsuen, Liu Li Diancun , Hui Village, the Loess Pocun, called the South East Village, southwest of the village call, Nanlv East Village, Xi Nanlv Village, Bao-Village, Village Road, South Village, white, white North Village, the Village 8, Xue Village, the village, the village homes often , In the West Village, for Zi Village, Zhao Yingcun, Ren Yingcun, Miles Village, Xiao market village, the village kiln, the pottery village, Xiaotao village, Guan Zhuangcun, Jia Kawamura, Powell Village, Xinli Village, 5 The village, Han Yingcun).Yan exempted three villages, 22 village committees (South Liyuan of grain, fire equipment plant communities, bridges plant communities, large Shikonin Wucun, small Shikonin Wucun, frontier village after village along, Zhang Zhuangcun, Gong Zhufen Village, North Fangcun, South Fangcun, Wu Village, Coke Village, the village of Dong, Xiao Dong Village, West Village Cemetery, opened Ancient Village, South Liyuan Village, two of Village, the Village, 13, 13 in the small village, After 13 village, Xiao Village, Yuan Wu Zhuncun, Chaomidiancun).Doudian Town exempted two communities, 30 village committees (special-new building materials company, Jinxin Court, Doudian Village, Baicaowacun, Lucun, Banqiao Village, Xi'an Village, idyllic village, the first Wayao Village and the Soviet Union Village, in the Village, downhill Diancun, Qili Diancun, Wang Chu village, a Street, and Second Street, and Third Street, and after Street, and small high-care Village, a high-care Village, the Village of the small, Liu Ping Village, Yuan Village, Village Road, Unit 6, Pu An Tuncun, Xinglong Village, Daxinzhuang village households, Liang Jianfang Village, the former village, the village of Chen, Liu North Village, Hekou Village).Stone Louzhen exempted a community, 12 village committees (the community, Jiyang Village, the Village Station, Shek Wenlou Village, double Takamura, with Wenlou Village, Yang Fu-Village, Ma Fu-hsiang Village, the Village, Luo , Tuo Tau Tsuen, double-Willow Village, Liyuan Diancun, Ha Tsuen).Yang Zhen-exempted three communities, 40 village committees (Changyang farm communities, long Longyuan, Bigui Yuan, a Changyang Village, the Changyang Village, a village of the fence, the fence of the village, yellow tube Tuncun , The dumb Kawamura, the small West Village, Xin claws to the village, South-Yangcheng village, North-Yangcheng Village, a village Shuinian Tuen Mun, Tuen Shuinian the village, the military to stay Village, Zhang market village, the village cattle-market, security and Village, Zhuang Zi Yang Village, long Yingcun, Race Course Village, high-Village, a village of rice fields, rice paddies two villages, rice paddies three villages, rice paddies four villages, rice paddies five Village, a high-Dian Village, two high-Dian Village, Gao Dian three villages, four high-Dian Village, Tai-ling Village, Wen Zhuang Zi village, the village justice alone, Zhu Village, Yan Xian Fa Village, hyacinth Fa Village, Summer Field Village, the Buddha over the village, Zhao Village, Gongyi Village, West Village market).Hebei town exempted two communities, 19 village committees (Fangshan mine, Huangtupo military Road, magnetic home village, Makha Bucha Tangcun, North Banbi Dian Village, North Loess Pocun, three Fukumura, Hedong Village, East Zhuangzi Village, Macassar Ebony Village, 30 acres in the village, East Village, the Village of Lee, the village in Hebei, Henan village, North Daxinzhuang Village, South Village, Xing Yuan Village, I Komura, he pits the village, South car Yingcun ).Gou Zhen exempted a long, 18 village committees (Xi Xiang Court, is South Village, Village North is, double Mill Village, the Village of South-North-liang of the Village, the Village of East-East-Village , West Long Village, Tai Wo Village, along the Village, Village Cemetery, East Village, Kam Chi, South Kam Chi Village, Village North Kam Chi, Chi Gan West Village, the Village 6, 3: Village, Huang Yuan Tseng Tsuen).Shiwo the town exempted 24 village committees (Royal Mill Village, Tsai Village, the Village, Mr Andrew Mill Village, earth embankment village, town Jiang Yingcun, and Tajikistan, as the village, yet the South Village, Village North Shang, South Kawamura , South Village-and wide-Run Village, Nan Xin Village, Shiwo village, Ban Bidian Village,独树village, the village on the rocks, under Yingcun, high Village, the former Shihmen Village, after the Shihmen Village, the Village, Sancha Village, Water Village).Zhang Fang Zhen exempted 15 village committees (Dayu Village, North Dai Bai village, I Cai Family Village, closing the East Village, Sanhe Village, Watts Village, 1000 Village, Hekou, Mu Jia Kou village, Kwong Paul Village, South Dai Bai Village, West Dai Bai village, the history of the Village, Zhang Fangcun, on-chip Village, under Sicun).10 Duzhen exempted 21 village committees (EOC Yucun, North Shihmen Village, West Village, Shek Mun, head of the village, West Kawamura, West Village, 9 Ducun, 8 Ducun, Shi Du Village, Ma'an Village, Wolong Village, Liuhe Village, Tai Ping Village East, West Tai Ping Village, New Village, closing the West Village, Ducun 6, 7 Ducun, five of the village, Li Yuan Factory Village, Wanglaopucun).Qinglong Hu town exempted two communities, 32 village committees (Beijing Coal Group chemical plant, Hao-yu, Beijing-Beijing Cement Plant, Xiao-David Yingcun, West Stone House Village, Sheung Lok Sicun, four North Village, South 4 Village, the Village of Coke, small Court on Village, Tsing Lung Tau Village, the Village of worship, Douge Zhuang Village, Village Temple ears, Chong Daxinzhuang Village, Lo Shangfen Village, Tai Court Village, Village North Liu, Malaysian village, small Ma Village, the Village of fruit, Zhuanghu West Village, Kong on the village, Tuoli Village, 000 Village on the north car Yingcun, Xin openings Village, diffuse water Kawamura, South of the village, oral Village, Sha Wo Village, Tai Court on the village, Ma Village home, the water Yucun, Danti Village).Hancun He exempted a town, 27 village committees (Hancun He nature Metro, Dongying Village, the Village of Zhao, West Yingcun, small villages, Luo, Hancun He Village, West Village, Cao Zhang Village, Seven Sages Village, Pan Village, Zheng Village, Chongyi Village, Wu Hou Village, Yuege Zhuang Village, particularly Jiafen village, southeast of Chapter village, southwest of Cap Village, the entrance of Long Village, Longgang Village II, the Queen's Taiwan Village, open days Village, the Village of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty, the Western Zhou Dynasty Village, on the court in the village, the village in the hospital, I Gushan village, holy water Yucun, Luo Yucun).Xiayunlingxiang exempted 15 village committees (堂上Village, the land of the village, the four-Taiwan Village, Longmen Village, Taiwan, Zhuanghu Taiwan Village, the Royal Village Taiwan, Taiwan stone village, the village Sihetun, Xia Yun Village, three water Village, Tai grass Village, Shangdanbaocun, North straight Kawamura, under the stone Baocun, silver water village).South exempted pits eight rural village committee (Flower Village, in Yaocun, Onishi Village, water Yucun, South Yaocun, north of the village, Nanan Village, Sanhecun).Dover Township exempted 18 of the village committee (Chen Taiwan Village, the Village of East classes, classes of the West Village, Chen Jia Fen Village, North Yucun, Heilonggang Guan Cun, the Buddha of Village, Hung Mei Chang village, North Yaocun, under the British Water Village, in the Water Village, on the British Water Village, Xi'an Village, check Komura, changcaocun, mountains and villages, Jia Meiyukou Village, Dan Banfang Village).Da Shan exempted a community, eight village committees (Da Shan Coal Mine, Da'an Village, Xiyuan village, the village is still Temple, Zhao acres in the village, treasure land Wacun, Look coal Jian village, in the village, Sheung Shui Yucun).Historians Ying Xiang exempted 12 village committees (Yuanyang Water Village, Liulin Water Village, Yang Water Village, Taiwan Qinglin Village, Qiu-lin Pucun, Lotus: the village, the village of Cao, historians Yingcun, Omura Jian village, the village Xiyue Taiwan , Green Village, soil and streams, Jinji Taiwan Village).Puwa exempted eight rural village committee (fish bucket Quancun, Lo So Shing-water village, East Village, Po Water Village, Po Wa Cun, a village rich, water-village, a village that).(* under "administrative divisions of the Beijing Municipal Code" Finishing *)-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------History1986, the revocation of Fangshan County, Yanshan, Fangshan District set up to the Yanshan County's Fangshan District and the region for the administrative regions of Fangshan District.November 17, 1997, the State Council approved the Fangshan District People's Government moved to the resident Liangxiang.»15 exemptions in the town, a regional offices, six townships, 463 villages:-township, the town of Zhoukoudian, Chengguan town, Liuli He Town, Yanshan, 10 Duzhen, the Shiwo town, long Yang Zhen, Qinglong Hu town, Yan villages and towns, Doudian Town, Hebei town, long Gou Zhen, Hancun He Town, Zhang Fang Zhen, Shek Louzhen, of Dover Township, Da Shan, Xiayunlingxiang, historian Ying Xiang, Puwa Township, South Pit Township.In 2000, the total population of 814,367 people Fangshan District, the township (neighborhood) Population: 80,746 new street Chengguan town streets 9794 SU 3578 Sunningdale Park street street 12397 Dongfeng streets 25786 Star City streets wind street 33,406-21,960 township 93,486 zhoukoudianzhen town of 39,877 Liuli He 37936 Yan rural town of 30,679 from 2000-2003, 20,280 Doudian Town Louzhen 29468-25046-28081 Tuo Yang Zhen town of 22,276 Hebei town of 25,267 is still Le Gou Zhen 25,452 Southern town of 37,919 Fangzhen 21,043 10 12,072 Hancun He Duzhen town of 16,122 Qinglong Hu town Guan Dao town of 21,771 called the town of 17,459 southeast of the town of 15,844 Yue Gezhuang 22,901 hyacinth Fa Heung Rural 9457 Kiln 9056 Xiayunlingxiang 10,316 South cellar of Dover Township 5922 Township 13895 Da Shan 12,843 historian Ying Xiang 17,978 Puwa Rural 4254 (based on The fifth census data; units:)2002, Fangshan District exempted seven streets and three regions, 11 towns, six townships: Chengguan streets, town streets, Li Yuan streets, Sunningdale streets, Dongfeng street, the wind streets, Star City streets; Liangxiang, Zhoukoudian , Liuli He areas; Yan villages and towns, Doudian Town, Shek Lou Zhen, Yang Zhen long, Hebei town, long Gou Zhen, the Shiwo town, Zhang Fang Zhen, 10 Duzhen, Qinglong Hu Jin, Han Cunhe town; Xia Yunling Township, South cellar Township, Dover Township son, Da Shan, historian Ying Xiang, Puwa Township.In early 2005, Fangshan District exempted six streets (Chengguan streets, Dongfeng streets, Sunningdale streets, the wind street, town streets, Star City streets), the three areas (Liangxiang, Liu Lihe, Zhoukoudian area), 14 towns ( Township-long Yang Zhen, Yan villages and towns, Doudian Town, Liu Lihe town, Hancun He Town, Shek Louzhen, the town of Zhoukoudian, long Gou Zhen, the Shiwo town, Zhang Fang Zhen, 10 Duzhen, Qinglong Hu town, Hebei town), six townships (Dover Township son, Da Shan, historian Ying Xiang, pits the rural South, Xiayunlingxiang, Puwa Township).2005, 98, the Beijing municipal government will decide the mayor office, in Fangshan Liangxiang streets in the establishment of two new offices - Gongchen street offices and the Office of the West Lu street, Liangxiang regional offices (town ) Formed the remaining areas of the original unchanged.According to the Beijing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau put the planning, Fangshan District Government Street, step-by-step adjustment of the region administrative division of the township plan, which is the first step in 2005-2006 in Liangxiang in the establishment of two neighborhood offices, specific programmes are: - Rural areas north of the establishment of Gongchen neighborhood offices, office located in Liangxiang Road 39.The office area of 24.7 square km and the population of 126,000 planning.Liangxiang region in the northwest West Lu neighborhood offices, office located in Liangxiang West Road on the 9th.The office area of 10.4 square km and the population of 108,000 planning.To strengthen management in rural areas and farmers is conducive to the proper disposal of collective assets, Liangxiang regional offices (town) remaining unchanged in the maintenance of the establishment, by the office of Liangxiang Road 39, moved to its original Guandao office address.After adjusting the Liangxiang regional offices (town) area of 33.9 square km, the actual population of 16,000.Fangshan District exempted eight streets (Chengguan streets, Dongfeng streets, Sunningdale streets, the wind street, town streets, Star City streets, Gongchen streets, Lu West streets), the three areas (Liangxiang, Liu Lihe, Zhoukoudian area) , 14 town (township-liang, Chang Yang Zhen, Yan villages and towns, Doudian Town, Liu Lihe town, Hancun He Town, Shek Louzhen, the town of Zhoukoudian, long Gou Zhen, the Shiwo town, Zhang Fang Zhen, 10 Duzhen , Qinglong Hu town, Hebei town), six townships (Dover Township son, Da Shan, historian Ying Xiang, pits the rural South, Xiayunlingxiang, Puwa Township).

Beijing's Fangshan District geographical coordinates (Google maps satellite map Landmark) finishing date: (2006/9/26 17:59:00)
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