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OverviewZhengzhou City in Henan Province in central north, longitude 112 ° 42'-114 ° 14 ', north latitude and 34 ° 16'-34 ° 58'.The city's total area of 7446.2 square kilometres, of which the urban area of 1010.3 square km and in 2003 built area of 212.4 square km and in 2004 built area of 243.3 square kilometres (data in accordance with the municipal government of Zhengzhou site).The end of 2004 the city's total population of 7.082 million, of which the urban population 4111000, 2971000 rural population; non-agricultural population of 2.576 million people (in Zhengzhou city government Web site).Municipal People's Government in the Central Plains area of the Central Plains Road 233.Zip code: 450007.Administrative division code: 410100.Code: 0371.Pinyin: Zhengzhou Shi.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Administrative divisionAs at December 31, 2005, six Shixia Zhengzhou City area, a county, and hosted five county-level cities; city a total of 70 streets and 71 towns and 24 townships.Zhengzhou City area of 7,507 square kilometres, population 6.61 million (2003).Central Plains area of 195 square kilometres, population 570,000 people.ZIP code 450007.Er Qiqu area of 159 square kilometres, population 500,000 people.ZIP code 450000.Muslim area of the city of 204 square kilometres, population 320,000 people.ZIP code 450000.Jin Shuiqu area of 242 square kilometres, population 780,000 people.ZIP code 450003.On the block area of 18 square kilometres, population 80,000 people.ZIP code 450041.District People's Government in the Centre Road 132.Ji-hye area of 206 square kilometres, population 150,000 people.ZIP code 450053.Kaiyuan District People's Government in the road on the 8th.Xinzheng City area of 873 square kilometres, population 630,000 people.ZIP code 451100.Dengfeng City area of 1220 square kilometres, population 630,000 people.ZIP code 452470.Municipal People's Government in the Song Yang streets.New City area of 1001 square kilometres, population 820,000 people.ZIP code 452370.Municipal People's Government in the Qing Ping Road No. 86.Gongyi City area of 1041 square kilometres, population 790,000 people.ZIP code 451250.Xingyang Shi area of 955 square kilometres, population 650,000 people.ZIP code 450100.Zhongmu County area of 1393 square kilometres, population 690,000 people.ZIP code 451450.County People's Government in the Chengguan town.* Here size, population data in accordance with "the People's Republic of administrative divisions booklet (2005)," By the end of 2003 the population.One in 2004 on the street, Xingyang Shi administrative region adjusted data to be updated.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------HistorySpring and Autumn period, Cheng and South Korea have in Xinzheng Capital, as long as 500 years.Qin and Han Dynasties period, the Zhengzhou region before they buy Ying Yang, Gong, Beijing, Xinzheng, and other counties., The Zhengzhou region in the past has set Ying-gun, North Yu Zhou, Xing, and so on.Sui Kaihuang 2003 (AD 583) will be Xing, Zhengzhou.Sui Kaihuang 16 years (AD 596), home of the state Zhisuo.As the city of Zhengzhou, in the state of governance and become Zhengzhou region's political, economic center.Northern Song Dynasty Capital Bianjing, Gyeonggi Province, Zhengzhou is a road, Chongning 2004 (Year 1105), built for the West Des Voeux, Song became one of four auxiliary County.Early Ming, Kaifeng, Zhengzhou, was placed under House.Qing Dynasty, was promoted to Zhengzhou for two Zhili state.1929 As in 1931, Zhengzhou, once located in the county waste.1948 Date October 22, the formal establishment of the Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, a provincial capital in 1954.Established in 1949 in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province by the Crown.Henan Provincial People's Government in 1954 moved from Kaifeng City in Zhengzhou City.1958 Xinzheng origin of the Kaifeng area, of the county, Dengfeng, Gongxian (in the town of East Point), Yang Ying five counties by the Zhengzhou city leaders.1961 will Xinzheng, of the county, Dengfeng, Gongxian, Ying Yang Kaifeng area was placed under five counties.1971 Kaifeng in Ying County owned by the Zhengzhou city leaders.In 2000, according to the fifth national census data: the total population of Zhengzhou City, 6656759; Zhongyuan District 578,400 Erqi Qu 557,300 City District 345,513 Hui Jin Shuiqu 878,308 on the street 77,014 Mangshan Qu 149,852 Zhongmu County 673,058 Gongyi City 777,202 Xingyang Shi 619,840 Xinzheng city of 779,014 new 609,173 Dengfeng City Municipal 609,085 (based on past administrative division; units:)December 25, 2003, the Ministry of Civil Affairs approved (the letter [2003] 270): Zhengzhou city changed its name to the Mangshan Qu-economic areas.The end of 2003, the city's total population of 6.977 million people, the center city population 3.2 million (Zhengzhou city government Web site).Township zoning adjustment in July 2004, the entire town of Waterloo Xingyang Shi Gap formed on the block was placed under the jurisdiction.In accordance with "the Home Office on the reorientation of Henan Province, Zhengzhou City neighborhoods and the administrative divisions approved Xingyang Shi" (Yu awarded to the [2004] 4), Xingyang Shi Gap Waterloo formed the whole town was placed under the jurisdiction on the street.Administrative division adjustment, the size of the adjustment on the street before the 86,000 people to 120,000 people.July 6, 2004, the Zhengzhou Municipal People's Government Office, "Zhang Rural Prefecture on the Zhongmu renamed Yanminghuxiang notice" (ZHENG Zheng Office [2004] No. 63) approved: Next "in Henan Province on the Home Office Mou Zhang Rural Prefecture renamed Yanminghuxiang the letter of approval "(Yu awarded to the [2004] 2), approved by the Provincial People's Government, agreed Zhongmu Zhang Rural Prefecture changed its name to Yanminghuxiang.November 6, 2004, Xingyang Shi People's Government (Ying G [2004] No. 190) notice: According to the "Henan Province, the Home Office on the high Xingyang Shi Yang Zhen was renamed the approval of high Town" (Yu awarded to the [2004] on the 8th ), Approved by the Provincial People's Government, Yang Zhen Xing Yangshi high changed its name to High Town.Zhengzhou City, the original jurisdiction 35 townships and 75 towns.October 12, 2005, Zhengzhou City, announced the start of township merge, to merge 29 townships.November 20 to complete the transition merge the handover, December 31 for the institutional reform of township staff triage triage time.These townships are: the bamboo town of Gongyi City, Heluo town, Nanhe Duzhen, Taoyuan Township; Sishui town of Xingyang Shi, Liu town, North Mang Mountain Township, the temple of the rural, Jinzhai Xiang; Dengfeng City, the Ludian Town, the town of Xuanhua, sent to table the rural, white Pingxiang; Xinmi City Yuan Township, Eagle's Nest Township, crossing the town; Xinzheng City, the 1000 Zhai Xiang; Zhongmu County, the 000 Tan Zhen, Xie Town, Wharf Zhai Xiang, Yanminghuxiang, Lu admitted Miaoxiang, 8 Gangxiang, Ping Tang Heung; Central Plains area of the Gang Liu Xiang; Er Qiqu the Mazhai Zhen, Jin Shuiqu the Yaoqiao Xiang; Ji-hye of the Garden District mouth Town, Mao Town.December 2005, in accordance with the deployment of Henan province, Zhengzhou City merge the township has been basically completed, the city's total merge township 15, from Zhengzhou City of township zoning before adjustment for 110 reduced to 95, new By the Office of four streets.Was merge the 15 townships are: revocation of-town Zhongmu County, Lu admitted Miaoxiang, the new set Jiulong Zhen; revocation positions Zhai Xiang, into the town of Guandu; revocation Ping Tang Heung, into the three officers Miao Xiang.Gongyi City Nanhe Duzhen revoked, the town integrated into Heluo; revocation Taoyuan Township, into the villages and towns involved.Dengfeng City, revocation of the rural delivery table, into the White Pingxiang.Revocation of the new city gateway town, the town integrated into Gou Tong; revoked Eagle's Nest townships, towns and villages into the meter.Xingyang Shi revocation of the rural temple, Liu into the town; revocation North Mang Mountain Township, into the high-Village.Xinzheng City revocation 1000 Zhai Xiang, into the Xindian Zhen.Zhongyuan District revoked the Gang Liu Xiang, the establishment of the Office of Maritime Road West streets.Er Qiqu revocation Qi Li Yan Township.Jin Shuiqu revocation Yaoqiao Xiang, the establishment of the Office of Long Lake streets.Ji-hye remove hair Town area, the establishment of Tai Ho Road neighborhood offices.

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