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OverviewQinghai Province cities, the provincial government resident, the province's political, economic, cultural, technological, transport centre, the main industrial base.Habitat in the eastern province, Huang Yu Valley water basin, the geographical coordinates longitude 101 ° 49'17 ", north latitude and 36 ° 34'3".Total area of 7472 square kilometres, of which the city area of 343 square kilometres.Total population of 1.84 million population (2004).Municipal People's Government in the South Gate Street, the city district, Zip code: 810000.Code: 630100.Code: 0971.Pinyin: Xining Shi.Huangshui Valley is located, the topography of the Southwest, Northeast low, things were long and narrow strip, the urban area is located in the four-chuan, the Xining basin surrounded by mountains.Nanchuan River, North River in the urban areas into Huangshui, Huangshui River flows from west to east throughout the city.Plateau is a semi-arid climate, the annual average temperature 4.9 ℃, the highest 31 ℃, the lowest -18 ℃.379 mm in precipitation.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Administrative division2005, four Shixia Xining City area, two counties and one county.Xining City area of 7472 square kilometres, population 1.84 million.Town area of 11 square kilometres, population 150,000 people.Zip code 810000.Joto area of 115 square kilometres, population 230,000 people.Zip code 810000.Story area of 79 square kilometres, population 220,000 people.Zip code 810001.Cheng Beiqu area of 138 square kilometres, population 200,000 people.Zip code 810001.Huang Yuanxian area of 1609 square kilometres, population 140,000 people.Zip code 812100.County People's Government in the Chengguan town.In Huangzhong County area of 2430 square kilometres, population 470,000 people.Zip code 811600.Lu Shaer County People's Government in the town.Chase Hui Autonomous County of the Turkish area of 3090 square kilometres, population 430,000 people.Zip code 810100.County People's Government in Qiaotou town.* Here Quhuadiming information as at December 2005; area and population data in accordance with "the People's Republic of administrative divisions booklet (2006)", the population at the end of 2004.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------HistoryFor the ancient Qiang, the Western Han Dynasty when the home-base military and Post-West Pavilion, an early Shenjue Jincheng County Council Qiang County.Emperor Wu Yuanshou 2002 (121 BC), Han Army into the West Huangshui River, Han will be the construction of military positions Huoqu Bing West-ting, this is the beginning of Xining formed.Jian'an home in the Eastern Han Dynasty West inhabitants, the rule West County (now in Xining City).(Or that) Huang Wei Wendi early 2003 (AD 222) for the expansion of the West gun and started in this Zhucheng.Northern Song Chongning 2003 (1104 AD), to Xining, this "Xining" that began see history.In 18 years (1929) formally built in Qinghai Province, Xining, the county government, in 1946 (1946) was officially established Xing Yuan around Xining City.September 5, 1949 liberation of Xining, September 8 the establishment of Municipal People's Government, for the cities of Qinghai Province.1950 Xining city in Qinghai Province People's Government for the resident.1960 directly under the original province in Huangzhong, Chase 2 counties and mutual aid Turkish Autonomous County was placed under the leadership of Xining City.1962 in Huangzhong, Chase 2 counties and mutual aid to the Turkish Autonomous County of the province Territory.1966 Datong County (the bridge) by the Xining city leaders.November 6, 1985, the State Council for approval (of the letter [1985] 163) revocation of Datong County, the establishment of the Turkish Chase Hui Autonomous County, Datong County in the administrative region for Chase Hui Autonomous County of the Turkish administrative regions.March 5, 1986, the State Council for approval (of the letter [1996] 30): (1) west of Xining City is set to distinguish between west and north of the city two districts.(2) revoke the outskirts of Xining City, the suburbs under the jurisdiction of the original seven were classified as rural Chengdong, the city, west, north of the city four district jurisdiction.December 5, 1999, the State Council for approval (of the letter [1999] 142) will Haidong region in Huangzhong County, Huang Yuanxian was placed under the jurisdiction of Xining City.1999 (1999 statistics on non-Huang, Huangyuan County data) Xining Shixia 4 (Joto, the city, Story, Cheng Beiqu), a county (Chase Hui Autonomous County).Including 23 neighborhood offices, 11 towns and 22 rural township government.Including 370 village committees, neighborhood committees, 216, 104 family members of the Committee.A total area of 3456 square km and the urban area of 350 square km and built area of 55 square kilometres.The end of the city's total population was 1.4862 million, of which the urban population of 919,100 people.In 2000, according to the fifth census data: 1849713 total population of Xining City, including: Joto 270,268 people, 148,521 people in town areas, areas west 225,412 people, Cheng Beiqu 210,265 people, 416,968 people in Datong County, 448,465 people in Huangzhong County , Huang Yuanxian 129,814 people.January 16, 2001, the Qing government of Qinghai Province People's Government letter [2001] on the 7th, approved: ① revocation Chase Hui Autonomous County of the new Turkish Township, the establishment of the new Town; withdraw more Lin Heung, a number Town, Changning and after the withdrawal of 2 River Township, the establishment of a joint Town, Changning; revocation Qingping Township, into Huang Zhaizhen; revocation Kong and Jing-yang-2 townships, and the establishment of a joint King Yang Zhen; remove herbs Township, into the town of Tartu; withdrawn and no new urban and rural areas New Moon Township, of which six villages (Old Ying Zhuang, Mao Jiazhai, HE Jiazhai, Mao Formation, Grand Bay, springs Bay) bridge into the town, and the other four villages (xintianbu, on the Fort, Baodong, Baoxi) 200052 into the town.② revoked in Huangzhong County, five Zhuang Hui Township, the establishment of five on the Town; revoke the stockade and Shengping 2 Township, which will total 18 Village Zhai Xiang's (Fort Wang Bin, Zhang Jiazhuang, Qinghe, the Qingshui River, the South , The North, Xie Jiazhai, Mrs Jinjiazhuang, Irvine-chuen, Hsinchuang, Wang Shan, Lu Jia Zhai, Xin'an, stars, and yuan Baozi, Xiangtang, Tong Ma Fang, Chen Jia Yao) and the five rural Shengping Village (MO Ravine, on the rill, under rill, on the Buffalo Gap, the bison ditch) the establishment of a joint Zhaizhen; revocation Gan flood land and slope-2 townships, with the only two rural village of Huang Gan flood land to establish a joint town; I withdraw the U.S.-long, four camps and Lassa three townships, which will LAN long Xiang of 25 villages (the U.S.-long mouth, Zhashi camp, San Tsuen, Bada, SIN business class, end the Palestinian camps, the West Fork, on the LU Trafalgar, under Luer Jia, Poplar mouth, East Lake, south gate, on the Zhuang, the former village, in the village, Nilong Taiwan, Yang Card, White Cliffs, Nilong mouth, Semba, 1000 East, 1000 West, on the Temple, iron-camp, the camp), four of the 11 villages Ying Xiang (Boshi camp, Mazi camp, White Cliffs, a bar, bar two, Nigeria Ma Long, Tuba camp, a Dole camp, after the Seoul River, On the red clay ditch, under the red clay ditch) and Lassa rural village of seven (Hong-Lin, Bang Long, the south gate of the Ridge Top, the NLD, Gap, national) merger of the establishment of the U.S.-long Town; Township and the revocation of a new racecourse Tibetan township, a joint establishment of a new Town; Jiazhai and even revocation of the Chang-2 townships, and the establishment of a joint Tian Zhaizhen; revoke the Republican and Reform and Rural Pandao 3, the establishment of a joint Republican town; revocation Li Shan, the tower and the four Ying Xiang Seoul set up a joint Li Town Village.③ revoked Huang Yuanxian Dahua Township, the establishment of Dahua town.④ will Zhai Xiang in Huangzhong County of the four villages (Xu Jia Zhai, East Village, West Village, Chen Beach) into the town of Lu Shaer; Lassa the eight rural village (north ditch, in the village, Yang Taiwan, In Jinjiazhuang, GA Trafalgar, Trafalgar Head, atenolol hole, the Prevlaka Hill) and LAN long Xiang of eight villages (for Dole camp, towards the Palestinian population, Dan Ma Temple, You Fang-Taiwan, Yu-pull, happiness, Shawo Seoul, early wow) into more Palestinian towns; Shengping the four rural villages (aka, the next Agca, autumn Zaigou, dental Canada) and entering soil men Guan Xiang.The end of 2001, the entire street Shixia 23, 26 towns and 26 townships, six nationality townships, 128, 28 neighborhood committees and 926 village (grazing) Authority.The end of 2003, exempted 23 streets and 26 towns and 24 townships, six nationality townships, 934 villages (grazing) Authority, the 165 community's neighborhood committee.Total population of 1783713 people.July 2004, Cheng Beiqu Xining City zoning adjustment, street offices from four to three adjustment: remove three of its neighborhood offices, the Office of the streets into Mafang.August 2006, in Xining city: a new town, the city's total townships from 56 (26 rural town 30) adjusted to 50 (27 rural town 23).In Huangzhong County: revocation of the West Baoxiang, the establishment of the West advancement; remove the source of townships, and incorporated into the town of Lu Shaer; revocation Dan Ma Xiang, into the Tian Zhaizhen.Huang Yuanxian: remove tower Wanxiang, incorporated in Shanghai Rural; revocation Chengjiao Xiang, respectively, and Rucheng Chengguan Town, East Gap township and rural peace.Datong County: revocation of the Western Hills Township, into the Castle Peak Rural; revocation Diao Gou Xiang, into the northern Tibetan New Moon Township.

Xining city in Qinghai Province geographical coordinates (Google maps satellite map Landmark) finishing date: (2006/9/26 17:59:00)
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