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The name: the Republic of Armenia (The Republic of Armenia, kbrf Fhvtybz), referred to Armenia.Flag: a horizontal rectangle, the length and width ratio of 2:1.Top-down from red, blue, orange and the equivalent of three parallel horizontal rectangular composition.Red symbolizes the blood of the martyrs of the revolution and national victory, blue behalf of the state rich in natural resources, the symbol of bright orange, happiness and hope.Armenia was one of the former Soviet Union republics, the then national flag is flying the flag of the former Soviet Union Flag middle of a Shaokuan of the blue bar.1991 declaration of independence, formally adopted red, blue and orange tri-color flag as the national flag.National Emblem: The Eagle and the Lions pulled out with the shield logo, the eagle in the left, the lion in the right.Four Reuters shield the surface, on behalf of the country's history of four dynasties, symbolizing a long history; middle for a small shield, painted on a mountain lake.Below is a shield emblem was to interrupt the chain, Greenwood and the Arrow Cross.Heads of State: President Robert Kocharian (Robert Kocharyan), 1998年4, took office for a term of five years, Prime Minister Andranik Margaryan, (Andranik Margarian), 2000年5月representation.Major festivals: Army Day: January 28 (1992); genocide: April 24 (1915, the Ottoman Empire on the implementation of sub-ethnic genocide), the establishment of the First Republic: May 28 (1918 The establishment of the First Republic); Constitution Day: July 5 (1995), the Republic of Armenia's Independence Day: September 21 (September 21, 1991-hold a referendum to formally declare independence); earthquake memorial in 1988 Victims: December 7.Physical Geography: an area of 29,800 square kilometers.Armenia is located at the junction of Asia and Europe, the Caucasus in southern landlocked countries.Azerbaijan east, west and south-eastern Turkey, Iran and Azerbaijan's Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic of the border, the North Georgia community.Armenia is located northeast of the plateau, mountainous territory, throughout the 90 per cent of the territory at an altitude of 1,000 meters above.Is the small northern Caucasus Mountains, the highest point in the Northwest high ground of Alajiaci Mountain, elevation 4,090 meters.East Sevan depression, depression in the area of Lake Sevan 1,360 square kilometers, the largest lake in Armenia.Major rivers to Elakesi River.Ararat southwest of the Great Plains was Alakesi River at two, the northern part of Armenia, then to the south of Turkey and Iran.Climate varies with the level of terrain, from dry subtropical climate gradually become cold climate.Is located in the northern part of the subtropical climate of inland dry, mountain climate is subtropical.January average temperature of -2 ~ 12 ℃; 7 monthly average temperature of 24 ~ 26 ℃.Capital: Yerevan (Yerevan, Thtdfy), population 1102100 (January 2003).January average temperature of -5 ℃, 7 monthly average temperature of 25 ℃.Administrative Division: country is divided into 10 states and a state-class city: Jacques Chirac, and Lori, and even state-tower, Ala Jia measures, Stern, Ke Taike states, the Knicks, Ge Jiaer, Armavir State, Ararat, Vanuatu, about Cizuo Er, Nick off, and Yerevan city.Population: 3.8 million (January 2003).Which accounted for 93.3 percent of Armenian origin, other nations are Russia, Kurds, Ukraine, Assyrians, Greeks, and so on.The official language is Armenian (Indo-European languages is an independent, the ancient Armenian and similar to ancient Greek, Armenian close to the modern Turkish), residents and more proficient in Russian.Armenian Christian.A brief history: the ninth century BC to 6th century BC, in the territory of Armenia is a country of slavery Wu Ladu.6 century BC to 3rd century BC, the territory of Armenia in Ekaimini in the Seleucid dynasty and the ancient dynasty rule, established a large Armenian State.After twice being carved up Turkey and Iran.1804 ~ 1828, two Russian-Iranian war in Iran ended in failure, the original was Iran's occupation of East Armenia was annexed to Russia.November 1917, Armenia was the United Kingdom and the Turkish occupation.January 29, 1920 the establishment of the Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic.March 12, 1922, joined the Socialist Federal Republic of the Soviet Caucasus, the same year on December 30 to join the federal member of the Soviet Union.December 5, 1936, the Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic under the Soviet Union to become one of the republics.August 23, 1990, the Supreme Soviet of Armenia adopted the Declaration of Independence, and changing the country known as "the Republic of Armenia."September 21, 1991, Armenia held a referendum to formally declare independence.In December 21 to join the CIS.Politics: July 5, 1995, adopted by referendum a new constitution.The new Constitution, Armenia continued to implement presidential, legislative, administrative, judicial separation of powers; recognition of the multi-party system.President's term of five years, can not be re-elected; living in the country over 10 years, the age of 35-year-old Armenian citizens have the right to run for president.The Constitution also gives the new president decided to dissolve the parliament and early elections boards the power.In addition, the president also has the power of appointment and removal of heads of government.Parliament said the National Assembly, the Asian countries is the highest legislative body.Economy: Asia after independence, with the former Soviet Union countries because of economic ties with the interruption, after the war by the Nagorno-Karabakh of Azerbaijan, Turkey blockade, economic and dropping.2000, or some, but overall the transition is still in the transitional period.2002 a good economic development trend, GDP grew 12.9 percent, a record high.Government measures to attract foreign investment, developing high-tech industries, to support small and medium enterprises, speed up privatization and expansion of domestic demand, and achieved certain results.However, lack of resources, exports are limited, insufficient funding and other factors are still seriously restricted the economic development of Asia.December 2002 accession to the World Trade Organization.2002 GDP to 2.367 billion U.S. dollars, per capita GDP of 622.6 U.S. dollars.Currency: drams (lhfv).Main resources are copper, copper and molybdenum mine polymetallic ore.In addition, sulphur, marble and colored tuff, and so on.Major industrial sector machinery manufacturing, chemical and biological engineering, organic synthesis, non-ferrous metal smelting, and so on.Major tourist attractions in the capital Yerevan and Sevan Lake Nature Reserve.Major export products as semi-precious stones and gem processing products, food, non-precious metals and metal products, mineral products, textiles, machinery and equipment.Main imported products for the precious stones and semi-precious stones, minerals, non-precious metals and metal products, food.Military: According to June 1997 the National Assembly approved the National Defense Law, the president is supreme commander of the armed forces.Department of Defense is leading the armed forces of the state organs, the secretary of defense for the implementation of the direct command of the armed forces.Full implementation of the obligations of the contract system and integration of the military service system.Soldiers serving for two years, the annual spring and autumn conscription.Officers serving under the contract system.When recruits signed three-year contract, subject to renewal, but also be free to retire.Man who served 20 years or more are entitled to receive pension and other benefits.Total more than 40,000 troops, for the five infantry troops.In addition, the Ministry of National Defense General Staff Department and several were administered directly under the Ministry of detachment.Press and Publications: There are 980 news organizations, including 596 newspapers, 148 magazines, 186 TV companies, broadcasters 53, 25 news agencies.Major newspapers: "The Republic of Armenia", Asia, Russian, founded in 1990, the official newspaper, circulation of 3,500 copies, "the Voice of Armenia", Russian, founded in 1991, the independent newspaper, circulation of 3,500 points, "Ye Er Jier "(meaning" the motherland "), Ya-wen, founded in 1991, Dashennake Chuqiong organ of the CPC Central Committee, in December 1994, was closed down, in March 1998 resumed publication," A Zige "( Means "nation"), Ya-wen, founded in 1991, the official newspaper of the Liberal Democratic Party.There are major news agency Asia News Agency (Fhvtyghtcc), 1920 was established, the state-owned; Asia's information (Fhvbyaj), 2001 was established, the private; Connaught Yang - Tapan (Yjzy Nfgfy), and so on.Major radio: ADB public radio stations, the state-owned, 1926 Jiantai, with Armenia, Russia, Arab, Iran, the Kurds, Britain, Spain, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, France, and other language broadcast.Asia Television is the main public television and public, in 1956 Jiantai, broadcast by Armenian.Foreign Affairs: foreign policy pursued in all directions.Russia to consolidate and focus on traditional strategic allies, with the positive development of relations between the United States and Western countries, to participate in NATO's "partnership for peace" within the framework of activities, to join the European Union, seeking safety diversified.Nagorno-Karabakh conflict with Azerbaijan because of the hostile, and there Shichou Turkey, Albania, the sub-soil to conduct political and economic blockade.ADB welcomes the OSCE Minsk Group on Nagorno-Karabakh conflict mediation, and expressed willingness to Afghanistan, the soil in high-level dialogue, the development of regional cooperation.With Georgia and Iran and other neighbors of the good-neighborly and friendly relations of cooperation.Deepening and Eastern Europe, the Middle East countries ties.Active participation in the Council of Europe, CIS, the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization and other international and regional organizations affairs.In 2001, Asia become full members of the European Commission and elected members of the United Nations Commission on Human Rights."9.11" incident, announced the opening airspace to support the U.S. fight against international terrorism.With the international organizations in the Nagorno-Karabakh mediation on the issue of cooperation and dialogue.Relations with China: December 27, 1991, the Chinese recognize the independence of the Republic of Armenia.April 6, 1992, the Republic of Armenia and China established diplomatic relations at ambassadorial level.September 2004, President Kocharian on state visit to China, the two sides signed a joint statement.Reproduced:

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