Ordos City of Inner Mongolia (Administrative division) Satellite maps

OverviewOrdos city in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, southwest, is located in the Ordos plateau hinterland.East, north and west respectively, and Hohhot City, Shanxi Province, Baotou, Bayannaoer UNITA, Ningxia, Alxa League across the river south of Yulin City of Shaanxi Province and the border.Geographical coordinates of latitude 37 ° 35'24 "-40 ° 51'40", longitude 106 ° 42'40 "-111 ° 27'20".Things about 400 km and a width of 340 km north-south.Total area of 86,752 square kilometres.Total population of 1.36 million (2004).Municipal People's Government in Dongsheng District, Zip code: 017004.Administrative division code: 150600.Code: 0477.Pinyin: E'erduosi Shi.Ordos City West high-low in the east, the landscape can be divided into the eastern hilly region, the western high plains, north of the cloth of its desert areas, the southern part of Mu Us Desert, the wavy central plateau area and the southern bank of the Yellow River in northern plains area.In elevation from 850 to 2149 meters between.Is a typical temperate continental climate.In bright sunshine duration of 2716.4 hours -3193.9 hours.The average annual temperature in the 5.3 ℃ -8.7 ℃, the average monthly minimum temperature of -10 ℃ -13 ℃, 7 monthly average temperature of 21 ℃ -25 ℃, the temperature throughout the year for the poor, 11 ℃ -15 ℃, for the poor in 45 ℃ -50 ℃.The eastern region to 300 mm of precipitation -400 mm, the western region to 190 mm of precipitation -350 mm, the annual rainfall concentrated in the July-September.Evaporation, the amount of evaporation -3000 mm to 2000 mm.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Administrative divisionIn 2005, Erdos Shixia a city area, the seven flag.That is, Dalateqi, Zhungeer flag Huoluo the Iraqi flag, Etuokeqi, Wu Shenqi, Hangjinqi,鄂托克前旗Dongsheng District 7 and a flag area.Ordos City area of 86,752 square kilometres, population 1.36 million (2004).Dongsheng area of 2,137 square kilometres, population 230,000.ZIP code 017000.District People's Government in the Hai-Tao on West Street.Dalateqi area of 8192 square kilometres, population 330,000.ZIP code 014300.Flag People's Government in the woods called the town.Zhungeer flag area of 7535 square kilometres, population 270,000.ZIP code 010425.Xuejiadao Town People's Government in the flag.鄂托克前旗area of 12,318 square kilometres, population 70,000.ZIP code 016200.Flag People's Government in its response the town of Le Ao.Etuokeqi area of 20,064 square kilometres, population 90,000.ZIP code 016100.People's Government in the town of Ulan flag.Hangjinqi area of 18,903 square km and population 130,000.ZIP code 017400.Nigeria People's Government Zhu Xi town flag.Wu Shenqi area of 11,645 square km and population 100,000.ZIP code 017300.Flag People's Government in the Galu map town.The flag of Iraq Huoluo 5,958 square km and population 140,000.ZIP code 017200.Flags Teng People's Government in the seats of the town of Agri.* Quhuadiming information here until December 2005; area and population data in accordance with "the People's Republic of administrative divisions booklet (2006)", the population At the end of 2004.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------HistoryHabitat original Yikezhaomeng the formation of the AU, should be back in the Ming Dynasty Chenghua years Ordos Mongolian tribes Xiju Loop period.Shunzhi 2006 the Qing Dynasty (1649 AD), the emperor will be divided into tribal Erdos Erdos left wing before, during and after the Ordos and the right-wing before, during and after the six flag.At that time, to the Six Flags designated pasture areas are: West, North, East to the Yellow River on three sides bounded to the south to the Great Wall (Qin, Sui, the construction of three North Korea) for the sector, then by the six flag (after the increase before the end of the right-wing Ordos Flag) of Yikezhaomeng.After several changes in the original zoning, but still the Great Wall and the Yellow River around the boundary of Habitat for UNITA, has been followed so far.Yikezhaomeng the Civil Administration in Dongsheng City, all located in Dongsheng City UNITA Administrative Region (administered six townships, and six towns), Dalateqi (the flag in the woods called the town, the town administered 9, 10 townships, one HE), the Zhungeer flag (the flag in Xuejiadao Town, administered 12 towns and eight rural), the Huoluo Iraqi flag (the flag in the hot seat of Agri-teng Town, administered seven towns, six townships and three HE), Hangjinqi (the flag in Xin Zhen, administered eight towns and three townships, one HE), Wu Shenqi (flag Dabqig government in the town, the town administered seven, five townships, one HE), Etuokeqi (the flag in the town of Ulan, administered six towns and two townships, and four Su - Wood),鄂托克前旗(flag of the Government in its response the town of Le Ao, administered five town, a rural, three HE), one city, seven flag, 60 towns and 41 townships, 13 hematoxylin.By the end of 2002, the city's total population of 1.3442 million people, than the 2001 growth of 1.2 percent, of which 162,174 Mongolians, out of the total population of 12.25 percent, the total ethnic minority population UNITA total population 12.54 percent.Approved by the State Council, the city built Yikezhaomeng dismantling of UNITA, in the September 28, 2001 officially listed, the establishment of the Ordos City.(Source) (More)The mid-15th century, Mongolia Erdos into the Department of abode in the Hetao district, said only "Ordos."Qing dynasty, the Qing Dynasty in Mongolia regions Mengqi system, Ordos 7.30 for a flag of the AU, called "Yikezhaomeng."Late Qing Dynasty (1903) and the Jun Wang Dongsheng flag in the establishment of the Office.Republic of China still use the original system Mengqi, seven flag still, to the Office of Dongsheng Dongsheng County.1952 will be Jun Wang Qi, Zhasakeqi Huoluo merged into the Iraqi flag.1980, will be divided into Etuokeqi Etuokeqi and鄂托克前旗.October 1983 will be Dongsheng County Dongsheng City.2001 2 menstrual approval of the State Council revoked Yikezhaomeng.The establishment of Ordos City, the prefectural level, will be Dongsheng City Dongsheng District.In 2000, according to the fifth national census data: Yikezhaomeng total population of 1369766 people.Of which: Dongsheng City, 252,566 people, Dalateqi 311,608 people, 271,298 people Zhungeer flag,鄂托克前旗66,866 people, Etuokeqi 100,072 people, 122,744 people Hangjinqi, Wu Shenqi 96,873 people, the Iraqi Huoluo Flag 147,739 people.February 26, 2001, the State Council for approval (of the letter [2001] 17) agreed to withdraw Yikezhaomeng Dongsheng and county-level cities, the establishment of Ordos City, the prefectural level.Municipal People's Government in the newly established Dongsheng District.Dongsheng District of Ordos City, set up to the original county-level administrative regions of the city of Dongsheng for Dongsheng District of the region.District People's Government in the Hai-Tao on West Street.Ordos Shixia original Yikezhaomeng the Huoluo the Iraqi flag, Wu Shenqi, Dalateqi, Zhungeer flag Hangjinqi, Etuokeqi,鄂托克前旗and the newly established Dongsheng District.

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