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OverviewAnkang City in Shaanxi Province in the southeast.Geographical coordinates of latitude 31 ° 42'-33 ° 49 ', longitude 108 ° 01'-110 ° 01'.East and Hubei Province (Chushan, Zhuxi, Yunyang County, Yun-West) connection, the two southern provinces and Chongqing (000 sources, the city population, Wuxi) border, in Xi'an, capital of North and (Zhouzhi, Huxian, Changan) And areas adjacent to Shangluo, Hanzhong City and the West (Foping, Yangxian, Xixiang) for the neighbors.Things a width of 200 km, about 240 km north-south.Total area of 23,529 square kilometres.The end of 2004, the city's total population of 2.9497 million, of which agricultural population 2.51 million.Municipal People's Government in the Hanbin Qu, Zip code: 725000.Administrative division code: 610900.Code: 0915.Pinyin: Ankang Shi.Daba Mountain City on the northern slope south, the main north ridge of the Qinling Mountains, from west to east across the Han River, a "two-a-folder (Jiang)," the natural landscape.The city's highest elevation 2964.60 meters (Qinling East beam), the lowest elevation 170 meters (Baihe Xian from the Han River).A sub-tropical continental monsoon climate.Vertical regional climate Obviously, the average temperature in Ningshan, Zhenping around 12 ℃, and other counties around 15 ℃.Annual rainfall in 750 mm -1100 mm.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Administrative divisionAs at December 31, 2005, the well-being Shixia a city area, nine counties.Ankang City area of 23,391 square kilometres, population 2.95 million (2004).Hanbin Qu area of 3652 square kilometres, population 950,000.ZIP code 725000.District People's Government in the five-star Street.Han Yinxian area of 1347 square kilometres, population 290,000.ZIP code 725100.County People's Government in the Chengguan town.Shiquan County area of 1525 square kilometres, population 180,000.ZIP code 725200.County People's Government in the Chengguan town.Ningshan county area of 3,678 square kilometres, population 70,000.ZIP code 711600.County People's Government in the Chengguan town.Ziyang Xian area of 2204 square kilometres, population 340,000.ZIP code 725300.County People's Government in the Chengguan town.Langao County area of 1851 square kilometres, population 170,000.ZIP code 725400.County People's Government in the Chengguan town.- Lee County area of 2627 square kilometres, population 230,000.ZIP code 725500.County People's Government in the Chengguan town.Zhenping County area of 1503 square kilometres, population 60,000.ZIP code 725600.County People's Government in the Chengguan town.Xunyang Xian area of 3554 square kilometres, population 450,000.ZIP code 725700.County People's Government in the Chengguan town.Baihe Xian area of 1,450 square kilometres, population 210,000.ZIP code 725800.County People's Government in the Chengguan town.* Here Quhuadiming information as of December 2005; area and population data in accordance with "the People's Republic of administrative divisions booklet (2006)", the population at the end of 2004.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------HistoryIn 325 BC, the Qin Hui Wang Xicheng located in the well-being of the county, County of Hanzhong in Xicheng.Qin system followed the Western Han Dynasty, under the five counties of Hanzhong County.Jianwu the first year of the Eastern Han Dynasty (AD 25) will be moved to the Hanzhong Junzhi Hanzhong Nanzheng County.Jian'an the 21 years since the Eastern Han Dynasty (215), Cao Cao attack Hanzhong, sub-county in the eastern part of that is for the well-being of Xicheng County.Cao Wei, the Western Jin Dynasty established WEI Xing County, exempted the seven counties.Tai Hong first year of the Western Jin Dynasty (280) for the resettlement of displaced persons along the Bashan, take "years Fengle, Anningkangtai" means, in Anyang County to the county for the well-being, "well-being" from its name.Northern and Southern Dynasties, the well-being first is the Southern Dynasties, after the Northern Dynasties, has said straight state, the Golden State, under the WEI Xing County.Sui Dynasty-based Xicheng County.Tang, the Five Dynasties, Song, for the well-being of the county, exempted the six counties.Golden State established the Yuan Dynasty, the Ming Wanli 1922 (1583) of the Han River flood Fumo Zhou Cheng, Zhao Taishan then in the south of Metro under construction and renamed Xing'an state.- Shunzhi four years (1647) capital return to the Old City.Qianlong in 1958 (1782) to set up Xing'an House.After the Revolution of 1911, Waste House in the Road, the Qing Dynasty in the six counties on the basis of four additional counties Guihan middle way.In 22 years (1933), and Waste Road in Zhili province 24 years (1935) as the Fifth Administrative Region of the Shaanxi Provincial Office of the Inspector.December 1949 Ankang in Shaanxi Province established the Office of the Inspector, in July 1950 renamed the Office of Ankang in Shaanxi Province People's Government, "Cultural Revolution" period called the Revolutionary Committee of the Ankang region, in 1979 to well-being in Civil Administration.(The above extracted from "well-being of the city government Web site") (more details)June 23, 2000, the State Council for approval: (1) agreed with the revocation of the Ankang region and the well-being of county-level cities, the establishment of Ankang City, the prefectural level.Municipal People's Government in the newly established Hanbin Qu.(2) the establishment Ankang City Hanbin Qu, a former county-level administrative regions of the Ankang City Hanbin Qu for the administrative region.District People's Government in the five-star Street.(3) the well-being and good health Shixia in Ziyang Xian, Langao County, Xunyang Xian, Zhenping County, Ping Lee County, Shiquan County, Ningshan County, Baihe Xian, Han Yinxian and the newly established Han Binqu .Level Ankang City in January 1, 2001 officially listed.According to the fifth national census data: Ankang City, the total population 2613914 people.Of which: Hanbin Qu 843,426 people, Han Yinxian 240,359 people, 159,503 people Shiquan County, Ningshan County, 75,778 people, Ziyang Xian 285018, 148311 Langao County, Lee County-201,392 people, Zhenping County, 53,719 people, 70 County 426,173 people, Bai Hexian 180,235 people.In 2004, the well-being Shixia 10 counties.One area one: Hanbin Qu; exempted County 9: Han Yinxian, Shiquan County, Ningshan County, Ziyang Xian, Langao County, Ping Lee County, Zhenping County, Xunyang Xian, Baihe Xian.The city's total of 109 towns and 88 townships, three neighborhood offices, 2,559 village committees, 101 neighborhood committees (of which 61 community neighborhood committees and 40 neighborhood committees), 18,955 groups of villagers, 800 residents Group.The end of 2004, the city's total population of 2.9497 million, of which agricultural population 2.51 million.The city's population distribution: Hanbin Qu 952,084 people, Han Yinxian 287,764 people, 182,294 people Shiquan County, Ningshan County, 74,953 people, Ziyang Xian 334084, 169846 Langao County, Lee County-228,607 people, Zhenping County, 57,709 , Xunyang Xian 447,197 people, Bai Hexian 206,384 people.

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