Baoding in Hebei Province (Administrative division) Satellite maps

OverviewBaoding in Hebei Province, central and western regions.West sector in Shanxi Province, north of Beijing, Zhangjiakou City, east Langfang, Cangzhou City, south of Shijiazhuang City, Hengshui City.Geographical coordinates of longitude 113 ° 40'-116 ° 20 ', north latitude and 38 ° 10'-40 °.Wang greatest things about 240 km from the South and the North's largest vertical distance of about 200 km.Total area of 22,113 square kilometres, of which the urban area of 312.3 square kilometres in urban area of 54 square kilometres.Total population of 10.89 million (2004).Municipal People's Government in the new urban area.Zip code: 071052.Administrative division code: 130600.Code: 0312.Pinyin: Baoding Shi.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Administrative division2005, exempted three Baoding City area, 18 counties, hosted four county-level city.Baoding city area of 22,159 square km and the population 10890000 (2004).The new urban area of 75 square kilometres, population 440,000 people.ZIP code 071052.Taipei area of 19 square kilometres, population 290,000 people.ZIP code 071000.Nan Shiqu area of 43 square kilometres, population 270,000 people.ZIP code 071000.Dingzhou City area of 1274 square kilometres, population 1.14 million people.ZIP code 073000.Zhuozhou City area of 742 square kilometres, population 590,000 people.ZIP code 072750.Fan Yang Xi City People's Government in the middle of the north.Anguo City area of 486 square kilometres, population 400,000 people.ZIP code 071200.Gaobeidian City area of 672 square kilometres, population 570,000 people.ZIP code 074000.Mancheng County area of 734 square kilometres, population 390,000 people.ZIP code 072150.County People's Government in full towns.Qingyuan County area of 953 square kilometres, population 620,000 people.ZIP code 071100.Qingyuan County People's Government in the town.Yixian area of 2538 square km and a population of 550,000 people.ZIP code 074200.County People's Government in the Yi Zhou Zhen.Xu Shuixian area of 736 square kilometres, population 560,000 people.ZIP code 072550.Su County People's Government in the town.Laiyuan County area of 2430 square kilometres, population 260,000 people.ZIP code 074300.County People's Government in the town of Lai Yuen.Ding Xingxian area of 714 square kilometres, population 560,000 people.ZIP code 074200.County People's Government in the Xingzhen.Shunping County area of 714 square kilometres, population 300,000 people.ZIP code 072250.Puyang County People's Government in the town.Tangxian County area of 1417 square kilometres, population 540,000 people.ZIP code 072350.Hou County People's Government in the town.Wang Douxian area of 357 square kilometres, population 260,000 people.ZIP code 072450.Wangdu County People's Government in the town.Laishui County area of 1666 square kilometres, population 340,000 people.ZIP code 074100.County People's Government in the Lai Township.Gaoyang County area of 497 square kilometres, population 310,000 people.ZIP code 071500.County People's Government in the high-Yang Zhen.The new county area of 724 square kilometres, population 410,000 people.ZIP code 071600.County People's Government in the new town.Xiongxian area of 513 square kilometres, population 340,000 people.ZIP code 071800.Xiongzhou County People's Government in the town.Rongcheng Xian area of 311 square kilometres, population 250,000 people.ZIP code 071700.County People's Government in the capacity towns.Quyang County area of 1064 square km and a population of 550,000 people.ZIP code 073100.County People's Government in the Hang Zhou Zhen.Fuping County area of 2497 square kilometres, population 210,000 people.ZIP code 073200.Fuping County People's Government in the town.Boye Xian area of 331 square kilometres, population 250,000 people.ZIP code 071300.County People's Government in the Bo Lingzhen.Lixian area of 652 square kilometres, population 490,000 people.ZIP code 071400.Wu Li County People's Government in the town.* Here Quhuadiming information as at December 2005; area and population data in accordance with "the People's Republic of administrative divisions booklet (2006)", the population at the end of 2004.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------HistoryWo the first year of the Northern Wei Dynasty (477) at the new County home Qingyuan County, named after the river because of Qingyuan, located in Baoding in the beginning.Later Tang Dynasty-with the first year of the Five Dynasties (923) Purchase Fenghua Army (rule Qingyuan County), Tiancheng 2003 (928) upgraded to Taizhou, located in Baoding the beginning.Northern Song Jianlong first year (960), as a result of Qingyuan Song Taizu Zhao Kuangyin, whose ancestral home, and for the military stronghold of the Northern Song Dynasty, is located in Qingyuan County Zhisuo Cypriot security forces.Peaceful and rejuvenating the country four years (979), Song Taizong Lvjun the Northern Expedition in more than a half months-Cypriot, said Kim Leighton.Peaceful and rejuvenating the country six years, Bao Bao, was promoted to the Sierra Leone Army.Chunhua 2003 (992), state, county Zhisuo moved so far in Baoding City.Jing Kang, 2002 (1127), Jinbing-state depression, is still along the Song system, said Bao, also known as the Taiwan Station.Jin Dynasty days will be seven years (1129), the state security forces for Suncheon Jiedushi resident.Kim Jung-woo first year (1213), Genghis Khan of the Mongolian Army Nanqin, break-Zhou Cheng, Sui Wei Bao, the ruins.Mongolia 22 years Dynasty (1227)-Zhoucheng reconstruction, Taizong 1922 (1239) for the Army to Suncheon Sunchon Road, the state-road rule.Yuan Yuan for 12 years (1275) to Sunchon Road for Baoding Road, Baoding name since the beginning of寓to defend the majority, meaning the world stability.SAR and the scope of this area roughly similar to past political changes in many areas on the basis of this adjustment.Hong-the first year (1368) in September, spent Baoding Road to Baoding House, alias Bao-gun.Wing-lok first year (1403) Zhudichendi, its capital Beijing, Peking Secretary-line big-name Division have moved to security.Ching Tak 10 years (1515), Ming Dynasty set up in Baoding Xunfu Department.Chongzhen 1922 (1638) established the Governor of Baoding, also home Baoding Director Army.2008-Emperor Kangxi (1669), Yi Zhu Zhili Xunfu from Zhengding Baoding, the capital of Baoding only for Zhili.Yongzheng, 2002 (1724), to Zhili Xunfu Zhili for the Governor.After the founding of the Republic, formed along the Qing Dynasty Zhili Province, Baoding House stay, dismantling Qingyuan County.In 1913 the capital moved to Tianjin Zhili, waste Buzheng Shi, An Chashi the Department, the dismantling of Baoding House, the restoration of Qingyuan County, located Fan Yang Road (rule Qingyuan), Fan Yang Road to the following year Baoding Road.September 1916, the Department of Home Zhili Du Jun, 1918 to Sichuan and Guangdong Hunan-Jiangxi Jinglue Shi Department, 1920 Xunyue Shi Yi Zhi Luyu Department.June 6, 1935, from Tianjin, Hebei Province, the Government moved to Baoding.1936 Chief Inspector of the District located in Baoding.Anti-Japanese War, the Japanese occupation of Baoding, Hebei Province by Japanese and Puppet Armies for the military and political authorities Summit resident.Japan surrendered after the KMT moved to Beijing in Hebei Province by the government of Baoding, in October 1947 return to Beijing.Eve of the founding of the People's Republic, established in Baoding, Hebei Province People's Government, Baoding cities and provincial capitals for.May 1958, moved to the capital of Tianjin.May 1966, the provincial capital return from Tianjin and Baoding.February 1968 moved to the provincial capital Shijiazhuang.December 1994, and Baoding city of Baoding in the merger, as provincial cities.(The above source)2000, exempted three Baoding City area, 18 counties, hosted four county-level city.According to the fifth national census data: the city's total population 104711231 people.Of which: new urban 393,351 people, 267,657 people through the District, Nan Shiqu 241,488 people, Mancheng County, 391,000 people, Qingyuan County, 605,580, 327,983 Laishui County, Fuping County, 192,950, 553,557 people Xushui Xian, Ding Xingxian 538,039 people, 515,915 people in Tangxian County, 308,850 people Gaoyang County, Rongcheng Xian 244167, 250790 Laiyuan County, Wangdu Xian 251,636 people, 393,001 of the new county, 541,399 people Yixian, Quyang County, 522,421, 511,086 Lixian , Shunping County 282,936 people, 241,774 people Boye Xian, Xiongxian 323,474 people, Zhuozhou City, 546,754 people, Dingzhou City 1107903, 378830 Anguo City, Gaobeidian City, 538,582 people.

Baoding in Hebei Province geographical coordinates (Google maps satellite map Landmark) finishing date: (2006/9/26 17:59:00)
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