Xuhui District, Shanghai (Administrative division) Satellite maps

OverviewXuhui District of Shanghai in the central area of the southwest.120.26 degrees east longitude, latitude 31.12 degrees.South East to Ruijin, with Shaanxi South Road in Luwan District is close, and the brink of the Huangpu River, Pudong New Area and across the River; Hong Mei Rd road to the southwest, Zhu Mei Road, the old town of Humin Lu Jing, and Hong Kong Commissioner of the village, with the Minhang District ; North to Changle Road, Mountain Road, rejuvenating Road, Huaihai Road West, Kaixuan Lu, and the Jingan District, Changning District border.Throughout 7 km from the East and West, North and South are separated by 13 kilometers.Total area of 54.76 square kilometres, of which land area of 50.94 square kilometres area of 3.82 square km waters.Total population of 890,000 people (2003).District People's Government in the Caoxibeilu 336, Zip code: 200030.Administrative division code: 310104.Code: 021.Pinyin: Xuhui Qu.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Administrative divisionAs at December 31, 2005, Xuhui District exempted 12 streets, a town of 314 neighborhood committees and 12 village committees: the streets of Hunan Road, Tin Ping Road, street, street Fenglin Road, Xujiahui streets, street Xietu Road , Longbridge Road, streets, Caohejing streets, Kang village streets, Hong Mei Rd way street, Tianlin Road, streets, street Lingyun Road, Long streets, Hua Jing town.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------HistoryArea Habitat in the Tang, the Five Dynasties, Song Si is a Huating Gao Changli County township.Yuan, Ming, a Shanghai-three generations of Gaochang county rural.2002-Xuantong Period (1910), the District of Shanghai County Habitat belong to the Shanghai City, France and China Township, Caohejing Township.In three years (1914), the French colonialists third expansion, in the north of this Zhaojiabanglu, Huashan Road assigned to the area to the east of the French Concession, Shanghai is still the rest of the county.In 16 years, the government set up in Shanghai City, the Habitat division concession, the Southern District of Shanghai, Caojing, France and China area.During the War of Resistance Against Japan, China sub-sector has a pseudo-government of Shanghai Nanshi Qu Road, Shanghai and the Shanghai City Western 4, 7 and 8 of the District.After the victory of the Anti-Japanese War, the territory belonging to the 7th District, Shanghai (Changshu), eighth (Xujiahui district) and 26th (Long district).May 1949 liberation of the whole territory, the implementation of the military takeover.June 1950, the establishment of Xuhui District People's Government.March 1956, Changshu in Xuhui District and the merger of Xuhui District.September 1984, Shanghai Longhua Town, County and Caohejing of Xuhui District, the town is zoned.July 1992, Shanghai Longhua County township was placed under Xuhui District.(The above extracted from "The Xuhui Yearbook 2001")1990, the fourth national census, the total number of Xuhui District 224,724, a total population of 776,602 people.September, the Municipal People's Government approved the establishment of the Office of Hong Mei Rd way street, in the December 31 listing.May 26, 1991, approved by the Municipal People's Government to revoke Wanping Road, Caoxibeilu neighborhood offices, the establishment of new offices Caoxibeilu streets; revoke the new Lok Road, Hunan Road neighborhood offices, the establishment of a new Hunan Road neighborhood offices.July 8, 1992, the municipal government decision, the Shanghai Longhua County Rural Township and the Hong Hongqiao 3, Rainbow South, Star Alliance, Changchun four villages and Meilong Township of Guilin, decorated archway, the peace village was placed under three Xuhui District .September 15, Xuhui District People's Government Longhua Township listed.July 12, the municipal government approved the establishment of the Office of Kang village streets.June 10, 1993, Kang was officially established the Office of Village streets.March 14, 1994, approved by the city government to revoke Xu Zhen Road, Caoxibeilu, balance Road, Yongjia Road, Fenglin Lu neighborhood offices, and the establishment of a new scale of Xujiahui Road, Fenglin Lu neighborhood offices.July 25, 1996, the Municipal People's Government approved the establishment of Lingyun Road neighborhood offices.May 28, 1998, approved by the municipal government, Longhua Township built at dismantling the rural town of listing ceremony.Longhua Town, the rural renamed Jing-hua, the area of 7.22 square kilometres.2000, Xuhui District exempted 10 streets, three towns.Total population of 1064645 people, the streets, the town population: 78,903 balance Road street street Hunan Road 51411 Xietu Road 77,027 street Fenglin Lu streets 112,491 Longbridge streets 119,946 Tianlin streets 102,661 Hong Mei Rd streets 40344 Kang village streets Xujiahui 60,473 street 97,263 Lingyun 96,534 street Longhua Caohejing town of 88,941 Jingyang town of 98,189, the town of 40,462 (according to the fifth census data; units:)December 2000, Xuhui District jurisdiction Hunan, balance, Xietu, Fenglin, Xujiahui, Tian Lin, Hong Mei Rd, Kang Jian, Longbridge, Lingyun 10 streets and Longhua, Caohejing, Hua Jing three towns, 367 Juwei , 16 village committees.2000, removed Longhua Town, the establishment of Longhua streets; revocation Caohejing town, the establishment of Caohejing streets.The end of 2002, Xuhui District exempted 12 streets, a town of 360 neighborhood committees and 16 village committees.The end of 2003, Xuhui District exempted 12 streets, a town of 345 neighborhood committees and 16 village committees, the population of 886,000 people.March 25, 2004, Caohejing in Xuhui District Office at the South Street Station in the streets of the administrative divisions of the Office of adjustment handover ceremony.Caohejing streets and Kang streets, Caohejing streets and Long streets, Caohejing Longbridge streets and neighborhoods, streets and Ling Yun Kang streets, Longhua Street and Longbridge street signed the transfer agreement (Note: this site have not yet gathered the Specific adjustments).June 30, 2004, Xuhui District exempted 12 streets, a town of 350 neighborhood committees and 14 village committees.September 30, 2004, Xuhui District exempted 12 streets, a town of 344 neighborhood committees and 14 village committees.Xuhui District in 2004 administrative division List: exempted 12 streets, one town.Tin Ping Road in the street Yuqing Road 21, Zip code 200030.Jurisdiction: Shanghai New Village, Johnson, Kangping, Guangyuan, Anting, Wu, balance, Wanping, high security, Jianxin, Wing Tai, Yongjia Village, Taoyuan Cun, built the West, and DHL, the South-hsiang, income Village, built , Zhao Jia Hamamatsu, Yongjia, Shen Cheng, Yong-hsiang, Yueyang, Jiashan, Jian Yue, Yong Kang, Taiyuan, the Jingyuan 28 neighborhood committees.Hunan Road in the street rejuvenation Road 62, Zip code 200031.Jurisdiction: Huai, Anfu, Xing Wu, Jinbo, Wukang, Chunhua, Wah Hong, Fu Yong, the new music, Chang Lane, Fu-hsiang, rehabilitation, East Lake, Shaanxi new, Huaihai, Yanqing 16 neighborhood committees.Xietu Road in the street Damuqiaolu No. 33, Lane 103, Zip code 200032.Jurisdiction: Rihui Metro, Rihui 7 Village, a village six Rihui, Rihui 6 Village II, Kang Ju, Jiangnan village, Damuqiaolu 3, on video, Chaling, Muslim, Rihui the village, Zhaofeng, Hajime 1, 2 Hajime, Jingtai, Taimuqiaolu four, five Taimuqiaolu, Rihui five villages, shipyards Road, Hengyi 20 neighborhood committees.Fenglin Lu streets in Zhongshan South Second Road 777, Lane 2, Zip code 200023.Jurisdiction: Hamamatsu Chang Chao move, I would like ramps, Dongan One Village One, the Dongan village, a village three Dongan, a Nishiki, a village three Dongan, Dongan village of the three, yellow house, the West-2, Nishiki 3 Tang house, Shen home, medical Feng, rejuvenation, Fenglin Village II, medical clearance, the Dongan village, the village of Dongan, 40 Dongan village, a Fenglin Village, Pingjiang, bookmakers household, Wan Nan village, Wannan the Village, Tsuen Wan Nan three, four village Wannan, Wannan five Village, Tsuen Wan Nan 6, the day of a key village, the village two days keys, the key village three days, four days Key Village, a Longshan Village, Longshan Village 2 , Zhang Dongliang, the well-being, Ping Tung, 39 Four Seasons Park neighborhood.Longbridge-way street in Romania 110, Zip code 200231.Jurisdiction: a Longbridge Village, Longbridge two new village, ports, Longbridge village, a village three Longbridge, Longbridge three of the village, a village four Longbridge, Longbridge four of the village, Longbridge five villages, the village Longbridge 7 , Hui Cheng village, the village Huicheng, Huicheng three villages, four Huicheng Village, Hui Cheng five villages, the village of South Park, South Park Village, Luoxiu the village, Sinorama, 100 Long, a South Park Village, Luoxiu San Tsuen, Romania Discovered three villages, floor, Park, Longbridge 8 Village, Ping-fu, Sports Garden, East China Garden first, 29 second East China Garden neighborhood.Tianlin streets in Liuzhou Road 555, Zip code 200235.Jurisdiction: metallurgy, Tianlin 1 / 2 Village, Tianlin 3 / 4 Village, Tianlin five Village, Tianlin 6 Village, Tianlin 7 Village, Tianlin 8 Village, Tianlin 9 Village, Tianlin 10 Village, a village 11 Tianlin, the village 11 Tianlin , Tian Lin, 12 villages and small towns gate, three-hong, instruments, small Onkyo, Wu Dong, a village 14 Tianlin, the village 14 Tianlin, a Xinyuan / 2, Xinyuan 3 / 4, 5 Xinyuan, Xinyuan 6. Xinyuan 7, 13 Tianlin Village, a crane 1000, 1000 Crane 2, 1000 Crane 3, 1000 Crane 40, 1000 Crane 5, 1000 Crane 6, Vanke Waltz, Huading Plaza, 33 neighborhood committees.Hong Mei Rd Road in the streets of Hong Mei Rd Road 2019, Zip code 200233.Jurisdiction: East Portland Road, a Cuban-American Road, the ancient road of the United States, Hong Jin, the Star Alliance, Chin North, the three Cuban-American Road, the four Cuban-American Road, Guilin Court, Hong South, Hong Xing, aerospace Xinyuan, Yigui Court 13 neighborhood committees.Kang village streets in Guilin, 203 East Street, Zip code 200233.Jurisdiction: Suchang Square, Shoushan Square, long the Square, Changhong Square, azalea garden, Zizhu Yuan, Gui Garden, Magnolia Park, Recreation Area, Corning Square, Evergreen Square, Changxing Square, Changfeng Square, the first cherry blossom park, Cherry Blossom Park Second, the Rose Garden, Lilac Park, Hong Keung Square, Sau Cheung Square, Ziwei Park, the tea garden, Changshun Square, Shou Yi Square, Garden Kang-Shin, Kin-Square, 100 rattan Garden, the spring garden, New Village at National Taiwan Normal University, Guilin II, Gui Xin, Guikang, Yan Park, the farmers, Kim Court, Bauhinia Garden 35 Juwei; Municipal Party Committee Party School-appointed.)Nandan Road in Xujiahui streets, 60, Zip code 200030.Jurisdiction: Dong Tang, Panyu, persimmon Bay, Nandan, the North Village, Hong TAC, Xitang, a village in Leshan, Leshan 2 / 3 Village, Leshan 4 / 5 Village, Leshan 6 / 7 Village, Leshan 8 / 9 Village, Rainbow II , South, National Chiao Tung University, Pan house, the station, Wending, Yude, Chen house, Ma Shen, Caojing North, Lingling, the blind, South Lane Zhao, Wang Tong, Yinjialin Kok, Epworth, Section A, Hengshan, Zhao Wan, Xuhui Village, the Department of Chui, Garden, Tsing-35 of the neighborhood committees.Lingyun way street in Lingyun Road 400, Zip code 200237.Jurisdiction: Mei Long Village, a three, Mei Long Village, two three, four Mei Long Village, a village of Mei Long 4, 5 Mei Long Village One, Meilong WUCUN II, Mei Long Village, a 6, 6 Mei Long Village II, Meilong 7 Village, Mei Long Village, 8, 9 Mei Long Village, 10 Mei Long Village, a village 11 Meilong, 11 Mei Long Village II, a village Lingyun, Lingyun Village II, peace, Longnan, Meiyuan First, Meiyuan Second, Lung, and Zhu Min, Jintang, a Polytechnic, the Polytechnic, estazolam, home Lok Court, Court of Gansu, Min Xiu, Xingrong Court, Shuxiang Court, Court, arguments, Lvyuan sun, the sun new King 34 neighborhood committees.Longhua Street in Long Road West, 31, Lane 59, Zip code 200232.Jurisdiction: Long waterways, the Chichiawan week, Long San Tsuen, Wanping Road, on the joint San Tsuen, Yu Chichiawan Second, Lu Jia Yan, Yu Chichiawan a Long March 4 South Village, seven-South Village, HSBC Valley Road, HSBC 3 Valley Road, East Cai, Long South, South-5, 6-South, Yu Chichiawan 3, the Airport Village, Singapore Garden, cloud Kam Road, Riverside, the Court, Huarong Road, Huilong, a grand, Johnson Garden, camphor tree Garden 27 neighborhood committees.Caohejing streets in Kang Road 65, Zip code 200235.Jurisdiction: Xi-qin, Caoxi Village 40 Village, West Street, Kowloon, Lane, Keyuan, the new Longhua, Guansheng Yuan, Kaixiang, Xue house, Sanjiang Road, Caoxi Village three villages, Kang Road, Jingu Park, the prominent families City, Mengdie Court, Long Caojing, Caoxi South One Village One, Caoxi South Village II, in the Xinyuan, Hongrun Garden, Zishu Park, good friends, Shilong, Wah Fu, Yi Cui Court, Zhang their homes, the East-chuen, East finishes , Jinniu, LUO Cheng, Zheng-nan Garden 31 neighborhood committees.Hua Jing Wu Long Road in the town of 2443, Zip code 200231.Jurisdiction: Jian Hua, China Jing Village, bridges, 40, Jing Village, Huafa, Huayang, Shajiabang, Ming Yuan, Hua Jing WUCUN nine neighborhood.

Xuhui District, Shanghai geographical coordinates (Google maps satellite map Landmark) finishing date: (2006/9/26 17:59:00)
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