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Country: Belize (Belize)Independence Day: September 21 (1981)Flag: a rectangular, length and width ratio is about 3:2.For the blue flag of the main, from top to bottom have a red Broadside, the median for white circle, which has 50 painted green leaves around the national emblem.On behalf of blue sky and sea blue, red symbolizes victory and the sun; 50 of the decoration of green leaves a ring that mark the country since 1950 for independence began to struggle and eventually succeed.National Emblem: logo for the middle shield logo.Shield for the cross in the upper left side of the pry bar and hammer, the top right to cross the long ax and saw, both the symbol of the AP's rich timber resources, forest country; sailing on the sea bottom for the yacht, on behalf of The country's fishing industry and the Hang Haiye.Logo behind the shield legislation has a mahogany tree, which is the country of Belize tree standing on both sides of the shoulder axes and pry bars of the loggers, the symbol of the people of Belize to logging for their livelihood; bottom of the Shoudai read "I-lin Yam in the prosperity. "Physical Geography: 22,963 square km area.Central America in the Northeast.North and Northwest neighbors Mexico, Guatemala border with the West and South, East Bin Caribbean.A coastline of 322 km.In many mountain, swamp and tropical jungle.Terrain can be broadly divided into north and south of two parts: The southern part of terrain to the Maya Mountains as the main mountain ranges to the southwest - toward the northeast.Cox's Kom its spur of the Victoria Peak 1121.97 meters above sea level, is the highest peak.Northern half for less than 61 meters above sea level low, which is mostly marsh; Belize River, New River and the river more than Weng.A tropical rain forest climate.Population: 221,000 (1996 estimate).Many are mixed and blacks, of which there are Indians, Maya, Indians, Chinese and whites.The official language is English.Nearly half of the residents of more than Spanish or Creole GM.60 percent of residents believe in the Catholic Church, and the remaining more than a Christian.Capital: Belmopan (Belmopan)History: The original place of residence for the Maya.Early 16th century as a colony of Spain.British colonialists invaded in 1638, 1786 British presence magistrates, a real jurisdiction.1862 Britain officially announced its colony of Belize, changed its name to British Honduras.April 1956 under the new constitution, Belize held its first election.People's Unity Party won Qiaozhi Pu Rice, the composition of the Legislative Yuan.1961 Qiaozhi Pu Rice was appointed as the Chief Minister.January 1964 implementation of internal self-government of Belize, but defence and foreign affairs and the United Kingdom remains responsible for law and order.Price became prime minister in 1965 and changed to a bicameral legislature.August 1970 by the colonial capital of Belize City to move to new cities Bell (June 1973 changed its name to Belmopan).As early as in Guatemala after independence in 1821, Spain had announced its succession of Belize's "sovereignty."Britain, the danger to both sides on many occasions to discuss the settlement of disputes, until October 11, 1980, the United Nations Decolonization Committee and General Assembly resolutions are adopted by an overwhelming majority, announced that Peter should be independent within a year.September 21, 1981 Peter formal independence for the Commonwealth member countries.Politics: August 1981 independence constitution: British Queen as head of state of Belize, the Governor appointed by the Queen (must be a citizen of Belize) is the British Queen's representative in Belize; appointment of the Governor House majority leader for prime minister, According to the majority party in the House of Representatives and the appointed prime minister nomination, the nomination of the Prime Minister appointed deputy prime minister, cabinet ministers and opposition leaders.National Assembly is the country's legislative body.Diplomacy: pursuing the non-aligned foreign policy, giving priority to the development of relations with the United States.September 25, 1981 to join the UN.February 6, 1987, Belize establish diplomatic relations with China.Relations with China: October 11, 1989, Belize with the Taiwan authorities to "diplomatic ties", the same year on October 23 China suspended diplomatic relations with Belize.Reproduced:

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