Jiyuan City of Henan Province (Administrative division) Satellite maps

OverviewJiyuan City, a total area of 1965 square kilometres.Total population of 660,000 people (2003).Zip code: 454650.Administrative division code: 410881.Code: 0391.Pinyin: Jiyuan Shi.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Administrative divisionAs at December 31, 2005, Jiyuan Shixia four streets, eight towns, four townships: Temple of Heaven streets, Shuangqiaoshan streets, the North Sea streets, JACKIE water streets; Wu Longkou Township, g Jingzhen, Shao original town of Paju Town, Zhi towns, leaving for the town, the town of Da Yu, pears Town; Sili Township, Wong Uk Township, under the rule of the rural and Asia Qiaoxiang.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------HistoryJiyuan due to economic named after the birthplace of water.Sui Kaihuang 16 years (AD 596) for the county, the county established in 1988 dismantling the city, the provincial implementation of the 1997 system.», Jiyuan Shixia four streets, six towns, six townships: JACKIE Water streets Shuangqiaoshan streets North Sea town streets Temple of Heaven streets Wu Longkou Shao Zhen Zhi Potou town for the town to remain under the rule of the town grams Jingzhen large rural Yuxiang Wong Uk Rural Asia Qiaoxiang Sili Lin Heung Rural pear2000, Jiyuan Shixia four streets, eight towns, four townships.Total population of 626,478 people, the township population: 40,186 Jeju water street street 31,426 North Sea 25,211 street Shuangqiaoshan 22,679 grams Jingzhen Temple of Heaven street town of 47,216 Zhi Wu Longkou 62,262 cities and towns left the town of 77,930 for the town of 60,270 Shao 38,505 Potou town of 25,808 Pear Town 40662 Dayu town of 31,661-33,541 Sili Qiaoxiang 26,983 Wong Uk rural township 29,914 under the rule of Rural 32,224 (based on the fifth census data; units:)», 8 Jiyuan Shixia 4 rural town of four neighborhood offices, the city domain of 1931 square km and the total population of 660,000, of which the urban area of 28 square km and built area of 2,066 square km and urban population of 180,000 people.Jiyuan Shixia four streets, eight towns, four townships, and 50 neighborhood committees and 484 village committees.JACKIE water exempted 12 neighborhood streets, a community, exempted 11 Shuangqiaoshan street neighborhood committees and a community, the North Sea with 14 neighborhood streets, a community, the Temple of Heaven streets exempted 12 neighborhood committees, 1, 51 grams of Jingzhen exempted village committee, Wu Longkou Township exempted 31 village committees, pears Town exempted 45 village committees, Zhi towns exempted 72 village committee, leaving the town for the exempted 49 village Authority, Potou town exempted 24 village committees, the town of Da Yu exempted 30 village committees, the original town of Shao exempted 50 village committees, sub-Qiaoxiang exempted 23 village committees, Sili exempted rural village 27 Authority, Wong Uk Rural exempted 44 village committees, exempted under the rule of 38 rural village committee.

Jiyuan City of Henan Province geographical coordinates (Google maps satellite map Landmark) finishing date: (2006/9/26 17:59:00)
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