Nanchang Nanchang County in Jiangxi Province (Administrative Division -2) Satellite maps

Overview-- Location of Nanchang County in Jiangxi Province in central north, the south in Nanchang, Jiangxi's lower reaches, the geographical coordinates longitude 115 ° 49 'to 116 ° 19', latitude 28 ° 16 'to 28 ° 58' between.Chin-Hsien the east, south Fengcheng, northeast Bin Poyang Lake, West and North and the new at Ganjiang across the Midwest and Nanchang have showed a trend.Area of 1839 square kilometres.[National] population by the end of 2003, the total population of 905,000 people.[Terrain] climate[PC] resident County People's Government in Liantang Township.Zip code: 330200.Administrative division code: 360121.Code: 0791.Pinyin: Nanchang Xian.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Administrative division[2004] List administrative divisions exempted 11 towns, seven townships: Liantang Town to the town of Chiang Chang Dong-jin Xiangzhen three Town Youlan town Tangnan town of Okazaki on the town of Yang Zhen Wu Kwong Fuk Yau Ma Tei town Zhennan Xinxiang tower Jingkou urban and rural township on August 1 Rural Township Ma Huang Fu Shan Dong Xinxiang Liantang Township: exempted seven neighborhood committees (House Road, Lin Fu Road, Park Road, South Wells Road, a farmer Street, Lin South, fighting Parker Road) , 11 village committees (Liantang, pre, Doumen, Ding Gang, Wang and Peng Jia, Tajikistan fields, the little blue, the Mexican mountains, the first 32.4, the streets).To Town: exempted 10 village committees (Siu-tong shu, Huangshan Mountain, River head, yellow head, Leung West, Juan River, Sylow, Jia River, New Village, Koo Square).3 Town: exempted four neighborhood committees (Oolong Street, Main Street, Pei Ho Street, around 10,000), nine village committees (Gang Square, Yuen River, Khan Tong, Luo Xu, pine trees, the foot of the mountain, Dongzhuang, the three rivers. Chushan).Tangnan town: exempted two neighborhood committees (Extension Lin Street, the Street), 23 village committees (Tangnan, Tian 000, HS 10%, Shek Kong, near Hong Kong, Fu Sheng, Ferry, Zhang Kai, Huang Hill, River, the first, Tze River, the North, democracy, and abundance, Western Union, the joint, Cai Family, Red Star, North Star, the new plan, the new, Shin Kong).Youlan Township: exempted two neighborhood committees (You Lan Street, Tau Street), 29 village committees (Church, bamboo, Tu Village, Tsing Tong, Nanshan, Youlan, the East Tin, Lau-fong, poplar, Hu Tao , Tin Hau, Fenglin, the less the city, Nanhu, Hsinchuang, Ma Yau, horticultural market, jetty, the East, the new-wing, yellow Square, filling the river, Tam Lin, Tian Ping, Ting Shan, Luo homes, Ling Tao, Jiang Yi , Tu Island).Jiang Xiangzhen: exempted a neighborhood committee (Chiang Lane Street), 17 village committees (the victory, Ng Fung Hong, Li-Xin, the Fair, three holes, Chu North, Shan Mei, Chiang Lane, white shore, the North-wang, Parkinson Kong Hill, Chau Tau, Mr Lau, high-wu, drought, the river, Yu-feng).Wu Yang Zhen: exempted two neighborhood committees (WU Yang Street, stubble Hong Kong), 16 village committees (Guo, the stubble of Hong Kong, West, Fu, Zhu Square, Banana Lake, WU Yang, forward, nanbo , The device, Bao Feng, Xu Bridge, Leng, Si Hong, Anqian widely HSBC).Kong on the town: exempted three neighborhood committees (Kong took to the streets, the City Branch Street, 000 homes Street), 12 village committees (Long Lake, agriculture, silkworm stone, Shek Wu, Qu Wu, Jinan, Kong, , Anren, Heshan, the East altar, 000 homes, Huang Taiwan).Kwong Fuk town: a neighborhood committee jurisdiction (Kwong Fuk Street), 14 village committees (Kwong Fuk, North Tau, Shek Wu Jiang, and Wood Hill, Dutch Hill, Sha Hong Kong, Zhang Kai, 000 Chau, Songzhou , Tam Kong, Kwun Tong, the board Lake, Nanxi).Chang Dong-jin: exempted two neighborhood committees (particularly mouth, Chu Chá), 25 village committees (Lake, triple, Chang-sheng, a bright future, Yang Mun, Yang, Huang, Wu Min, China is still, House plants, Yao Wu, Hsieh East, especially mouth, Qian Gang, Xiangkou, the new, Lo So Shing sources, three bedrooms, Chu Chá, Lee, under the tail, Jinan, five love, Cho Wai, Ling-yong); Yao Lake fish market.(Nanchang high-tech development zones)Yau Ma Tei town (Nanchang high-tech development zones): exempted a neighborhood committee (Yau Ma Tei town), 16 village committees (Jinfeng, Wu River, the former, high-Hu, the new dragon, Le Wei, Nangang, Lane, Hau River, Yangqiao, pagodas, Yau Ma Tei, Liu City, Lu River, Guang'an, the Yangtze River).Jingkou Township: exempted a neighborhood committee (Jingkou Street neighborhood committees), 23 village committees (Shuige, a Taepodong, the sand, Shahu, Yang Fang, Kong Pui, Jingkou, after the Housing, Niwan , Hong Chong, Xiao Lian, Donggang, North Lake, Yuan Men, Beishan, East Lake, the mountains, Tung Lin, Dongfeng, Dongsheng, the Orient, Dongyang, entrepreneurship).South Xinxiang: exempted two neighborhood (front Street, Wong Pui Street), 20 village committees (front, the mountains, the new South, Tong Tau, the 9, Fan Wu, Cheng Wu, Jianxin, Fung Chau, Unity, TANKOU, Edmonton, Dagang, Fong Chau, East Ye, friendly, and Xijiang River, the new Island, Wong Pui, Xu and Zhou Square).Tap urban and rural areas: a neighborhood committee jurisdiction (Tacheng Street neighborhood committees), 10 village committees (East Tour, Tacheng, Fong Lake, Autumn River, downtown, the South Island, the wind Kong, Wu Yi, Tsing Lan, North Island).Huang Ma Township: exempted a neighborhood committee (Eastbound neighborhood), 13 village committees (Guantian, Feng Lin, Eastern, Baicheng, Nanan, the Luo, Ling, Guo port, Xu, Feng Jia, Hong Xu, China superscript, Lo Pui).Fu Shan: exempted a neighborhood committee (Toyama Street neighborhood committees), seven village committees (Zhang Fang, the three mountains, if Okazaki, beach, clear lake, Toyama, through the East).East Xinxiang: exempted a neighborhood (East Street neighborhood committees), six village committee (Shiqi, River, the use of Dongyue, continents, the small Island).August 1 Township: exempted a neighborhood (street neighborhood committees), 15 village committees (Fu, after the song, desalination River, New Square, pre-hospital, Da-Chang, Tu port, five-star, August 1, Hu , Lianxi, Qian River, Southern Tang, South River, the plate).Jiangxi seed breeding grounds: exempted 11 village committees (Kurashiki Lin, Spring River, Siu-tong shu, Jiao River, Hu South, 000 Lake, Henggang, the Tu family, South Kiln, North kiln, the red flag), by the Horticulture.Nanchang five-star Ken Zhichang: jurisdiction of a breakout, 2 / 3 Field, a quarter of market, two village committees (Red Well, Chi Mei).Xiangtang zone MC: exempted nine neighborhood committees (Centre Street, Dongfeng Road, Tong Station Road, Jiefang Lu, West Road, democratic Street East Road, unity road, rail Village, New Street), 10 Cunwei (Takada, sword-xia, a fire begging, Ding Square, Xiangtang, South Shop, Jingshan, Sand Lake, Shan Pui, vegetables).Xiaolan Industrial Park MC: exempted nine village committees (Deng port, Lek Hill, Parkinson Kong, Kai-hung, Hushan, Tang Village, Xiashan, Berlin, Yusha).-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------HistoryHan Gao Zu was built in six years.Exempted 11 towns, seven townships, and 301 village committees, 38 neighborhood committees.

Nanchang Nanchang County in Jiangxi Province geographical coordinates (Google maps satellite map Landmark) finishing date: (2006/11/12 8:19:00)
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